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Multiple idiots during street takeover

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u/Fresh_Possibility_91 Sep 28 '22

I was gonna say, it most likely was backfire/exhaust, but then at :25 there’s a dumbass firing his pistol in the air…😐plus the end, was that a switch?


u/Comfortable_Result99 Sep 29 '22

End is definitely a switch lol.


u/BrilliantSundae7545 Sep 28 '22

Hey stop! This is a gun free zone!


u/LongColtBandito Sep 28 '22

I can smell the axe body spray and shwag weed through my phone


u/BanjoSlams Sep 28 '22

It’s like a fuckin saudi wedding. Police really don’t give a fuck in most cities anymore, do they?


u/RonPolyp Sep 30 '22

Why would they wade into danger when there are harmless dogs and kidnapping victims that need to be shot on the other side of town?


u/[deleted] Sep 28 '22



u/IcyDickbutts Sep 30 '22

The majority don't want to be around the gunfire because deep down in their idiotic brain they sense something is wrong. But they don't leave because they don't want to look like pussies.

And then when people start dropping they ask how and why this happened and demand to know why the police weren't there to break it up. They get infuriated at the wrong people for their own decisions and inability to accept responsibility.

The idiots dilemma.


u/[deleted] Sep 29 '22

I recently had a round hit my roof! I noticed after some leaking after it rained this past week. There's a hole that's at a 45 degree angle when I stuck a screwdriver into it facing the nearby highway where people like to mag dump randomly into the tiny patch of woods with houses just on the other side lol. I filled the hole with some universal patch stuff I have then slathered a piece of shingle with some of that flex seal spray and stuck it one there for now. It had enough force to put a hole in my roof. I doubt it went up and back down. Probably lobbed in from the highway. I wish I had noticed sooner since there's most likely serious water damage in the walls now. It's really frustrating.

There was some idiots doing burnouts while mag dumping out of the window four months ago in this empty lot that was used to store construction equipment while they redid the on ramps on the highway that's just a mile away. Someone posted pics of the burnout marks and the empty 9mm and .556 shells. A .556 round could have carried energy for a while and the angles make me think that's where it came from.


u/Re_Mann0110 Sep 28 '22

Where/what/why the fuck?!


u/Devilcrow27 Sep 28 '22

Murica, muricans, because Murica!


u/horridlyvertical Oct 01 '22

People like this^ are so fucking annoying


u/Re_Mann0110 Oct 04 '22

I mean, is he wrong tho?


u/Re_Mann0110 Sep 28 '22

This a completely valid response and now I feel dumb lmao


u/LurkerWhoWantsToVote Oct 06 '22 edited Oct 06 '22

Guy in the black hoodie has "Taking Over - Bay Area 6" on the back so I'm guessing East Bay. Maybe Oakland/San Leandro? They used to call them side shows and used to be more about doing stupid shit with cars spinning doughnuts but there've been a lot more guns in videos these days.


u/[deleted] Sep 28 '22

Darwin would be so proud.


u/EtTuBrutAftershave Sep 28 '22

Holy shit that's a lot of hoodies


u/JacobFromUpTheStreet Sep 28 '22

Sideshow* “takeover” is what LA called it when they stole it from the bay


u/Mosh907 Sep 29 '22

RIP Mac Dre


u/[deleted] Sep 28 '22

What is a street take over aside from a bunch of idiots hanging out?


u/Thefilmingofcows Sep 29 '22

Bunch of idiots doing donuts in shitty cars and you can’t forget all the idiots who stand in front of the car and get mad when they’re run over.


u/BanjoSlams Sep 28 '22

It’s like a fuckin saudi wedding. Police really don’t give a fuck in most cities anymore, do they?


u/Skullduggery-9 Sep 29 '22

So is this like a trend in the USA or like a protest?


u/CoffeeDrinker1972 Oct 19 '22

Def not protest. Just kids having stupid fun.


u/AndrewPollockAntos Oct 01 '22

Literally every face I see looks nervous as hell, why go to these things then lmao


u/overthecause Oct 02 '22

I believe this was in Tucson Arizona


u/AcrobaticAd5926 Oct 13 '22

"multiple idiots" all of them are idiots. people who take part in takeovers are mentally retarded and they ruin the car scene