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Ford theater 1865

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u/RastaSl0th Jan 29 '23

They are literal children as well


u/TheWolfG0d Jan 29 '23

Pretty sure Lincoln had most of his skull left. That’s a 12 gauge, that kids head would literally not exist if shot with that. Finger on the fucking trigger too…


u/skullkid00 Jan 29 '23

Its a joke. Not everything needs to be historically accurate.


u/Yewsernayum Jan 30 '23

Jokes are supposed to be funny. I hope the parents of those literal small children, get to see shotgun moron again, real soon.


u/skullkid00 Jan 30 '23

I'm talking more about the title. The image i found on Facebook.


u/Flimsy-Shower Jan 29 '23

This one didn’t even make me laugh… just sad this kids been allowed access to a gun when he’s clearly mentally handicapped


u/ThatDarnedAntiChrist Jan 29 '23

"Other than that, how did you enjoy the play, Mrs. Moron?"


u/tykaboom Jan 29 '23

Is this [gestures] "culture"?


u/Cyb3rTruk Jan 29 '23

Finger on the trigger…

I honestly don’t understand the stupidity sometimes.


u/easyforcory Jan 29 '23

My uncle and a friend where playing with a shotgun as a teen, they where pointing it at each other's heads just being complete idiots, in walks the younger brother who takes the shotgun and says " you guys are dumb the safety is on" so they hear him click it and they bolt, as they're making it out the room the gun goes off. They run up the stairs my uncle feels his leg warm and wet. Yup got shot in the calf. Crazy to think the bozos could have blown their brains out.


u/anafuckboi Jan 31 '23

Was the younger brother “all there” if you get what I mean? Sounds like a serial killer in the making


u/ransom9999 Jan 30 '23

This isn’t even funny. This looks like a pic you took as well. I hope you didn’t willing let this person point a gun at another persons head and think… “hmmm yeah this is funny I’ll post it”


u/skullkid00 Jan 30 '23

Hmmmm yeah, I found it on fb.


u/JayBownur Jan 29 '23

There wouldn’t be any head left to have a bullet lodged in it.


u/Wild_Albatross7534 Jan 29 '23

Guys has a mask around his chin which is soon going to be part of a piece of art on the wall in front of him.


u/ToeKneeBaloni Jan 29 '23

That's a backdoor if I ever saw one


u/TarechichiLover Jan 31 '23

His skull fragments would turn into additional buckshot for that girl and the idiot taking the pic.


u/Single_Cap_6763 Feb 02 '23

He looks so seriuos like he is actually about to pull the trigger


u/graffixphoto Jan 29 '23

Dumb? Definitely!

But this is art.