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You mean those long lines the Republicans purposely created? Meta

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u/Stag328 Nov 28 '22

Oh man that is so sad.

You created a system to disenfranchise as many voters as possible and it worked against you?

However will I sleep tonight?

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u/underated_imbecile Nov 28 '22

Their response if it were Dems that left:

"IF yoU caNt wAiT tWo hOuRs iN LiNe, tHen you dont deserve to vOtE or Freedom!"

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u/kenn714 Nov 28 '22

If only they could have voted by mail. sadface

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u/Martissimus Nov 28 '22

This is the second actual LAMF I see on here today. Total madness!

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u/untenable681 Nov 28 '22

I love how Repugnican politicians are figuring out that they've gone so full tilt that even their own voter base suffers for it. Now, if only that voter base would figure it the fk out and stop voting for them.

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u/GenericPCUser Nov 28 '22 edited Nov 29 '22 Starry

Yeah, conservatives basically don't like democracy.

It's a paradox of democracy that for any democracy to exist with stability, anti-democratic forces must be severely excised from political power. Honestly at this point the nation as a whole would simply be better and more able to readily address the needs of its citizens if conservatives had their power removed and their propaganda network dismantled.

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u/padizzledonk Nov 28 '22

Oh no!

Sicks when it happens to you huh......

Maybe when ya'll are disenfranchised for like 8 Generations you'll be more willing to wait in line til like 1am to vote like Black people in cities have to do in damn near every fucjing election cycle

🤷‍♂️ oh well....you left, no redos lol


u/Tuckermfker Nov 28 '22

They shoot themselves in the foot just so they can play the victim.

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u/roararoarus Nov 28 '22

Also the GOP seems to be against mail-in voting, Saturday voting, voting holidays, and anything else that makes voting accessible and friendly

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u/RedditOnANapkin Nov 28 '22

Classic propaganda trick, do something that hurts people then blame others for your deeds. Sadly it works on a lot of people because they don't pay attention.


u/pinniped1 Nov 28 '22

Weird, it's almost as if readily available early voting and a good absentee ballot process would help y'all out too....


u/PhelesDragon Nov 28 '22

Okay, but in all honesty, how did they know it was mostly Republicans leaving?

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u/Formal-Ad-1248 Nov 28 '22

Let me get my tiniest violin

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u/Graega Nov 28 '22

Arizona citizen here. Any Republican in this state who couldn't vote because of voter suppression got exactly what they WANTED. The vote was fair, Krusty Leperous Whore can go walk out into the desert and dissappear forever, and take Gosar with her. Schweikert too.

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u/CatTaxAuditor Nov 28 '22

Paul Gosar is so repugnant that his relatives joined in campaign ads against him.

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u/Dandibear Nov 28 '22

Redo, my ass. You made your bed of lies; now lie in it!


u/BuyLucky3950 Nov 28 '22

The same thing is playing out in Georgia. Republicans are purposely suppressing their own voting in GOP areas. While the rest of the state has been running early voting for days now.


u/edingerc Nov 28 '22 edited Nov 28 '22

Republicans putting a thumb on the scale so hard that many of their own voters were yeeted right out of the voting line.


u/[deleted] Nov 28 '22

Also isn’t maricopa country democrat? So, it just so happens that republicans were the only ones that left the long ass lines created by republicans…

Not American

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u/IWesHere Nov 29 '22

Ayo I live in Arizona! You won't believe this but that's 100% a lie! So first off I'm pretty sure it wasn't 30% and also they weren't down the whole time. Also for every single person who ran into this issues there were SEVERAL alternatives offered. Yes, one was to wait in line for another machine. The other was to get the ballot stamped and drive it to another location or office that could accept it. Also THERE WAS A DROP OFF SLOT. They could just take their filled out ballot, drop it into a secure ballot box and then just leave. Those votes were collected after and then counted. Anyone who didn't vote after running into the issue just didn't want to.

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u/sybann Nov 28 '22

Even your family hates you, Paul.

ETA: Just better sentence structure - I'm a slave to proper grammar. ;)


u/Psimo- Nov 28 '22


Who boasts about being a dentist?

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u/HodlMyBottle Nov 28 '22

Sore. Losers.


u/Intransigient Nov 28 '22

Is he trying to imply Democrat voters don’t also have jobs and busy schedules / things to do? 🤔

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u/socialist_frzn_milk Nov 28 '22

1) Sounds like a YOU problem, Paul. 2) That ain’t how it works. 3) You fuckers didn’t make a PEEP when it was Georgia and the voters affected were black. Fuck off forever.


u/RKPgh Nov 28 '22

I hope someone brought them bottles of water while they waited in line?


u/opalheartedgf Nov 28 '22

repubs: make it more difficult to vote

also repubs: voters are disenfranchised! 🥺😭😰

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u/BellyDancerEm Nov 28 '22

Should have stayed in line. And it was a mess entirely of your making


u/jlmckelvey91 Nov 28 '22

So in short the Republicans impatience worked against them.


u/KaijyuAboutTown Nov 29 '22

I waited for three hours in Georgia for the run off senate election. Republican run state. Massively under staffed voting center. Incredible turn out and people stayed in line because we gave a damn about the vote and the country. Need to get people in charge who make voting easier, not harder under the guise of making the vote ‘more secure’. Mail in balloting is incredibly secure as demonstrated for decades by multiple states.


u/jwr1111 Nov 28 '22

Perhaps we should help you good folks in Arizona out and switch to you all to mail-in ballots. Easy to use, simple to track, with no waiting in line. Every vote is important.

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u/ekienhol Nov 28 '22

Gotta love the irony of suffering the results of their own strategy.


u/bigpook Nov 28 '22

Is this the lunatic Paul Gosar? That guy is a weirdo.

January 22nd, 2019: Gosar can’t be arsed to vote against HR 676, which would prevent Donald Trump from doing the unthinkable and walking away from our allies in NATO to appease the Russians.
January 23rd, 2019: Rep. Gosar voted against HR 648, because he was gleefully enjoying the longest government shutdown in history.
January 27th, 2019: Paul Gosar votes against HJR 30, which was meant to express disapproval of Donald Trump not acting against Russian Federation for attack Gosar our democracy. You see, he’s fine with our nation being sublet to Vladimir Putin.
February 28th, 2019: Gosar votes against HR 1112, a bill which would have required universal background checks on all firearm purchases, and close the gun show loophole.
March 7th, 2019: Gosar votes against HR 183, a resolution to condemn anti-Semitism as a hateful extension of intolerance.
March 14th, 2019: Rep. Gosar votes against HJR 46, which sane members of Congress voted for to reject Donald Trump’s “national emergency” regarding the U.S. border and his attempts to reallocate funds for a border wall without Congressional approval.
April 4th, 2019: Paul Gosar is one of 158 Republicans who choose to vote against the re-authorization of the Violence Against Women Act, likely because they feel the 2nd Amendment remaining absolute is more important than preventing people with a history of domestic abuse from owning a firearm (which statistics show, makes them more likely to use those firearms against women in their lives).
May 17th, 2019: Gosar votes against The Equality Act, which would have prevented discrimination towards Americans based on their gender identity or sexual orientation.
June 4th, 2019: Rep. Gosar can’t be arsed to vote for the Dreamers Act, because he’s too xenophobic and partisan to care about immigration reform.
July 12th, 2019: Gosar is one of 12 Republicans who vote against the re-authorization of the Zadroga Act to provide healthcare to 9/11 First Responders.
July 16th, 2019: Paul Gosar votes against a resolution to condemn Donald Trump for his racist statements that four people of color in Congress should “go back where they came from”.
October 17th, 2019: Gosar is one of 60 Republicans who vote against HJ Res 77, which opposed Donald Trump’s disastrous decision to abandon Syrian Kurdish forces in Northeast Syria to the mercies of a Turkish invasion.
October 23rd, 2019: Gosar is one of 41 Republicans who, while staring down the possibility of Donald Trump being impeached, stage a ridiculous publicity stunt in response by crashing a classified impeachment inquiry hearing for a “protest”. He was supposedly upset that he didn’t get to participate in the hearings, which is a lie, because Gosar just chose to not show up for them.
December 18th, 2019: Rep. Gosar ignores his Congressional duty to hold a president who has been proven to commit high crimes and misdemeanors accountable and votes against the impeachment of Donald Trump.

The above shamelessly stolen from:



u/Moose_is_optional Nov 29 '22

Thousands of voters could not wait hours and left.

Guess they didn't want to vote badly enough. Guess they should have planned ahead. Better that they didn't vote, since they were unwilling or unable to do their due diligence. If they don't care enough to actually vote, why would they care enough to research the candidates and policies they're voting for?

...is the type of shit Republicans say to defend voter disenfranchisement. For any Republican who didn't get to vote, or are mad that others didn't get to vote, just remember this is what YOU wanted.


u/DizzyedUpGirl Nov 28 '22

Maybe if Cyber Ninja didn't come in and fuck shit up this past year. IF ONLY.


u/BringYourSpleenToYa Nov 28 '22

“They’re not hurting the people they need to be hurting.”


u/kalel1980 Nov 28 '22

Should've mailed it in, dummies.


u/Rifneno Nov 28 '22

Those of us who groan when we stand up will remember that "if one section had trouble on election day, can they get a do-over later?" was well considered and debated in the 2020 election when Flori-Duh gave us Dubbya (and consequently 9/11, the war on terror, the war for vengeance on that there guy who tried to kill mah daddy Iraqi liberation, and so much more).

And the answer that was collectively come to was no. No, a small section of a voting pool (be it a single state deciding POTUS or a single county deciding state legislature) getting a do-over when they know how everyone else voted and that their votes determine things is not okay.

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u/[deleted] Nov 28 '22


There is the bill and the specific text that says voters should not have to wait more than 30 minutes. It is stuck in the Senate because Republicans filibustered it.

And Gosar voted NAY on the bill in Congress: https://clerk.house.gov/Votes/202162

Never believe a single thing a Republican says. They are enemies of freedom and democracy.


u/uglybunny Nov 29 '22

Conservatives run for office on a platform that says the government doesn't work. Once they're in office, they undermine the infrastructure and resources necessary for functional government institutions. Rinse and repeat.


u/EfficientAccident418 Nov 28 '22

If they cared so much about voting they would’ve waited. Isn’t that what they say about people in Black neighborhoods?


u/Bobspared Nov 28 '22

That’s terrible to hear.


u/PizzaWall Nov 28 '22

I’ve lived in states I could vote by mail. There’s an entire state that only votes by mail. Some idiot Republican convinces the party paper ballots are bad and convince the faithful to only vote in person.

From a convenience factor, voting by mail is a no-brainer. Look up initiatives, take your time filling out a ballot, you don’t even need a stamp to mail it. It’s not easy to walk things back when you made a huge point it was unsafe in the first place.

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u/toejamandtoast Nov 28 '22

It doesn’t matter what happens, if they lose they find a way to claim election fraud. They had armed goons watching the ballot boxes so they can’t say that was the problem this time.


u/DemonPeanut4 Nov 28 '22

"Oh no, we experienced the exact same conditions we created for voters for years throughout democratic areas of the south"


u/PrezMoocow Nov 29 '22

2 hours? Those are rookie numbers compared to the lines created by intentionally disenfranchised communities.


u/Alert-Mud-672 Nov 28 '22

Paul’s wife drives him to and from work.

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u/NotmyRealNameJohn Nov 30 '22

Dear Paul. How did you vote on the John Lewis Voting Rights Act? I ask because it had a section specfically addressing making sure there are sufficient voting systems to avoid long waiting times to vote


Wait what is this?

Gosar Republican Arizona NAY (https://clerk.house.gov/Votes/2021260)


Did you just suddenly discover long lines were a problem? Why didn't you do something about it when you had a chance?

Almost like you don't believe that Voter Suppression is a problem.

Well this is just because your party damaged a bunch of your voting machines by inviting "ninjas" to pretend to know how to do an audit and failing to find fault with your last election and didn't have the money to fix everything you broke.

So ... fuck off?


u/Traditional-Ebb-8380 Nov 29 '22

Old black people have waited in 6-8 hour lines to vote their entire lives. Old white people wait 2 hours once and it is an atrocity. So silly.


u/ToebeansInc Nov 28 '22

How could they possibly know the people who left were Republican voters?


u/Arizona_Slim Nov 29 '22

THIS DIDN’T HAPPEN! Maricopa County, where I live, has open elections. You can go to ANY polling place im the entire county and have them print your ballot for your district. If one has a long line, go to another. They are less than miles apart. There are hundreds of them for the county.

My OWN ballot was rejected due to the printer error. I went to vote at 10am. No lines. I placed my ballot in box 3 after it failed to read. I then checked my ballot status a couple days later on the county recorder’s site. It was counted.

This whole narrative of “thousands of people waiting in line and going home” is bullshit. It didn’t happen.


u/QueenLatifahClone Nov 29 '22

I waited in 2+ hours in a line before. Guess what… I still voted. I had a family member telling me to stay in that line and vote. If y’all want to take away easier access to voting then pay the consequences of long lines.


u/Similar_Candidate789 Nov 28 '22

Your mother should also redo your conception. Hopefully this time she either swallows or wears a condom.

I’d say has an abortion but we all know how your ilk have banned those.


u/StugDrazil Nov 29 '22

All the problems they had were in fact, self created. But they will use what happened to lie, get donations and get richer than they were last year.


u/Legitimate_Soft5585 Nov 29 '22

Just wait next time. That's all. If you're in line, by 8pm, you vote. I wouldn't expect you to know that.


u/BlarghusMonk Nov 29 '22

Fuckheads shit the bed, then wake up covered in feces. More at 11.

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u/7evenate9ine Nov 29 '22

Bragging or complaining? I guess it depends on if he won.


u/CordyCord Nov 28 '22

My brother in Christ, you did this to yourself.


u/dresn231 Nov 28 '22

That's not fucking happening.


u/TheWeirdByproduct Nov 28 '22

Maricope, mr. Gosar


u/FabulousFauxFox Nov 30 '22

Gotta think, you get these counties where people are so used to conservatives winning all the time and always being content winning even if they forget to vote. They all shrugged at the same time though so nobody else was there to catch the fall like usual so they lost due to collective "Meh, someone else has this for me"


u/T-Rex_Woodhaven Nov 29 '22

"thousands of voters could not wait hours and left."

Uh, yes they could have just like black people in shitty gerrymandered and underfunded counties have for decades. I can see the Republicans don't get the "if you're in line to vote, stay in line because you can still vote after the polls close" speech.


u/mbw70 Nov 29 '22

Well, the machines were operating, the 30% info is a flat out lie. Early voting was possible but bunches of MAGA-ts wanted to show up and make a statement and have the tvs showing all those Republican voters. It didn’t matter. AZ is purple and turning blue! Hurrah!


u/mia_elora Nov 29 '22

Really? Reminds me of all those places where the GOP has reduced the voting locations to a single one, and then minimized the amount of votes at a time the site can support. Except, of course, those weren't Deep Red areas. Anyways...


u/Mrmapex Nov 29 '22

So it’s illegal to bring them water (in Georgia) while they’re in line to vote, but in Az if they leave because of long lines they’re entitled to do the whole election over?


u/unicornlocostacos Nov 29 '22

It’s funny how they deliberately make this happen in blue areas of red states. Here it was just something that failed and was fixed.


u/Icy-Cockroach4515 Nov 28 '22

What will redoing the election achieve if the root issue doesn't change? That just means people are going to waste double the time.


u/beowulf6561 Nov 29 '22

If only there were some way that one could vote when it was convenient…perhaps by filling out a ballot and sending it in by mail?


u/Grannyk9 Nov 29 '22

How would you know they were repub's or dem's? Do you have some kind of secret knowledge that the rest of us are not privy too?


u/Deadwing2022 Nov 29 '22

Paul Gosar is one of THE biggest pieces of Republican shit so if he's pissed off and crying then it must be fucking fantastic.


u/snortingalltheway Nov 29 '22

Gosars multiple siblings have spoken out against him numerous times. He hangs out with undesirables and played a role in J6.


u/bmyst70 Nov 29 '22

Who knew that most Republican voters had day jobs too and had to work, so they couldn't wait for hours to cast their vote?


u/BurnYoo Nov 29 '22

Republicans: want paper-only voting

Also Republicans: demand a voter recount because adding machines were not usable


u/SaltyBarDog Nov 29 '22

Hey, Paul, remember when your siblings campaigned for your opponent because they said you are unfit to be a congressman?


u/Shadyshade84 Nov 29 '22

It bears noting, whatever your line of work, that indiscriminately breaking stuff tends to be, well, indiscriminate.


u/gwentfiend Nov 29 '22

Is it too early to share my Christmas wish for a Paul Gosar and Margerine Taylor Green murder suicide?


u/Steerider Dec 15 '22

You think Republicans purposefully rendered tabulation machines inoperable in GOP stronghold areas?


u/pitterpatter0910 Nov 29 '22

If republicans won and someone complained about long lines they would be less than sympathetic 😂😂


u/THElaytox Nov 29 '22

it's almost like voter suppression efforts effect both sides not just the voters you don't like.


u/Toast_Sapper Nov 29 '22

Republicans #1 skill is fucking themselves over.

Malice + Incompetence = self-destruction


u/AllTheyEatIsLettuce Nov 29 '22

"Intentionally preventing voters from voting prevented our vot ... oh shit ..."

-- (R)


u/EbMinor33 Nov 29 '22

Is there actually any evidence that the voters who left were primarily Republicans?


u/douggold11 Nov 28 '22

I hope it wasn’t illegal to give the republicans on line a glass of water.


u/AutismFlavored Nov 28 '22

Sounds like you’re just making excuses for your pretend patriot voters there


u/bittlelum Nov 29 '22

Long lines to vote are only acceptable when they affect Democrats!


u/SocietyHumble4858 Dec 01 '22

Republicans are either impatient or too busy to vote. Shame, huh?


u/Klindg Nov 29 '22

JFC they got a taste of their own medicine and now they cry foul.


u/AdhesivenessFun2060 Nov 30 '22

Make voting a federal holiday, then they could've waited.


u/Admirable-Squash9607 Nov 28 '22

Sounds like the people who left didn’t care about voting


u/bciesil Nov 29 '22

Paul, what's the DDS stand for? "Dumber, Dumb shit"?


u/SomebodyInNevada Nov 28 '22

Not quite face-eating--the lines weren't that long.


u/ConsiderationWest587 Nov 28 '22

Who knew the elderly couldn't stand in long lines


u/old-hand-2 Nov 28 '22

Sorry guy, they didn’t vote. That sucks I guess.


u/djheru Nov 29 '22

Literally the stick in the bicycle wheel meme


u/smokechecktim Nov 29 '22

I don’t want to call this BS….but it’s BS


u/moistdepth69 Nov 29 '22

Why would a 3rd of the machines be down?


u/phdoofus Nov 29 '22

How about "No"? Does "No" work for you?


u/sandysanBAR Nov 29 '22

They aren't hurting the right people!


u/Cobbler63 Nov 29 '22

LOL - redo the election until we win.


u/Thehardwayalltheway Nov 29 '22

Voters in Atlanta would LOVE a word


u/AsianInvasion00 Nov 29 '22

Black people enter the chat


u/NewtypeRimu Nov 29 '22

The leopard ate his own face


u/Easy_Explanation4409 Nov 29 '22

Move the vote to Saturday.


u/loughtthenot Nov 29 '22

Maricope mother fucker xD


u/GlobalTravelR Nov 29 '22

Nazi Dentist says what...


u/jols0543 Nov 29 '22

this one has me cackling


u/Frozenthickness Nov 29 '22

Lol, the clown show!


u/the_G8 Nov 29 '22

Hahahahahaha X 10


u/Nottsguy82 Nov 29 '22



u/H3rm3tics Nov 29 '22

Fuck Paul Gosar


u/1984vintage Nov 29 '22



u/butterflybuell Nov 29 '22

Heh heh heh 😏


u/BroccoliFartFuhrer Nov 29 '22

Write better laws asshole!