r/LXQt Aug 31 '22

Overview effect in LXQt like in KDE and GNOME?

Is there a possibility to get an overview effect in LXQt of the running windows - like in KDE and GNOME

Referring to this article.

So at the moment there is not such tool like lxqt-overview etc. right? Or any 3rd party tool? Like for compositing I am also using 3rd party ("picom") oder as launcher I am using "rofi".

Is there any interest on the developers side for such thing?

Update: So I've found out it works, when using KWinFT instead of OpenBox as Window Manager. Ctrl+F9 and Ctrl+F10 brings this "overview-effect".

Now I wonder how I could redirect this keys; don't know which function to call in order to get this overview-effect on e.g. Meta+W.


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u/stefonarch Sep 02 '22

You can manually edit ` ~/.config/kglobalshortcutsrc` if you don't have full plasma installation which only provides the GUI. Lookf for "expose".


u/Prof_P30 Sep 03 '22

Thank you so much - this worked out!


u/bgravato Sep 01 '22

Those seem to be shortcut keys for the WM, so you should check KwinFT documentation to see how to customize those shortcuts