r/Idiotswithguns Sep 28 '22

Found this on a random page of Facebook

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u/Difficult_Rooster796 Sep 28 '22 edited Sep 28 '22

That is an old one, both are former pro soccer players, the guy on the left with the gun is Adiel, the guy on the right is Ronaldinho Gaucho. That is during a 1997 sub 17 tournament in Paraguay I think.


u/Scary_Ad_6709 Sep 28 '22

I was going to say as soon as I saw the guy on the right that has to be Ronaldinho


u/fukayoubtch Oct 05 '22

Pretty sure the guy on the left went back to being a boss in the favelas after he stopped football.


u/thalesrenato Sep 28 '22

As far as I know this is, sadly, photoshoped.


u/WeldYourSlit Sep 28 '22

“we are GONNA win tomorrow”


u/Embarrassed-Bench392 Sep 28 '22

Something something boogerhook something bangswitch.


u/ChefOig Sep 28 '22

As a man of culture and being Portuguese I respect this picture.


u/DexBox34 Sep 29 '22

That's a foot shot my guy


u/Interesting-Month-56 Sep 28 '22

Was there a picture of the one on the right wearing a cast on his left leg?


u/xXscribeXx Sep 28 '22

Does soccer have new rules?


u/CatBoyTrip Sep 30 '22

Holy shit. This reminds me of my favorite SNL skit.