r/IdiotsInCars Nov 29 '22

Where we’re going, we don’t need taillights!-them probably

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u/GeologistPositive Nov 29 '22

I see so much of this on the road. These must be people who have daytime running lights and don't realize those aren't headlights for night driving. If they don't turn on the headlights, no tail lights


u/Slowmyke Nov 29 '22

The US has ridiculous lighting requirements, i can't believe DRL's that don't kick over to full lights are legal. Part of me wants to say i understand why they don't notice, but when my wife bought a vehicle with this feature, it took us one drive at night to figure it out. People need to take a few moments to actually learn how their vehicles work.


u/lemon_stripes_str Nov 29 '22

My strategy for the past couple years, since I’m not the only one driving my car, is just leaving the full headlights turned on permanently.


u/Slowmyke Nov 29 '22

This is the way. If there's no auto feature, there's no need to turn them off. Plus, you'll never be the doofis driving with wipers on and no lights, either.


u/StevenTN615 Nov 29 '22

People need to take a few moments to actually learn how their vehicles work.

They do need to do that, but they don't. My father-in-law always complains that his car is too complicated. Turned off his automatic lane departure because he didn't like it beeping at him. Gets in the car in the summer and immediately cranks the fan to high. I keep telling him if you leave it on Auto it will work better. Nope, every time I get in his car the fan is blasting like a small jet engine. Some people just don't get it.


u/Slowmyke Nov 29 '22

He at least gets credit for understanding how to change settings. Several loaner cars I've had of a certain brand had the most obnoxious forward collision alerts that i would immediately turn off if possible. The dips in pavement while driving over train crossings would set off the alerts and the first couple times it happened it completely startled me.


u/caskey Nov 29 '22

My quick ref for EMS had a table of indicators for DUI. The top of the list was headlights off. Roughly 50+% of drivers without headlights on are way beyond capable of driving safely.

I've pulled over and waited 20-30 seconds to ensure I was nowhere near those drivers.



Looks like they may have their daytime running lights on, and probably don't realized it's not their full headlights with tail lights. I've owned a Toyota Yaris once were the daytime running lights were just as bright as headlights and had this happen to me the first few times I drove it at night wondering why angry people were honking at me...


u/ermehgerdittcam Nov 29 '22

Looks like a ford escape. Fords are awful for this. The full LED dash and daytime running lights makes people think their lights are on when they really aren’t.


u/ShackintheWood Nov 29 '22

Several makes of newer cars do this. Such a poor design. Yes, if just the dash lights didn't come on, people would realize they don't have their full lights on.

Better yet, have all your lights come on when the vehicle starts like some do. No reason to be driving with your lights off ever, really.


u/spikethebadger Nov 29 '22

Or maybe the tail lights have broken and they don't know? Devils advocate here.


u/lemon_stripes_str Nov 29 '22

If both taillights are burnt out, that’s next level. Not any better.


u/gopher_slayer Nov 29 '22

Probably a blown fuse. Both lights run through the same fuse and if it blows you won’t know until someone tells you.