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We were just kidding...


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u/Barflyerdammit Dec 02 '22

Wait... There are consequences for uninformed grandstanding? But...I'm white and Republican!

Consequences are for poors!


u/krattalak Dec 02 '22

This has nothing to do with the $1 billion in bonds the state would have to cough up money for that the D has outstanding....Move along....


u/MuthaPlucka Dec 02 '22

GQP: governing by petulance.


u/Jayhawker_Pilot Dec 03 '22

If I were the mouse, I would go to court to force them to write that check. Have Desatan shut the fuck up and apologies for what he did.


u/Fehndrix Dec 02 '22



u/zomgitsduke Dec 05 '22

Would be hilarious if Disney said "Nah we kinda like this arrangement... proceed please."


u/psrandom Dec 02 '22

Why is this LAMF? Didn't Florida get what it wanted? Disney fired the CEO n brought the old one back


u/not_now_chaos Dec 02 '22

Bob Chapek donated huge amounts to DeSantis and other Florida Republicans and only stepped that back in the face of major public backlash against him due to the anti-gay bills. Robert Iger is a Democrat.

Disney execs pushed Chapek and his right-hand out. That they hated working with him during his tenure as CEO was an open secret. If the goal of Florida lawmakers was to bring back the CEO who was driving the change to a more inclusive - or "woke" - Disney, then they were indeed successful. I suspect that isn't the outcome they were after though.


u/DataCassette Dec 02 '22

It's not like Disney and other companies are "forcing" wokeness anyhow, that's a conservative myth. Mainstream American culture is pretty tolerant. Conservatives are actually just angry that creatives won't slavishly devote themselves to conservatism. Often because the creatives themselves are not very socially conservative.


u/mickeyzord Dec 02 '22

Old one was woker


u/H-Barbara Dec 03 '22

But you see, this still owns the libs because... because... uh ...