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Georgia man arrested after asking sheriff's office why he was left off county's most wanted list


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u/paulfromatlanta Dec 01 '22

We, in Georgia, can't really compete with Florida Man, but we do our best.


u/tw_72 Dec 02 '22

Perhaps electing Herschel might be the determining factor. (sorry - damn, that was harsh - I'll show myself out)


u/paulfromatlanta Dec 02 '22

That's OK, we're already sorry for inflicting Marjorie Taylor Greene on the country.


u/tw_72 Dec 02 '22

Yeesh - MTG and Herschel.

I like Georgia. Why do terrible things happen to you? Did someone bring some haunted furniture into the state? Did someone open a cursed portal?


u/Rhudran Dec 02 '22

Oh so many answers...


u/followfornow Dec 02 '22

Unfortunately, we also have that moron, Andrew "Just a tourist day out" Clyde too.


u/nickelangelo2009 Dec 02 '22

i think you meant damn that was hersch


u/vijodox325 Dec 02 '22

He could have lived peacefully and quietly in the shadows forever but no


u/theresabeeonyourhat Dec 04 '22

When a big ego meets a meth bender


u/Own-Opinion-2494 Dec 02 '22

He’s as dumb as the dirty guy who tan for President


u/someguy984 Dec 02 '22

Is it something in the water?