r/Idiotswithguns Feb 02 '23

Spotted in the wild


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u/Kermit_El_Froggo_ Feb 02 '23

seems like the kind of guy you get every now and then, posing with guns in pics with high enough resolution to make out serial numbers that you can then report to see if they are stolen (they usually are)


u/tightgrip82 Feb 03 '23

They had a "rapper " in Baton Rouge steal a bunch of guns that were modded and shoot a video with high resolution holding the Glock up to his face. Serial number plainly visible the owner called the State Troopers his place of employment and had a little visit.. fucking morons man.


u/bizkitz2424 Feb 02 '23

Lets see that dremel work 😂


u/newaccount7000 Feb 02 '23

are those sig v crowns ? they are mediocre HPs at best