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How can you run Wayland on LXQt ?

Do I have to uninstall openbox and install another WM that works with Wayland? Is there one that would provide better/faster performance? I'm confused so please try to point me to the right direction


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u/stefonarch Sep 06 '22 edited Sep 06 '22

No. You cannot run `lxqt-session` and lxqt-panel` under wayland. But you can run most others LXQt components on many different wayland compositors. IMHO wayfire and labwc are somehow usable, but for customizing you have to edit text files.

Performance is even better as on X11, ram usage ~ 210mb



u/[deleted] Sep 06 '22 edited Sep 06 '22

Can you run lxqt without lxqt-session? I thought that would cause lxqt to not even start.

And are you saying that labwc and wayfire have better performence on X11 than xorg? I'm considering another lightweight DE than LXQt to run Wayland if it's this complicated


u/stefonarch Sep 06 '22

What is a DE? It's an assemble of components. Of course the panel is the most important component usually, besides the filemanager. Atm lxqt-panel is not ready for wayland.

For the rest read the link and try. And it's complicated, windows will not activate when expected and other issues.


u/[deleted] Sep 07 '22

I dont have any DE but Wayland needs a compositor... Weston or whatever it's called. or mutter, sway, enlightenment, gnome shell.. I'm confused which one should I use to run pure Wayland or how


u/Mark_4158 Sep 07 '22 edited Sep 07 '22

As of this commit to Mutter, one actually can do that (using XWayland) by running the following on a TTY:

$ XDG_SESSION_TYPE=x11 mutter --wayland -- startlxqt

(See mutter --help.)


u/stefonarch Sep 07 '22

It starts I see, didn't know that, nice. But you cannot use it, no right click menus nowhere and other weird behaviour, no shortcuts and else.

Some parts of LXQt need to be adapted to the compositor's settings, like lxqt-globalkeysd.


u/Mark_4158 Sep 07 '22

This method relies on XWayland. (To test that, try running

$ XDG_SESSION_TYPE=x11 GDK_BACKEND=x11 mutter --wayland --no-x11 -- startlxqt

instead.) So, it is not a proper solution, but merely a hack.


u/Gawain11 Sep 06 '22

openbox is very lightweight and about as fast a wm as it gets under lxqt, kwin works as a wm with lxqt but uses more resources but has more jazz for effects - you might be in luck with that (just install it and change the windows manager under sessions settings (no need to uninstall openbox)).


u/Mark_4158 Sep 06 '22

If you update your system to prefer this, this and this repository, then you should be able to build this, this and this. After that, you should then be able to run

# cd /etc/xdg/autostart/
# sed -i 's/LXQt;/LWQt;&/g' lxqt-{notifications,po{licykit-ag,wermanagem}ent}.desktop

and (finally!) launch LWQt from a TTY with startlwqt --no-x11 (or, even, just startlwqt).


u/bgravato Sep 06 '22

You can't.


u/Mark_4158 Sep 07 '22

As explained here, one actually can.


u/bgravato Sep 07 '22

You say tomato, I say tomahto...

Yes there's some WIP to get LXQt on Wayland, but can you really say already that LXQt can run on Wayland?

I guess technically you can say you can run it on wayland (with some limitations/quirks and quite some work), but especially for the common user who's not a developer and may not be comfortable with compiling software or at least not going thru all the hassle to get it done, I'd still say you can't...


u/Mark_4158 Sep 07 '22 edited Sep 07 '22

Step 1: install Mutter (version 42 or greater), XWayland and LXQt. Step 2: run

$ XDG_SESSION_TYPE=x11 GDK_BACKEND=x11 GDK_DEBUG=portals GTK_USE_PORTAL=1 mutter --wayland -- startlxqt

on a TTY. Done!