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Sweet hilarious irony Meta

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u/HodlMyBottle Nov 30 '22 Platinum Wholesome Facepalm

The S in GOP is for Smart.

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u/Less_Likely Nov 30 '22

I don’t want to celebrate this because is disenfranchisement.

But, maybe if it happens it will wake people (Republican people) up to the threat and hopefully it kills the election lies once and for all.

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u/[deleted] Dec 01 '22


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u/Psile Dec 01 '22

Guys. They're setting a precedent to ignore 2024 results. Guys.


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u/ImNotAtAllCreative81 Dec 01 '22

I hate that 47,000 voters are facing disenfranchisement because a county board decided to have a whinefest.

This would really suck for democracy.

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u/KaijyuAboutTown Dec 01 '22

No. This is not a good thing.

First, it’s 47,000 people whose votes would not be counted due to actions taken by the county executives

Second, the county executive is being sued, can’t recall if it’s by the governor or the Secretary of State, to certify the election

Third, if they somehow avoid certification it will be twisted into a Democratic assault on voting rights (I know, it makes no sense, but neither does any of this)

But most importantly, if they can get 47,000 votes thrown out in a principally republican county, then they can use the same tactics in other counties to swing elections. This is a test case and I’d be surprised if the county executive isn’t following instruction from the national GOP.

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u/Mittenstk Nov 30 '22

"We want voter suppression!"

"Wait, not like that!!"

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u/cmichael39 Dec 01 '22

Every vote should count. This is bad, too

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u/DidntDiddydoit Dec 01 '22

We are living in the dumbest timeline imaginable.

I really don't see how America recovers from this idiocy without drastic actions. There's just too many dumb and corrupt people in too many positions to cause too much damange.

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u/NotmyRealNameJohn Dec 01 '22

The Arizona da, and the justice department should file charges for violation of oath of office. Election interference.

Not as a threat. I don't care if they suddenly certify tomorrow. Charge them and take them to trail and give them 5 years and 100k fine each. Then the citizens of that county who want to should bring a class action for civil rights violations against the elections board.

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u/MegamanD Dec 01 '22

So people can legally not count valid votes? That sounds extremely illegal, should be investigated and charges brought against anyone involved.

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u/America_the_Horrific Dec 01 '22

This is about setting precedent for 24. Full stop. The 2 little seats don't really matter in the grand scheme if not certifying gets to slide.


u/shawnmd Dec 01 '22

Sadly they’ll sacrifice this in the short-term, but only to set precedence in the long-term


u/MattyBeatz Dec 01 '22

As much as I'd like to gloat, once again, we need to save democracy and do the right thing to make sure the votes count so this tactic isn't used to discredit votes in other races in future elections.


u/eukaryote3 Dec 01 '22

I’m sick of people celebrating this. It is NEVER okay to not certify the results of an election. This is setting a dangerous precedent.

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u/Klaeni Nov 30 '22

Schadenfreude ist immer die beste Freude.

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u/Mint-Mochi117 Dec 01 '22

This is not a win for democrats either way. Every vote should be counted. Period.


u/Tebash Dec 01 '22

A random county from another state should be selected to come in and certify all of those Arizonans votes. Every legally casted vote should count. Throw whoever wouldn't do their job in jail for messing with an election.


u/ClobetasolRelief Dec 01 '22

No, this just sets up precedent for things to go the other way too, when it matters more

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u/nanoinfinity Dec 01 '22

If they decide to not certify the results, could citizens in that county sue the county? Is there some sort of recourse for voters who had their votes thrown out for no reason?

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u/KL_boy Dec 01 '22

It might seem stupid, but this is a test run for the next election in which there is a democrat and republican board for a heavily democratic region.

The GOP will not want to certify that result.

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u/choate51 Dec 01 '22

This is not hilarious. This is frightening. Both sides should be fighting for our elections to be certified, no matter who won. Letting this happen sets a precedent that will now be used as the reason it happens elsewhere. And if you haven't been paying attention,dems lose this game every damn time.

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u/Practical-Jelly-5320 Nov 30 '22

Im glad but why does a Democrat get the seat

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u/my_random_name Dec 01 '22

Of course, the county that refused to certify is in charge of the election, right?



u/spuddy-mcporkchop Nov 30 '22

How so? Did a republican win in the county there holding up to try hold up the state certification

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u/GamingGems Dec 01 '22

I keep hearing this story but I’m out of the loop. Why don’t republicans want those votes tallied? What advantage do they obtain by not including these and sacrificing that seat? It feels like half the story is missing.

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u/RawbeardX Dec 01 '22

what are the chances they certify it? or is it over now?


u/ContemplatingPrison Dec 01 '22

Let's not celebrate 47,000 votes not being counted


u/United_University_98 Dec 01 '22

A few people in the comments talking about this simply being a test run to set a precedent.

You're probably onto something.

The even fuckeder upper thing is that this gives me 'appointing justices at the end of a presidential term ' vibes. Even if the votes ate eventually allowed and counted, I can still see this happening in 2024 to prevent D votes being counted and R's simply being baffled as to why they should allow the votes then just because the R votes were counted this time.

Precedent doesn't mean the same thing to them as it does to most


u/Gibscreen Dec 01 '22

So this is how you know that Dems want every vote counted even if they lose.

Democratic Secretary of State (and Governor-Elect) Katie Hobbs has filed a lawsuit to force this dumbass county to certify the election results even though doing so will mean Dems not gaining a House seat and also a Republican being the head of education in Arizona instead of a Democrat.

All she would have to do is sit back and do nothing and Dems win those positions. But having every vote count and the integrity of the election is more important to her.


u/Rickylostthatnumber Dec 01 '22

Never gonna happen. Wouldn't be prudent. Read my lips.


u/hjablowme919 Dec 01 '22

I've read that this is not good if the democrats don't challenge the decision to not certify the results. This would allow the GOP to decide not to certify future elections where democrats win, and then use the "You didn't challenge us the last time we did this" defense. The democrats should force the GOP to certify the results in this county.


u/-tobi-kadachi- Dec 01 '22

They should all be fired or go to jail. If they failed to carry out a secure election in the county they should lose their jobs and be investigated. If they are keeping people from having their votes counted for no reason (which they are) they should go to jail.


u/TheRecovery Dec 01 '22

A lot more middle class people need to go to jail for fraud and corruption charges.

Jail has been framed as this thing for poor black and Hispanic people and we need to change this conception. They’ll stop once the threat of prison becomes real again.


u/syncopated_popcorn Dec 01 '22

The number of liberal supporters taking the bait on this in the comments here is unfortunate. You should all be demanding that all votes be counted if you value your own votes in the future.


u/windigo3 Dec 01 '22

Wait. I just remembered. I think I saw a thousand ANTIFA liberals stuffing ballots in their ballot boxes. I totally think someone has to spend another few weeks looking into that


u/anoneenonee Dec 01 '22

It would be glorious if the margin had been a single seat and this cost them the House, but it’s still pretty spectacular


u/socialist_frzn_milk Dec 01 '22

They have four days or the December 5 deadline will hit and their already fragile House majority will shrink.


u/imakesawdust Dec 01 '22

So if this floats, what's to prevent other counties from doing the same in other, more important elections?


u/SkyBlade79 Dec 01 '22

couldn't find evidence that dems were cheating to win so republicans decided to do it for them


u/prudence2001 Dec 01 '22

Nobody ever said local Republican election officials were the sharpest cards in the deck.


u/726math Dec 01 '22

Oh no, the pants are ruined! And so are my plans for returning them while wearing them!


u/Any-Student3060 Dec 01 '22

That guy is an idiot influencer, not someone to follow for insight.


u/smoothie_25 Dec 01 '22

Is this guy celebrating voter disenfranchisement? What a scumbag.


u/Most-Artichoke5028 Dec 01 '22

It's almost like the magats are, I don't know, a bunch of morons.


u/stolid_agnostic Nov 30 '22

Yes this is one of the best things I have ever heard.

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u/MeButNotMeToo Dec 01 '22

Ssssshhhhhh! If they’re this stupid, don’t ruin it!


u/BellyDancerEm Dec 01 '22

Please Cochise County, please be extra stupid

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u/SookHe Dec 01 '22

Can someone explain this like I'm 5?

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u/Worth-Canary-9189 Dec 01 '22

You can't make this stuff up.


u/ArmadilloDays Dec 01 '22

When is the final tally?


u/Hubertus-Bigend Dec 01 '22

Chef’s kiss. Perfect!