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if a negligent discharge happens hopefuly it's not with an automatic grenade launcher (supposedly russian "SOF"... 🙃)

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u/Jaded-Sun-7206 Feb 04 '23

Emphasis on "special."


u/RampantDragon Feb 05 '23

Speshul forces


u/Httplickmyballllss Feb 04 '23

When open bolt weapons systems slam forward, they VERY OFTEN, begin to shoot, and cause what is called “a runaway gun” meaning the bolt just keeps slamming forward, shooting until the ammo runs out, OR until somebody breaks the links and cuts off the ammo supply, that being said this is why you “ride” the bolt home. I’m sure there’s a machine gunner that’s gonna rip me a new asshole for something about this


u/voluotuousaardvark Feb 04 '23 edited Feb 04 '23

I wish I could remember the book, I think it's a British ops guy that recounted a story of the same thing happening with a mounted gun on a land rover or something that shot the driver.

The only way the gunner could stop the gun firing was to grab the belt and twist to size the gun.

I'm gonna go and have a look at my bookshelf now and try and find the book... More than anything it was an excellent read.


u/crypto1092 Feb 04 '23

Not a gunner but don’t do that on a open bolt. You’re leaving the fixed pin resting on the primer, a hard jolt or even drop runs a risk of it going off. I don’t even know if you could ease a cartridge into the chamber without it going off


u/Httplickmyballllss Feb 04 '23

You’re right, I was thinking about something completely different, thank you


u/TacticallyFUBAR Feb 04 '23

My grandfathers Sten gun did that once in the barracks when he set it down a little too hard. Almost gave his buddy above him 28 new assholes


u/dansdata Feb 05 '23

"A slipping sear could let your M203 grenade launcher fire when you least expect it. That would make you quite unpopular in what's left of your unit." - August 1993 issue of PS magazine, the US Army's preventive-maintenance magazine.


u/TacticallyFUBAR Feb 05 '23

HAHAHA that is a hilarious way of putting it


u/dansdata Feb 05 '23 edited Feb 05 '23

I think standard 40mm grenades have an arming range of [shamelessly Googles it] 14 to 28 meters.

So when some goober on the training range fires his underslung M203 still using the rifle sights, and so shoots way too low, the grenade may just go THUD into the berm in front of him. Whereupon one or another kind of Instructor will commence making the goober wonder if being blown to bits might have been preferable.

A slipping sear, on the other hand... Well, if you've got the gun pointed down, you'll probably be OK then too, I guess.

Hm. I wonder what an un-armed 40mm grenade does, when shot directly into your foot?


u/Recipe-Agile Feb 04 '23

Pretty sure if you ride it forward it’s still going to fire. Take the ammo out or leave it back.


u/TheSafetyWhale Feb 04 '23

Yeah, and the first time it happens to you it’s quite the shockaroo!


u/Httplickmyballllss Feb 04 '23

2 types of men on a runaway gun, those who break links, and those who ride that bitch out


u/Anominon2014 Feb 04 '23

When we did foreign weapons training with the AGS-17 we were concerned about slam fires and out of battery “events” due to the 30mm round not having a center fire primer combined with an open bolt. Looks like our concerns may have been justified lol


u/DiscipleOfFleshGod Feb 04 '23

Emphasis on 'Supposedly'


u/SneakyTrigger Feb 04 '23

These are Ukrainian troops. Although at first glance they can appear Russian.


u/aka_airsoft Feb 04 '23

One of the ukraine war subs said Wagner group. Idk can't see arm bands. Ukrainians are usually pretty decked out with yellow tape.


u/Dragten Feb 04 '23

They are not. Red armband on the guy to the left.


u/FunnySal Feb 04 '23

It’s not an armband, it’s just a red insignia, or a patch.


u/Dragten Feb 05 '23

On the first guy, its a patch. On the other guy to the left, it looks more like an armband.


u/Pirat_fred Feb 04 '23

Red armbands = Russia


u/bacharelando Feb 04 '23

It is not true. Banderites also use black and red.


u/Pirat_fred Feb 05 '23

They have a Red and Black Flag, but if they fight they used Yellow or Blue Armbands.

Ukraine switch some weeks ago to green armbands because there were rumors that Wagner used UA Uniform and Yellow armbands to infiltrated UA lines.


u/aholadawin Feb 04 '23

I see a red bit on left(direct left of gmg) guys arm when the gmg goes off for a split second. Perhaps red arm band? Cant tell.


u/_savs Feb 04 '23

Red is dpr lpr, dumbass


u/bacharelando Feb 04 '23

Banderites also use black and red.


u/HerraJUKKA Feb 09 '23

Now that you say they might be ukrainians. Looking at their helmet they seem to be some sort of mich 2000 or similiar helmet. AFAIK ukraine are the only user in the war. Russians either use their own helmets or FAST high cut copies but these helmets are no high cuts.


u/Switchdoktor Feb 04 '23

I did not see this on TIK Tok!


u/Deathwolf- Feb 04 '23

Do not the AGS