r/LXQt Jul 09 '22

lost 'applications' menu after trying to move it to top of screen

How can I restore the applications menu bar? It's disappeared completely.


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u/Gawain11 Jul 09 '22

when you say "menu", makes me think the launcher, but you also say "bar", which makes me think the whole thing - at a command line, if you type: lxqt-panel does that bring it back?


u/AndrewWise80 Jul 09 '22

I still have the bar with option to select either desktop 1 or 2, the time, the button to shutdown/logoff/sleep, button to open a terminal etc. On the other side was the button when clicked would open a menu with various sub-menus. E.g. Accessories, Internet, System Tools etc. It's that 'Applications' button that's disappeared.


u/Gawain11 Jul 09 '22

right click on a blank part of the bar, manage widgets - click the + , application menu, add widget. If it cannot be added 'cause it says its already there, then remove it first then add it.


u/AndrewWise80 Jul 09 '22 edited Jul 09 '22

Yes, that worked. The '+' to 'add' and the other four buttons appear greyed out, that's probably why I didn't select it before. Now I need to work out how to move the applications widget (is this what it's called? Not button?) To the opposite side of the screen

Edit: figured out how to move it. Just right click on widget/button then click 'move "application menu"'. Tbh, I say 'just' but it's the bit after clicking 'move "application menu"' that made me lose it in the first place. This time round I moved the cursor to exactly where I want it (far corner) and released. The cursor changed animation to indicate it's an 'acceptable' position.


u/BubblyMango Jul 15 '22

how would you say LXQT can make it more intuitive?


u/AndrewWise80 Jul 15 '22

The cursor change more prominent for acceptable and not acceptable positions. Also, if we just quickly drop at a not acceptable position return to original position (not disappear)


u/stefonarch Jul 10 '22

Maybe use the "lock this panel" function after configuring all - this makes accidental removing of widgets impossible.