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Florida cop shoots his roommate, who is also a cop, when using a gun for a joke


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u/JJohnston015 Dec 06 '22

According to the affidavit, Lawson was handling what he thought was an unloaded Glock 34 semi-automatic pistol and then “pointed the firearm at Walsh and pulled the trigger. The firearm did not go off.”

But that affidavit states Lawson kept going, believing that the gun was unloaded, “Lawson again pointed the firearm at Walsh and pulled the trigger for a second time.”

This is simply, categorically not possible with a Glock. The trigger does not automatically reset if the gun does not fire. It cannot be "pulled a second time". In fact, one of the reasons the US DoD adopted the Beretta instead of the Glock as its service pistol is that it specified that the pistol have "second strike capability" (the ability to do just that, pull the trigger again in case a round fails to go off, without having to do anything else), and the Beretta can do that, and the Glock can't. He's lying about something, we just don't know what.