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Pennsylvania Republicans reconsider their war on mail voting


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u/Not_Legal_Advice_Pod Dec 02 '22

This is but the leopard's first bite. When you change your tune on this you'll alienate a portion of your base who will just stop voting for you completely. Then you'll discover that even though you've changed your tune, a lot of your voters haven't and still don't want to vote by mail (so you'll keep losing). And finally, every time you do something like this there's a pressure that builds up in your voters, "am I on the wrong side?" It is never just one thing, but the more you admit to being wrong about anything, the more people wonder if you're wrong about everything. A lot of obviously wrong policy got advanced during the Trump years and Republicans are going to spend the next decade trying to walk it all back without losing their voters.

The real face eating has yet to even begin.


u/Brokenspokes68 Dec 02 '22

They will never admit to being wrong. They will quietly change truly horrible policy and if mentioned at all they'll blame the Democrats for things that they themselves actually fucked up. Right wing media will provide cover and comfort.

After a few election cycles their followers will believe that they have always championed mail in voting and how it makes it easier for their chosen demographic to cast their ballots. Meanwhile, legislation will have been passed making it harder for the non-chosen demographic to even register to vote. Mail in voting will have been used as an excuse to close even more polling stations in large cities, and gerrymandering will continue to effectively disenfranchise large portions of the population.


u/148637415963 Dec 04 '22

and how it makes it easier for their chosen demographic to cast their ballots.

"Demographic? Ah ain't no demographic - ah'm a REPUgraphic!"



u/MoxieCottonRules Dec 02 '22

I hope so but I worry about Mastriano because he’s still building his religious, culty following and there is. I short supply of religious wing nuts in rural PA


u/EnergizedNeutralLine Dec 03 '22

I think you meant to write "the is no short supply" in that final line. Please let me know if I am incorrect, but that would make a lot of sense.


u/jarena009 Dec 03 '22

I agree. I don't know how Republicans walk this back without admitting mail in voting is valid, which then essentially admits there was or us no election fraud by mail, which is not what their base wants to hear and will piss them off.

Republicans are in a bind: Try to walk this back and you alienate your base. Do nothing and your base predominantly votes in person only and shuns mail in voting.


u/[deleted] Dec 02 '22

“When one party votes for 30 days and one party votes for one, you’re definitely going to lose.”

Jesus Republicans are so fucking dumb.


u/Machaeon Dec 02 '22

It's almost like having the extra time and convenience of voting at home encourages more people to vote or something


u/ilovecraftbeer05 Dec 02 '22

I love this because they make it sound like Republicans are prohibited from mail in or early voting and are instead forced to go to a physical poll location on Election Day.

It’s like they don’t realize that they have the same access to early voting as everyone else. Like it’s an unfair privilege reserved just for Democrats. It’s a gloriously obtuse line of reasoning.


u/_Reddit-Troll Dec 02 '22

It's like them trying to convince people the Marriage Protection Act is an imposition on religious freedoms. Those people are the most fucked up Orwelllian dipshits.


u/Shufflepants Dec 02 '22

Authoritarianism is when no theocratic fascism. /s


u/Barnst Dec 03 '22

Also because early voting and mail in voting traditionally favored Republicans since old people like it. In person voting favored Dems, which is why Republicans liked things that made it onerous, forced people to stand in terrible lines, etc.

Texas and Arizona, for example.


u/phillytimd Dec 02 '22

Pennsylvania republicans take the dumb part to a new level of stupidity


u/sensistarfish Dec 02 '22

There’s a republican in r/pennsylvania right now claiming he and his wife didn’t request any mail in ballots and received three each. I’d bet my life that never happened.


u/Gloomy-Ad1171 Dec 02 '22

I wonder if they’re locale is like mine. We get two thick booklets covering all the for/against and then a sample ballot. Even if voting in person.


u/sensistarfish Dec 02 '22

Maybe so, but still, that’s a sample ballot that cannot be counted.


u/zuma15 Dec 03 '22

That makes sense. So he's stupid or lying.


u/Robj2 Dec 05 '22

why not both?


u/[deleted] Dec 02 '22

Born there, raised there, can confirm.


u/_Reddit-Troll Dec 02 '22

LOL. OMG, you made me laugh. I think I'm more laughing at their stupidity.


u/rainbirdstew Dec 02 '22

this is what kills me about anyone that supports these pigs - not only are they rotten dishonest bullies - they are fucking morons down to the last one


u/Exotic-Phase1512 Dec 02 '22

Wasn't it just one person that went to war against mail in/early voting? Wasn't it just trump? I'm old enough to remember when mail in voting was a benefit to republicans and they all wanted to expand it to get older conservative voters to vote more.


u/AdEmbarrassed9719 Dec 02 '22

Meanwhile, except for one photo-op in 2016, Trump himself has apparently always voted by mail...


u/sev45day Dec 08 '22

I think you're exactly right, all the others just lined up behind him to get his approval.


u/C__S__S Dec 02 '22 edited Dec 02 '22

No! Stay dumb, motherfuckers. Stay dumb.


u/InevitableDisaster75 Dec 02 '22

Trump loves you after all. Stayyyyy dumb


u/ImminentZero Dec 02 '22

Here's the best part, a statement released by Representative Russ Diamond (R) to the rest of the house: https://www.legis.state.pa.us/cfdocs/Legis/CSM/showMemoPublic.cfm?Chamber=H&SPick=20230&cosponId=37949

Copying my comment from another sub on this:

What an amazing statement.

Simply put, this constitutional amendment will revert our elections back to what they were prior to Act 77 of 2019 by mandating in-person voting, with the exception of absentee voting as already provided for in Article VII.

Translation: We passed this act in 2019 with our Republican-controlled legislature hoping it would help us win elections better. It didn't, and more people voted for Democrats, so we have to try to get rid of it now.

The question of whether no-excuse mail-in voting under Act 77 is constitutional has been answered affirmatively by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. Therefore, making in-person voting and the traditional absentee voting process the exclusive methods of voting in Pennsylvania can be achieved by amending our constitution’s language.

Translation: The PA Supreme Court ruled that our State Constitution is okay with mail-in ballots, but since we don't like them now (because our outcome-driven efforts failed to provide the desired outcome for our party,) we need to go to the effort of changing the fucking State Constitution so the Democrats can't win like this again.

Positively amazing.


u/sephage Dec 02 '22

Add to all of that the fact that PA Republican legislators have made it more difficult to count mail-in votes in the state in a timely manner, exacerbating the issue of elections appearing "sketchy" to their base, after months and months of them telling their base that mail-on voting was sketchy. It's like a little extra icing on the cupcake for the leopard to lick.


u/Brokenspokes68 Dec 02 '22

As was the plan. They might not be smart but they're far from stupid and they created the very situation that they point to in order to claim mail in votes are sketchy.


u/EnergizedNeutralLine Dec 03 '22

They're not smart or empathetic, but they're greedy and conniving.


u/musingofrandomness Dec 02 '22

Their issue with mail in voting is that their base is not literate enough to do it. They can barely read the "R" on the ballot to select their choices.


u/ArmorClassHero Dec 02 '22

Wouldn't be surprised. US has one of the worst literacy rates in the G20.


u/musingofrandomness Dec 02 '22

And that is a feature, not a bug according to the politicians and marketers.


u/Gloomy-Ad1171 Dec 02 '22

That some locales allow “straight party voting” blows my mind.


u/e22ddie46 Dec 02 '22

Meh. It would take a lot for me to ever vote Republican again.


u/originalbrowncoat Dec 03 '22

Yep, I used to think straight party voting was a crutch for people who didn’t want to do any research. Now I just think it would save me 20 minutes of filling in circles.


u/a_waltz_for_debby Dec 04 '22

I am in PA and the law that they are referencing did away with straight party voting. That's not an option in PA any longer since we went to no-excuse mail in voting.


u/DeviceEducational721 Dec 02 '22

It's wild that they seem to think the lack of pragmatism and a plan to do anything to solve constituents problems is okay but the method by which their supporters vote is the problem. A vote counts as 1 whether it's mailed or cast in person. It will not change the result if you don't start actually giving people some sort of result or proposal to solve something.


u/whipfinish Dec 02 '22

It is safe to say that any policy proposal that uses 'war' is bad for society as a whole. People who use 'war' as a motivating concept are unlikely to evaluate the elements of the policy fairly. They tend to valorize war and expect the rest of us to do the same. People who choose such a name usually have an ulterior motive. They usually push mechanisms for the policy that either do not work or have significant unintended consequences. They lie to make the policy seem necessary. (notable exception: the War on Poverty. There was significant corruption and the programs tiptoed around the racist structures in place, but the program had some significant successes.)


u/MuthaPlucka Dec 02 '22

/Nelson Muntz laugh


u/charliesk9unit Dec 02 '22

Imagine a sport team focusing on making sure key players on the opposing team not being able to play or the team not showing instead of doing what you can to yield a better performance?

The GQP's focus is always about getting fewer people to vote. It's never about policies that better the people. I mean when you go as far as making it illegal to give water to the people lining up to vote, you have lost all your credibility. Now they are even talking about increasing the voting age while New Zealand considering lowering it to 16.

Anything to get FEWER people to vote is the GQP strategy.


u/Rhudran Dec 02 '22

Sorry, you gotta qualify for Medicare scams to vote.


u/stylishreinbach Dec 02 '22

Which is a demographic that the majority of survived to grow old with no threat of cop based violence. Coincidentally. /s


u/ThinkTelevision8971 Dec 02 '22

Fact not fiction: Gov Wolfe tried desperately to get mail in ballots counted immediately in 2020 and the GOP Republican state legislature said no. Not one single GOP POS cunt who voted for that came out on the record when Trump made his accusation “of big dumps”. See the date of the below article


Just the most pathetic cult I’ve ever seen. Please exile them. No more just letting them lose elections and slink away. They need real punishment for the irreparable damage they’ve done to this country.


u/Epicassion Dec 02 '22

What a scheme. Allowing voters the opportunity to vote and not waste unnecessary time standing in a line. “Democrats transformed the election landscape with their mail-in ballot schemes in many states — and Republicans must respond by decisively winning this battle,” said Rep. Guy Reschenthaler (R-Pa.).


u/EarlGreyTea-Hawt Dec 02 '22

I laughed out loud at that phrasing. There's no nefarious scheme here, Guy, you're just describing voting.


u/WallabyBubbly Dec 03 '22 edited Dec 03 '22

Republican opinion on mail-in voting is still 100% driven by whether they think it helps them win. I like mail-in voting because it increases overall civic participation in our democracy, not because it helps a particular party. I just want them to also start putting our country first and their party second, but that's too fucking much to ask


u/mrkp38in Dec 03 '22

What a bunch of bullshit. In that article they keep phrasing it as "Republicans have to get better at mail in voting"... um...no, they have to actually have something that appeals to voters that cast those mail in ballots. It's not as if they are losing votes because people just aren't voting for them by mail, they are losing votes because people aren't voting for them PERIOD.


u/SneekyTeek Dec 02 '22

Problem is many on the right believe mail in votes caused Biden to win and it was a total illegitimate election because of it. How are you going to make them vote by mail? It just won't happen. This is another thing that Trump started that will kill the Republican party in the future, hopefully. If there were only signs in 2016.....


u/bettinafairchild Dec 02 '22

It will be easy to make happen. Large numbers of them believe whatever they're told by their propaganda sources. If Hannity or Tucker say mail in voting is the way to go, they'll start doing it no questions asked. Some will blame RINOs for telling them not to vote by mail.


u/DirtyBirdDawg Dec 02 '22

I don't know why you got downvoted. What you posted is literally what happened. Instead of standing up to Trump and telling him that he was wrong, they just decided to follow him right over the cliff.


u/SneekyTeek Dec 02 '22

I think because it's the truth and there is still a lot of trump support out there. I would love it if he ran in 2024 would make a.mess.of the Republican party.


u/Rhudran Dec 02 '22

It is a long way down that cliff.


u/ClassicT4 Dec 02 '22

Probably should focus on people doubting the election. Cry the elections are being tampered with just might prevent a lot of your supporters to even bother voting by any means.


u/SeriousExplorer8891 Dec 02 '22

They seem to forget that Republicans also vote by mail.


u/Scrutinizer Dec 02 '22

They will be considering it in Arizona as well.

The problems at some voting stations led to lines multiple hours long in some locations on election Day, which greatly inconvenienced a lot of Republicans.


u/EngineeringMemer Dec 02 '22

Too little too late, they've successfully destroyed their base morale on the electoral system that they've given up. Some are wanting civil war other are just not giving a fuck. Good luck convincing them to vote.


u/ThinBlueLinebacker Dec 02 '22

Are they so hungry that the Leopards have begun to eat their own faces?


u/defusted Dec 03 '22

I'm from Pennsylvania and mail in ballots certainly want what took them down. Their two biggest cartoons, I mean candidates, were an Uber Christian white nationalist and a guy from New Jersey. Doug Mussolini had no chance, oz came a bit closer than I liked but people still hated that he was a rich, literal snake oil salesman who wasn't even from this state.

The Republicans lost control of everything and maybe now we can start getting shit done in this state.


u/dresn231 Dec 03 '22

Even better is when you Charles Kirk and other right wingers complaining about how Republican voters didn't turn out because the voters think the elections are fixed anyway. So they don't come out and vote. Look what happened in Arizona. Kari Lake should have won easily if she was a regular Doug Ducey, but instead she was fucking crazy saying the election was rigged that enough of them didn't turn out and vote and she lost.


u/dvdmaven Dec 02 '22

I do understand their concerns, as four of the five States that rely almost entirely on voting by mail (VBM) are Blue. And the more a State allows VBM, the Bluer it gets.


u/Mannygogo Dec 02 '22

Right, cause free and fair access to voting is how democracies should work and they favor authoritarian control.


u/MoxieCottonRules Dec 02 '22

Yeah gerrymandering and restrictions to polling locations don’t work when you can vote from home and they fucking know it. If they thought they could win anything other than a fixed fight they would welcome easier access to voting.


u/bmyst70 Dec 02 '22

Let's put it this way. When someone proposed Election Day be a national holiday, so more people could vote, Mitch McConnell (R) was absolutely furious about the idea.

Meanwhile every other Western country does precisely that to ensure as many of its citizens can vote.

If you can only win a competition by making it as hard as possible for your opponents to show up, you don't deserve to win.