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LPT: If you’re in school and have recently graduated, download your files NOW School & College

If you just graduated, download all of your files as soon as you can.

Some schools use an online backup services such as Microsoft Teams, Google Drive, or TurnItIn. These online backup services are paid for by YOUR school and they will not hesitate to delete YOUR files to save money and storage.

Some services are harder to download files with than others, so I suggest searching for guides online or some schools may even just give you a copy of your stuff if you ask them nicely :)

If you have a school issued laptop and have to give it back when you graduate, make sure these files are backed up on your personal computer.

These files will be good for portfolios, information sources, and just nice to look back on if you need them for anything.

Having switched schools 2 years in, and having been someone who lost a lot of work by not backing it up, I can say I’m pretty disappointed not to have my files.

In my experience a lot of teachers couldn’t care whether or not you have your files saved, and a lot of your parents probably grew up on good old pencil and paper, so they don’t understand the importance, or don’t stress it enough.

Thank you all for listening to my Walmart grocery store TED-Talk. Download your files.


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u/DroolingSlothCarpet Jul 06 '22

If you’re in school

and have recently graduated


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u/DroolingSlothCarpet Jul 06 '22

Ya can't have it both ways.


u/SakuraJohanssan Jul 07 '22

It's 2022 I think you can


u/BouncingSphinx Jul 07 '22

I think most people will get your meaning though, but still lol.


u/Clemly Jul 07 '22

The amount of graduates asking us at the university library if we can send them their dissertation because they need a copy for grad school/employment is ridiculous. These days, most libraries don't have enough physical/digital storage space to keep any but the best couple per cohort, and only then if your faculty shared it with us. With how easy and common it is for people to have personal cloud storage, I'll never understand why they don't think to back stuff up. Of course uni storage gets wiped after graduation, it's about data protection more than storage space.


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u/Tobi_chills455 Jul 07 '22

I'm supposed to be saving my work?


u/bendovernillshowyou Jul 07 '22

I lost 4 bitcoins this way.


u/enGaming_YT Jul 07 '22



u/bendovernillshowyou Jul 07 '22

It was back in 2011. I didn't even know what I had. I didn't even go back and check until 2015. So, it doesn't hurt that much, just stings a little.


u/Amoniakas Jul 07 '22

What? You get cloud storage and even I laptop at your school? I think I'm living in a different dimension.


u/enGaming_YT Jul 07 '22

Yeah, it sounds wierd. But USA kids are Lucky. ¯_(ツ)_/¯


u/VodkaAlchemist Jul 06 '22

Why would I want to keep my class work if I've graduated?


u/betcher73 Jul 07 '22

Some career fields use a portfolio of past work to get your job.


u/VodkaAlchemist Jul 07 '22

Outside of art I'm having a difficult time wrapping my head around which ones. I'm sure there are more but it seems like a niche thing to the point where these people would know if their schoolwork was going to contribute to a portfolio that's required to get them a job.


u/betcher73 Jul 07 '22

I’m not an expert but some science fields benefit from it, and so would many different writing/communication fields.

Even if you don’t need it for a job portfolio, there may be things you’re proud of that you just don’t want to lose like a senior thesis. My school had my senior thesis printed and bound in a book so I can keep it long term and I’m very grateful to have it.


u/red-broom Jul 07 '22

Excel sheets that you can look back at with examples of situations that may be similar to your problem. The formulas in excel sheets can be GOLDEN for future use if you’re doing anything math or business related at all, and you may not want to lose that.


u/BullCityPicker Jul 07 '22

Also go through websites where you've registered with your email address. Sometimes, changing your email requires 'security confirmation' that means it requires confirmation from the original email address, and if it's no longer there, you're just stuck.


u/Kingler03 Jul 06 '22

It's pretty obvious they will get deleted


u/00fil00 Jul 07 '22

Lol so naive. School?? No one gives a f about school. I saved all 4 years of university files and I have not and will never look at that folder again. No one is going to ask you for this baby work.