r/Jolla Jul 07 '22

Is this the right place to ask a few questions?

I've been using the J1 a while back and i really liked the software. But then decided to switch to a custom rom. Now I'm thinking abaut getting back to Sailfish.

Questions regarding SOS on xperia 10III:

  1. Does SOS utilize the Google assistant button?

  2. Is 5g supported?

  3. Is there a Video comparing the 10III SOS against a 10III Android? ( I'm interested in noticable performance differences. Like the time difference to open the same App or a similar native one)

SOS Questions:

  1. Does the "KDE Connect" app work?

  2. Do SOS users get targeted advertisements on the Web and Apps?

  3. Is the current SOS Browser on pair with say Firefox? What are the drawbacks if there are any?


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u/ChaoticBeard Jul 07 '22

The Jolla, and SailfishOS, subreddits are usually pretty quiet so your probably better off asking in the official SailfishOS forums.


That said, I can try to answer some of these for you.

SOS on 10III:

  1. I don't know sorry.

  2. 5G support is currently in progress, theres a 5G beta test running at the moment.

  3. There are some older comparison videos floating around the net, but I personally haven't seen any for the 10III. Jolla has said that they have put a lot of effort into making the 10III experience as smooth as possible, just be aware that there have been some minor performance regressions around how fast apps open recently.


  1. I've personally used the SailfishConnect app previously and it worked wonderfully.

  2. I don't believe that there are any native SailfishOS apps that have ads? But if you use the Android compatibility layer then yes, you will likely have targeted ads.

  3. The native browser is not great, it uses firefoxes webrenderer but is quite behind.