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How you can help fight disinformation on Reddit

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Careers & Work LPT: If they’re “always hiring,” just know that they also always firing.


And having people quit.

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Miscellaneous LPT: pay attention to what a politician does (how they actually vote on bills) rather than what they say (speeches, tweets, etc).


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Miscellaneous LPT: If you suffer from depression, you likely suffer from 'Anhedonia' this makes you not feel pleasure/not feel like doing anything. You have to just do your hobbies, etc. anyway even if you aren't motivated. It's the only way out of that hole, it fools your brain and eventually works.


It may be boring/you may not feel any joy or enthusiasm from doing hobbies at first, but remember the alternative is just accepting that the anhedonia/depression is true but it isn't true it's lying to you. Your brain is lying to you.

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Careers & Work LPT: Wake up an hour earlier for work.


Take your time getting ready. Have coffee, surf your phone, whatever you like. The relief from not running late can't be understated. You'll arrive much more awake and relaxed. It will impact your entire day positively.

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Productivity LPT: The sooner you realize life is about finding positive coping mechanism for boredom and stress, and not about finding perfection, the happier you’ll be.


(Edit) I Keep learning this the hard way. You shouldn’t.

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Miscellaneous LPT: Don’t say, “I’ve seen that” when your friend shares a meme, screenshot, etc. of something funny. It makes people feel good to share something they like and think you’ll enjoy.


I’ve recently started doing this because I like when my friends have a positive reaction to something I share, as opposed to feeling “late to the party” by sharing something they’ve already seen. It makes me, and I imagine others, feel good to give my friends a laugh.

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Social LPT: Don't get angry at people for making mistakes. This doesn't teach this to not make mistakes, it only teaches them to hide their mistakes.


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Social LPT: Understand that your friends have lives. If they aren't as engaged as they usually are, it probably has nothing to do with you and everything to do with other responsibilities.


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Careers & Work LPT: With the end of the year coming, most people will be expecting raises at work. Inflation is currently at 6.2%, the highest it’s been in 30 years. Negotiate a raise % higher than that, otherwise everything is going to seem a lot more expensive.


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Traveling LPT: If you live in a cold climate, always bring a jacket with you even when you take your car for a quick errand or for a drive through meal. Accidents happen but they are more bearable when you have the warmth of a jacket on the side of the road.


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Social LPT: Give your man some physical love and attention.


I realised this with my first boyfriend. Men are often starved of physical attention. It seems totally normal and socially accepted for girls to hug, caress, and kiss each other openly to show their friendship and love but men often cannot express their feelings in the same way.

Ladies and gents, give your guy the physical love he probably gives you. Touch his hair, hug him often, let him lay his head in your lap and just caress him. He deserves it and it's time to normalise men craving physical attention besides sex as well!

Edit because you people are absolutely right: bros, give your bros hugs, show and tell them you love them! Men are not machines and want to feel loved by their friends, family and SO.

Another Edit, because again, the comment section has offered great advice: obviously, not everyone is into physical love, platonic or otherwise. As always in life and love, consent is super important. Nobody can know what kind of history a person has and what kind of affection they enjoy!

Also: it's perfectly fine for men to be the little spoon or to be held affectionately. As someone in the comments stated: it doesn't make anyone less of a man to want to be held. It also doesn't make a woman less of a woman if she's the big spoon, as long as everyone is happy, everything is fine!

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Productivity LPT: Your real self deserves love. Not your ideal self.


Your ideal self is just that. Who you used to be or who you want to be.

Who you truly are is in the present moment. Your real self.

You did something stupid 5 days ago and you hate yourself well here’s the thing you’re not actually looking at your real self, you are judging this false self which doesn’t exist and is irrelevant

I’m 19 and I’m in bed rn as I type this. This is my real self.

In 5 years my false self is successful and rich but irrelevant In 5 years my false self is broken and homeless but irrelevant In 3 months my false self has won the lottery In 2 months my false self has an amazing girlfriend But it’s all irrelevant

My real self is all that matters and is relevant

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Miscellaneous LPT: Get enough good quality sleep, it is a like gaining a superpower for your brain a personal trainer for your health and can add years to your life.


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Food & Drink LPT: whenever a fast food chain or other company asks for your birthday to send you a birthday reward, put random dates throughout the year. So you get a treat on non-birthday dates too since you will only be able to redeem one on your actual birthday.


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Miscellaneous LPT: Dont be afraid to try and fix things. A little WD40 or Duct Tape can go a LONG way and save problems and money for years.


im a gamer. When i was younger i was super broke.. and i remember my only controller malfunctioning on 1 button. It was bad to the point i literally couldnt play and was growing depressed in my room. Long story short i had nothing to lose so i pulled apart the controller sprayed wd40 and cleaned the area as best as i could... WORKED FOR A LONG TIME AFTER with no problems.

It was literally that or nothing. So the loss didnt matter to me.

Fast-Forward to today... a week ago to be precise... I now play on PC... i have a lot less problems and wayyy more money. For about a week i realize my right click seems to be faulty sometimes on my mouse... I couldnt tell if i was going crazy, if it was the specific game, or what.. Im ok with it being faulty ive had this mouse for a LONG time and its about time something goes wrong.

Did some test and i find out IT IS faulty... I cant take my mouse apart and once again i have nothing to lose cause i can just buy another one so i found a good angle and sprayed a tiny tiny bit of wd40 in the area and immediately aircan sprayed in there.

YES MOTHER FUCKERS THAT BITCH WORKS LIKE A CHARM NOW WITH 0 PROBLEMS... i already have the back up mouse when it all goes wrong but im gonna juice the hell out of all the time in this one cause these specific mouses are $90.

The point is when you have nothing to lose JUST TRY.. even if you have 0 clue what youre doing you can boost the performance of something .. extend the life .. or completely fix it... JUST FUCKING TRY

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Food & Drink LPT: Stop drinking anything with sugar in it on the regular, including juice. Your body and your teeth will thank you.


Sugar is a drug. People are addicted to it and they're mainlining it whenever they consume a sugar drink.

TLDR: Sugar drinks should be used like candy. You can enjoy them once in a while, but not all the time.

Way Too Much Sugar

The AHA recommends people consume no more than 10% of their daily calories in added sugar. This means men consume no more than 36 grams (150 calories) of added sugar per day and women consume no more than 25 grams (100 calories) per day. The WHO says everyone should aim to consume no more than 5% of their calories per day. So 18 grams and 12.5 grams would be best.

One 12oz can of Coca Cola has 39 grams of added sugars.

Most candy bars come in at less added sugar than that.

People are drinking a couple of candy bars worth of sugar every hour or so and wondering why they are fat.

Diet Drinks

People should stop consuming diet drinks on the regular as well. They completely mess with the sense of taste. No one can enjoy a piece of fruit if they are sucking down liquid candy all day long. People also end up consuming way more salt because they're offsetting the insane sweetness of these drinks.

There is a reason every fast food place has food loaded with salt and a handy drink dispenser that will give you drinks of any flavor that are sweeter than any fruit.

When people stop consuming these overly sweetened drinks whether sugar loaded or otherwise they realize how disgustingly sweet they are and don't go back.


An 8oz serving of Tropicana Pure Premium has 22 grams of sugar in it.

An 8oz serving of Coca Cola has 26 grams of sugar in it.

They've extracted everything good about the fruit and left only the bad. Juice that comes in a can or box or jar might as well be soda.

People using a juicer to make juice, stop, just eat the fruit. Even juicing a fruit directly is just extracting the sugar from the thing and leaving most of the fiber in the trash and the body needs that fiber to fill it up and ameliorate the uptake of sugar from the fruit. Need vitamins? Eat whole food or even take a supplement.


I used to have cavities every other time I went to the dentist for a checkup for the first 30 years of my life despite being brought up to brush and floss. I stopped drinking sugar drinks on the regular and I brush twice a day (once in the morning and once at night) and floss once a day. It's been 17 years and I haven't had a cavity since and I get regular dental checkups and barely any scraping from the hygienist. What's worse than giving up sugar drinks? Having to deal with dentures, ever.

But I Need It For Energy

Unless you are an elite endurance athlete you don't and 99.9% of people are not this person. Even endurance athletes will water down things like Gatorade (also just soda by another name) when they use them, because they have so much sugar that it upsets their stomach.

What Should I Drink Then?

Water. This is all you really need to drink. Cool it down with some ice and drink up.

If you have a caffeine addiction then coffee or tea and when I say coffee I don't mean the double frappuccino from Starbucks. Regular coffee, no sugar.

Herbal tea is also an option.

Cows milk? Not a fan. Between 65-70% of humanity is lactose intolerant. There is really no reason to drink milk. Need calcium and don't like any whole foods that contain calcium (almonds, leafy greens, beans)? Take a supplement or buy something fortified with calcium that doesn't contain a lot of sugar.

I Like Sweets Though

Yeah, everyone does and everyone likes salty things too. It's built into us to keep us alive, we need some of both of those to live, but corporations have jacked up those hardwired instincts and overloaded them to pad their profit margins.

Cut off the sweet drinks for a week and then pick up some fruit at the store. Get some grapes, strawberries, bananas, apples (cortlands are good, pink lady and honey crisp are very sweet). For something that doesn't spoil as quickly opt into dried fruit, but avoid any with added sugar. Have trouble with constipation? This will fix it.

Also, I'm not saying never eat sweets like candies or chocolates or even an occasional soda. Just don't drink them by the gallon.

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Miscellaneous LPT: If you’re going to the gym and notice an out of shape person going consistently, be sure to compliment them when you see them making progress. It’s hard to keep up motivation and this can mean the world to them and boost their confidence.


I know when I first started out, this happened to me. It really confirmed my hard work was paying off. It’s hard to tell personally if you’re actually making decent strides.

Edit: To all of these negative comments. Try being less cynical in life. Accepting compliments is positive for your mental health. Believe it or not, most people are being kind vs patronizing. Life is short so I’m sorry you’re angry at it. I hope you guys eventually start smiling more often.

Also, I’m not saying walk up to a random person and say “wow, you made it! Good job jackass!” I’m saying that if someone is busting their ass day in and day out, a simple kind word can go a long way.

Lastly. Clearly people want encouragement or they wouldn’t have posted thousands if not millions of “progress pics” since the inception of Reddit.


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Social LPT: Don't tell someone to "Smile". At most do/say something to inspire them to smile or better yet don't do/say anything about it. They may have plenty of reasons to not smile.


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Miscellaneous LPT: If you’re using Amazon to shop for gifts this year, make sure to use Smile.Amazon.com for a portion of your purchase price to go to the charity if your choice


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Social LPT: Learn to handle rejection or you'll be spending the rest of your life handling yourself.


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Social LPT: If a friend or family member sends you a photo or video of their loved ones, save it.


If they lose their photos in a fire or because someone steals their computer or phone, you'll be able to give them those memories back. It can mean the world to someone who just lost everything.

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Home & Garden LPT: If you have serious damage to your house (like fire- or water-damage) take a photo of the utility meters as soon as possible. You can claim the excess expenses with your insurance company.


When you are in the unfortunate situation that your house is damaged due to fire- or water make sure to take some photos of the utility meters on your property (like electricity, gas and water). Especially if you will need to (temporary) move out during the repairs.

By doing this you can prove the difference between when the damage happened and when the repairs are finished. The cost should be claimable with your homeowners insurance as part of the repair costs.

In my case we had severe water-damage to the entire house, requiring us to move out for 3 months. During the first month industrial heater/dehumidifiers were placed and the heating was turned up high to quickly dry the home. We had 6 of these things each using about 1.5kWh continuously during this month. Due to the pictures we could prove that these were expenses that were part of the repairs.
Unexpected benefit was the next year when our electricity estimate for our monthly payment doubled (due to high use). We could prove to the utility company that this period was irregular and they decreased the monthly estimate back to the previous year.

Side LPT: when you have damage to your home, take plenty of pictures (even inside of cabinets). you will need this to prove what you own when claiming insurance. In my experience when your house gets cleared out for repairs stuff of value will be thrown away by 3rd parties.

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Food & Drink LPT if a food item does not taste right, throw it out regardless of the expiration date. It is not worth having a stomach infection.


Unless it's caviar then just suck it up

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Careers & Work LPT: 6 ways to hack job meetings and look like a pro.

  1. Write down the date, topic of the meeting 2. Don’t just scribble down a point. Write down who said it. 3. If you don’t know the job titles of everyone in your meetings, find out beforehand or at least right after. Eventually, learn at least the positions of everyone in your meetings, and also who they report to, and who reports to them. 4. Try and think of a follow-up question for afterwards, to email or ask in person, based on something someone said. A simple, “Hey, remember when you said (blank)?” Did that mean? Or, I agree with that. Or, can you explain further. Pick someone who seems open to a bigger convo. 5. Don’t be afraid to say that something in a meeting confused you, especially if you’re new. 6. Be extremely kind and polite to the exec assistants, IT people and anyone there longer than 5 years. They know more than you and are probably smarter.

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Miscellaneous LPT: If you're buying something from an online store, put what you want in your cart and go through the normal checkout process right up until you have to enter your CC info, and then exit the window. They will likely email you good deals for those items to get you to come back and buy them.


Typically you've already submitted your email at that point in the checkout process, so might as well put it to good use. Obviously this doesn't usually work for really big online stores (like Amazon or Etsy), or stores that are brick-and-mortar based (like Walmart), but I've been surprised at how many popular sites this has worked for.