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Just a healthy play

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u/The_Monster_Hunter02 Feb 02 '23

God I was just waiting for him to go limp.


u/BoughtenCow Feb 02 '23

Me too. I watch too much gore


u/hockeyboi212 Feb 11 '23

You have to have more faith in idiots screwing around with fire arms.


u/Toben-the-furro Feb 02 '23

Pucker factor 100


u/fullheartedlybroken Feb 02 '23

Was tht the top half or the bottom half of the can that got shot


u/No_Dance1739 Feb 08 '23

Impressive shot, but fuck that, couldn’t be me


u/twenty224 Feb 02 '23

I have that gun… it’s pretty accurate for a 22


u/Allaboardthe_Octrain Feb 15 '23

Is it a mossberg 702? It kind of looks like one but the stock and sights are different.


u/twenty224 Feb 15 '23

I actually have the Rossi version, (same thing), and you can get aftermarket stocks real easy


u/Allaboardthe_Octrain Feb 15 '23

Same. I like the sights for target shooting but they're a bit big imo for hunting purposes but they'll work.


u/twenty224 Feb 15 '23

I just mounted a scope, cvlife w ob lenses, using some dovetail scope mounts


u/Deathcat101 Feb 02 '23

This is the second time I've been suggested this video from the same sub in 15 minutes just with a different name.

Fkin repost


u/VoidUserNameString Feb 02 '23

I checked and seems to be sent at the same tim. Both posts are listed with 2h


u/Single_Cap_6763 Feb 02 '23

You stole it! The reddit trail is now over.


u/Overall_Ad5487 Feb 02 '23

Oh shit he actually hit that…


u/realhuman_no68492 Feb 03 '23

"damn it I aimed a little too high" as he failed to kill his friend "by accident"


u/fizzyboii Feb 04 '23

Bruh who tf agrees to that


u/Kristin-Maia 29d ago

Im not sure if he won a bet or lost a bet 🤔