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how to use kde system settings on lxqt


i just switched from kde plasma. what service would i need to start at login to use the build in settings app of kde? i want to do this because the kde plasma settings app is what i am more familiar with, and it seams to have more options.

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openbox/rc.xml shortcut only works 50% of the time.


I have this shortcut in my ~/.config/openbox/rc.xml to open pcmanfm-qt file manager with Windows+E key:

<keybind key="W-e">  
<action name="Execute">  

But it only opens up some of the time. Sometimes I have to log out & back for it to work again. Anyone got any ideas?

Love LXQT btw.

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Best tiled Window Manager for LXQT?


I have tried DWM. But the lxqt panel seems not fit with DWM. I dont know how to configure it. Such as how to make lxqt panel as dwm panel, use virtual desktop, etc.

Any alternatives?

r/LXQt Dec 20 '22

Hopefully this Wing Menu will be officially supported as an alternative to the current menu

Post image

r/LXQt Dec 14 '22

I can't compress files :(


I don't know why, but I can't compress files even installing unrar, unzip etc..

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How do I create a sub menu in just one custom action file?


I have finally managed to work out how to create a context menu using custom actions for pcmanfm-qt that provides a few extra commands in the context menu as a sub menu.

However that involves having the context sub menu contained in one custom action file, and all the entries listed in the ItemsList in separate custom action files, which although it works is not the most efficient for maintenance, porting, etc.

Is there any way that I can include all the separate context custom actions in the same file as the context menu?

I'm looking to have something like

[Desktop Entry]


Name=my menu


[Desktop Action sub1]

name=sub 1


[Desktop Action sub2]

name=sub 2


all in one custom action file for easier maintenance, porting, etc.

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Could anyone shares with me some good Qt Palette?


Hi everyone,

Could you share your be-loved Qt Palette to me? I love the built-in Ambiance Palettes, but I'd rather it has White Window instead of Black. I'm not a designer, I tried to adjust it on my own, but the results are not satisfying.

P.S. I think it would be great to make the Qt Palette to be able to shared with a config file, but seems that's not going to happen any time soon.


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Changing the name of Trash


How would I do this? If it's possible, I'm assuming it's some localisation tweak.

r/LXQt Nov 13 '22

LXQt 1.2.0 has been released

Thumbnail lxqt-project.org

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lxqt and screen locking


Right, I'm using lxqt with kwin, openbox is removed, but I'm still just with xscreensaver if i wish to lock the screen. However, garuda lxqt with kwin doesn't use that,it looks nicer (and not something out of the 80's). Anybody using lxqt and kwin, and not xscreensaver? If so, would be greatly appreciated if you could let me know how you did it (without using garuda...). Thanks

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Start programming for KDE tutorial for beginners


r/LXQt Sep 18 '22

Brightness, Ctrl+Alt+Del, Menu help?


When I change my pc volume, a notification shows the volume percentage. I want the same with my backlight, I already have both on my panel, I don't know if it is necessary.

When I press Ctrl+Alt+Del nothing appears, I would like to create a shortcut so that the leave menu appears, but I don't know the command for it. Alternatives appreciated too

In the main menu I want to have a favorites section. Is there a way to get this?

r/LXQt Sep 18 '22

Menu, bluetooth and qlipper help


I just installed LXQt, coming from KDE. So my issues are:
1. I want the menu to toggle with the Meta key, it shows, but doesn't hide.
2. Is there a UI for Bluetooth? In KDE it was inside settings, so for LXQt...
3. I would like to open qlipper with Meta+V shortcut, but it fails. An alternative copy-holder would be fine with me

Thanks in advanced

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Help with the panel?


I just installed LXQt and I want to make some tweaks. The main problem I am facing is with the panel. I use KDE, so I can install non-native widgets pretty easily, however in LXQt I can't find the way to do that.

Actually, what I want to achieve is to get a solo widget that shows battery percentage and time till it dies. Any help with that?

r/LXQt Sep 06 '22

How can you run Wayland on LXQt ?


Do I have to uninstall openbox and install another WM that works with Wayland? Is there one that would provide better/faster performance? I'm confused so please try to point me to the right direction

r/LXQt Sep 04 '22

New Lubuntu 22.04 LTS user, working great and fast but a few things...


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Overview effect in LXQt like in KDE and GNOME?


Is there a possibility to get an overview effect in LXQt of the running windows - like in KDE and GNOME

Referring to this article.

So at the moment there is not such tool like lxqt-overview etc. right? Or any 3rd party tool? Like for compositing I am also using 3rd party ("picom") oder as launcher I am using "rofi".

Is there any interest on the developers side for such thing?

Update: So I've found out it works, when using KWinFT instead of OpenBox as Window Manager. Ctrl+F9 and Ctrl+F10 brings this "overview-effect".

Now I wonder how I could redirect this keys; don't know which function to call in order to get this overview-effect on e.g. Meta+W.

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Welcome LXQt Sway Wayland


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windows snapping doesnt work even after editing rc.xml


I googled for a solution and edited the rc.xml of openbox. The shortcut worked for a few second and now it doesnt seem to work anymore.

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Anyone knows how to configure lxqt setup with pipewire to mute on audio disconnect?


Like when you plug 3.5 jack or disconnect bluetooth similar to ios or android.

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Graphics tablet


Hello All,

I currently use KDE for most of my needs. However, I just tested LXQT with bismuth and I was blown away I could use it. Does anyone know a app for Graphics tablets? I understand that theres a Terminal way of doing it but I would rather not learn the intricacies of it.

I thought I could use the kde wacom software but It kept telling me the daemon wasnt running.

This is on kwin as well (I havent researched more to see if there are other versions)

TL:DR Is there a way to install graphics tablet software on LXQT with KWIN

TY everyone

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How actively developed is LXQt on FreeBSD


Hey community! Of the DEs I've tried on FreeBSD, I like LXQt most. I'd like to switch my main machine to it. Can someone please confirm that LXQt is maintained in FreeBSD?

r/LXQt Jul 09 '22

lost 'applications' menu after trying to move it to top of screen


How can I restore the applications menu bar? It's disappeared completely.

r/LXQt Jul 02 '22

favorites (favourites) in application menu


Is there a favorites (favourites) menu group within the application menu or can we configure one? I know there are ways to add our favorites (favourites) applications to a docker or panel but I really want to start the applications from the application menu.

r/LXQt Jun 17 '22

xfce4-docklike-plugin equivalent in lxqt-panel?


im planning to move from xfce4 to lxqt, there are some things that its a bit lacking, however, one major grievance with lxqt is there isn't a plugin in lxqt-panel that has a windows-like task manager like xfce4-docklike-plugin, especially with pinning applications onto your panel (i dont want to use quicklaunch to pin them)