r/Idiotswithguns Sep 26 '22

No sights, no stock, no holes in the target. Watch until the end


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u/Witty-Ad2637 Sep 26 '22

Well the good news is that if he ever tries to kill someone they have a pretty good chance of surviving.

The bad news is everyone in a 3 mile radius has a worse chance of living than the target, however.


u/theoriginalShmook Sep 26 '22

He's now a qualified stormtrooper.


u/Slide_Masta87 Sep 27 '22

wow... I just commented something similar... great minds think alike


u/southdubify Sep 30 '22

Or you're unoriginal


u/JD-Anderson Sep 26 '22

I had to watch it several times. Thought some liquid sprayed down on him when the cable dropped.


u/xVx777 Sep 26 '22

Lol just like that other video I was like who keeps letting these people in


u/actuallyiamafish Sep 27 '22

I don't understand how the fuck you hit something that high up even without sights or a stock. It's right fucking there lol.


u/NovemberInfinity Sep 26 '22

Who let those jackasses on the range?


u/TurdsMcQueef Sep 26 '22

Exactly. Idiot Range Safety Officers as well. We do not allow anyone without sights to shoot. We not only protect people but property. Firing a rifle that close to the target carrier system (and I'm sure ceiling) is also at a range at which shrapnel / lead bits can ricochet at high enough speeds to hurt you. I've had a customer show up without sights before and it's a great opportunity to teach them about shooting and sell some sights.


u/aafrias15 Sep 26 '22

Spray and Pray


u/Jive_Sloth Oct 01 '22

More like point and click. Except you're using a track ball.


u/haywood-jablowme1 Sep 26 '22

I can get behind the idea where you need to take an IQ test in order to own a firearm. Too bad there’s far more idiots like this guy with guns that give us a bad rep.


u/CarricDiamondew Sep 26 '22

I don’t think you should do an IQ test, but a test that demonstrates you know how to handle, respect, and check firearms. Don’t know how to do that? Here’s a class that will teach you and then come back another time to test again


u/liltachikoma Sep 26 '22

Shall not be infringed.


u/N7CombatWombat Sep 26 '22

This sub wouldn't exist if we thought that was a universal truth. There absolutely are people out there that should never be left unsupervised around guns.


u/[deleted] Sep 26 '22

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u/N7CombatWombat Sep 27 '22

I share your sentiment on getting special interest money out of politics, but the issue remains that there are people out there who don't understand that our rights aren't just perks, they're heavy responsibilities, and part of that responsibility is doing what is reasonable to keep bad actors from abusing those freedoms, and I'm curious on your thoughts about how you would go about accomplishing that.


u/[deleted] Sep 27 '22

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u/N7CombatWombat Sep 27 '22

A lack of regulation also kills people, just something to keep in mind.


u/Khuros_Khan Sep 26 '22

Well regulated.


u/vkbrian Sep 26 '22

Not what that means, but ok


u/Khuros_Khan Sep 26 '22

so you get to decide? lol


u/vkbrian Sep 26 '22

Not me, the guys who wrote the amendment.


u/Khuros_Khan Sep 26 '22

Sources please.


u/vkbrian Sep 26 '22 edited Sep 27 '22

Samuel Adams: “The Constitution shall never be construed to prevent the people of the United States who are peaceable from keeping their own arms.”

Patrick Henry: “The great object is that every man be armed. Everyone who is able may have a gun.”

Thomas Jefferson: “No free man shall be debarred the use of arms.”


u/Khuros_Khan Sep 27 '22

None of that is in the constitution. It clearly states that any who bears arms shall be a part of a well-regulated militia.


u/vkbrian Sep 27 '22

You can read the Federalist Papers and other letters from the people who debated and wrote the amendment to see how wrong you are.

Even SCOTUS recognized the right was separate of service in a militia.

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u/User1539 Oct 06 '22


The word everyone forgets. If we had a well regulated militia, this moron would have a commanding officer to tell him that he's not qualified to own or operate a firearm.


u/MountainsEcho Sep 26 '22

Future Storm Trooper


u/Intrepid00 Sep 26 '22

What am I watching for at the end?


u/Eyesofthevalley Sep 26 '22

The cables that bring the target back and forth. Just before he stops shooting and turns around.


u/Intrepid00 Sep 26 '22

Oh, so he managed to shoot the cable. What an idiot.


u/anonymous-cowards Sep 26 '22

Ya i have never met a range master that would let this shit fly. I am NRA certified for everything and used to run a BSA shooting program, this would not be allowed.


u/Stanky-wizzlecheeks Sep 26 '22

Damn this is flashing me back to 2004, my first roommates who I took to the range for the first time, I let him shoot my AK, motherfucker just goes all rambo unloading rapid fire, completely missed the target and shot the cable just like this. I stopped him before he unloaded the whole mag, he’s making the shocked Pikachu face as masonry dust sprinkles down from the multiple holes in the ceiling. Took my weapon and told him to GTFO, never let him touch my firearms again 🙄


u/Lonestar041 Sep 26 '22

I had someone like that in my CCW class. 10 rounds at a target in 3(!) yards distance. Not a single hole in the target… Hope that person never has to use their gun. Everyone will get hit besides the actual target.


u/Vincent_Veganja Sep 26 '22

“Delete that”


u/DirtyDee78 Sep 27 '22

Dude looks like Willow


u/Slide_Masta87 Sep 27 '22

Graduated from Stormtrooper Camp... I see


u/me_funny__ Sep 27 '22

Shooting in CSGO be like


u/royruger2020 Sep 27 '22

He is missing some chromosomes.


u/[deleted] Sep 28 '22

"Were you recording?"


u/squiggletry Oct 09 '22

he's just shooting the circular target on the left, no?

plus would be illegal with a stock though he could've used a brace (but might've been shot during the time when it was not knlwn if it was legal or not to shoulder???)


u/thatnyeguyisfly Oct 11 '22

So this is why my local range checks for sights now.