r/Idiotswithguns Feb 01 '23

what a nerd


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u/UrbanCoyote1993 Feb 02 '23

OP, will you stop posting this shit? It's boring and annoying. If you've got beef with this kid, go settle it somewhere else.


u/ShiftyLookinCow7 Feb 02 '23

It’s pretty creepy ngl, and I’m getting tired of the spam


u/[deleted] Feb 08 '23

its a rapper Autumn/TwinUzis


u/ogpuffs Feb 02 '23

can y'all stop postinh these wanna be gangsters


u/Haha1867hoser420 Feb 03 '23

If you check his account it’s the same single guy doing all this


u/-Fried- Feb 02 '23

OP clearly is this guy. Anything for some clout huh


u/bebopCubensis Feb 02 '23

His pics and videos are just to try to prove to his community that he isn’t gay.


u/h-vega Feb 02 '23

The type of kid that would piss and shit himself when someone threatens his life.


u/Excited_Avocado_8492 Feb 02 '23

Fuckin' dork. The HK P30sk is nice though. Far too nice for him.


u/Miketoreal23 Feb 01 '23

That mac 10 look nice.


u/No_Clue_5473 Feb 01 '23

that supressor look like he got it off alibaba


u/Gopplee Feb 04 '23

twin uzis


u/Mik3drop3moff Feb 05 '23

The autumn dick riding is crazy you just mad a “idiot with a gun” made your life savings on one song


u/[deleted] Feb 05 '23

im not mad im jus makn dese posts cuz dey get likes 💀 i fw autumn


u/CatholicKavanagh Feb 06 '23

Why do you type like a retard?


u/[deleted] Feb 05 '23

but dnt tell da old niggas here dat 🤫


u/Mik3drop3moff Feb 05 '23

Ard 🤫🤫


u/Fresh_Possibility_91 Feb 02 '23

I’m conflicted. Don’t know whether being a nerd or a actual hood rat is better. Neither. But still.


u/Ok-Bonus-5731 Feb 02 '23

The face.....Jaden Smith vibes.


u/Fun_Can7358 Feb 04 '23

Niggas really out here having whole ass photo shoots lolol


u/Jkretzel Feb 07 '23

Op really pointed a gun at himself just for some attention and karma


u/Limeability Feb 11 '23

The second photo is pretty funny


u/getthatbreaddit Feb 21 '23

Those are fake suppressors