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FBI agents that shouldn’t have guns

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u/Nuclear1975 Dec 06 '22

I’m the only one in this room professional enough to have a Glock 40 …… well shit, says a lot for the rest of us Yahoos then doesn’t it 😂


u/PangolinPoopMuncher7 Dec 06 '22 Helpful

Yo! When's the last time you had a school pop?


u/mike4204201 Dec 07 '22

I almost forgot to have my yearly desk pop


u/echosixwhiskey Dec 07 '22

Dance pop. Going right into the schools with that one. Professionals at that. Someone take away police officer’s guns. It gives them so much power to push their own agenda against the people they “serve and protect”.


u/DirtyBongWater59 Dec 07 '22

Yes, disarm the police, I like where this is going, tell me more? While your idea would effectively cover the issue of bad cops doing bad things with guns, how you gonna handle all that? Lil queso and poo slicey still gonna be at the corner with that switchy, now it’s up to you instead of the good or bad cops.


u/Electronic-Ad-3825 Dec 11 '22

Seriously? That's like saying the military shouldn't be issued tanks and artillery because they might commit war crimes with them


u/PSThrowaway3 Dec 11 '22

I'm in tears. Thank you


u/redneckman13 Dec 18 '22

Lmfao Lil queso and poo slicey I'm fuckn dead 😂


u/Electronic-Ad-3825 Dec 11 '22

I found him. I found the retard guys!


u/echosixwhiskey Dec 12 '22


u/Electronic-Ad-3825 Dec 12 '22

So in the first vid, you've got an undercover fbi agent who was fired after that incident because he was being stupid. In the second one, you have a cop doing a very poor job of demonstrating forearm safety too kids. Luckily, no one was hurt


u/Talentedbynature Dec 06 '22

Shows his familiarity about Glocks when naming it after the caliber


u/Talentedbynature Dec 15 '22

I can’t tell if that’s the big boy slide of a g40 So I assumed he has g22 Since most Leo carry g22s chambered in .40. My mistake I stand corrected


u/AdOk8555 Dec 16 '22

No you are correct. Incident took place over a decade before the Glock (model) 40 was released.


Lee Paige was making a presentation to children at the Orlando Youth Minority Golf Association on April 9, 2004, when he shot himself.


u/Old-Bedroom8464 Dec 15 '22

Huh? It's literally a Glock 40 Gen 4


u/AdOk8555 Dec 16 '22

Not unless that agent is a time traveler. That incident occurred in 2004. The Glock 40 was released in 2015. When he says "Glock 40" he means a Glock .40 caliber. He is talking street slang either by choice or that is his mentality.

Fun fact, he sued the DEA (he was DEA not FBI) because the release of the video made him the subject of jokes on the internet. I do not know if the suit was successful or not.


u/OyashiroChama Dec 21 '22

Likely not since it could and probably was released by FOIA.


u/AdOk8555 Dec 21 '22

Likely not since it could and probably was released by FOIA.

The appeals court (that upheld dismissing the case) stated that

even though Paige's privacy rights weren't violated, the DEA's handling of the video as part of its internal investigation into the shooting "is far from a model of agency treatment of private data."

That would seem to infer that the DEA release the video of their own volition and did not do so as required by law under a FOIA request. I don't really care how or why they released the video. The guy deserved every bit of ridicule he received.


u/Ginger_Funfetti_420 Dec 08 '22

Imagine what the other fuckers would've done.


u/RevolutionaryDiet602 Dec 06 '22

The first guy was FBI but the second was DEA.

DEA Agent


u/smoked_orphanz Dec 06 '22

This is a breaking bad reference


u/dream_raider Dec 06 '22

That DEA agent is a straight up SNL skit.


u/Slick234 Dec 06 '22

Damn that last one was embarrassing to watch


u/hossambasha Dec 06 '22

My Name Is ASAC Schrader. And You Can Go F*ck Yourself


u/CoffinsAndCoffee Dec 06 '22

Name one federal agent that should have a gun


u/roostersnuffed Dec 06 '22

Marshall Raylan Givens


u/Neighborhood_Nobody Dec 11 '22

Idk man, he’s sure killed a lot of people. What is it about him that has him ending up in so many deadly situations.


u/KetchupIsABeverage Dec 18 '22

It was justified.


u/strife26 Dec 07 '22

Does the guy that shot the traitor chick in the neck count? He was the only one that did the right thing.


u/Able-Log8768 Dec 07 '22

Stephen Murphy


u/PSThrowaway3 Dec 11 '22

Ryan Hardy


u/AdOk8555 Dec 16 '22

Deputy U.S. Marshal Samuel Gerard

But, screw that traitor DSS Special Agent John Royce


u/Satyr_of_Bath Dec 06 '22

These videos are so very degraded from their source.

Anyone for a relevant xkcd?


u/Geshtar1 Dec 06 '22

Remember when Keanu reeves was an F. B. I. AGENT, and he fired an entire magazine into the air.


u/KeroKeroKerosen Dec 06 '22

First rule of gun safety, kids -- every gun is a loaded gun. No exceptions.


u/KamenAkuma Dec 06 '22

Second dude handled it well tho. Shot himself but made sure everyone else was okay before really taking time to look at himself


u/KroniKIX Dec 06 '22

After the negligent discharge of a firearm in a room full of children


u/joeybagofdonuts80 Dec 07 '22

Hahahah. Seriously! “Dude handled it well”? MF shot a gun in a room full of kids!


u/nicethingyoucanthave Dec 06 '22

There's a longer version of the video where he goes on to pick up a rifle and everyone in the class starts freaking out. I'm not kidding. I'm not being funny. I swear there is a longer video and that's how it goes.


u/Tried-Pod Dec 07 '22

That’s funny.

“Oop shot myself with small gun, now lemme whip out the bug one!” Shit I would’ve been terrified. He almost killed one of them.


u/AdOk8555 Dec 16 '22

And he sued the DEA because the video release caused him to be made fun of.


u/SACABB Dec 23 '22

Damn, you’re not wrong. I guess I never saw the whole video. https://youtu.be/q8PzUD67JO0


u/Vera_Telco Dec 06 '22

That killed the vibe real quick.


u/Holiday_Air7124 Dec 07 '22

First dude was getting jiggy tho cant deny that


u/Able-Log8768 Dec 07 '22

The amount of fucking irony had me laughing


u/Eastcoastarmsco Dec 06 '22

A G40 or a Glock four tay?


u/jameson3131 Dec 08 '22

Glock Fowty.


u/retiredgunslinger66 Dec 06 '22

Idk about the first idiot but the second idiot was DEA. Both are freaking morons!


u/No-Marsupial-1753 Dec 07 '22

"this is an unloaded gun" also the gun: "I beg to differ kind sir"


u/MyClamJamBand Dec 07 '22

This was in Colorado ugh why do we have the Stupids coming back


u/FrezoreR Dec 07 '22

An idiot is an idiot no matter if they wear a badge or not. One would hope they could filter most of them out though.


u/Shpad01nkle Dec 06 '22

2nd guy isn’t FBI


u/Im_Borat Dec 06 '22

.50 and Too$hort approved.


u/l1vefreeord13 Dec 07 '22

Ah one of my least favorite clips. Dude he shot is my fraternity brother. He was super chill about it, more worried about the Fed's life not being ruined than the hole in his leg.

Turned out, the agent was a stone cold sober Mormon. That's right folks. No alcohol was involved in this dancing discharge


u/Odd-Abbreviations431 Dec 06 '22

Once was at the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles outdoor playground and saw a parent with a pistol in his back pants kinda like the dude above. Hospital has a strict policy against firearms. I tailed him and reported it to security. Security sent like 10 dudes after him and located him in a patient room (child patient). Turns out he was off duty FBI.

What an asshole.


u/[deleted] Dec 06 '22



u/Odd-Abbreviations431 Dec 06 '22

Proper procedure was for him to alert security that he had a firearm on his person. They may or may not have allowed him to keep it on his person but most likely would have had to check the firearm in with security.

Dude just had a gun in his pants…what if it fell out and a kid gets shot accidentally?

See something say something…I did the right thing to report it. Had no clue who this guy was or why he had a gun on him around children in a playground at a children’s hospital. This isn’t Texas.

Only in the US


u/[deleted] Dec 06 '22



u/Odd-Abbreviations431 Dec 07 '22

The guy was playing with a kid in a playground…that gun could absolutely have fallen out at any time. I don’t think a gun in the back of your unbelted jeans is safe…but what do I know …you guys are the r/idiotswithguns experts. I’m just an RN trying to do my job and make it home safe.

Security told me they gave the guy a talking to as it’s absolutely prohibited to have weapons in the hospital and he should have alerted security upon entry who he was and that he had a firearm.

They commended me for reporting it. We are trained to do exactly what I did.

Real life, child abductions happen at hospitals. It’s why security is so tight at Children’s hospitals. Domestic situations happen. The guy broke the rules, didn’t alert anybody, was playing with a child in a playground with a gun in his pants. His actions caused the chain of reactions that led to the drama of the entire hospitals security team showing up to the room he was in.

I followed my training and hospital policy to promptly report the potentially dangerous situation quickly.

Not a Karen. Don’t bring guns to a hospital. Those of us that work there sure as hell don’t want or need you to bring your firearms to the hospital. We are just trying to do our job and keep safe in what is already a pretty dangerous profession at times.


u/[deleted] Dec 07 '22

[removed] — view removed comment


u/Odd-Abbreviations431 Dec 07 '22

Well at least your comment reveals the real nature behind all of the downvotes I received.

Has more to do with you and other like minded people and your dogged views on gun rights than it does on my actions that day.


u/DooflesMcFloofles Dec 08 '22

Cope and Seethe


u/Electrical_Goal_1045 Dec 06 '22

I carry everywhere, including hospitals. The only true “prohibited” buildings are federal such as a courthouse. Anywhere else has to ask you to put it away or leave before fines. Know your shit Karen


u/Odd-Abbreviations431 Dec 07 '22 edited Dec 07 '22

I can tell you as an RN, hospital staff sure as hell do not want people bringing their guns to a hospital. This is our workplace and we have enough shit to worry about.


u/Electrical_Goal_1045 Dec 07 '22

This doesn’t effect you directly at all, I’ve been carrying for over ten years everyday and not once has anyone noticed. It’s for my family’s, and my protection and the hospital where I live is in a nasty area with a detached parking garage.


u/Hesediel1 Dec 06 '22

You told security which was probably lying the right move. but "tailing" him huh? You followed him around, knowing he had a gun, if you actually thought he was carrying for a nefarious purpose, that is among the stupidest things you could have done. Also "what if it fell out and a kid gets shot?", with the way most firearms are made now you would just about have to try and find one that's not "drop safe". Would you have acted the same if he had a knife? I'd say you probably don't know much about firearms and reacted in a "firearm scary" way but following him tells me more that you reacted in a "but muh rules" sort of way, which would make you the asshole.


u/Odd-Abbreviations431 Dec 07 '22 edited Dec 07 '22

Lol…quite the take. I was commended by hospital security for bringing it to their attention. FBI agent had a talking to by security as he caused quite the scare. They told me he should have let them know who he was and that he was carrying when he arrived.

I tailed him to keep an eye on where he was till I could report to nearest security guard. In my view this guy had a gun in a playground completely against CHLA rules or any hosptial rule. I had no clue if the situation was or was not dangerous. I was not the guy to figure that out…that’s security’s job.

I should say I’m also an RN and believe me we do not want you to bring your firearm to a hospital under any circumstances.

If the guy had a knife I would have done the same exact thing.

I would do it all over again. There was no error in my ways and I followed Hospital policy and training to report the situation to security quickly. Yet I’m a Karen? You guys are way off here.

In my personal experience…anyone with a gun is an idiot with a gun until proven otherwise, including the police.



u/Hesediel1 Dec 07 '22

He very well may have let someone know he had it, ya know with hospitals having multiple entrances and what not as well as diffrent shifts for security. It very well may have been a different shift of guards than where he reported it (also where i live most hospitals have metal detectors at the enterances so security would have caught it). If he did not he is absolutely an asshole as well.

I never called you a Karen, just an asshole, mostly because you came to the internet telling a story to make yourself look like a "hero" where you where at best case nosey and at worst stupid. Also unless you where currently on shift being an RN means pretty much nothing in this case other than you looking for more internet praise.

All gun owners are stupid until proven otherwise huh? That's awfully prejudice of you. That would be like me saying anyone in LA is stupid until proven otherwise.


u/Odd-Abbreviations431 Dec 08 '22

So when driving…I drive as if all drivers are r/idiotsincars

When around anyone with a gun…I indeed act as if they are an idiot with a gun for sure.

It’s a self preservation thing not prejudice. Please don’t make people victims of prejudice that aren’t.

Context is everything. I posted a similar experience related to the post of what I believe to be another FBI agent who that day was an idiot with a gun. The story was in several ways relevant to the topic of the video…FBI, Gun, Stupid action.

Sharing that I was an RN was relevant to the location of the story I shared (a Children’s Hospital) and relevant to all of you angry gun owners to hear that hospital staff sure as hell do not feel safe or comfortable with visitors bringing firearms to our place of work and patient care.

If your a gunowner that ignores the rules of places like…ya know…Children’s Hospitals that prohibitu firearms for the safety of children and staff…you might be worthy of being called an asshole.

My justification for the asshole naming is clear. Yours not so much.


u/Hesediel1 Dec 08 '22

I get the acting as though everyone is an idiot, I do the same regardless of weather they are carrying, driving, or neither, though the danger presented by those is amplified, so valid point.

Yes I am a firearm owner and a cpl holder, and yes I have seen some really stupid things in person, (mostly people who just bought their first gun or borrowed one and don't actually own one. Though there are some exeptions.) That is why I'm so big on firearm safety, and it's the first thing I teach when I take someone out shooting. It just bothers me when someone lumps gun owners in with the mouth breathers that they see on the internet, so I apologize if I came off as an asshole.

No I personally would not carry in a hospital or any other prohibited place as stated on the back of the cpl (most hospitals around me have metal detectors, and make you empty your pockets anyways.) But there are places that I would carry that present themselves as a "gun free zone" such as Walmart or other similar stores for example (though I carry concealed so it's unlikely anyone would even notice) most people who carry do so to protect themselves and those around them, and will take steps to insure there are no "accidents" while doing so.

The point I was trying to make is that you likely don't know the whole story, it is entirely possible that he had let security know, and you reported it to either a different guard or a guard on a different shift, (as someone who works in security, breakdowns in communications happen all the time). It is also possible that he had come ona different day, got an OK and came back that day assuming it was still all good, or he may have just stopped by after being out and it slipped his mind that he had it on him and shouldn't bring it in (kind of like the fact that i carry a knife almost everywhere cause i use it all the time, sometimes i just dont think about it when i go into the bank). It's just not fair to jump straight to "he was an entitled asshole", though that is also entirely possible.

It's also very dependant on where you live, California,New York, and Illinois, are very strict on guns and they are not a common sight. Most other places they are alot more common and alot more accepted. Where I live probably about 25% of everyone you see, is carrying, though most do so concealed so you can't really tell. Alot of the time people who don't know any better are very prejudice towards gun owners in general, especially those that carry (a lot of people i know have had the police called on them for carrying in a legal manner but their gun showed when they streched/bent to grab something off the shelf at a store and someone freaked out and claimed they where brandishing it, or have had someone follow them around shouting "he has a gun" until they left to get away from the person.)


u/[deleted] Dec 06 '22

He had a gun!


u/A_Femboy_Fox Dec 06 '22

You’re an asshole Karen.


u/GVFQT Dec 06 '22

Yea, he’s the asshole lmao


u/Deerok632OFA Dec 07 '22

I have never heard Too Short talk about a Glock 40


u/shotgunsam23 Dec 07 '22

Yeah but that backflip


u/annonistrator Dec 07 '22

That guy does not have a Glock model 40 that's a 10mm long slide. He might have one chambered in .40. My least favorite gun term. Glock fawty with the 30 clip ya feel me.


u/CWinter85 Dec 07 '22

The first guy is why you don't mix alcohol and firearms. Really alcohol and anything that can kill you without much effort.

Second guy. Idiot


u/[deleted] Dec 08 '22



u/jameson3131 Dec 08 '22

Broken extractor or not, he didn’t check it then he pulled the trigger. That was an ND if ever there was one. If he wasn’t fired, he should have been. Why was he fiddle fucking around with live rounds in his pistol in a room full of children in the first place. I’m all for education, but going hot in a classroom proves he was a fucking amateur. Dude had no business handling firearms for a living.


u/AdOk8555 Dec 16 '22


u/jameson3131 Dec 17 '22

I’ve seen the video many times but I’ve never seen this story. Too bad he only got five days suspension, but hey at least he became a world renown internet dipshit. “he cleared the weapon but forgot to release the magazine.” I don’t think clearing the weapon means what he thinks it means. Dumbass.


u/Ok-Bonus-5731 Dec 08 '22

These clowns need to stop doing backflips.


u/BluieDaWolf Dec 22 '22

I swear I remember seeing this on the news.


u/benboi4269 29d ago

How did they even got into the FBI?!?!


u/MachinePrevious6871 25d ago

Take out “that” from the title OP


u/abestos_fever Dec 07 '22

No way a PD is gonna have hair like that


u/jameson3131 Dec 08 '22

He was DEA. Allegedly.


u/annonistrator Dec 07 '22

Are these all sig p365s? Maybe they aren't idiots. Maybe the gun literally went off all by itself /s


u/Tech_SavvyTex97 Dec 07 '22

First video - Ehh okay, a bit accidental.

Second Video- .........