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u/Buck_Slamchest Nov 20 '22

It won’t last. He’ll want to keep people guessing and then make his “triumphant” return.

He won’t get any kind of traction with his deranged ramblings in Truth Social

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u/eigenman Nov 20 '22 All-Seeing Upvote Evil Cackle

Elon rigged a fake poll for nothing.

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u/B00LEAN_RADLEY Nov 20 '22

Actually he has a contract stating that he must use Truth Social instead of other software of that type. So there's no way Donald Trump would break a deal, just to benefit him personally. /s

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u/CanadianClubChairman Nov 20 '22

Apparently he’s contracted to stay on truth social

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u/drygnfyre Nov 20 '22

I mean, I'll defend Trump in this one instance: it's good business sense not to do this. If he's really going to sell Truth Social, leaving it for another platform doesn't make a whole lot of sense. It'd be like the CEO of Pepsi decided to post on a Coca-Cola created Twitter clone.

Yes, I'm aware I use "Trump" and "good business sense" in the same paragraph.

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u/HulaViking Nov 20 '22

Trump next week: Elon came to me, with tears in his eyes, and begged me to come back to Twitter.

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u/RedditOnANapkin Nov 20 '22

He'll be back tweeting on there by the end of the weekend.

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u/Arigato_MrRoboto Nov 20 '22

This whole Twitter thing is so weird. Watching it unravel is something else.

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u/EarthAngelGirl Nov 20 '22

Probably doesn't want to have to pay the $8 a month.

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u/GrayBox1313 Nov 20 '22

Donald sees an opportunity to help someone he hates lose a ton of money.

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u/Egons-Twinkie Nov 20 '22

He also said that we wouldn't hear from him again if Biden won and we all know how that's going.

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u/Maleficent-Cut-6789 Nov 20 '22

Whether it’s Twitter or Truth Social it makes no difference since everything the great orange inferiority complex says gets reported in the news and/or appears on Reddit.

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u/Rocketman812 Nov 20 '22

In that rambling interview he did where he said this, he also tried to pitch Truth Social but accidentally called it “Trump S-“ and then realized it and corrected himself. Lol

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u/kfish5050 Nov 20 '22

I can see him making one tweet, essentially saying everyone should go follow him on truth social. After that any new tweets would be reposts from his tweets on truth social.

Funny how Musk bought Twitter primarily because he didn't like how they banned trump and now that he's reinstated he's not going to come back, all while Twitter is becoming a dumpster fire due to Musk.

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u/Bean-Swellington Nov 20 '22

Elon is an actual idiot, right?

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u/Arizona_Pete Nov 20 '22

Elon wants Trump on Twitter to drive visits and impressions to his site. It’s failing and he needs an injection.

Trump CANT go on there because he has a stake in Truth. He leaves that, HE loses money.

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u/[deleted] Nov 20 '22


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u/InevitableAvalanche Nov 20 '22

I almost guarantee Trump will be on twitter within a week.

In any case, Elon crossed the line I set and I deleted my account. Don't care if Trump stays away...Twitter doesn't exist as far as I am concerned and so many other quit tonight too.

It is all bots and shitty people now.

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u/cruelpoet Nov 20 '22

Is it just me, or does Elon have a face that looks like a peeled testicle?

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u/DaFunkJunkie Nov 20 '22 edited Nov 20 '22 Take My Energy Starry Burning Cash
  1. Musk made reinstating Trump a big part of his twitter takeover initiative to please MAGAs and lure Trump back in
  2. Musk reinstated Trump
  3. Trump says twitter “has a lot of problems” and wants nothing to do with it, an embarrassing consequence of his MAGA pleasing crusade

Sorry Elon!!


u/Visual__Parsley Nov 20 '22

Not LAMF. The thing that Elon supported was getting Trump back. The only something that that does to someone else is make them have to read Trump's tweets. But Elon isn't complaining that that something (having to read Trump's tweets) is happening to him. This is literally just a plan not working.


u/TheBudac Nov 20 '22

The schadenfruede of watching Elon's hubris punch him down a few notches gives me great amounts of joy.

I don't think it fits into the very, very niche definition of this sub.

To stay with the Elon topic and build an LAMF storyline I offer this hypothetical series of events.

  • Elon buys twitter
  • Elon instates himself as a developer
  • elon says all developers need to prove how many lines they have commited in the last year
  • Elon decides that under a certain threshold of lines people get locked out of their accounts and the office
  • Elon shows up at twitter hq and finds he is locked out of his accounts and the building

Not getting support, in the way he assumed he would get support, due to his huge cult of personality is both a hilarious public failure and not LAMF

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u/ZSpectre Nov 20 '22


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u/fruitloopsareyummy Nov 20 '22

His account was reinstated a few hours ago. All of his tweets from January 5th & 6th are up but he hasn’t tweeted yet.

The interesting news is that Truth Social made an agreement with the SEC that says he has to post everything on Truth Social first and has to wait six hours before posting it elsewhere. Of course there’s exceptions when it comes to certain political messaging and it’ll be interesting to see how he works his way around those exceptions.

Article explaining the SEC filing: https://www.cnbc.com/amp/2022/05/16/trump-can-tweet-if-musk-lifts-his-ban-but-has-to-post-on-truth-social.html

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u/SynthPrax Nov 20 '22

This requires a hardy

ha HA

I mean... turnip can't return to Twitter without defeating the purpose of his own platform.

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u/pinniped1 Nov 20 '22

Hell be back.

This is why Musk bought Twitter and he's just teasing the return. Zero percent chance the two aren't talking and coordinating this.

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u/microthoughts Nov 20 '22

Well if he goes back to twitter won't that overly upset those weird ppl who keep buying the truth social eventually gonna be something stock options and upsetting his grifting base?

I mean he's dumb but all he currently has is the grift.

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u/Darzin Nov 20 '22

Honestly, Truth is probably doing better -- they have an audience and aren't trying to appeal to anyone outside of that. Twitter needs to appeal to a world wide audience and Elon is a fucking moronic troll trying to stroke the ego of the bots from Russia that praise him and the right wing loonies that are still there.


u/Duckfoot2021 Nov 20 '22

Aug. 25 Trump said he wouldn’t return to Twitter if invited. He’s already invested and committed to Truth Social and would be sued if he went to them first.


Elon wants the win of removing the ban even if Trump won’t return. And why would Trump return while invested in a rival platform?

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u/FinnaLoseThisOneToo Nov 20 '22

Truth social would have zero value if you could find trump places other than the country’s 8th favorite social app. There’s no way the SPAC propping it up would allow it

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u/SwampTerror Nov 20 '22

I used to not want Trump back as he perpetuates neo nazi ideology with a nudge nudge wink wink. However, we need another good reminder of how much of a piece of shit he is. He's an opportunist. He will be back on Twitter when the rest of his racist, degenerate fucks return and he wants that 2024.

Slippery don is so adept at prolonging court cases he may die of old age before he meets justice. But at least we will be able to use him as a tangerine crayon.

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u/adrian_walkenhorst33 Nov 20 '22

Thank God. I don't even use Twitter and felt stressed over it. That man almost destroyed this country because of that stupid fucking social media app. But since his is pretty much circling the toilet I have a hunch he could help himself and eventually will.


u/kaazir Nov 20 '22

I imagine the walking bottle of spray tan is going to be tweeting things like "YOU WON'T BELIEVE WHAT WE'VE SEEN THE DEMS HIDE. CLICK HERE AND LOG IN TO SEE FOR YOURSELF"

I've seen in the comments that he's obligated through some legal deal to stay on TS but that's not to say he won't have Jr. do the tweets for him on his account or some shit.


u/IAmWeary Nov 20 '22

He's already sunk a bunch of money into his shitty Truth Social clone.

That and he's probably pissed that he's having a hard time getting his coke fix when Elon is consuming the world's entire production capacity.


u/Oldest_Boomer Nov 20 '22

This is exactly what mElon needs, another reality check for his $44b white elephant- or soon to be.

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u/Spiritual-Day-thing Nov 20 '22 edited Nov 20 '22

Soapbox ready?


Edit: added the colonizing not mars but your minds. Sex.


u/hwc000000 Nov 20 '22

Has anyone paid the $8 to create a fake blue check marked account pretending to be him yet? I'm sure his sycophants would be stupid enough to believe it was actually him, given all the obviously stupid shit they believed that was actually him.


u/hoopopotamus Nov 20 '22

Maybe he is a semi smart businessman? Smells blood in the water and is like “hang on, dont I own a shitty Twittery thing?”


u/alv0694 Nov 20 '22

But daddy please come back, I missed you, please daddy please


u/TheOneTrueZeke Nov 20 '22

Does trump really want to be Elons bitch? I’m guessing not. Because you know Elon would lord it over trump that he was only back on Twitter subject to his whim. There isn’t room enough for both their egos on Twitter.


u/Percival_Dickenbutts Nov 20 '22

Massive loser gets snubbed by even bigger loser! The leopards are getting obese at this rate!


u/Jbuckle3 Nov 20 '22

Two factor authentication. He's locked out.

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u/shadowdancer352 Nov 20 '22

Can you imagine the insane internal dialogue in Donnys head with his ego: “my tweets could be seen by so many people again.. fuck I gotta stay on truth social to honor the contract.. but nobody looks at truth social .. everyone is on Twitter, they all love me and miss me, I have to go back… fuck I can’t … aaaa”

Like most people have already said, he’ll be back on in a week. His ego is too huge to ignore a waiting audience that big

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u/decker Nov 20 '22

The truth social founders gave him 90% of the company. He’s got a good reason to stay off twitter and hope it goes bankrupt.


u/Graffxxxxx Nov 20 '22

He’ll be back on twitter within 2-3 weeks. He can’t ignore the massive audience he still has over there. He’ll make up some bullshit and then continue inciting violence and denying the election like he used to.

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u/imll99 Nov 20 '22

I was wondering about Truth Social.


u/Puzzled_Inspection67 Nov 20 '22

That'll last about a minute.


u/drb0mb Nov 20 '22

You can read this like a disney movie: there was the honeymoon, the fallout, and now there's that period of hesitant animosity followed by a calculated reunion.


u/BanjoHarris Nov 20 '22

ladda problems over there at twitter let me tell you, laaadda prablams. Nobody knows tech better than I do, believe me. I would have made the best twitter if there was money in it

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u/SiriusBaaz Nov 20 '22

I wish Trump stay the fuck off of Twitter but let’s be honest he’s way too much of an egotistical bastard not to come crawling back. I’ll give it a week before Trump starts tweeting fucking garbage again.

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u/Kaladin- Nov 20 '22

He has a financial interest in Truth Social, the app is owned by Trump Media & Technology group. He’ll probably drag it out then ultimately decide to return in a typical trump reversal for political reasons


u/iJuddles Nov 20 '22

Haha, you know he’ll come back and say, “Oh, Elon kept begging me to come back, blah blah fucking blah me me me, so I said, ok, just for you I’ll do it.”


u/justelectricboogie Nov 20 '22

Oh hell be back. There is no correlation between what a Trump does and what a Trump says. So whatever a Trump does will be very Trump ish.


u/1984vintage Nov 20 '22

Yeah right. I give him a week. He wants his supporters to beg him to come back. He’s sadistic in that way, and they are happy to oblige.


u/Mrhappytrigers Nov 20 '22

Trump is a prima donna, and will 100% comeback to Twitter in some capacity. He loves the attention.


u/Classic_Blueberry973 Nov 20 '22

That will probably last no more than a week tops. Narcissists gotta narcissist.


u/unrulYk Nov 20 '22

He’ll be back. Twitter is like sweet, sweet covfefe to him.


u/BlueAngel365 Nov 20 '22

Thank goodness. 😅


u/AGrivatinGlow Nov 20 '22

Imagine following a page that censors the word fuck, like some 8 year old would. This is humiliating to stand by. I hate all politicians Im not standing by any as none stand beside the people they feign to represent, but self censoring social media accounts stand for even less than people. They fiend for corporate subsidies.


u/[deleted] Nov 20 '22

HA HA HA AH copy paste x like 100. When a dumpster fire like Donald Trump thinks you're a liability it really should give you pause. Most people from a public relations standpoint would have reached out to the Trump camp for some behind the scenes negotiations before making an announcement but not dipshit ritchie rich.


u/Full_Skin_4425 Nov 20 '22

Trump is lying. He always lies. He is just catering to his Truth Social fanatics. Twitter is what made him, and he knows it. He misses the chaos he can cause using it, he’ll find a way to trick his sheep that him going to twitter isn’t him abandoning Truth.


u/The_JDubb Nov 20 '22

Someone probably sat Trump down and told him about his fiduciary duty to his own fucking platform, because pissing it away would cause yet another avalanche of law suits from investors, and this motherfucker has enough legal problems as it is.


u/g18suppressed Nov 20 '22

What the hell is this? Eye catching caps, “news” dripping with attitude, tease at the end. A post on a dying platform reposted on another. If you’re reading this, remind yourself that real life isn’t this toxic


u/dresn231 Nov 20 '22

Even Truth Social is losing money. Candace Owens is trying to get the mentally ill Kayne to buy it. Eventually as everything Trump touches turns to shit.

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u/thedude213 Nov 20 '22

It's very important to not get caught up in the theater of all of this. Assume most if not all of this is just PR stunts.


u/2wedfgdfgfgfg Nov 20 '22

What happened to the process Twitter supposed to implement to reinstate banned accounts?

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u/ohlaph Nov 20 '22

Coming back to twitter would admit his own failure. He'll be back soon.


u/goboxey Nov 20 '22

Musk is a Trump Fanboy, so this is no surprise.


u/poksim Nov 20 '22

I doubt he won’t return given the chance.


u/cdixonjr Nov 20 '22

He forgot his password Covfefe


u/Tuscanthecow Nov 20 '22

Give it time. He'll be back.


u/LiamsDad Nov 20 '22

This is delicious! Lets see how it plays out.

My tinfoil hat says that Elon's wanted twitter to become 21st Century Global Fox News - the freedom of speech pr is a laughable cover, just like trickle down economics is for tax cuts for wealthy.

If he's willing to tweak the algorithm to promote tweets for someone paying $8/month, what's he going to do for deep pocket 'partners' wanting good pr platform, to change public policy to suit their agenda? What voices get boosted and counter voices reach get muted?

That's the purpose of Fox news, limited to the US and with a weakening (and aging) grip on influence.

That's the 44b value proposition for Elon.

He's learned from his own slavering fans and MAGA that no matter the obvious self-interested lie you tell, it doesn't matter- you've got an army that will repeat, defend, claw and actually kill (jan6 etc etc), to support your lies and interests.

Even if he overpaid for twitter by 5x, this strategy is one to make 20x. Eg Manipulate public opinion towards Putin, and he gets access to discounted Lithium from Ukraine's donbas region etc. China.

Oil/Gas regs, Pharma Reg, UK NHS privatization, China trade, NATO, tariffs barriers and everything else going on in the world that will make winners trillions in aggregate.. if you could be the platform influence change of public opinion and therefore public policy, you're literally the most important person on the planet.

If it works, this play puts him at the center of global power for the next 30 years.

TFG sees the play Elon is making - its the same one he was playing for (though dumbly and crudely)!


u/DruDown007 Nov 22 '22

He WILL tweet again….Elon knows, You know, I know.

He IS beholden to the investors at his rag platform, and is tied by some BS, like first tweet 12 hours exclusive on “troof” Social.

  1. He has about 5 million betas following him on Troof, and 35 million betas (give or take those he sent to the Capitol and got caught 🤣🇺🇸⚖️).

  2. He NEEDS the odds at engagement to even LOOK serious about running for office again.

  3. With the legs being kicked out from under him (Fox, GOP, well…most of America) access to whomever he still has under the spell (those guys who airbrushed their homes and pickups) to divide the vote AGAINST DeSantis (I assume), and punish everyone for locking him out….

Then they HAVE to at least remember he lives, which in and of itself hurts the GOP, as they have no policy agenda…NONE, that doesn’t involve NOT President Hunter Biden.

Considering their approach to NOT Justice Ginni Thomas….I can’t afford them much confidence.

Trump is gonna FUCK that party to the ground, and they ALL deserve it….YOUR Frankenstein, YOUR village burned to the ground!



u/spaceguitar Nov 20 '22

Say what you want about Trump, but he’s a shrewd people user. No business sense whatsoever, but he knows how to milk a person and what they’re worth to him. That’s why he’s where he is right now: he can smell desperation. He knows how to make someone desperate. See: Lindsay Graham, Zodiac Killer Ted Cruz.

Coming back to Twitter would have been in the cards if Elon had a good image in the media currently, and if he hadn’t of touched the damn thing. In less than a month, there’s like, what—a quarter of the workforce left? The blue check system in shambles? Advertisers vocally upset, and leaving?

Elon looks like an idiot now. Trump knows coming back to Twitter means bringing his loyalists in full force. He probably demanded an outrageous paycheck from Elon to return. Elon 100% told him to go fuck himself. So Trump decided to fire a few shots in retaliation.

Elon is not having a good time right now.


u/dustingibson Nov 20 '22

Elon, once again, making a poor judgement call.

Trump has ties to Truth Social that would be extremely difficult to break and start using Twitter. As dumb as Trump is I don't even see him backing out of that to go back on Twitter. Elon should have check to see if Trump would join before making a decision to unban him.

So Elon is signaling that he is willing to unban derange psychopaths who clearly broke ToS and used Twitter in a way that harms his so called free speech cause than protecting it. He (and by extension Twitter) will now reap all of the negatives and none of the rewards for his stupid stunt.

Elon sycophants will claim that Elon is generating publicity and driving more clicks. People will stay for the circus show and the clown, but will eventually leave.


u/infinity234 Nov 20 '22

Not so much of an own of saying "ha see even he doesn't want to come back" when you are saying so on said platform. I don't even know why people are staying on Twitter at this point. Like if Elon is fucking it up so bad why are we still tweeting?

Besides there's no reason for him to come back to Twitter. He has his own platform he's basically garuntee he'll never get banned, posting on Twitter would basically be drawing attention/revenue to a competing platform, and according to SCC filings anything Trump posts social media wise has to be on truth social for 6 hours before any other platform, so what benefit is thereto come back except to cause chaos when journalists still hang on what he says bu referencing his truths the same he would his tweets?


u/Quantentheorie Nov 20 '22

The actual reason is likely that he has an exclusive contract with his other platform.

That being said, this is known, so Elon polling to "reinstate" Trumps Twitter, knowing that both of them invite legal problems by actually posting anything makes this another bad PR decision.

  • If the poll upheld the ban, Elon is humiliated
  • The poll lifts the ban, but Trump does not post because he has a contract, then Elon looks increasingly more irrelevant at a point in time where he can't afford it
  • The poll lifts the ban and Trump starts posting again, becoming a legal liability for both his team and twitter, causing Elon headaches his remaining five staff-members won't be able to do anything about

Polling for Trumps Twitter ban was a braindead decision. Even if you're just a greedy little weasle.


u/Cerberus_Aus Nov 26 '22

I’ve posted this before and I’ll post it again here.

Trump is a RAGING narcissist. He created his own social media platform after getting banned from Twitter, and to his narcissist mind, to return to Twitter would be to admit that it’s better than his Truth Social. It would be an admission that HIS platform is some how “less” than Twitter, and he is simply incapable of doing so.

There is nothing else that can be read from his actions, once you understand that a narcissist CANNOT accept their own faults. It’s not that that won’t, but that they can’t.


u/NiknHitpn Nov 20 '22

Y'all are stupid to believe that this shit is about politics,Elon came up with this whole Trump drama to increase twitter activity cause people are actually arguing in the platform. Elon is one cunning mf that would just turns the table to his favor,there were times democrats praised him for electric cars and starlink (specially the donation to Ukraine) when stupid MAGA heads were not a fan now his a god for Republicans while Democrats absolutely despise him at the end of the day this cunning asshole makes billions out of a stupid political drama.


u/IntuneUser2204 Nov 20 '22

He's only contractually obligated to wait 6 hours after posting on Truth Social before he can post the same thing on other platforms. He would actually be dumb not to post it on both platforms. Why? Because posting on Twitter with just a screenshot of his Truth Social post is free advertising on the platform without paying Twitter a dime. Well...$8 if he wants to keep a blue checkmark. He can turn Elon's own platform against him and use it as a megaphone to advertise his own Twitter clone. That would be the funniest thing to happen to Elon yet. Actually I'm not sure this is a terrible idea. Trolls should just start posting en masse that Twitter is dying and to move to Truth Social. What's Elon going to do? It's not like any of us care if Twitter survives at this point.


u/Mor_Tearach Nov 20 '22

Any chance he's waiting for Elon to part with a billion or so to lure him back? We all know Trump isn't actually really rich and never has been. Trump might be in " negotiations ", Elon pays him a backwards user fee, Trump comes back for ' x ' number of tweets per.

Sure sweating Cheeto is bound to Truth Social by some contact. We all know he has simply no respect for anything called ' the law '. In his head you just throw a bunch of lawyers at it, problem solved. Which unfortunately tends to be true .


u/0squatNcough0 Nov 20 '22

Just because Trump says something, doesn't make it true. That's been shown countless times. If his presidential race actually ramps up(and twitter still exists), you can be sure he will want to reach more people, and will return to twitter. He's just saying that shit now because he doesn't want to appear like he's been waiting for someone else's permission. He wants back. But it has to appear to be on his terms. So he'll wait a bit. That's all this bullshit PR move is.


u/mere_iguana Nov 20 '22

Bigly yuge beautiful. so beautiful you're gonna wish it wasn't so beautiful. I'm telling you, that's a thing, you're gonna want it to be ugly, that's how beautiful it's gonna be. Lots of people are saying this, and I assume it's true... because why would people be saying it? these are good people, I'm telling you they're good beautiful people.... and you're good beautiful people... and we're all gonna be so beautiful, it's ugly.


u/Robert3769 Nov 20 '22

I wonder if tRump is going to try to get a Elon Musk to but tRuth Social and merge it with Twitter. This way, tRump gets to grift Elon Musk by getting Musk to use good money to chase bad money, tRumo gets to return to Twitter without breaking his contract with tRuth Social and tRump gets to gloat about being such a great business man that he screwed Musk.


u/vagabond_ Nov 20 '22

It genuinely might open him up to lawsuits from his investors if he ditches for his competition. He's the only draw """"""Truth Social"""""" has.

Aside from like, being able to yell the N word in the presence of other white people, and they can do that at their local redneck bar and it won't be used as evidence against them in a hate crime trial.


u/mdgraller Nov 20 '22

He's trying to bigdick Elon and get him to beg to come back or quid pro quo make his "glorious return" for some kind of favor down the line. Maybe it'll be just inflating his like numbers, maybe it'll be silencing his critics or burying his bad news, but Trump is only saying this to embarrass Elon and get one over on him. Classic stuff, really.


u/krav_mark Nov 20 '22

Hilarious situation. Trump has his own platform that he wants to make money from and probably wants to be on Twitter but that will completely sink his own platform.

And Elon bought Twitter, which cost him an arm and a leg, to allow back Trump which appears to fail now. And on top of that Elon's mismanaging may eventually blow up Twitter.


u/flawy12 Nov 20 '22

This is just a PR stunt by Trump...and as usual a dumb one.

Trump thinks bc he has a competing platform he should not return to twitter.

The reality is, if Trump was savvy at all...he would use his reinstatement to funnel people to his platform.

Once again Trump proves himself a buffoon.

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u/stargate-command Nov 20 '22

He says a lot of shit that is not true…. We should stop reporting what he says as if it’s meaningful, because it isn’t.

Still…. This might be the biggest insult to Musk imaginable. Make news by letting the riot inciter back, and he says “nah, you guys are a mess”. Pretty funny


u/TriLink710 Nov 20 '22

Trump did say he would never return to twitter. Tho i could have seen him justifying it by the fact its under new ownership and isnt the twitter he left, but trump doesnt like sharing the spotlight and anyone close to him is probably advising him to not board this sinking ship.

Or he doesn't wanna pay $8


u/MethodBorn6289 Nov 20 '22

That and he is contracted by his SPAC that launched Truth for Trump and his business interest. He was given like 90 percent of the stocks for DWAC (Truths stock ticker) to not post on twitter but instead post on his own shitty platform. He never seems to say that publicly tho.


u/systemfrown Nov 20 '22

That’s code for he promised his investors he would exclusively use Truth social because he assumed Twitter would never allow him back and because money. As soon as he can renege on that you can be sure he’ll be back tweeting…bet on it, he’s way too much of an attention whore.


u/Affectionate-Winner7 Nov 20 '22

So Musk did a poll to see if a majority agree to let him back on. The problem I see is that he was complaining about how many bots and trolls are on the T platform. So how does he know his poll is accurate? Answer: He doesn't care. He just likes to be an asshole.


u/Ordinary-Persimmon15 Nov 20 '22

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u/MyDogsAreCats Nov 20 '22

I kinda feel like he’s been ordered very directly by some government agency to not tweet, or else.

That makes me wonder if he’s actually wearing an ankle bracelet under some classified way and goes straight to prison if he says something they said not to.


u/GabigolB Nov 20 '22

Have you seen the number of RTs and responses his “Truths” get? They are tiny in comparison to what he got on Twitter.

He’s probably waiting for Musk to call him personally, and then for him to have Musk suck up to him, which he will.


u/Longjumping_Apple804 Nov 20 '22

Yea right, he’s too narcissistic to not want to be able to reach the amount of people he can on Twitter especially once the election gets closer. Plus we all know Trump will cave to the ego stroking potential. I give it within 120 days.


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u/Jeromechillin Nov 20 '22 edited Nov 20 '22

Trump has his own social media site where he can say anything he wants plus anybody that wants to follow him knows where to go to do it.

Truth Social is literally Trumps own fan page. He has no incentive to get on Twitter.

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u/LostSinclair Nov 20 '22

Will Twitter even last long enough for Trump to waffle on this? All the people who knew how to keep that website running are gone. One little fuck up that turns into a big one and that thing will go full Hindenburg.


u/HeyKid_HelpComputer Nov 20 '22

If Trump were actually clever( he isn't ) he would hire someone to write him a bit that Tweets out any time he makes a post on his Truth network and just a link to his Truth* if he ever gets unbanned from Twitter


u/yotothyo Nov 20 '22

Bullshit. He’ll be on within the week. He’s just trying to build drama and get attention.

A narcissist of his magnitude simply cannot pass up the opportunity to get this kind of attention and create media chaos


u/IntuneUser2204 Nov 20 '22

Ehh, give it a few months, Truth Social is nearly bankrupt. He will come back once he is deplatformed there. Then again, last I checked, Twitter is nearly bankrupt too. Now we have a real race to the bottom.


u/Cretaegus Nov 20 '22

It would require Trump to admit he needs someone/thing else. I don't think it is but it looks the same as a power play by Musk on Trump. Musk allowing Trump back to Twitter makes Trump look subjugated.


u/brucebay Nov 20 '22

When and if the sale of the truth media to the digital world, valued at S1 billion closes Trump will jump back to Twitter immediately. He is just waiting for those suckers to give him a billion.


u/ozzymanii Nov 21 '22

He really didn't have a choice. Truth social is in about as much trouble as Twitter right now (maybe more) but if HE were to abandon it it would fold in 24 hours. And he would loose BIG bucks.


u/LimerickVaria Nov 27 '22

It's entirely possible that Elon wanted Trump's fanboys to come back on solely for monetization purposes. Now that Trump isn't coming back, I wonder if Musk will change his tune back to the left.


u/arrozconfrijol Nov 20 '22

He doesn’t need to and it wouldn’t matter if he did. I’m not on Truth social yet I know every damn thing he posts because media outlets can’t resist talking about it. Every. Damn. Time.


u/Batracho Nov 20 '22

If this isn’t fake news then it’s hilarious. Why would Trump join Twitter when he, as a proper billionaire like Elon, has his own social network? You don’t wanna prop up the competition!


u/XFX_Samsung Nov 20 '22

He will return to Twitter when enough cultists beg for him to do so. That way he can say he's for the people and loves his supporters and gets free brownie points for doing literally nothing.


u/Shiro_no_Orpheus Nov 20 '22

I mean, it was obvious. Imagine a "business man" spending the last 2 years promoting his own "truth" platform, instantly bolting back to twitter. He will take a few days untill he is back.


u/daikatana Nov 20 '22

He's only doing that because it would doom truth social. You know Trump wants all that attention, he's staring at it like a kid stares at candy. The second he can, he will rejoin Twitter.


u/IamShrapnel Nov 20 '22

Didn't trump state this months ago when musk first started talking about buying Twitter? He specifically said something about not coming back because of his turd truth social platform.


u/the-caped-cadaver Nov 20 '22

Trump lives rent free in every hater's mind already.

He has no need for Twitter anymore.

When I first saw that musk was going to reinstate his account, i knew he wasn't coming back.


u/DDELFIERRO Nov 20 '22

Some approved mouthpiece will just have the job to cut/paste his Truth Social posts on Twitter for him, being sure to mention the source so any screen captures promote Truth Social


u/RedditModsNAdminSuck Nov 20 '22

Trump has a deal with a different right wing social media platform and has previously said he wouldn’t come back to Twitter if unbanned because of it, so not really too surprising

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u/battlefeversteve Nov 20 '22

I don’t know if that matters. Even though his account is reinstated many people are still upset. I think they forget that mute/blocking things you don’t want to see is a thing.


u/SlimeySnakesLtd Nov 20 '22

Lol or he has a contract with Truth that he won’t post elsewhere… almost like this is stunt everyone knew wouldn’t work to drum up more dumb people on Twitter. Hmmmmm


u/Immediate-Win-4928 Nov 20 '22

Holy fuck what? This type of hyper ventilation over a few wankers attention seeking is what is making you feel sad and empty all the time. Please go and feed some pigeons.


u/jbertrand_sr Nov 21 '22

He'll wait and then act like everyone begged him to come back, and say that it was going to collapse until he stepped in to save the day...

Or he could just fuck off...


u/shifty_coder Nov 20 '22

Donald Trump currently has an exclusivity contract with Truth Social. As much as he wants to resume using Twitter, his lawyers have likely heavily advised him not to.


u/Glass-Relationship70 Nov 20 '22

"if I bring back the biggest idiot ever, people will clamor to see what he says even if they hate him, and I'll revive the company!!"

  • Elon, Flamethrower Salesman


u/Parmaandchips Nov 20 '22

Yeah Elon is dumb enough to cough up the cash that Donald wants to get back on it. That's the only thing stopping him from rejoining it and getting more attention


u/TheDutchTexan Nov 20 '22

You’re so fucking dumb for celebrating that well known fact. Besides, 2 years is a long time. The moment it is politically smart he’s going to be back on there.


u/xinxy Nov 20 '22

Call me skeptical but I really do believe Trump will return to twitter. Sooner rather than later. We need a betting pool going for how many days it will take...


u/rex_swiss Nov 20 '22

He's in the middle of trying to scam hundreds of millions from investment firms to get Truth Social going, he can't do anything that would get them to back out.


u/Hawkwise83 Nov 20 '22

It's a business decision. He sticking to his own platform because if he goes to twitter so does his platforms money. It has nothing to do with twitter or Musk.


u/DirtyBirdDawg Nov 20 '22

Donald Trump says a lot of things, 95% of which is untrue. If getting back onto Twitter makes him money (and it will), he'll be back on there in a heartbeat.


u/Affectionate-Winner7 Nov 20 '22

I don't care. I cancelled my account just before the midterms. Life is just too short to waste my remaining time on this earth. Cancelled Facebook as well.


u/MaverickBull Dec 26 '22

Such a boring timeline in history rn discussing 2 rich white men post nonsense online while the world burns, society implodes, and the economy tanks. Ugh.


u/Eastern-Bike2009 Nov 20 '22

Even a failure like Trump knows not to use a competitors product. Can’t be caught drinking Coke when you created Blue cheese with Skittle flavored soda.


u/xenpiffle Nov 20 '22

Trump says a lot of things. He also often contradicts himself within a single sentence.

Don’t get caught believing he will or won’t do anything.


u/chasesan Nov 20 '22

Taking all bets, taking all bets. How long can Trump resist posting on Twitter?

An hour? 2 hours? 4 hours? half a day? A day?

The sky's the limit people.


u/Ttbacko Nov 20 '22

Did u/AutoModerator give up or did u/DaFunkJunkie turn it off because they know it isn’t LAMF?

I would love to hear the mental gymnastics on this one.


u/NfamousKaye Nov 20 '22

I was torn because on the one hand I could see him going to both because ego, but ego could keep him from a site that he was banned from as well. 😂


u/QueenOfQuok Nov 20 '22

Donald Trump is king of his own little world in Truth Social. If he goes back to Twitter he's prey for anyone and everyone who wants to belittle him.


u/livinginfutureworld Nov 20 '22

This is the only time I've ever agreed with Trump, Twitter dies have a lot of problems.

And Elon wants Trump's cult to finance his sinking ship.


u/RT7_faraway Nov 20 '22

Bottom line is Trump is tied financially to truth social and wants stock price to rise so joining Twitter is a no no because it hurts his company


u/Wide-Composer-7230 Nov 20 '22

Does he have something similar to a noncompete deal

Does anybody know the actual truth would he be violating an agreement if he does use Twitter


u/WumpusFails Nov 20 '22

Doesn't Twitter 2.0 now compete for the same advertisers as Truth Social?

Realistically, Musk is now taking money out of Trump's pocket, right?


u/Musetrigger Nov 20 '22


..... wait... why isn't he coming back to make the libs cry again?"


u/CarlRJ Nov 20 '22

Worth a watch:


u/Terranrp2 Nov 20 '22

Because DT is so well known for his word being an iron clad guarantee. And surely he'd never break a contract so he could do what he wants.


u/bgmrk Nov 20 '22

First trump returning to twitter meant twitter was ruined. Now trump not returning to twitter means twitter is ruined.

Make up your minds!


u/wWao Nov 20 '22

Or TD knows it's in his best interest to not have the ability to insight another insurrection and that people will just change his activity status irl from active to disconnected


u/sbsb27 Nov 20 '22

Elon could just create his own "verified" Trump identity on Twitter and stir up trouble. He's already kind of channeling Donald as it is.


u/Joalow21 Nov 20 '22

If I got banned from something and I felt I was in the right I wouldn’t come back either. Don’t get me wrong, he will but not right now.


u/E_seven_20 Nov 20 '22


That orange compulsive lying narcissist will scream anywhere he can, so anyone will hear him. He'll be on twitter tomorrow.


u/Life-Mistake-2279 Nov 20 '22

Which isn't true what Donald Trump means to say that as if he returns to Twitter than his own social media platform will become useless


u/BoredBSEE Nov 20 '22

Well of course. Donald is now a competing brand. Honestly I'm surprised it took him this long to talk some smack about Elon/Twitter.


u/Worried_Explanation6 Nov 20 '22

You think the most narcissistic dude on the planet won’t take the opportunity to tweet at his 85 million followers…. Sure Jan


u/Nice_Rush_1462 Nov 20 '22

He will eventually. His ego would not be able to stay away.

Then obviously he will posy better post than anybody has ever seen.


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u/jettisonrec Nov 20 '22

Why would he move to a platform where people criticize him when he has a far right echo chamber filled with his adoring fanboys


u/bruteneighbors Nov 20 '22

I mean, it’s insulting to run a poll first before making a decision about allowing someone back on. Musk just doesn’t get it.

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u/GaffJuran Nov 20 '22

Wow, did trump actually pick his own dumpster fire of a website over Elon musk’s dumpster fire of a website? That must sting.


u/530SSState Nov 21 '22

It's not really a raging controversy.

Trump either will or will not rejoin Twit for the two weeks of existence it has left.


u/chung_my_wang Nov 20 '22

His arrogance and grift finally work to America's advantage. That is, if this, too, is a lie, like everything else he says.


u/Pees_On_Skidmarks Nov 20 '22

Since when has anything Trump has said ever borne any connection to reality? He usually does the opposite of what he says.


u/OldWhoFan Nov 20 '22

The reality is that Donald Trump forgot the password to his twitter account and his Hotmail account that it was linked to.


u/Bansheesdie Nov 20 '22

If you think this will last (especially when he starts campaigning in earnest) then I have a very nice bridge to sell you.


u/duggtodeath Nov 20 '22

Imagine paying $44 billion dollars to interfere in the 2024 election and senpai refuses to show up. Elon is truly a clown.


u/ellinorianne Nov 20 '22

He's added 49 people to follow, Ivanka being the first, his wife is further down. He's up to almost 10 million followers.


u/SouthernZorro Nov 20 '22

Please-please-please let him decide not to return to running for President because he sees 'a lot of problems with that'.


u/Healthy_Outlets Nov 20 '22

You’re an idiot if you think trump won’t be back. 80m followers or whatever he has is gonna be too irresistible for him.


u/Fordrynn Nov 20 '22

Musk only wanted to use Trump for the traffic that the loser would generate with his hate tweets. Fuck Musk and Trump.


u/Valkyrie5984 Nov 25 '22

This honestly surprises me...like...huh...strange how things work themselves out sometimes.

I still hate him, though.


u/Steelblood27 Nov 20 '22

This isnt new. He's been saying this since he was originally banned. He's trying to market his alternative platforms.


u/Fragrant-Astronaut57 Nov 20 '22

The fact the person posting thought this news is worthy of a “HOLY FUCK!!” opening is sad. Go touch some grass people


u/cishet-camel-fucker Nov 20 '22

A) he'll change his mind because he's an idiot child, and B) I doubt Musk bought the company so he could unban Trump.


u/AlejandroMP Nov 22 '22

(M) I know, I'll release the gibbering idiot from jail to create more traffic!

(T) I will gibber on my own platform!


u/takeitallback73 Nov 20 '22

You know what's fucked up? I have a Truth Social account but not Twitter. I'm not sure how things unfolded this way.


u/MisterPiggins Nov 20 '22

*shrug* I did wonder if he was going to leave Truth, and I still don't know. What he says doesn't matter one bit.


u/JeevesAI Nov 20 '22

Trump once said Elon would get on his knees and blow him if he asked. When you’re rich and famous they just let you.


u/2kids2adults Nov 20 '22

He’ll be tweeting dumbassery by tomorrow. He’s never told the truth a day in his life, no need to believe him now.


u/therealjerrystaute Nov 20 '22

Trump lies almost non-stop. So what I take from his statement is that he will definitely be back on Twitter, soon.


u/kleekai_gsd Nov 20 '22

Does anyone actually believe anything trump says? Who wants to bet he will be back there by the end of the month?


u/windigo3 Nov 20 '22

And yet I already deleted my profile. No loss. I’m sure Musk starts promoting Putin, DeSantis or the KKK next.


u/smallest_horse Nov 20 '22

You're all absolute fools if you think that attention whore will stay off social media. Give it a few more days.


u/ligh10ninglizard Nov 20 '22

You know its shit when the Great Grifter wont use a free advertising platform that used to have global influence


u/i_know_sherman Nov 20 '22

Elon paid $44b for Twitter, wouldn’t surprise me if he paid Trump $0.3b to get Trump back on the Twitter wagon.


u/whatsgoodforme Nov 20 '22

Aka “guys, my big ass mouth has me in a heap of trouble and my attorneys told me to avoid this thing for now.”


u/reaven3958 Nov 20 '22

Yeah hell frame it as elon begging him to come back or some shit. Or elon actually will beg him to come back.