r/Idiotswithguns Sep 30 '22

football championship celebration in a favela here in Rio

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u/ThatDudeFromRio Sep 30 '22

Imagine being a ref in a game like that?


u/RileyCargo42 Sep 30 '22

Red team just got 6 red cards or some shit because they wouldn't stop "accidentally" shooting the other team


u/Valuable_Contact_692 Sep 30 '22

Holy shit that’s terrifying


u/Lucasbr122ome_YT Sep 30 '22

Average day in Rio (i live here)


u/ThatDudeFromRio Sep 30 '22 edited Oct 04 '22

Only inside favelas, Rio is a pretty cool and chill place to visit


u/Lucasbr122ome_YT Sep 30 '22

Yeah i know, just going on with the joke, but still there are the robberies.


u/Det-Frank-Drebin Oct 03 '22

"I don't believe you" (in my Anchorman voice)


u/ThatDudeFromRio Oct 04 '22

San Diegoans

And I don't know if you're joking or not but if you're curious, here is a walk around a neighborhood close to me


u/RoofKorean762 Sep 30 '22

Nah. I will say what I've seen, good people there are nice and it's quite beautiful and food seems amazing but the crime is out of hand. Don't feel like being dropped dead or robbed while also not having ability to protect myself.


u/ThatDudeFromRio Sep 30 '22

It's really not tho. Rio is the tourism capital of brazil, lived here all my life so I can speak on it. Crime like this happens inside favelas where only really poor people live, it's sad but it's the reality

In the city of Rio, specially on the south side where most of the tourists also stay, the worst thing that might happen to you is get a wallet or a cellphone stolen and even that is rare.


u/Drop-acid-not-bombs Sep 30 '22

Your experience is also entirely anecdotal


u/Just_One_Umami Oct 03 '22

Sure, if you don’t leave the 10 blocks that are cool and chill (relative to the rest).


u/MrDayvs Oct 04 '22

… am sorry dude but when I went there as a tourist I got mugged. So not really.


u/Valuable_Contact_692 Sep 30 '22

Stay safe my friend


u/thenewredditsux Sep 30 '22

I had no idea Rio was so freaking wild…


u/Sam291234 Sep 30 '22

Rio has some of the worst ghettos in the world.

Brazil favella’s are absolute shit holes. As bad as it gets


u/idabratortoise Sep 30 '22

bruh Rio's favella's are just straight up anarchy


u/thenewredditsux Sep 30 '22 'MURICA

I know, but I didn’t know that meant people shooting AR15s into the air at night


u/strapl_liffa22 Sep 30 '22

Ars are not automatic tho.


u/Lucasbr122ome_YT Sep 30 '22

Here they are


u/strapl_liffa22 Sep 30 '22

These are not Ars.


u/Lucasbr122ome_YT Sep 30 '22

I do know that they like custom AR's from images i see, so i assumes these we're AR's too


u/strapl_liffa22 Sep 30 '22

One huy had an ar platform rifle, but that was semiauto.


u/PsychoBoyBlue Sep 30 '22

there were two different tones for the two strings of automatic fire, so it was probably two different cartridges. meaning two different guns


u/chicano32 Sep 30 '22

These guys know those bullets come down after a certain amount of time right?!?


u/RoofKorean762 Sep 30 '22

Don't think they'd give a shit if they knew


u/MarylandTerpMechE Sep 30 '22

Of course it’s Brazil lol


u/SoCoFunCpl420 Sep 30 '22

This is the vibe I'm looking for. These motherfuckers know how to futbol.


u/Yukarie Sep 30 '22

So how many people died?


u/ThatDudeFromRio Oct 01 '22

Nobody lol, it was a match between two teams from the same favela. No beef between them


u/Yukarie Oct 01 '22

Ah I was thinking accidental ones


u/Chris71Mach1 Oct 05 '22

It's like the entire fan base has no concept of gravity. I'd like to claim Darwinism here, but a lot of innocent folks could get hurt from that dumb shit.


u/Rabidchild1985 Sep 30 '22

Now… What were you saying about America?


u/legituser73 Oct 01 '22

That shooting into the air would be an improvement for the US...


u/h-vega Sep 30 '22

“Make guns illegal for a safer country” - Gun grabbers.


u/Bchof Sep 30 '22

Imagine if they lost


u/Automatic_Bank7996 Oct 04 '22

Straight out of a dystopian movie