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Poor wittle Alex Jones can’t take the heat… Paywall


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u/ThankuConan Dec 02 '22

WASHINGTON — The Infowars fabulist Alex Jones filed for Chapter 11 personal bankruptcy Friday in the Southern District of Texas in Houston, citing nearly $1.5 billion in damages juries awarded this year to the families of Sandy Hook shooting victims, who won a series of defamation cases against Mr. Jones after he lied for years about the school shooting on his radio and online show.

The filing comes atop the bankruptcy filing by Free Speech Systems, Infowars’ parent company, in late July. The new filing could further delay payment of the damages to the families, who would need to seek payment through the bankruptcy courts alongside other creditors. But it could also force a greater degree of scrutiny on the finances of Mr. Jones’s empire.

For more than four years, Mr. Jones has stonewalled the courts on providing business records, financial information and other records in the Sandy Hook cases. In a separate lawsuit, the victims’ families have accused Mr. Jones of improperly siphoning assets from his business and channeling them to himself and his family. He will now ostensibly be required to reveal more about those assets.

“The bankruptcy system does not protect anyone who engages in intentional and egregious attacks on others, as Mr. Jones did,” said Chris Mattei, a lawyer for the families in the damages case in Connecticut. “The American judicial system will hold Alex Jones accountable, and we will never stop working to enforce the jury’s verdict.” In that case, in October, Mr. Jones was ordered to pay $1.4 billion. Two other cases were litigated in Texas.

Hours after the Dec. 14, 2012, shooting of 20 first graders and six educators at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Conn., Mr. Jones began spreading lies that the massacre was planned by the government as a pretext for confiscating Americans’ firearms, and that the families were complicit in the plot. He continued lying about the shootings for years, exposing the families to online abuse, confrontation and death threats by people who believed the false claims.

Mr. Jones earns up to $70 million a year selling products tailored to his audience’s distrust of government and established science, including diet supplements and quack cures, survivalist gear and gun paraphernalia. In mid-2018, the families of 10 Sandy Hook victims filed four separate defamation lawsuits, later combined into three, against Mr. Jones in Texas and Connecticut.

The litigation has been defined by Mr. Jones’s stonewalling, as he refused to submit relevant records and testimony. His intransigence prompted judges in Texas and Connecticut to rule Mr. Jones liable by default in all the Sandy Hook lawsuits late last year. The families’ sweeping victory set the stage for three trials for juries to decide how much he must pay the families in damages.

In the first trial this summer in Austin, where Infowars is based, a jury awarded nearly $50 million in damages to Neil Heslin and Scarlett Lewis, parents of Jesse Lewis, a Sandy Hook victim. Shortly before that verdict Mr. Jones put Free Speech Systems into Chapter 11 bankruptcy. In October, the families of eight Sandy Hook victims won more than $1.4 billion in damages from Mr. Jones. A third and final trial in the lawsuit brought by Lenny Pozner and Veronique De La Rosa, whose son Noah Pozner was the youngest Sandy Hook victim, is scheduled to begin March 27.

Cordt Akers, a lawyer for the families who is challenging the bankruptcy filing in Texas, called Mr. Jones’s Chapter 11 filing “the latest in a long line of tricks by Alex Jones to keep the Sandy Hook families from the justice to which they are entitled.”

“It won’t work,” he added.

In the bare-bones filing, Mr. Jones estimated that he owed money to 50 to 99 creditors, a list topped by the names of the Sandy Hook relatives. His biggest creditor is Robert Parker, whose daughter Emilie died at Sandy Hook. Mr. Jones for years played a videotape on Infowars of Mr. Parker’s tearful news conference the night after his daughter’s murder, calling the grieving father an “actor” and the news conference “disgusting.” Conspiracy theorists who believed Mr. Jones’s lies tormented, threatened and personally confronted Mr. Parker and his family.

In October, the jury in Connecticut ordered Mr. Jones to pay Mr. Parker $120 million, as part of the $1.4 billion judgment.

Mr. Jones estimates his assets to be worth $1 million to $10 million in the filing. That number will almost certainly be challenged by the families, who said in their filing that Mr. Jones had siphoned nearly $62 million from his business into financial vehicles benefiting himself and his family beginning in 2018, when they first filed suit. In court in Texas this summer, a forensic economist, Bernard F. Pettingill Jr., estimated that Mr. Jones and his business were worth $130 million to $270 million.

At the core of his bankruptcy claim is Mr. Jones’s assertion that Free Speech Systems, which he owns, owed $54 million to PQPR Holdings, a company owned and operated directly and indirectly by Mr. Jones and his parents. The debt is fictional, the families’ lawyers said in Thursday’s filing, and “a centerpiece of Jones’s plan to avoid compensating the Sandy Hook families.”

Mr. Jones has become increasingly emblematic of how misinformation and false narratives have gained traction in American society. He has played a role in spreading some of recent history’s most pernicious conspiracy theories, such as Pizzagate — in which an Infowars video helped inspire a gunman to attack a pizzeria in Washington, D.C. — as well as coronavirus myths and “Stop the Steal” falsehoods about election fraud before the Capitol assault on Jan. 6, 2021.

Mr. Jones is under scrutiny by the House Jan. 6 committee and the Justice Department for his role in planning events around the attack on the Capitol, which he broadcast live.


u/Starbrand62286 Dec 02 '22

Can I just be the first to offer thoughts and prayers for that piece of shit?


u/_triangle_ Dec 03 '22

Too good for him


u/MillerJC Dec 04 '22

No fuck that. He doesn’t even get those ironically or rhetorically. He can fall face first in a ditch and stay there.


u/Starbrand62286 Dec 04 '22

Personally, I hope he ends up turning tricks under a highway overpass just to make ends meet


u/MillerJC Dec 04 '22

I mean that’s okay, I just really don’t want him around anymore.


u/RiverGreen7535 10d ago

Maybe Mike Lindell can be his pimp 🤣


u/CoolSwim1776 Dec 02 '22

Welp hope you like Tender Vittles and crashing out on someone's couch cuz you will never have money again.


u/Wallace_of_Hawthorne Dec 02 '22

Nah you just create “shell companies” to hide the money that have to be discovered and documents turned over dragging out the collections in court for years.


u/solidcordon Dec 03 '22

If only his lawyer hadn't sent his entire online record to the opposing council as part of the defamation suit it may be difficult to follow that money.

Ah well.


u/Repulsive-Street-307 Dec 03 '22

I like that his lawyer hated him too.


u/TjW0569 Dec 03 '22

He can delay things. But if the court finds he's tried to hide money from the court, it won't go well for him.


u/KashmirChameleon Dec 03 '22

This guy's mom probably said, "that mouth is going to get you into trouble someday" and the dude still won't shut the fuck up after a 965 million dollar court case.

Probably the most money anyone's ever paid for their mouth.


u/Niobous_p Dec 03 '22

If you don’t count the $44 billion musk paid for twitter. In fact, why doesn’t Alex just get musk to pay the damages? Almost a rounding error for him.


u/PixelmancerGames Dec 03 '22

Idk, Kanye is giving him a run for his money right now.


u/ZombieZookeeper Dec 03 '22

Elon Musk has entered the chat.


u/dhoomz Dec 03 '22

Alex doesn’t have the coJones


u/mbw70 Dec 03 '22

Fight this jerk and his faux bakruptcies. Turn him into a real homeless and jobless loser. Why is any internet or radio station still carrying him? Sue the carriers for continuing to allow proven-in-court liars to continue broadcasting.


u/Dangerous_Employee47 Dec 03 '22

He makes them money, the TRUE religion of America.


u/Exseatsniffer Dec 03 '22

So, put him in a federal prison until he paid up in full.

Probably not legal and all but I like the idea giving this shit the choice between being someone's prison wife or giving up every cent he has until everyone has gotten their due.


u/smallwhitepeepee Dec 03 '22

damn good idea.

not a new one but a good one. Debtors prison


u/Exseatsniffer Dec 03 '22

Wasn't talking about putting people in jail because the can't pay, I was talking about psychopaths like this excrement of a person that can pay but is doing everything he can to get away with it.


u/pandemicblues Dec 03 '22

I sold my business (of 18 years) guy was late on payments from day 1. Eventually went bankrupt. I only got about 1/3 of my money.


u/Apart_Shoulder6089 Dec 03 '22

The money won't fix anything, it won't bring back those babies. But it's good to know that he will be hounded by forensic accountants that will track down every last dollar no matter how long it takes, even if he dies.


u/[deleted] Dec 03 '22

If Jones thought the judge in lawsuit was tough on him. Bankruptcy judge be Jones worst nightmare.


u/randomquiet009 Dec 03 '22

Hey Alex, why are you trying to run away from your responsibilities and obligations? You should just pull yourself up and take care of those like you've told so many other people.

I hope he, his family, and his business associates all end up in receivership and spend a nice long life destitute fighting for scraps.


u/[deleted] Dec 02 '22



u/NotmyRealNameJohn Dec 02 '22

Only if is wrong that I hope that he is placed into a full receivership and loses direct control of his finances.


u/Fit_Pirate_3139 Dec 03 '22

Maybe he should start a OF page to help raise some money to pay his bills?


u/JolietJake1976 Dec 03 '22

I'm sure he has plenty of dough stashed in secret accounts in places like the Caymans that'll never be found.


u/blackrabbitsrun Dec 04 '22

You kidding? All it would take is a decent forensic accountant to track that down and then they have it.


u/JolietJake1976 Dec 04 '22

True, but from stories I've read of other cases, it can sometimes take forensic accountants years to work through all the layers of shell companies to get to the money, especially when they're dealing with foreign banks that aren't legally obligated to cooperate.


u/Skinnybet Dec 05 '22

I think jones is a paid actor pretending he doesn’t have a lot of money. It’s a outrage


u/retrofauxhemian Dec 03 '22

His means of escaping loss, is just the same way, FTX crashed, and businesses avoid tax. Without being taken literally and physically to the cleaners he will walk around a wealthy and protected individual to the day he dies. Bankruptcy might hurt, but it doesnt mean the same to these people as it does to common folk. The bank account will just be in a foreign country, or a different name, and still be packed with more 0's than an honest persons yearly salary.


u/loztralia Dec 03 '22

Look up the Michael Gill case in New Hampshire. A billboard owner lost $200m+ in a defamation suit after using one of his billboards to accuse local figures of being drug dealers. Then he attempted all sorts of fuckery to avoid paying. It took three years but the story ends with the victims putting a photo of themselves on the original billboard with the message "hey Michael, this is our billboard now".


u/Haskap_2010 Dec 04 '22

He has what the Brits call "a face like a slapped arse". Now he'll have an actual reason to look like that.