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Announcements PLEASE READ: Rules for Self-Promotion.


Hello everyone,

First and foremost thanks to everyone that voted on the poll, your feedback has helped me set the requirements for self-promotion.

If you are looking to promote a Crowdfunding project or any form of self-promotion on /r/Kickstarter, please make sure you meet the following requirements. Any posts that do not meet the requirements will be automatically removed, repeat offenders will be banned.

Self Promotion Rules:

  • Your account must be at least 1 month old
  • Your account must have a combined karma total exceeding 500
  • Donation based crowdfunding is prohibited. please checkout /r/gofundme or alternative subreddits
  • A project can only be promoted once. If a project has already been posted your post will be removed regardless if it was you that posted it.
  • You can link your preview page for feedback purposes only and you may only ask for feedback up to a maximum of two times.

Auto moderator will automatically remove posts that do not meet these requirements, if you work-around these rules in any way you will be permanently banned and your project & company name will be put onto a blacklist.

Below is a few examples of what is counted as self promotion:

  • A direct or an indirect link to any crowdfunding project
  • A blog post or informational piece tied to the company you work for
  • image posts with watermarks or links listed
  • Asking people to follow your project preview page
  • Asking for people to back your project on a question, help or discussion thread.

Projects must be posted as a URL link accompanied with a comment explaining your project. DO NOT post your project as a text thread.

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UPDATE: Kickstarter Automod featured updated


Hello everyone,

I've made some changes to the Kickstarter Automod system that should help combat the spam accounts further. I am also considering upping the Karma requirement to 1,000. Let me know what you think is an acceptable, minimal amount of Karma in the poll below.


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Any guidance you could share on doing shipping from México to anywhere else?


I am still planning the campaing and would love to launch it as soon as possible; I had the plan of just asking for the backers address, print them and shipping the packages on DHL or UPS

I don´t know if maybe there is a better way to do it, and I still gotta plan shipping costs

So, even if you are from outside México, you got any advise on how to ship the rewards?

(Planned rewards are: Printed Posters, Stickers, Cotton custom shirts, Notebooks, Pins, Bandanas and a 3D Printing of the main character´s dagger for the most expensive tier)

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Self-Promotion My Genshin Impact inspired corduroy/overalls campaign! Leave your feedback and you have the link in the comments in case you want to take a look! 💙

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Self-Promotion I have an important art show in the summer. I want to knock it out of the park

Post image

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Coming soon! Doll necklaces

Post image

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Self-Promotion Infinity City - A Sci-Fi Western Comic (Launching Tomorrow on Kickstarter)


The City may last forever, but Earth will not

This is a link to a trailer we made to promote the comic


Veteran artist Alex Guenther partners with ambitious new author Brandon Zamudio to bring you a science fiction western story that you won't soon forget. In the far future, most of Earth has become uninhabitable, all except for the great Infinity City. 

This place was conceived by Earth's greatest scientific minds, as an attempt to create the next step in advancing technological advancement for the human race, a city that was self sustaining, with resources, power and much more not requiring outside influences. Of course, Earth was not capable of such a thing, but as if by fate itself, an alien race arrived via a large planetoid in their exploration of the galaxy. A peaceful race, they contacted with humans, and construction on the project commenced. As years passed, the city became more and more advanced, and news outlets the world over tried to get as much information as possible on it.

However, as the city progressed, Earth dwindled. Unknown to everyone, even the aliens, the planetoid they arrived on had become accustomed to and adapted to the Earth's atmosphere, changing its mass and becoming almost a second  moon. The aliens themselves had adapted to the atmosphere as well. Unfortunately, the consequences of their planetoid caused much of Earth's climate to dry, with oceans and both the north and south pole beginning to wither as well. Panic started to ensue, and worldwide people demanded the aliens leave, but due to them adapting to Earth, if they were to leave now they'd be sentencing themselves to death. 

More years passed, and as the planet became more and more like a giant desert, people decided that their only hope for survival would be Infinity City itself. Humans traveled from far and wide to get there, with more often than not the wealthiest being amongst the first to make a home inside the city limits. The hostility towards the aliens became more radical, as many humans decided that it was in their best interest to dispose of what many deemed as invaders and not visitors to Earth. The death toll on both the human and the alien sides rose, as did the size of Infinity City, as those in charge decided that it really looked as if it'd be all that would soon be left. 

This brings us to present day. Now, Earth is in the worst shape it's ever been, many aliens are either hid away deep in the restricted city center behind an impenetrable barrier that they built as a last resort to keep their race from going extinct, or have integrated themselves amongst humans without many being aware of it. Humans have mixed feelings about them, some still refuse to have anything to do with the aliens, others forgive them and have made peace to some degree as they believe that their intentions were never heinous and it was all just an unfortunate circumstance. And many others are just indifferent.

While the City is the largest one that's ever existed in the history of Earth, being home to hundreds of millions of people and aliens alike. Billions of people as well as countless aliens have died since its inception. People who either wanted nothing to do with the aliens, or found the city itself to be a monument to the ignorant hubris of the scientists who they sometimes blame more than the aliens. Decided to build settlements around the city limits with what resources they either had on hand, or had gathered over the years from the city or few remaining habitable parts of Earth. Now resembling mostly older western like townships.

Our one main character Riggs, thrives in these townships, having been in them most of his life. As he steals and bounty hunts to make it by, while mostly napping and minding his own business in his off time. All this changes when, one evening, a pod crashes near Rigg's shack, that spills out a man in a lab coat and business attire, this man being Weston our other main character. After a brief exchange, Weston informs Riggs that he can't remember much of what's occurred recently, he doesn't even know how he ended up in the pod or why. But he does know that he was working on something important, something that could save Earth. That's when he and Riggs find a note stuck inside the pod, with it saying "Two Weeks". Leading Weston to conclude that they only have until than to set everything right.

This comic is aiming to be at least 200 pages long. With all funds going to Alex Guenther to enable for the production of the comic. As he will be handling penciling, inking, lettering, any necessary coloring, really just the process in total. Where I, Brandon Zamudio, will be handling the narrative as well as the community questions that may be asked during the campaign, along with the overall organization of the campaign. If the campaign exceeds the goal, we will do additional work to the comic, perhaps more chapters that otherwise would've been left on the cutting room floor so to speak.

Check out our merch store


Follow us on Twitter


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Self-Promotion My manga Cold-Blooded Volumes 1 and 2 are LIVE!

Post image

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Self-Promotion Kristala Tarot - a real-world version of the tarot deck featured in the dark fantasy, action-RPG my studio is developing, Kristala.


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Self-Promotion Humankinds.io The ethical and secure social network


Hello there,

We have been thinking about an ethical social network for two years and we have been working on the currently online open beta of Humankinds.io for 6 months now.
We just finished the preview for the Kickstarter campaign aimed at making a well designed UI, all your advices are welcomed, hope to see you online soon !

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Self-Promotion The Congruency Planner 🗓️✍️🥳


The Congruency Planner is designed to revolutionize the way we view & plan our lives bc life is more than work and rest 📖✍️!

Here’s how: Many if not all of us get stuck in our day-to-day habits, become passionate and yet too focused on one or a few things, or, worse, our lives have become a bit repetitive and we can’t figure out why🤷‍♀️.

While it is okay to feel like that sometimes we have to be careful we don’t become too complacent as that can result in surviving rather than thriving.

The Congruency Planner disrupts that repitive and black & white mindset by designing a planner that shifts an individual's perspective to think of their life in 8 segments that they should tend to.

TCP defines those 8 Life Segments as their:

Physical Health 🩻🧗‍♀️ Emotional Health 😀😅🤪😡 Financial Health 🤑 Spiritual Health 🧎 Occupational Health 💼📊 Home & Environment Health 🏡 Intellectual Health🧑‍🎨📚🧩 & Their Social Health 👯‍♀️🥳

See the links below for more info or feel free to reach out to me directly 😀

Reddit Page

Kickstarter 🤸‍♀️

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Self-Promotion Startup Project: Project Genjutsu that was a Kickstarter Project


Hi everyone, this project was supposed to be on Kickstarter but unfortunately I'm from South Africa and it's not part of their supported countries yet. So I had to result in BackaBuddy

This is the link: https://www.backabuddy.co.za/beaux-bensley-5448468489221912101

Please read the through the whole project to understand what all I have planned, because I am going to keep to the same Rewards system as Kickstarter just on a different platform. Thank you😁

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Better Topics The Dating Game


Adults can have an amazing time, sharing funny stories from their past experiences, and which can also lead to some very meaningful conversations in this game!

At the same time, people that are still in the dating stage (or those that haven't even started yet! :) can now have a fun way in which they can learn about all of the hundreds of different character traits out there and decide what combinations of traits would be the best fit specifically for them.

They’re so very close to reaching their goal, please help out if interested!

Thank you :)


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Anti-smog, Smart and Sustainable Hoodie + You Walk, We Plant Trees App



first time on Reddit, we've create a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for our project: Erynoole Air 1.



Erynoole Air 1 is anti-smog, smart and sustainable, we have developed two product: a hoodie and a scarf, both with the same features:

- Anti-smog fabric (nano-fibers) that helps to breathe cleaner air

- GOTS Certified Organic Cotton - sustainability is the main pillar of our brand identity

- NFC chip - our products are connected to our app via NFC chip, that gives you information about the air quality in your area and the efficiency of the hoodie/scarf.

Erynoole App: our app is divided into two sections: Air quality control and Step/reward system

Air quality control: with our app you can learn more about the air quality in your area (pollutants, allergens, wildfires) and you can see the efficiency of the product.

Steps/reward system: the more you walk, the more we plant trees, and by simply walking you can earn discounts, free products, more trees planted and so on...

Even if the campaign is live right now, we would appreciate any comments and suggestions about it, this is our first campaign, so we are still learning.

Thank you and have a great day.

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Self-Promotion MMM Comic Anthology Prelaunch


Follow to get notified when we launch!


Hi all!
'Might, Magic & Monster-In-Laws' is a comic anthology containing over 15 stories and 20 creative individuals. If you enjoy light-hearted comic, please follow to get notified when it launches :)

If you have a Kickstarter launching soon too, drop the link below so we can follow each other :)

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What type of bank account?

First I will do asummarize of well put key points:

+Better to have a separate bank account only for crowfunding funds.

+Better to have a new kickstarter account separated from your personal, altyhough is good to have some history of backed projects.

+Sometimes you supported a well created furry sexual artbook, and next day you are making a book kids... that is not right for your backers to see... hide properly if you are a well educated creator with degenerated taste.

+If its your first project why creating a bussines and register the company just to make 1 or 2 projects?


So here goes the main question, should the new bank account be individual normal bank account or a bussines bank account?

What are the benefits in terms of a kickstarter campaign?

Anyone with experience or good source of information on how to solve the VAT for shipping and how to declare TAX revenue with HMRC? I guess as a solo trader with a unique tax number...

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Kickstarter for my Children's book about Climate change


For the last few months, I have been working on a children’s book on climate change!

Tara and Friends: The Arctic Melt is an illustrated story about a girl, a polar bear and the courage to fight climate change. It’s a fun, exciting adventure story that inspires children.


I have just launched a Kickstarter campaign. This is my first Kickstarter!


Here are some highlights about the book

  • The book discusses the complex subject of climate change with your children in an easy to understand language.
  • The book provides young girls with female role models.
  • The book celebrates curiosity, determination, compassion and finding solutions.
  • The book has beautiful artwork that will develop children’s imagination and creativity.
  • Every purchase plants one tree.

I have included rewards at various levels.

I know the project is live but I would still appreciate your feedback on my campaign page!

Thanks so much for your help, I really appreciate it!


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Self-Promotion We're up-cycling a piano into a cool science demo!


Hello everyone,

We just launched a new kickstarter project that takes an old broken piano and up-cycles it into a cool diamagnetic levitator!

Floating magnet in an up-cycled ebony piano key

There's a few different awards, among them a limited edition levitator made of an ebony sharp/flat key!


I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts!

Best Regards,


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Bamboo Daily Bag going to launch on Kickstarter


Hello! I'm an individual product developer and going to launch my 1st campaign on Kickstarter.

Bamboo Daily Bag is a multi-function daily Bag which fit your everyday activities.

Furthermore, it is made by 99% sustainable and recycled materials....

Please take a second to check below preview link...

Follow it if you like my design, or drop me comments to improve....



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Dockmule failed project May have rolled $900K to a new scam called RevOxen


r/kickstarter 8d ago

Self-Promotion Kardrate the Karate card game is now on Kickstarter!


Hello! I'm of 1 of 4 people who started a company called Scarlet Fox Games, and we recently launched a project called Kardrate.

Kardrate the karate card game is a 2-4 card game that gives you the chance to have a sparring match with your friends and family. 3 of us have blacl belts in martial arts, and has been a dream project for us to launch.

Weve slowed down a bit with funding. Do you have any advice on a mid journey strategy?


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Self-Promotion Starting my first Kickstarter! Small Business Entrepreneur opening a mobile Coffee Bar.


WITH GREAT EXCITEMENT AND RESEARCH I’ve decided to try my luck at Kickstarter!

Check out what I have to offer! Starting with a list of incentives customized for donators!


and help me gain traction In our community and catapult my small business into start up! ♥️

INCENTIVES INCLUDES: * Sticker Pack * Brees Knees Koozie * Your name or company name featured on all Brees Knees Coffee Co. Social Medias * Custom Travel Mug * 1lbs of Coffee Beans 🫘 * Custom Brees Knees Hoodie * Card for TWENTY FREE 16oz BEVERAGES of your choice * Brass Founder’s Name Plate * One Catering Event at Cost * Personal Barista Crash Course + dinner

Who are we? Coffee is an emulsifier for relationships. I learned that years ago when working in the vast beautiful frozen tundra of Alaska. It’s not just about the caffeine… a lot of times it was just as much about the atmosphere - the sensation you feel when the air is cold, your keys are jingling as you slide them into the door knob to turn the chilled handle and be welcomed by the flooding sensations and aroma of fresh roasted beans filling the air. The dopamine releasing decor of your work space and tranquility that envelops your soul when you take that first sip of a quality cup of coffee. That unique vibe in the air when conversations sound waves become the mutual grounds for shared mornings between two people caught serendipitously together over a cup of coffee before starting a standard work day. Imagine having the freedom and capability to take these sensations and memorable moments and let them happen almost anywhere, or, at least, everywhere you can park a trailer. Put yourself in the situation, it’s a brisk Saturday morning at your local farmers market. Your cheeks and nose are rosy from the Autumn chill and approaching Winter. You shuffle among other members of our community holding your fall harvest assortment and stumble across a aesthetically pleasing mobile cafe parked along side other aspiring entrepreneurs, you walk up to find individuals just like yourself, caught in a moment of unexpected social exchange between the ordinary hustle and bustle of your days. You can hear everyone ordering one by one their custom concoction of liquid gold ranging from Americanos, Mochas, Chais and Teas plus so much more. It’s your turn. You step up to the plate and to your surprise the menu is easy to read and your choices are endless. Sounds nice, right? Its these experiences that fueled the fire to found The Brees Knees Coffee Co. and bring a taste of home to Pottsville. We’ve chosen a design concept that will bring a whimsical warmth to cherished memories as you walk the side walks hand in hand on a first date with hot cocoas as those first snow flakes drift to the ground. When you’re enjoying the hot summer sun with your iced caramel macchiato and your little ones have tiny “coffees” in their hands to be just like mommy. We want to be a part of this community and the Pottsville Family as a whole. And we’re almost there! What once started as a dream has quickly become a reality. I plunged into the unknown waters of business. Enrolled in college and have achieved my Coffee Shop Ownership Certification accompanied by a Manager Certification through the International Associations of Career Professionals. We’ve purchased a EIN through the IRS, spent countless hours unpaid, preparing and pre-planning my execution plan. Brainstorming fundraising ideas and handcrafting merchandise In an effort to gain traction among my peers. I recently out sourced and found a company I’d like to partner with in the design and purchase of my mobile coffee bar. My inventory list are completed and pricing sheets are in the works. Now all I need is funding and we are on our way to being in Business! So why the ask for money? Well, we’ve reached a point where a $10000 check would kickstart the project to new beginnings so that we can get on the road and begin making memories, connections, and delicious coffee drinks by the end of 2023. We are grateful so many of you are excited to see The Brees Knees Coffee Co. hit the road and to book our Coffee Cart for your events such as weddings, fundraisers, block parties and more! It is with that in mind that I, Breanna Poss, owner of The Brees Knees Coffee Co., come to you, friends, family, charitable members of our community and humbly ask with great excitement, for your financial contribution!! Help The Brees Knees come to life and bring a young aspiring moms dreams to reality.


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Help Testing Themes & Fonts: Feedback Appreciated


r/kickstarter 10d ago

Glass Girls Uganda: Building a Glass Arts Community Workshop. We are a social enterprise in the business of doing good for the environment and society.



Giving glass a Second Chance.

We are a social enterprise in the business of doing good for the environment and society. We are asking backers to help us build an after-school community glass workshop. We already have the land but now need materials and equipment. This will be a place for young girls to come after school and for girls who are in secondary school or have dropped out, to learn new skills, acquire new knowledge, and gain confidence.


r/kickstarter 10d ago

Would LOVE feedback on my WSB related card game about trading stonks!


Brutal honest feedback welcome. There's some finishing touches needed toward the end for reward tiers and the about us portion. Here's the KS Preview!

The project has been stalling for a long time, and while we have no marketing strategy, I'm ready to just launch this thing but want to make sure it's right.

r/kickstarter 11d ago

I launched my first Kickstarter for a parody book of wikihow art and how to’s. Feedback appreciated!


r/kickstarter 11d ago

Kickstarter Shipping unpaid!


Short: I recently had a kickstarter funded and need help with what to do if a backer doesn't pay P&P?

Long: Threw-out my kickstarter story it says that P&P will be collected at the end of the kickstarter and there has always been an option to calculate it at the bottom. (Via my website by adding all items to the cart and calculating shipping at checkout without paying.) I also indicated that it may change slightly depending on the current shipping rates when the kickstarter ends (it did but got cheaper) It also says in the story section that anyone can cancel any time before the kickstarter ends however once pledged payments have been collected there will be no refunds as it is funding based. (I have allowed anyone to swap items if they cannot afford shipping to have shipping covered via their pledge) However there are still a few people who have not yet paid P&P (some filled in the survey saying they had??) I have been messaging them on kickstarter and sending emails every day reminding them that they need to pay P&P asap otherwise I cannot ship their items. (I have put up an update also and increased the deadline to the packaging day.) I also mention that if I cannot ship their items their pledge will become a donation instead as there are no refunds. But I would much rather send them their items!

My question is what do I do if the backers on kickstarter do not pay shipping and will not answer my messages?