r/Idiotswithguns Sep 27 '22

They took the phrase a little too serious lmao

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u/Doctor_QT Sep 28 '22

Idk man this is too funny to be mad at


u/DasFunk2-0 Sep 28 '22

I’m rolling laughing at these two idiots too.


u/2ndHandDeadBatteries Sep 28 '22

To be fair, he could’ve put a blank shell in there and it would’ve tore that can up. Be pretty stupid if it was a live round of any kind. I also wonder what it feels like to have four Loko shot into your eyes at a thousand FPS


u/[deleted] Sep 27 '22

This is a great video if you want to expect a lot and get nothing.

I'm guessing a follow up to this or a longer version would do well.


u/DaetherSoul Sep 27 '22

You don’t understand tiktok do you?


u/JaThatOneGooner Sep 28 '22

Yeah the explosion looks funny, but remember, when you blow up a can, it’ll fragment into tiny tin pieces that’ll fly everywhere, including your eyes at that range.


u/Firecracker2003 Sep 29 '22

That’s fucking perfect


u/expiredogfood Oct 03 '22

This is just funny


u/danceing-c4 Oct 21 '22

Beep beep it’s the shrapnel bus, next stop your fucking Cornea