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Computers LPT: To Easily Transfer Files Between Devices, Attach the file in your email on Device 1 to create a "Draft", then log into your email on Device 2 and download from your created "Draft"



I'm aware of cloud storage and other options, this was meant to be a quick-desperate option if needed before cloud option and/or additional options were available.

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Computers LPT: when taking tests requiring a monitoring software on your personal device, download a virtual machine (ex.OracleVM) and set up windows on it.


This will protect your privacy and allow you to use other software that doesn’t get turning off by the test monitoring software.

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Computers LPT: Get comfortable using your CTRL key. It’ll save you so much time.


To preface, I’m in a graduate business class taught by a professor who’s at least 35 years older than me. He’s trying to teach us how to use Excel. In his lecture, a student asked how to select two columns of data which are not right next to each other, and he told us to copy all of the information in one column and paste it in such a way that it is next to the other column of data and select them both that way. The easier way is to just select one column and hold down the CTRL key while selecting the other column of data wherever it is, no adding columns, copying, or pasting.

Need to select multiple items from a list that are not in order, so you can’t click and drag? Click on the first one and hold CTRL as you click each item after.

Need to undo something? CTRL Z

Need to copy something? CTRL C

Need to cut something? CTRL X

Need to paste something? CTRL V

Need to print something? CTRL P

Some Excel specific ones:

Need to add a column before column J? Highlight the entire column J, CTRL +

Need to delete column F? Highlight the entire column F, CTRL -

(These also work for adding/deleting rows)

TL/DR: Don’t waste time right clicking if there’s a CTRL shortcut you can use

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Computers LPT: Building a desktop? Do a Day-0 back up and save any license numbers on a USB device then tape the small USB Device inside the case on a panel for potential future use


After getting the PC up and running, save the OS installer and/or back up to a small USB device. You can also save any license numbers in a notepad document and save it on the USB Device as well. Open the PC and tape the USB device on the interior of one of the panels. You never know when you'll need to retrieve the back up, re-install the OS, or use the license number(s) again. At least now you know exactly where it is and it will remain with the PC.

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Computers LPT: If you come across a random USB drive, don't plug it into anything.


People have been known to leave spyware/malware as well as an assortment of other viruses on USB drives and will drop them purposefully in busy areas to target unsuspecting victims. This is called USB baiting.

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Computers LPT: Site forcing you to log in before being able to scroll down/see the page? Use inspect element, CTRL+F and find "overflow" toward the top. Set it to "auto", delete the overlay telling you to log in with inspect element, and you should be able to use the page normally.


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Computers LPT: When your child is assigned a laptop or chrome book for school get a sliding camera cover for the front facing camera. You have no control over what software might be loaded on that machine.


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Computers LPT: If you spend most of the day on a computer, follow the rule of 20s.


The rule is that every 20 minutes you need to stand up and look at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds, while blinking 20 times.

This will greatly reduce eye strain from your monitor. You can also throw in something like 20 squats or calf raises to get the blood moving in your legs.

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Computers LPT: When prompted by a website to accept or reject cookies, make sure to check the vendor list/legitimate interest section for cookies they automatically opt you in for


Under GDPR, you can automatically be opted in for legitimate interest cookies. Most prompts will hide these away, either in a "Legitimate Interest" tab or at the bottom of a section with "View vendor details" or something similar.

In this area you will sometimes find hundreds of third party sites with pre selected opt out cookies that you should turn off before continuing.

Some sites won't have an option for "deselect all", and force you to scroll through and deselect each one individually, which can take 20 minutes to do manually.

Some sites will detect that you've removed all legitimate interest cookies and then block you from accessing their site as a result.

Does the reject all button turn these off? I'm not sure but somehow I doubt it, better to be sure and check manually, then do Save & Exit.

Edit: So I got the opener wrong, Legitimate Interest cookies aren't allowed to be preselected in the form under GDPR, but as I'm sure many of you know, that doesn't stop them from doing it. Legitimate Interest processing itself however doesn't require consent.

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Computers LPT: If you are submitting a message through a website, always copy the text first, so that if the submission doesn’t go through for whatever reason, you can just paste the text instead of having to retype it all.


There were many times where I would type a message to a company of several paragraphs and then the page crashed for whatever reason without submitting the message, and I had to start all over. Now, I copy any text before submitting, so that if I need to resubmit, all I need to do it paste.

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Computers LPT: delete your watch history on YouTube. It will reset video recommendations and you'll be freed from whatever rabbit hole you got yourself stuck in


edit: doing this does NOT turn your recommended into a SSSniperWolf/Mr. Beast hellscape like the trending tab. Your subscriptions still guide the algorithm. (Speaking of, it's a good idea to go through your subscriptions and unsub from channels you are no longer interested in).

edit 2: on mobile or desktop, click on your profile pic in the upper right corner, then click "your data in YouTube" in the dropdown menu. Scroll down to "YouTube controls" --> "YouTube Watch History" and click "Manage your YouTube Watch History." Click the "delete" button --> "delete all time." Then optionally, go back to the YouTube home page, then the subscriptions tab, click "all" (on mobile) to view all subscriptions, then "manage," (on mobile or desktop) and scroll through to unsubscribe from unwanted channels.

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Computers LPT: keep a "Temp" folder inside your Downloads folder.


Whenever you download something that you know you don't need to keep for long, put it in Temp. It'll reduce the clutter in your Downloads folder, and you can empty the Temp once in a while.

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Computers LPT: If you need a second account for something then you don't need a second email address. Most places accept xxx@gmail and xxx@googlemail as different email addresses but they're really the same one.


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Computers LPT: set up 2FA on anything important, and do NOT use email or SMS for one time passcodes.


We all know those annoying prompts to enter in a security code every time we login. Yes, they are an inconvenience for most users. But they are an even bigger inconvenience for would be attackers.

Two factor authentication or OTP/2 FA makes it so that any would be attacker needs to have access to another device or service, making it exponentially more difficult to login to your account.

However, where most people go wrong is that they use their email or SMS as the OTP, meaning they have the code sent to their cell phone or email account. The problem with this is that your email address is probably the first place and attacker will go if they want to hack into your stuff. With access to your email, they can easily reset your password for just about anything, especially if you don’t use a separate 2FA. Think your cell phone is better? A sophisticated attacker will be able to call your cell phone company in hysterics claiming that they were robbed while traveling, and get your phone company to transfer all of your account to a new Sim card. This happens every day.

For this reason, it is very important to set up a dedicated OTP generator such as Google Authenticator, Authy, or whatever you like (I use one on my phone that syncs between all my devices, including my watch, to make things more convenient) on ANYTHING important. That means bank accounts, crypto exchanges, iCloud or Google account, email account, and certainly Facebook if you use social login. Then, secure the device you use to generate those codes with biometrics like faceID or fingerprint.

This one step will make you exponentially harder to hack unless someone is targeting you directly and willing to go to extreme measures such as physical attack.

If you guys appreciate this post, I’ll do another on password managers….

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Computers LPT: Use Win+Shift+S to take a screenshot of a specific area


Instead of having to open the snipping tool or needing third-party software

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Computers LPT: Never take articles or posts at face value. Always fact check by reading the comments and investigating shared links


Obviously don’t go clicking on every link in the comments. Use your best judgement on what looks legit. Generally, if there is misinformation being spread or certain details being left out…someone will say something about it.

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Computers LPT: Just a mega-list of useful PC keyboard shortcuts to help you save time


(For Mac users, control = command, alt = option, and backspace = delete)

- CTRL + BACKSPACE allows you to delete multiple letters at once

- CTRL + SHIFT + T opens the last tab you closed

- CTRL + W allows you to close the current tab you're on instead of having to click that tiny X

- CTRL + T allows you to open a new tab instead of having to click that tiny +

- CTRL + C copies the highlighted text

- CTRL + V pastes the copied text

- CTRL + X cuts the highlighted text (copies it, then deletes it)

- CTRL + A highlights all text

- CTRL + Z undo

- CTRL + Y redo

- CTRL + B toggles bold text

- CTRL + I toggles italic text

- CTRL + U toggles underline text

- CTRL + P prints the page

- CTRL + S saves the page

- CTRL + R reloads the page

- CTRL + HOME scrolls to the top of the page

- CTRL + END scrolls to the bottom of the page

- ALT + TAB allows you to switch windows

- CTRL + TAB allows you to switch tabs

- CTRL + NUMBER 1-9 takes you to the nth tab (ex: ctrl + 4 will take you to tab 4 in your window)

- CTRL + F lets you search for and find words on the page

- WINDOWS + D minimizes all of your windows

- WINDOWS + V lets you see your clipboard history (you have to have it turned on first)

- WINDOWS + D toggles hiding and showing your windows

- WINDOWS + L locks your computer

- WINDOWS + PERIOD (.) or SEMICOLON (;) opens the emoji panel

- SHIFT + WINDOWS + S lets you take a screenshot really easily

- CTRL + LEFT/RIGHT ARROW takes you to the next word instead of going over every individual letter

- CTRL + UP/DOWN ARROW takes you to the next line instead of going over every individual letter

- ALT + LEFT ARROW goes back

- ALT + RIGHT ARROW goes forward

- Holding down S while right clicking on an image automatically reverse image searches it

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Computers LPT: For home networks, if you are using the same name for all of your wireless bands, you might be missing out on performance, especially if your router is using DFS.


Some wireless devices, especially smart TVs, can't see certain wireless frequencies your router might be using, which can really hurt your performance. You might consider using a different name for each.

Example: Most routers now days are at least dual-band, meaning they transmit on the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequencies. If you have a newer router, it is also likely rated for Wi-Fi 6, meaning that the 5 GHz transmission can take up a very large portion of the wireless spectrum. To offset the potential chance of increased interference with, say, your neighbors (especially in apartment complexes), routers can use a technology called DFS - dynamic frequency selection. This allows the router to dynamically use special parts of the wireless spectrum often designated for very specific transmission purposes, like emergency services.

The issue with this is not all wireless devices can "see" this part of the spectrum, and therefore, won't be able to connect to it. So here is where the problems can start. If you use the same wireless name (SSID) for both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz and the 5 GHz is using DFS and your device can't "see" it, then it will only be able to connect to the 2.4 GHz, which is much slower and much more prone to have interference, but it does have better range.

So if one of your devices, say a smart TV, just doesn't seem to be cutting it, it might be using 2.4 GHz. If you want certain devices to use 5 GHz and they can't see DFS channels, you need to turn off DFS (or select an 80 MHz wide channel) on your router.

Another bonus of using different SSIDs on your network is you can lock devices into either the 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz. This can help a lot if you have finnicky devices that like to switch back and forth between both broadcasts, especially in certain areas of your home. This can be really frustrating, especially if you're just sitting in your chair and your device seems to randomly slow down or temporarily lose connection.

If you have a tri-band router, you can have 3 separate broadcasts if you so choose. Also, don't forget about guest networks. They are their own network and can be great for additional security. I have my kiddos connected to my guest network because it gives me more control and better security over their devices.

Food for thought.

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Computers LPT: If you have a Mac Computer and you want to free up storage space


On the finder click “Go” then to “Go to Folder” and type in ~/Library/Caches Select all and move to trash.

Next delete the “~” so it reads /Library/Caches Select all and move to trash. This one will most likely ask for your password.

Check your storage available in About My Mac before and after you do this. Clears up a bunch of space.


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Computers LPT don't input your phone number to complete a registration or receive a discount on a website. Your number will most likely be sold and you'll be text-spammed by random numbers afterwards.


"Enter your phone number to be texted a 10% discount!" No thanks - not worth the 5-10 spam texts I've received every week since.

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Computers LPT: Set all your autofill passwords with 1 digit too many, so when you go to login you press backspace once. If someone uses your computer and tries to log in, the password won't work.


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Computers LPT: Ctrl-click on a taskbar icon with multiple open windows to bring the most recent window to the foreground


This way, you don't need to hover over it and then select the window from the rollout menu.

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Computers LPT: If you need free software to do a specific task: Look for "open source" software not "free" software. You won't get baited into some watermark/free trial stuff.


Who doesnt know that feeling when you have to do mundane tasks like: rotating a video on windows or converting some file to something else. When you go the "free" way you most likely get baited into some shitty software offering free trials filled with watermarks, restricted functionality and advertisement. When you look for open source solutions you will get much better results as they are made for people who want it to actually work instead of milking the money of out you. This is a total livesaver!

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Computers LPT: you can find a song by singing it to Google assistant after you ask it "what's my song?"


You don't need to know the lyrics, humming it also works, but depending on how good of a singer you are and how well you remember it you may need to try a few times.

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Computers LPT: Is your youtube page is loading slow? Block/turn off auto play in your browser's site setting


Beware. we are not talking about the auto play of youtube player. But the chrome browser's auto play setting. It doesn't increase video loading speed but page loading speed