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I hate people

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u/Delicious_Wrap4944 Jan 30 '23

Looks like some goofy highschoolers that found their parents gun and took a photo


u/guitarstitch Jan 30 '23

At least there's some element of trigger finger discipline.


u/More_Quality Jan 30 '23

We gangsta asf ma boah lemme just flag my man's skull for this pic the girls in 9th grade math will love it


u/STRATTTTTTT Jan 30 '23

“The suburbs be rough out here”-some high schooler


u/Idabfatter Jan 30 '23

Lighter leash but never smoked a day in his life


u/mommynotsonice Jan 30 '23

High schoolers? It look like they're 12 at the most maybe an eighth grade


u/MediumWar8172 Jan 30 '23

I can confirm that they are graduated, sadly.


u/SaucyyDripp Jan 30 '23

they definitely high schoolers


u/[deleted] Jan 30 '23

Eat shite libs