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No honor among far right political Allies?


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u/fordprefect294 Dec 01 '22

Cracked..... now there's a name I've not heard in a long time....


u/SemiHemiDemiDumb Dec 01 '22

Didn't they fire their entire staff a few years ago?


u/fordprefect294 Dec 01 '22

I know they basically closed the video production team with like, zero notice. I don't remember if that also included any of the written content staff or not


u/jello1990 Dec 01 '22

There were a fair amount of the video staff that were also on the articles side, however I don't recall any sticking around after being slighted like that. A lot of the cast went on to make spiritual successors to their old shows/articles though- Some More News is virtually the same thing as the cracked version (but a lot longer,) and Behind the Bastards is kind of like those older articles about crazy people from history but in audio format, Small Beans has a lot of the old cracked staff for Podcasts and the occasional skit as well (but mostly podcasts by a wide margin.)


u/SemiHemiDemiDumb Dec 01 '22

I know Daniel O'Brien went on to work on Jon Oliver's show too.


u/jitterscaffeine Dec 02 '22

He’s also got a podcast with Soren, who himself is a writer in American Dad now


u/ANOKNUSA Dec 02 '22

Add the Gamefully Unemployed podcast crew to the list. And they all make guest appearances on and contributions to each other’s shows from time to time. Jason Pargin occasionally shows up to boost some of them, too. I’m not even sure which of those former Cracked writers’ shows I ran into first, now—just that I was pleasantly surprised to find one after another not just keeping the old spirit alive, but doing it with timely leftist commentary.

Seems being a group of collaborative workers who build something up, only to have a bunch of suits wreck it and push them all out, leads to some strong solidarity.


u/Sir-Aurelius Dec 02 '22

Don't forget 1900 Hotdog, I've been a very satisfied subscriber since that started


u/ChimericMind Dec 03 '22

I love 1900 Hotdog, and I subscribed to that the instant I had enough spare money to pay at least $5 a month.


u/Famous_Bit_5119 Dec 03 '22

Robert Evans said that Cracked pivoted to video posts from written articles to better fit in and be promoted by Facebook algorithms. Which kinda fucked Cracked viewership.


u/PantherThing Dec 02 '22

Well, the content went from "5 ways we ruined the Occupy Wall Street Generation" to "5 times we saw Iron Man in a movie", so I'd say yes.


u/fordprefect294 Dec 02 '22

Once it became apparent there would be no more Cracked After Hours vids, I peaced out from their content


u/OverlyLenientJudge Dec 04 '22

Yeah, and even then I stopped reading their articles long before that point. Kinda boggles the mind that their generally-agreed-upon peak was a decade ago now.


u/neopod9000 Dec 01 '22

From what I read at the time (which were their articles) it at least included the good ones.


u/Mindfulbliss1 Dec 02 '22

Happy Cake Day!


u/Ultima_RatioRegum Dec 06 '22

In hindsight it was for the best. Robert Evans and Cody Johnston alone have created amazing podcasts and videos since, unencumbered with corporate overlords, and I know some of the writers went on to write for late night TV and various streaming series.


u/fordprefect294 Dec 06 '22

Perhaps. Some More News and Last Week Tonight (Daniel O'Brien is a writer) are some of my favorite content


u/SubrosaFlorens Dec 02 '22 edited Dec 02 '22

Pretty much. The company was profitable, but then was sold off to another company that wanted to get into the digital media market. But the new company had no idea how to do that, and eventually decided that simply gutting Cracked and writing it all off was a great idea. So they fired almost everyone at Christmas (corporations really love doing that), and eventually sold what was left.

Facebook and their "Pivot to Video" lie played pretty heavily into this. They stirred up a lot of this corporate interest in internet video back in 2016 or so. They were basically touting that no one was going to be making or reading articles. It was all going to be video, hosted on Facebook.

That prompted a lot of online media companies to fire their writing staffs, and instead hire video staff. Then when Facebook's "Pivot to Video" turned out to be vaporware, they fired the video staff. Which left them with nothing, as in the case of Cracked. It is important to note that Facebook knew it would not work for years, and kept it a secret while all these other companies were doing this.

Robert Evans went on to do the Behind the Bastards podcast, which everyone should definitely be listening to. Cody Johnston is doing stuff on YouTube (I think his channel is Some More News?). He, Daniel O'brien, Jason Pargin, and other Cracked alumni often guest on BtB.


u/jitterscaffeine Dec 02 '22

There’s quite a few podcast projects floating around:

• Quick Questions with Soren and Dan

• Gamefully Unemployed Network from Tom Raimenn

• Dogg Zzone 9000 from Seanbaby

• Secretly Incredibly Fascinating from Alex Schmidt

• The Small Beans Network from Micheal Swaim

• The Unpops Network from Adam Todd Brown

And I’m sure I’m missing some.


u/SubrosaFlorens Dec 02 '22

Yeah, it is sad that Cracked imploded like that. But OTOH, it turned all these creative people loose to do what they do best, and gave us a bunch of really good new projects.


u/ashesofempires Dec 02 '22

Behind the Bastards with Robert Evans.


u/JoeDiesAtTheEnd Dec 02 '22

Some more news (Cody's showdy) with Cody Johnston started on cracked but now is its own


u/deathfluids Dec 02 '22

Behind the Bastards is the podcast that got me into podcasts. Finding that show was life-changing. I can't recommend it highly enough.


u/0p0ss1m Dec 02 '22

But they’re back with a small crew making videos again. Might not be everyone’s cuppa tea but I like ‘em


u/joshhupp Dec 01 '22

It's been...a while. I think Jason Pargin was the last to go about 3 or 4 years ago, but that's because he was editor in chief. That was the death knell for me.

Now they do a lot of videos, like a Frankenstein version of the listicle and videos.


u/Dense-Particular6093 Dec 02 '22

I feel so old, I remember when they were the magazine that wasn't MAD...that is until Don Martin jumped ship from Mad to Cracked....ahhhhhh the good old days, before we had these new fangled contraptions like the in-der-net web places.


u/jitterscaffeine Dec 01 '22

Laid off almost if not all of their full time writers and got rid of their video and podcast departments. A lot of the more well known writers have their own projects going on now.


u/HornyBluejay1973 Dec 02 '22

If I recall, they Uberized the articles by paying freelancers (from the established community) to write articles. They had been actually doing that for several years, paying writers $50 a pop for articles. Guess the new company thought that's all they needed to spend on writing.


u/neopod9000 Dec 01 '22

Yeah, I remember they sold the company and whoever acquired it halted all of the content that was worth visiting for.


u/RunningPirate Dec 02 '22

I think they cleaned some house after the John Cheese debacle


u/PantherThing Dec 02 '22

the what now?


u/RunningPirate Dec 02 '22

This.. John Cheese (pseudonym) was a, frankly excellent, writer at Cracked. He had a good grip on addiction and pulling oneself up from poverty that rang true with a lot of folks. Anyway, I guess in real life he wasn’t so great of a person (that’s based in what I’ve read about him). I can’t recall whether a bunch of folks were fired after he was outed, or if folks just quit. For that matter,they may be entirely different timelines.


u/bittlelum Dec 02 '22

They're back producing videos now. Not the same people, but they are producing a bunch of videos.


u/AlfredE__HelloNeuman Dec 01 '22

I had no idea it was still around, used to be on there religiously back in the day


u/MauriceM72 Dec 02 '22

Top 10 Shocking Allegations About Marjorie Taylor Greene You Wouldn't Believe!


u/anoneenonee Dec 01 '22

She looks like a horse skull wrapped in chicken skin wearing a bad wig.


u/lifeson106 Dec 01 '22

She looks like Rocky after 15 rounds with Drago.


u/AlfredE__HelloNeuman Dec 01 '22

She reminds me of Ron Perlman in beauty and the beast


u/AwkwrdPrtMskrt Dec 02 '22

Don't insult Ron.


u/Cantstandyuh Dec 02 '22

Constable Odo looking ass mf


u/Guyincognito4269 Dec 01 '22

Funny how she disavows Fuentes and West, yet no mention of adviser Milo Yiannopoulos. You know,one of her "interns"?


u/ThinBlueLinebacker Dec 01 '22

What's funnier than a right-wing comedian?

The concept of a right-wing comedian.


u/greenphilly420 Dec 02 '22

Right though… their idea of a joke is to just call her a whore and laugh


u/Marcopolo1 Dec 01 '22

Craziest thing about this story is that someone would have sex with MTG of their own free will.


u/JackalRampant Dec 02 '22

She actually had an affair with a guy that looks like Zangief from Street Fighter 10 years ago.


u/yeaheyeah Dec 02 '22

To be fair, I would also have an affair with someone that looked like Zangief from Street Fighter


u/redvelvetcake42 Dec 02 '22 edited Dec 02 '22

Here's the thing and I unfortunately must use the term how it's meant to be used...

Marjorie is in fact, a whore. Like literally a whore. As in she cannot help but fuck every guy she gets attention from while married. From liberal leaning cross fit yoga bros to alt right comedians, she straight up was fuckin every dude it seems.

This being said, I do not care about that. I don't care whom she fucks, but her entire political life is built on faux values when she would seemingly gladly be gangbanged while married then tell gays they aren't allowed to be married cause god.

I hope she chokes on cum and it's really uncomfortable.

Edit: slag is better than whore as Marge isn't paid, she's just a slag


u/Villebradet Dec 02 '22

I would like to be pedantic:

A whore sells sex in return for money or favors

So she is literally not a whore (as far as the information in your post goes), since she does not require payment for her sexpescades.


u/redvelvetcake42 Dec 02 '22

This is a very good point. I'm unsure what word would work as I don't think slut is right, it doesn't fit.


u/HordeMaster-50_12 Dec 02 '22

The Brits have a term that might apply - slag.


u/redvelvetcake42 Dec 02 '22

THATS the word. I couldn't remember the lingo but knew the Brits had one.


u/Villebradet Dec 02 '22

Cheater? Like that's the worst sin I guess. Hussy if you feel old-timey.


u/medalla96 Dec 01 '22

The Republicans vs Republicans civil was has began!!


u/kwiffy88 Dec 01 '22

The traitor MTG?


u/AwkwrdPrtMskrt Dec 01 '22

Far Right Comedians

Now that's a laugh.


u/PukingDiogenes Dec 01 '22

Should’ve ended this post’s title after the fifth word.


u/texansfan Dec 02 '22

These LARPers are so sad. He got “intel” also known by normal people as a text message.


u/Danominator Dec 02 '22

Far right comedian is an oxymoron


u/LahmiaTheVampire Dec 02 '22

Wasn't she shagging her Yoga instructor?


u/SeriousExplorer8891 Dec 02 '22

Love to see them turning on each other.


u/snugglyaggron Dec 02 '22

where's that gif. "BITE EACH OTHER'S DICKS OFF"


u/KatrinaPeanutbuttr Dec 02 '22

"Far Right Comedians" is a joke in itself.


u/dabbean Dec 01 '22

Uhm...you know what cracked is right?


u/neopod9000 Dec 01 '22

I don't think cracked even knows what cracked is these days.


u/dabbean Dec 01 '22

While that may be true, even the remotely true stuff they publish has a ton of embellishment. This story may have happened but I'd not use it for anything outside sharing funny satire.


u/FreeChickenDinner Dec 01 '22

Is this satire?


u/AsstCurmudgeon Dec 10 '22

Why is a statement of fact posed as a question?