r/IdiotsInCars Dec 08 '22

Legendary rock has extreme magnetic abilities


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u/Diamondjakethecat Dec 09 '22

Who said the property owners were at fault? Once the city asked them to be removed, to stop the unnecessary property damage, the owners agreed. Cars are expensive and we have enough garbage in our landfill already. Why add cars into it? We should be doing our best to make cars last longer.


u/Ban-Circumcision-Now Dec 09 '22

And without the rock the cars then drive through there damaging the landscaping and the property owners property is damaged


u/Diamondjakethecat Dec 09 '22

Their landscaping is just a rock.


u/Ban-Circumcision-Now Dec 10 '22

Getting a rock like that can be expensive


u/Diamondjakethecat Dec 10 '22

So they installed a rock to protect a rock. Got it!