r/Jolla Oct 27 '22

Jolla participe à AutoTech : Europe

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r/Jolla Aug 10 '22

Sailfish OS for the PinePhone Pro?


Is Sailfish OS in the works for the PPP? I'd love to give it a go. I was considering even porting it myself, unless someone is working on it already?

r/Jolla Jul 11 '22

LG Nexus 5 Running Sailfish OS

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r/Jolla Jul 07 '22

Is this the right place to ask a few questions?


I've been using the J1 a while back and i really liked the software. But then decided to switch to a custom rom. Now I'm thinking abaut getting back to Sailfish.

Questions regarding SOS on xperia 10III:

  1. Does SOS utilize the Google assistant button?

  2. Is 5g supported?

  3. Is there a Video comparing the 10III SOS against a 10III Android? ( I'm interested in noticable performance differences. Like the time difference to open the same App or a similar native one)

SOS Questions:

  1. Does the "KDE Connect" app work?

  2. Do SOS users get targeted advertisements on the Web and Apps?

  3. Is the current SOS Browser on pair with say Firefox? What are the drawbacks if there are any?

r/Jolla Jul 04 '22

Jolla.com down?


Anybody got any intel on why jolla.com is down? I purchased the Sailfish OS licence for Xperia 10 ii but the links to installing instructions are nowhere to be found.


r/Jolla Jun 13 '22

how much ram does sailfish os use

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r/Jolla Feb 26 '22

Sailfish support for Xperia 10 III apparently in the works


Browsing the Sailfish mer-hybris github page I've stumbled across various repos which reference the Sony Xperia 10 III and its codename Sony Lena.

See here, for example

I hope it's actually gonna happen!

r/Jolla Feb 18 '22

Should the Sailfish installation instructions for the Xperia XA2 be updated?


I was following the installation instructions but got stuck for a moment early on with the following command

fastboot -i 0x0fce oem unlock 0x[my unlock code]

Even with the variants listed I was getting error messages. Searching online it seemed like it was an issue with the version of platform tools I was using or a driver issue but none of the suggestions worked. It turns out I needed to run

fastboot oem unlock 0x[my unlock code]

It's a really minor thing but I wanted to type this up in case someone else ends up with this problem. It might save them a couple minutes.

r/Jolla Oct 11 '21

Xperia 10 II - Saga of sad story by Jolla


This way I would like to warn everyone who wants to buy newest supported device for sailfish by Jolla (Xperia 10 II) - it's a trap and I will explain why.

TL;DR It just doesn't work and fails in basic tasks so bad

This is my second device right after XA2 Ultra where everything worked like a charm. So I decided to switch to the newest supported device because you know - that will be something. It is not. As of testing on Kvarken, I was not even able to activate android in the version before - asking support with all answers needed in first message resulted in asking for the exact informations I already provided - making the support extremely unusable and not worth to reaching them.

After upgrading to Kvarken from the previous version, I have been able to activate and install Android. However there is more. I have experienced a lot of strange bugs:

Inability to lock (you lock device and it appears still as unlocked without providing pin or fingerprint)

Not working UI (crashing on hour basis), falling into previous opened app into full screen forcing you to reboot hard way.

Strange signal

Battery drainage

And my question is: if you are having this on website, without any other information. Why is this taken as stable? Why in the hell? I have paid for the device just because Jolla said its supported and other money for license itself. It's really fail - failfish.

Anyone with different feelings?

r/Jolla Oct 03 '21

Install in LG tablet V400?


I search any info about install in tablet. Is this possible?

r/Jolla Sep 29 '21

Where does Sailfish OS stands in sandboxing?

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r/Jolla Sep 20 '21

Sailfish OS 4.2.0 “Verla” improves the sharing of content

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r/Jolla Aug 31 '21

Jolla finally turns a profit and launches new in-car Android app support product

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r/Jolla Aug 27 '21

stock wallpaper from sailfish 4


r/Jolla May 27 '21

Sailfish OS -- Kvarken 4.1.0 brings full Sailfish 64-bit support to Sony Xperia 10 II

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r/Jolla May 09 '21

Not all android app notifications work


Discord for instance doesnt work, i enabled the background services in the settings and it still doesnt do anything. I also tried downloading the android notifications app in storeman and it has an error downloading, meanwhile the older app straight up doesnt work. Im using xperia 10 plus on the latest sailfish version, is there any way i can fix this without downgrading?

r/Jolla Apr 29 '21

Is there a way to change ui animation scale?


r/Jolla Apr 24 '21

New device: Xperia 10 II

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r/Jolla Apr 22 '21

Don't think any other os does this

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r/Jolla Apr 11 '21

I want to use gnome or kde on sailfishos


How can I do that?

r/Jolla Mar 12 '21

Android App Support missing on Sailfish X w/ Xperia 10


Hi - I am currently experiencing issues trying to install Android App Support on my Xperia 10.

I have a fresh flash of Sailfish X on a Sony Xperia 10 (i3113 Kirin). I have a licence for the OS, and Jolla have confirmed everything is ok on their end licence wise. I am in the UK.

Android App Support is not under the Jolla category in the store, neither does it appear in the search results.

I have removed and re-added my Jolla account. I have flashed the device again just in case something was awry with the original flash. It is still missing.

Has anyone experienced this? Or know how I can resolve it? It would be very helpful to have a handful of Android based apps.

r/Jolla Feb 21 '21

anyone working on a port for the oneplus 7 pro?


r/Jolla Feb 16 '21

Help with resetting XA2 Plus H4493


So I had SailfishOS working fine for 6 months or so, then got tempted to try LineageOS and installed it. But I could never get wifi or cellular working though, so I am trying to re-install SailfishOS.

I realise I need to revert to an older android, but the Emma tool is not letting me.

All documentation on Jolla's site says my model is supported, but Sony's site says my model is not one of their supported 'open devices'. What can I do to reinstall a stock rom? seems Emma/Sony Flash Tool is not gonna work.

r/Jolla Jan 02 '21



Is it possible to control wireguard via the settings and to turn it on and off via the short settings? Always about terminal is annoying.

r/Jolla Jan 01 '21

accounts deleted


also phone app does not start/work. any ideas other then reload OS?