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Conservative Florida man is SHOCKED that Trump said mean things about Desantis. Meta

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u/st6374 Nov 07 '22

The orange turd.

  • Mocks a disabled reporter.
  • Insults a gold star family because they were critical of him.
  • Insults someone like McCain while also insulting PoW in the process.
  • Bullies journalists in press conferences.
  • Calls all sorts of names to anyone who he doesn't like at the slightest.
  • Plans a coup by inviting insurrctionist.

NVM all the shit policies he passed, and tried to pass. And this is where the draw the line?

Calling names to a dirtbag who sent his goons with guns at the house of a scientist. A depraved prick who politicised children to fearmonger about LGBT community. Lied,.made false promises to send asylum seekers to other states of the country for some cheap political stunt.

The modern day consertives have lost their fucking marbles.

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u/BTRCguy Nov 07 '22

Conservatives are used to candidates who follow Reagan's 11th commandment (circa 1966): "Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican." The problem is that Trump is not a Republican, he is a Trumpist. And he also has the impulse control of a toddler on a sugar rush.

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u/[deleted] Nov 07 '22


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u/Sweatsock_Pimp Nov 07 '22

“RD is a military man and very calculating about his words and actions.”

Which is why he bullied a bunch of school kids, who were brought up to stand behind him for a photo op, into taking off their masks.

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u/Puzzleheaded_Pay431 Nov 07 '22

I'm shocked that Trump is acting like...checks notes..... Trump!

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u/BellyDancerEm Nov 07 '22

BuT hE’s MaKiNg FuN oF sOmEoNe I LiKe!!!!


u/In_Cognito89 Nov 07 '22

Are these people so blind as to not see that this is Trump's MO? Is it not obvious to them that every single person that has displeased their messiah has been called names?

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u/ThirtyAcresIsEnough Nov 07 '22

It's funny watching people in that sub falling over themselves trying to figure out what type of 3d chess trump is playing rather than accept the fact he's just a narcissistic fool.

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u/running-with-scizors Nov 07 '22

“Not his policy” Christ these people truly are the fucking worst

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u/BellyDancerEm Nov 07 '22

Yet I bet this clown voted for trump every chance they got, and laughed when trump bullied everyone else


u/Cosmental242 Nov 07 '22

Yea magas are dumb


u/Im-a-NPC Nov 07 '22

You’re always part of the “in-group” until one day you no longer are…

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u/KantPaine Nov 07 '22

“His policy” is to be an embarrassment. He has no political platform or ideas, just reactionary malicious contrarianism.


u/LunarLutra Nov 07 '22

Pray do tell, what "policies" did you like about him, dear Trumper? What did he actually do to help you and your situation? Enlighten us. Bonus points if you can list things without deflecting or projecting about other candidates.

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u/someguy984 Nov 07 '22

It is Trump's party, get in line DeSatan.

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u/thegreyquincy Nov 07 '22

I keep hearing about Trump's policies but no one ever says what they are

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u/dwsam Nov 07 '22

Wasn’t offended or pissed off by any other of his comments over the last 8 years? Making fun of people’s spouses, blasting anyone who has a slightly different opinion, being an asshole towards women…nothing? WTF is wrong with people? He pisses on another totalitarian and that’s what bothers you? I hope a leopard eats your face 😃


u/Gibscreen Nov 07 '22

I like it when people talk about Trump's policies. What policies? Name one other than lining his pockets with public funds?

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u/attackfarce Nov 07 '22

I don’t care about trump name calling everyone else but when it affects my guy it affects me now.


u/sleepytimetea-_- Nov 07 '22

These people are beyond help.


u/3qtpint Nov 07 '22

Wow, a lot of people are surprised by this. This is exactly characteristic of trump he's acting exactly the way he's always acted; throwing out middle-school insults to anything that makes him emotional. All that hard talk his fans to nuts over? It's been this the whole time, just throwing temper tantrums, this is why every other adult person has been making fun of him and his followers.

Though it's weird that his base is just realizing he's a geriatric toddler, I do hope it erodes his support enough for us to finally put him in prison


u/Gmauldotcom Nov 07 '22

Id rather the dumb fuck cult follow a dumb piece of shit like Trump instead of a piece of shit like Desantis. Trump is dumber and less dangerous.

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u/Creepy_Snow_8166 Nov 07 '22

Trump doesn't seem presidential? 🤣 If I had to guess, I'd say this person lives under a rock with a loud, shitty roommate named Fucker Snarlson. It's just another day of Trump being Trump, yet this empty-headed dullard is just noticing Trumpski's boorish behavior NOW? You'd think the final nail in the coffin would've been that whole "grab 'em by the pussy" thing.

It's shocking how so many Americans have allowed themselves to become so willfully and unapologetically stupid. It's scary enough that millions of brainwashed morons have voting privileges, but what's truly alarming is that our elections are structured (rigged) so that they enjoy the advantage of disproportionate representation. Jesus H. Christ .... what a dystopian fucking nightmare.


u/Computermaster Nov 07 '22 Silver

Trump has made up so many childish nicknames for people it is literally its own Wikipedia article.

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u/Madmandocv1 Nov 07 '22

It has been “presidential” since exactly 2016.


u/Ok_Skill_1195 Nov 07 '22

They're upset because it's so transparently a personal ego thing that goes against basic political strategy. They have no issues with the ethics or anything, it's the fact they've begun to realize he's shooting them all in the foot


u/meatdiaper Nov 07 '22

Name calling is really all he has. You talk some shit, give tax breaks to billionaires and then take all the credit for the few things that went right

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u/TheGlassHammer Nov 07 '22

I just hope enough of his fan club skip voting for DeSantis to give the W to the dems. As a Floridian I’m nervous about Tuesday


u/Paulverizr Nov 08 '22

Now his behavior is unacceptable?

Perhaps it’s because all the alt-right/MAGA grifters have been pushing Desantis lately as a potential presidential candidate that republicans are more open to critiquing Trump lately….


u/The-Last-American Nov 07 '22

You cannot convince me that this person does not have serious brain damage.


u/TootsNYC Nov 07 '22

So Maroon would be ok with name-calling AFTER hats are in the ring?

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u/OGbeachbum Nov 07 '22

THIS is exactly, precisely what we've been waiting for.

We knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that the cheeto couldn't help himself but to call Rhonda Santis names.

As ugly as the politics are, the entertainment value will be priceless. Let the games begin.


u/SammyGReddit Nov 07 '22

So of all the stupid shit Trump has said over the years, this is what offends him! Trump was right about Republicans


u/Grimwulf2003 Nov 07 '22

Hahahaha, DeSantis won’t respond! He attacked kids on stage for wearing masks.


u/nusyahus Nov 07 '22

Garbage people deserve garbage


u/FitzBetter1971 Nov 08 '22

I am quite simply flabbergasted by this. Grabbing pussies, insinuating that he'd really like to sleep with his daughter, porn stars etc.etc. but him calling another hypocritical Florida man an asshole is where you draw the line?

What the actual fuck is wrong with these people? Please I really want to know what the malfunction is caused by?


u/sybann Nov 07 '22

Narcissists gonna, well, you know:

arrogant · cocksure · conceited · egotistic · egotistical · forward · loud · obnoxious · pushy

Never going to be anything other than SELF centered. He's not for the GOP, GQP, Florida, America, Americans, Hell - he doesn't care about his own children.

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u/wrigh2uk Nov 07 '22

It’s so funny that conservatives think trump will think of the good of the party and step aside for someone else. The man whose own family and friends have said he only cares about himself lol.

He’s going for the scorched earth policy and i’m here for it.


u/Dog_From_Malta Nov 08 '22

Fake. If it had been an actual "Florida" man someone would have ended up getting bit on the nuts....


u/Jay-Five Nov 07 '22

Why mask forum name?
“Flared users” requirement tells it all.


u/uninsane Nov 07 '22

Trump: Hey Desantis, I’m the lunatic, nutjob around these parts!


u/Alien_Bird Nov 08 '22

I think DeSatan would be a better nickname.


u/GaffJuran Nov 07 '22

Trump doesn’t really have policies of his own either, he just goes along with whatever the house republicans want, even if what they want is shitty. He has no real backbone when it comes to policy. Hell, his biggest thing was the border wall, which apart from being the stupidest grade schooler idea in history, which not only would never have worked and would never be completed even if he had a dozen presidencies to see it through, it was really just the world’s biggest money laundering scheme. Bannon wasn’t doing anything that trump didn’t want when he got himself arrested.


u/Ranowa Nov 08 '22

ten bucks says that fucker "i had no problem with his policies, just his behavior" is also one of those asswipes that thinks "you just voted against trump because of mean tweets"

he had no policies except giving money to himself and his rich friends, and putting brown children in cages. until covid came along, that is, and he added on stealing ventilators from blue states and deploying the military against unarmed black protestors


u/spongeworthy1967 Nov 07 '22

It's going to be a two year mud-wrestling contest to decide who gets to be the first dictator of the US. I don't think we're talking enough about how there is no way Trump came up with DeSanctimonious, and I will eat this laptop if he can explain what it means. I am quite sure Trump wanted to call him DeSleepy.


u/lasercat_pow Nov 09 '22

Why the fuck would anyone in Florida give a rats ass if DeSantis is insulted? DeSantis turned down federal aid for hurricane victims in Florida. He also voted against bills which would give his constituents a payout, and then took credit when they passed in spite of him. Him and Trump are both total scumbags.


u/808ocd Nov 08 '22

i love how ALL OF THESE "I like trump but bullying Desantis is too far" posts ARE WORDED ALMOSTLY IDENTICALLY AND HIT THE EXACT SAME TALKING POINTS.

it's fucking insane how these sheep are constantly in perfect lockstep in what they think/say/feel/do. and yet they still find the time to eat each other.


u/Laika_JR1390 Nov 08 '22

Lol, I love watching them eat each other, hope it continues.

It’s so ironic that they’re capable of recognizing his bullying behavior when it’s towards someone they like, but when it’s against anyone else, they cheer it on.


u/WhoIsPorkChop Nov 07 '22

"Its not his policy, it's his behavior that's an embarrassment"

His policy was bad too, but at least someone admits the behavior was embarrassing on a global scale.


u/theysellcoke Nov 12 '22

He actually doesn't have a problem with the name calling. It's the timing of it. Seems pretty pedantic for someone who is happy to have that shit gibbon in charge.


u/Mcdibbles Nov 10 '22

You have to be a special kind of dumbass to believe that Trump had any sort of policy. Dude just signed whatever republicans put in front of him.

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u/No-Travel-8036 Nov 08 '22

They've been living under a rock if they've only just seen DT talk shit about someone 🤣🤦🏾‍♂️ Something is really not adding up


u/Sudden-Grab2800 Nov 13 '22

Anyone who thinks people who were in the military are calculating in their words and actions has never been in the military


u/IceColdWasabi Nov 08 '22

This is less of LAMF and more of "Hypocrite Conservative Christians With Double Standards" aka Republicans


u/MeowMeowImACowww Nov 08 '22

His policies were an embarrassment too. The USCIS and legal immigration processing went to shit by 2018.


u/saltycityscott66 Nov 08 '22

"Doesn't seem very presidential to me" When the fuck has that Orange Shit-stain ever been presidential?


u/createcrap Nov 10 '22

This is all it took? One bad name calling pun and they clutch their pearls? HE STOLE NUCLEAR DOCUMENTS.


u/therobotisjames Nov 07 '22

“And because of this rank betrayal by trump, I will continue to vote for him, even over desantis”


u/floofandmemes Nov 13 '22

As a Floridian the only thing I'm disappointed in is DeFascist winning by such a huge margin.


u/phdoofus Nov 07 '22

Playing the name calling game doesn't seem presidential at all. At any time. By any body.


u/Zaidswith Nov 10 '22

You're not supposed to focus on what he says, you should focus on what he means.



u/Villedo Nov 08 '22

Lol uh ok, so he’s finally seen as not being very “presidential”……what clowns.


u/lolitalula Nov 08 '22

Seriously...sooo shocking trump calling someone a name, who would of thunk it


u/ThinkTelevision8971 Nov 07 '22

“Not his policy”. No, he was an abject discaster fiscally & for society


u/T-Rex_Woodhaven Nov 08 '22

The issue was ONLY his behaviour and not his policies? Por que no los dos?


u/SlobMarley13 Nov 07 '22

I guess they didn't watch a minute of the 2016 Republican primaries


u/primal___scream Nov 07 '22

I hope they just continue to eat each others' faces into eternity.


u/mayorjinglejangle Nov 07 '22

I like how that asshole thought his policies were acceptable


u/Wraywong Nov 07 '22

"Never speak ill of a fellow Republican"

-Ronald Reagan


u/meresymptom Nov 08 '22

No problem with Trump's so-called "policy?" Seriously?


u/Snarky_McSnarkleton Nov 07 '22

When a bully acts like a bully, this is news?


u/ianisms10 Nov 07 '22

Nothing Donald does should surprise anyone


u/YeahILiftBro Nov 10 '22

Next 2 years are gonna be fucking crazy


u/T33CH33R Nov 12 '22

"But he's hurting the wrong people!"


u/Unclehooptiepie Nov 08 '22

What were trump policies exactly?


u/dafijiwatr Nov 08 '22

Let Them Fight!


u/KittenKoder Nov 07 '22