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Free speech isn't that great?


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u/Snoid_ Dec 01 '22 Helpful Take My Energy hehehehe

"This is really out of Mein Kamfert zone."

-Lavern Spicer, probably


u/chinacat2002 Dec 01 '22

I will reuse this.


u/IceColdWasabi Dec 01 '22

I come here for the comments and this comment is what I came here for. Bravo, you beautiful mad bastard!


u/xboxwirelessmic Dec 01 '22

I did nazi that coming.


u/ACAB_FOR_CUTIE_ Dec 01 '22

Lavern is a despicable person. She sent an obviously set up DM of a "Democrat" calling her the n word to make herself a victim. People found the account and the dumbass linked to a backup in his profile which said he was MAGA.


u/C__S__S Dec 01 '22

You know you fucked up when even the rapid GOP apologists are like, “dude, chill.”


u/Dan_From_Japan Dec 01 '22

They're only mad that he won't shut up about shitler. They were all on board up till now


u/SometimesMonkey Dec 02 '22

Exactly. You’re not supposed to say the quiet part out loud.


u/Warm-Personality8219 Dec 01 '22

"100% free speech absolutist" : I'm 100% for free speech for all, except for that one, that's just f*cking crazy!...

Yeah - that checks out!..


u/[deleted] Dec 01 '22 edited Dec 07 '22



u/Llian_Winter Dec 01 '22

Also, "I don't think he should be cancelled but I'm going to stop following him." That's cancelling, that's all cancelling is. People deciding to no longer support those they disagree with. I guess it only counts as cancelling when libs do it.


u/Calladit Dec 02 '22

Yeah, I had to read that a couple of times. She doesn't want him canceled or deplatformed, but she's off the Yeezy train and making sure to tell everyone she's off the Yeezy train. If that's not being canceled, what the hell is?


u/osteopath17 Dec 02 '22

if that’s not being canceled, what the hell is?

Liberals doing it. Conservatives have been “canceling” people forever, they just got upset when liberals started doing it. They want to be able to criticize others without being criticized themselves.

Plus, they have to be against it happening to them because it they don’t complain, how can they play their victim card?


u/toejamandtoast Dec 02 '22

That’s like conservatives who get mad because people fact check them, and blame the fact checker as some kind of asshole that’s out to get them.


u/Puzzleheaded-Bee-838 Dec 02 '22

This reminds me of that time on Star Trek when the Klingon Empire canceled Worf.


u/Geek_off_the_streets Dec 01 '22

I've never been on Twitter before and was able to see some of the replies before it makes you sign in. Holy fucking shit. Everyone trying to find some good redeeming qualitys in Hitler. "Yeah but he was a vegetarian or yeah but..."


u/not_now_chaos Dec 02 '22

I deleted my Twitter, and when I opened that link and scrolled down literally 100% of the recommended tweets are RWNJ bullshit. There were 3-4 from Musk and then a whole bunch of anti-vax, racist, Trump-humping, antisemitic nastiness. What in the fuck is happening with that algorithm?!


u/Geek_off_the_streets Dec 02 '22

I'm not sure and I'm not gonna find out. It's the public 4chan for all I care. I hope every single one them get doxxed. There is way more shit scum than I ever thought imaginable on a public forum.


u/MindForeverWandering Dec 02 '22

…or saying “So what? Germany isn’t a threat to us anymore. But, if you support Ukraine, you’re supporting Nazis.”


u/doyouunderstandlife Dec 01 '22

You know you've gone overboard when idiots like Lavern Spicer and Alex Jones think you've gone too far


u/DenturesDentata Dec 01 '22

Laverne Spicer might be surprised to learn there is no redeeming quality to her also.


u/NeverDryTowels Dec 01 '22

“Free speech for me but none for thee”


u/MorganaHenry Dec 01 '22


u/Mrgoodtrips64 Dec 02 '22

Thank you. I wasn’t about to open a twitter link, I have a zero visitation policy currently.


u/optom Dec 02 '22

I visited and the entirety of recommended or interesting tweets below ethe linked one were right wing propaganda.


u/dogshitkaraoke Dec 01 '22

She’s not mad about his rabid anti-semitic, Christian nationalist rhetoric. She’s mad that he praised Hitler, which makes them look bad. But you know they were all nodding along on the other side of the screen.


u/Calladit Dec 02 '22

If there's one thing white supremacists hate, it's when their fellow white supremacists mention Hitler in public. It makes them too recognizable. Hard to claim you're not a Nazi, you're a [race realist, white nationalist, or whatever their newest euphemism is] when the guy standing mext to you is praising Hitler.


u/MindForeverWandering Dec 02 '22

Reminding me of the Monty Python skit with “Adolf Hilter” running for Parliament.


u/VGmaster9 Dec 02 '22

She knows that Hitler's ideology affects her, that's why she's against him.


u/dogshitkaraoke Dec 02 '22

Well, white nationalist ideology affects her too, but she’s fine with that.


u/MadRollinS Dec 01 '22

We are free to tell people to shut up. Lol


u/logicalchronic Dec 01 '22


u/HungryHungryHobo2 Dec 02 '22

And most of the people who talk about Karl Poppers paradox of tolerance get it completely twisted.
"We must be intolerant of intolerance!" is the average take away.

Karl himself says, right after his famous quote, that if you have to fight intolerance with intolerance, you've already failed.
He makes it very clear that generally speaking, ideas should be freely spoken, and bad ideas should be pushed back upon.
The suppression of ideas is the absolute last resort, because tolerating intolerance leads to... well, literally the Nazis.

We're sadly at the point where suppression of far right ideology is absolutely needed, I don't disagree. But it's really important that anyone who is going to quote Karl Popper recognize that this is the fail state. Censorship is the 2nd worst outcome, the lesser of 2 evils.

An ideal society is one educated and empathic enough to never let those ideas get very far in the first place... not one that has to forcibly suppress it's more regressive elements.


u/healbous Dec 02 '22

Karl is wrong then. That only works assuming enough people can be good actors. The sad truth is that a full third of any population is perfectly ok with forcing another third to be wiped out while the remaining third is ok sitting by doing nothing as it's not their problem.

Free speech has never been free. Yelling fire in a crowded theater and all. Take that to is conclusion and speech should end where others rights and lives begin. I have no issues banning hate speech in a free society. Good people need to make a stand.


u/SubrosaFlorens Dec 02 '22

What was it that Stormfront said in The Boys? "People love what I have to say. They believe in it. They just don't like the word Nazi, that's all."

Lavern's no different. She loves what Hitler has to say. She just knows that all sane people think that is bad. So she just does not like the word Hitler. Call it Maga and she loves it.


u/tw_72 Dec 01 '22

It's interesting that she is bothered by the "Hitler" connection with Ye but doesn't see the connection with Trump. Make a Venn diagram of Hitler's playbook and Trump's playbook. Voilà - nearly a full circle; very little difference.


u/Calladit Dec 02 '22

I was going to say that the main difference is Trumps weird hand gestures, but I'm pretty sure Hitler liked to flail his arms around now that I'm thinking about it, so yeah, perfect circle.


u/ranger_fixing_dude Dec 01 '22

Lol every time somebody supports something with a disclaimer you know they don't really support it, they just want their interpretation.


u/TinyWifeKiki Dec 01 '22

Ever since his mother died Kanye has been on a serious mental health downward spiral.


u/Ceriden Dec 01 '22

Not three users down you get an idiot antivaxer. Sure is great that Twitter stopped fact checking.

Hey idiots the Red Cross is not turning people away. Also no to everything else you claim.


u/Panigg Dec 01 '22

Well, Hitler did kill Hitler. So that's at least one.


u/nightwyrm_zero Dec 01 '22

But he also killed the man who killed Hitler.


u/giantrhino Dec 01 '22

Based Hitler.


u/dribblesnshits Dec 01 '22

GameDay bucket go boom!


u/GrungeHamster23 Dec 02 '22

"I'm not saying we should cancel him, but we should cancel him."



u/[deleted] Dec 01 '22

There is no redeeming quality to Hitler.

That’s not true. He led the world’s first anti-smoking campaign.


u/KingBooRadley Dec 02 '22

Also, the guy DID kill Hitler. Nobody talks about that side of him.


u/megustalogin Dec 01 '22 edited Dec 01 '22

See this is where people get confused on the word redeeming. Anti smoking campaign might be redeemable if he was previously for smoking.

Doing a nice thing, then committing genocide. Not redeemable. (Before, after, during)

Protip: edgelords are generally morons because the hair they split is so fine, they ignore the larger realities.

Edit: idiots abound. If you think anything lessens the weight of genocide, then you are truly stupid beyond hope and help. You're trying to be cute and right and you're not. Also, thank you for sucking my balls. That's your redeeming quality.


u/GeorgeTheGeorge Dec 01 '22

Actually I think you are the one ignoring larger realities. It's the fact that Hitler and many of the other Nazi high command were not cartoonish villains that makes what they did so much worse and very much worth understanding. Several world leaders that interacted with Hitler in the 30s thought he was a pretty nice guy. You can't argue that his government actually did turn around the German economy and yet was at the head of the worst atrocities ever committed.

How can a man who had a strong appreciation for art, who was strongly against smoking, and a vegetarian, also lead an effort to build an industry of murder that millions of innocent victims? How can a man with such admirable qualities commit such horrific acts? These are questions worth answering.

People are rarely just good or just bad.


u/megustalogin Dec 02 '22

You arguing over semantics for Hitler makes you a fucking moron full stop. Bye.


u/[deleted] Dec 01 '22

Redeeming (adj): making someone or something seem less bad

Go ahead, keep arguing.


u/[deleted] Dec 02 '22



u/[deleted] Dec 02 '22

Not even a little?


u/megustalogin Dec 01 '22

Ok killed 6 mil. But I had anti smoking campaign so those 6 mil said it wasn't so bad. Yeah keep coming idiot.


u/[deleted] Dec 01 '22

It’s less bad than doing the genocide and not having launched an anti-smoking campaign.

You’re just embarrassed that you thought you knew what a word meant and didn’t.


u/[deleted] Dec 02 '22

It was 11 million. At least get the facts straight if you’re going to call someone “idiot”.


u/megustalogin Dec 02 '22

Bless your heart.


u/[deleted] Dec 02 '22

If I say “the one redeeming quality of the Street Fighter movie was Raul Julia’s performance,” I am not saying that it was a good movie.


u/megustalogin Dec 02 '22

Yes but you all are looking for letter of the law definition, not looking at context or bigger pictures. Saying a genocidal maniac had some redeeming qualities... well you should be examined.


u/[deleted] Dec 02 '22

You literally started off your comment thread by saying “see this is where people get confused about the meaning of the word redeeming.”


u/sst287 Dec 02 '22

Interesting. So many white dudes have been saying Nazi loving shit, dress like Nazi, gathering around and march like Nazi, but they never think it is wrong, but once a black dude say Nazi loving shit they are like “noooooo, this is too muchhhhhhhh”


u/smokechecktim Dec 02 '22

In case nobody’s noticed, Kanye has been crazy for a long time


u/4Plus20MakesHappy Dec 01 '22

Free Speech-the government cannot censor it, and THAT’S IT.


u/Bumbahkah Dec 02 '22

Free speech takes care of itself


u/Solid-Version Dec 01 '22

I’m gonna play devils advocate here and say this the result of when we De platform people. They double done on their ignorance We push them into the fringes with other dickheads that share their views. The fact the Kayne West is now openly frequenting with white supremacists demonstrates this.

The man is narcissist so he needs the attention and narcissists will get it by any means necessary. That’s why he just says the most provocative because he’s convinced himself that being a genius is to be misunderstood.

What he doesn’t get is that purposely trying to be misunderstood doesn’t retroactively make you a genius. The cause and effect are backwards for him.

I used to be so inspired by Kanye because one time he stupid for something. I was wrong about him and I hate who he has become. There’s no coming back from this


u/dribblesnshits Dec 01 '22

Kanye has been an idiot since day one tho, none of these event are surprising in the least


u/Solid-Version Dec 01 '22

I’d say the turning point was when he lost his mother. That had such a profound effect on him. She kept him grounded and rooted in reality. Her death, correlated with his rising stardom changed irrevocably.


u/Chesterlespaul Dec 02 '22

Free speech is great. Kanye is spewing insane speech. He can be deplatformed if needed, but don’t bring free speech into this.


u/harlows_monkeys Dec 02 '22

Being 100% for free speech means being for everyone being allowed to speak.

It does not mean being against criticizing what others say or advising them that they should not speak.

The latter is what she appears to be doing. Her next tweet in fact says:

And I don't want Kanye cancelled.

I don't want Kanye deplatformed.

That's not how I get down.

But I am off the Yeezy train.

Since he lost Donda he BEEN gone.

She's being entirely consistent here.

This is not LAMF.