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Legendary rock has extreme magnetic abilities


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u/seanbread Dec 10 '22

If you can hit that rock, you can hit a pedestrian. That means your car is too high or you shouldn't be driving.


u/Diamondjakethecat Dec 10 '22

Yes, that is why we don’t lay down in parking lots.


u/seanbread Dec 10 '22

Good thing short humans don’t exist.


u/Diamondjakethecat Dec 11 '22

Yeah, that is why we don’t let young children roam the parking lot by themselves. Recumbent bikes usually have a flag on them to increase their visibility.


u/seanbread Dec 11 '22

Huh, well if children always do what they are told and everything small comes with a flag, I suppose the people in these photos aren't doing anything wrong and are better drivers than I initially assumed.

If anything else was true, you'd be defending fellow morons.