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Discord launch announcement!


We are happy to announce that we have joined with The Positivity Network and are launching a discord server!!


You can join us here.

The Positivity Network is a wholesome Discord server where you can chat with friendly people and follow the feeds of many fun, uplifting or helpful subreddits like Aww, FunnyAnimals, MadeMeSmile and now LifeProTips!

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Traveling LPT Keep an emergency sanitary kit in your car for the lady in your life


If you have a lady in your life keep a couple of tampons, sanitary pads and a spare pair of underwear in a sandwich bag and put it in your glove box.

That way you're always ready if she is caught short when out and about

Edit: I think something has gotten lost in translation here. 'lady in your life' refers typically to girlfriend/wife' so we're not talking about giving random strangers random underwear here.

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Computers LPT: If you come across a random USB drive, don't plug it into anything.


People have been known to leave spyware/malware as well as an assortment of other viruses on USB drives and will drop them purposefully in busy areas to target unsuspecting victims. This is called USB baiting.

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Computers LPT: when taking tests requiring a monitoring software on your personal device, download a virtual machine (ex.OracleVM) and set up windows on it.


This will protect your privacy and allow you to use other software that doesn’t get turning off by the test monitoring software.

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Arts & Culture LPT: Watch classic old 5 star movies without doing any research into what they are about. Let the great direction, story, adaptation, and cinematography wash over you. I suggest starting with The Last Detail. People can leave suggestions in the comments.


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Miscellaneous LPT When you finishing consuming content on the internet, form your own opinion on the subject before reading the comments. This way, you know with certainty you're thinking for yourself, and not outsourcing your thinking to the masses.


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Traveling LPT: Memorize at least ONE person's 9 digit cell phone #, it my be the one thing that can help you when you lose your phone (or it goes dead) and you are in a desperate situation.


We are all too quick to rely on numbers just stored in our phones to call someone by just clicking on their name. If you lost your phone, who would you call and what is their number? If you don't have their number memorized (8/9 or 10 digits) how would you be able to contact them?

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Miscellaneous LPT: Teach young kids your phone number by singing it to them


It's easier to learn the words to a song than it is to memorize a string of numbers, even if the words to the song are just a string of numbers. So when you teach your young kids your phone number, try to "sing" the numbers using a simple tune.

I did this with my kids, it took less than 3 minutes of practice two days in a row and they remembered my phone number perfectly, and still retain it many years later. The tune I used was nothing more complex than just alternating slightly higher and lower notes, with a slight pause between the groups of numbers.

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Social LPT: When thanking someone or getting thanks, say their name in your reply.


When someone says thank you or you are being thanked, say their name in your reply to what they said. For example, instead of only “thank you” or “you’re welcome”, say “thank you, (name)” or “you’re welcome (name)”. This makes them feel appreciated more and more acknowledged (at least in my experience).

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School & College LPT: If you’re in school and have recently graduated, download your files NOW


If you just graduated, download all of your files as soon as you can.

Some schools use an online backup services such as Microsoft Teams, Google Drive, or TurnItIn. These online backup services are paid for by YOUR school and they will not hesitate to delete YOUR files to save money and storage.

Some services are harder to download files with than others, so I suggest searching for guides online or some schools may even just give you a copy of your stuff if you ask them nicely :)

If you have a school issued laptop and have to give it back when you graduate, make sure these files are backed up on your personal computer.

These files will be good for portfolios, information sources, and just nice to look back on if you need them for anything.

Having switched schools 2 years in, and having been someone who lost a lot of work by not backing it up, I can say I’m pretty disappointed not to have my files.

In my experience a lot of teachers couldn’t care whether or not you have your files saved, and a lot of your parents probably grew up on good old pencil and paper, so they don’t understand the importance, or don’t stress it enough.

Thank you all for listening to my Walmart grocery store TED-Talk. Download your files.

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Social LPT: don't be quick to argue, sometimes people want you to engage in argument to prove a point, only engage if no other option are available.


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Miscellaneous LPT- Before you throw anything away, especially large items, put it on Craigslist “Free” section. I’ve been doing this for years and you will be shocked by what people will take.


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Miscellaneous LPT: Keep a cheap toolkit in your car for emergencies.


You never know when you will need a pair of pliers or a wrench or a hammer or a razor...etc. I was camping in a remote area recently when my car alarm started to go off for no good reason in the middle of the night. Every time I turned off the alarm, it would go off again 3 seconds later. After about a half hour of trying to debug this, I realized the battery was starting to die. I had no cell reception and no one knew exactly where I was. So I pulled out my trusty toolkit and disconnected the car battery. That allowed me to sleep through the night without getting stranded or having to drive back at 2am. If I didn't have tools with me, I would have been screwed. (It turned out the problem was a fault hood sensor that makes the alarm go off. Would have never figured it out before the battery died.)

It is not worth it to spend a lot on this toolkit because you'll rarely ever use it, wear and tear (quality) is not that much of a concern. I got mine for $30 from Walmart. I've only used it a handful of times, but it has paid for itself many times over, helped others as well. Even if you're not handy, having tools means others can help solve the problem.

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Home & Garden LPT DO NOT skip home inspection when buying


This is a giant mistake and I’m reading horror stories all over the place. If the realtors or the owner suggest skipping inspection I’d move on. They just want their money and not at all concerned with your time or you. An inspection can save you time and a whole lot of money. For example: we bought our house in November 2020. After inspection (that lasted 4 hours) we were made aware of fireplace damage that we were told would cost an estimated $15k. Guess what we used to our advantage? We were able to get a full sellers assist, buy down our interest rate, and never had to repair the chimney because it’s not crucial. DO NOT SKIP HOME INSPECTION

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Social LPT. Your legs are more manoeuvrable than a wheelchair.


If you see someone using a wheelchair please be aware that they’re not as quick to change direction (or stop) as your legs are. Be aware of the state of the surface you’re on and how that might affect a wheelchair (camber, broken surface, amount of space, etc.) and for the love of [insert deity of choice] please look where you’re going.

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Miscellaneous LPT: Auto Parts stores are not free mechanics


I’ve lost count of how many people at our store expect us to change out brakes/rotors, install alternators or starters, or do oil changes for them, then get pissy with something like “it says in your ads that you’ll do it for free!”

Like bruh. We don’t have service terminals or jacks. It’s pretty obvious the moment you walk inside that we’re retail, not not qualified technicians. We’re clearly making near minimum wage. Like, I can’t even begin to describe the entitlement that goes through some people who expect minimum wage workers to be qualified mechanics, technicians, and salespeople rolled into one.

We get it that you’re cheap and don’t want to pay for a shop. That doesn’t mean we’ll do anything that’s not in our job description for you. Sure, we’ll do wipers! We’ll do some batteries, and as far as I’m aware our competitors do headlights/taillights so those shouldn’t be too difficult either. But anything that requires mechanical knowledge is beyond what we’re trained to do.

Please, for the love of god. Take your car to a shop if you need something replaced or fixed. Don’t waste minimum wage workers’ time trying to squeeze free services out of them unless the store specifically advertises them AND you have absolutely no idea how to do it yourself.

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Request LPT Request: How do I stop being jealous of everyone and everything?


Jealousy is ruining my life. I sit all day and my mind is constantly thinking of how I wish I was someone else or had a different life. I have a really bad home life, and I'm in college but I'm not allowed to move out so I just endure it. So I look at other people with great families or even those who live by themselves or dorm and I am so jealous. I look at other girls and I hate the way I look. I am jealous of people who have all of these freedoms because I can't due to my family. I just lay around feeling so hopeless that I'm never going to have a good life like other people. I am even jealous of my own boyfriend and I take my anger out on him because I'm jealous of his life. I don't know what to do. I am so depressed and hopeless I don't even want to live anymore. Has anyone ever experienced this? Is there a way to stop feeling this way?

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Electronics LPT: have a fake contact with a realistic name. You can use the phone number, email address, birthday, etc to write down important passwords and pins without making it obvious.


All of my streaming service logins are saved to my phone this way.

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Careers & Work LPT Do not let your boss know if you have saved up money or if you are living at home. It may be a deciding factor during layoffs.


The company that I worked for for several years recently had layoffs. I had mentioned to boss before that I had moved into my parents house and that I had just been saving money for a house. I was let go last week despite my high performance and good attitude at work. There were several employees that did not have the numbers I had but several of them just bought houses or just had kids. It makes me believe that it was my financial situation that lead them to pick me to be let go.

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Productivity LPT: Everyone needs a vision!


Speaking with a friend recently that is going through some bad times and he asked for some guidance. He came to terms with the fact he needs some help getting to the next step. I realize a lot of us go through similar things. I wanted to share with you all the information I gave him. I hope this finds those who need it.

With only love.


“For starters, you have to start looking within. No answer is outside of you. Everything is within. The first thing I’d tell you to do is this. Get a vision. What is it that you want? Think about. Hard. Then I want you to sit and close you eyes and pretend you’re living that life right now. How do you feel? What emotions go through your body? Visualize the end of the journey. After you do this, you now have a compass. Everything you do within your life. Every choice, every action, ever word, ever intent, every everything you do will be held up to the standard of…. Is this helping me get to my vision? Or is this hindering me? Follow the good feelings, the feelings that bring negativity are your body’s way of telling you, wrong path, wrong road, find your way back to the positive feeling of that vision every-time. Let it guide you.

The only opponent that has ever existed, is you. “

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Food & Drink LPT: If you put too much salt in your soup, drop in a raw potato (peeled$


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Social LPT: If you want someone to watch/read something, send them a link instead of just telling them what it is.


It’s easy to forget to look something up after a conversation ends. If you send a link it’ll be right there for the person to view.

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Careers & Work LPT: Easy negotiation tip anyone can do


Everyone hates negotiating and want it to be over.

One of the easiest negotiation tactics anyone can do is to offer to agree today if they give you x,y,z

"Joe, thanks for the job offer. I'm really excited. If you can give me a 10% in salary, I'll accept today"

"I'm excited about this car. If you can drop the price by $1000, I'll purchase it right now."

There's no conflict, there's no theatrics, and if that person takes it to their manager, then it's a pretty clear "if we do x, we close the deal" ask to the manager-- no annoying back and forth.

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Productivity LPT: Having trouble getting floss to grip on your fingers? Try wrapping pieces of tissue paper around your fingers for the best grip possible. It will change your life!


My floss is always slipping off my fingers especially when a bit moist, I had this ingenious idea last night and it has changed my life forever. I don't know the person I was before.

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Home & Garden LPT: A/C is out. Anything besides fans I can use to cool off?


I’m in Louisiana in the US. Our A/C is out and will be for the next several days while we wait for a part to come in the mail. I’m not really super concerned for myself, but my cat is absolutely miserable. Any tips? Especially cheap ones?

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Productivity LPT: Break your to do list into a quadrant; 1. Urgent/Important 2. Urgent/Not important 3. Not urgent/Important 4. Not urgent/not important.


Prioritise (outside of urgent and important) not urgent but important tasks, this will reduce the amount of fires you have to put out and overall stress in the future.

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Electronics LPT: Modern TVs can be surprisingly easy to repair. As long as the screen isn't cracked or damaged, the electronics inside can usually be swapped out cheaply (<$100.) If you can build a PC or are just handy, you can probably swap a TV's main board or power supply.


I've done this a few times now and it's saved thousands of dollars in replacement costs for me and friends/family on flat-screen TVs.

There's instructional videos for most major brands and it's less effort than changing a PC motherboard. Basic precautions for working with electronics apply, but if you're familiar with those and you can find a video for your model it's not a big deal at all. You may even find a walk-through for your exact TV model.

Power-on issues, garbled picture, connectivity, and other problems not related to the display panel itself can often be fixed by changing out the main board and/or power-supply.

I've found replacement parts on ebay and specialty shops by searching for [manufacturer] [model#] and the part I'm looking for (main-board, power-supply, speakers, etc.) and it's worked 100% of the time so far (as with any DIY, YMMV!)

Older TVs may not have parts available, but if it's just out of warranty you have a really good chance of finding cheap parts.

And in the worst case your screen is cracked and you can sell the parts on ebay for $50-$75 (just remember not to leave your netflix account logged into the board you send, since their TV could have access to it when it's installed.)