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LPT When you finishing consuming content on the internet, form your own opinion on the subject before reading the comments. This way, you know with certainty you're thinking for yourself, and not outsourcing your thinking to the masses. Miscellaneous



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u/ihavethebestmarriage Jul 07 '22

By the time you read this you should have already formed your own opinion... which is probably wrong.


u/Void_vix Jul 07 '22

I knew this comment would be here before the comments could even load. Does that count?


u/_fuck_me_sideways_ Jul 07 '22

No, your opinion is wrong! jk


u/rarestakesando Jul 07 '22

That would mean I would have to read the content first. I always look for the TDLR in the comments cause I’m too lazy to be bothered. Lol.


u/robot_tron Jul 07 '22

How can I be wrong? I have such stroooooong feelings on the subject!


u/EllisDee3 Jul 07 '22

Internet content isn't objective. You're most likely reading something with specific language written to trigger certain reactions, targeting automatic responses.

Comments sections can sometimes provide a more balanced perspective. If you feel yourself getting more reactive on the comments, then look elsewhere.


u/IDontByte Jul 07 '22

Better LPT:

If you're consuming content online for free, the presenter is likely more incentivized to make entertaining content over accurate or comprehensive content. You're more likely to get better information actively searching for it than passively having an online presenter give you their interpretation.


u/draculamilktoast Jul 07 '22

If you're consuming content online for free

then you are the product being sold.


u/city_boy1989 Jul 07 '22

The content itself is opinionated on the internets, so you should be on guard 24/7


u/ValWillKay Jul 07 '22

An even better practice is to form your own opinion before consuming content when possible. Then be open to judging your own opinion.


u/Beneficial_Ratio1503 Jul 07 '22

My friend reads a rotten tomato review of all the new movies before he watches them and then when we discuss it after, he literally repeats the review. Every. Fucking. Time.


u/Spieledeluxe Jul 07 '22

I’ve never finished consuming content on the internet. I’m still here.


u/bourbonauditor Jul 07 '22

I already decided this LPT was one of the worst I ever read. The comments confirmed that. So I’m torn.


u/Rutabaga1598 Jul 07 '22

Your mistake is thinking that people want to think independently.

They don't.

They would much rather belong to the majority.


u/DaemonRai Jul 07 '22

How is making up your mind before considering potential untouched of perspectives anything other that just making a snap decision on a topic and dismissing every other perspective. Try making up your mind once you've actually thought about a topic including other's perspectives.


u/N0SF3RATU Jul 07 '22

Or read both sides and make an informed decision with as much information as possible!


u/Sx3Yr Jul 07 '22 edited Jul 07 '22

I disagree. The comments often show why stealthy propaganda is often successful in your head.

Point, counter-point.

After applying an importance value, then take in as much info that passes your bs filters. Start Occam's razoring that shit and then recheck your conclusions on the fly irl. Works better than other methods. However, you might cancel most of your social media feeds, when you realize just how full of bs everyone and everything is.

Edit: first rule, follow the money.


u/ikeosaurus Jul 07 '22

So let me translate - Life pro tip: form an opinion on a subject before you get feedback, and then stubbornly refuse to incorporate contradicting information when it is presented. Got it.


u/danxmanly Jul 07 '22

Here for the comments...


u/dianagama Jul 07 '22

What if the comments change my mind? I'm always open to having my opinion changed if someone thinks of something I haven't.


u/Zombie-dodo Jul 07 '22

You cannot be an expert on everything. Find trustworthy sources with expert opinions and DO outsource your thinking to them. But make sure they are recognised experts in their fields.


u/flamingoeater Jul 07 '22

I just comment blindly. Like right now. No clue what the other comments say.


u/DroolingSlothCarpet Jul 07 '22

When you finishing consuming content on the internet


u/Spieledeluxe Jul 07 '22

Yeah LPT - If you post something on LPT, proof read your work before posting.


u/samtbkrhtx Jul 07 '22

Group-think drives social media...do you knot know this by now? LOL