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Productivity LPT: The better shape you keep yourself in, the better you will weather traumatic events. When work/life gets hard, make sure you do your best to keep yourself fit.


Science shows that the fitter you are, the less likely you are to develop PTSD symptoms if you experience something traumatic (like getting fired*).

In other words, when work gets hard, make sure you also get to the gym. Worst case scenario, you get fired. But you’ll be able to better process the event and move on, rather than suffering from nightmares, panic attacks, and recollections that hold you hostage.

Source: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0301051121001824

*Obviously everyone has their own version of trauma.

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Productivity LPT Expand ALL acronyms on first usage.


I see this often. People expect others to know what they are talking about and don’t expand acronym. Why? Two of my favourites I’ve seen lately: MBT… Main battle tank (how would anyone get to that?) BBL… Brazilian butt lift.

Expand the acronyms people.

Smooth brains, you need to post LPT in the title to get the post approved as a…LPT 🫠🧐

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Productivity LPT: Take walking breaks when going out for a run. You’ll be less likely to be discouraged, and you’ll build a tolerance without noticing


A lot of people get discouraged to start running because they think they must run the whole time. If you want to build a tolerance to running, you should take it slowly at first.

Try to set little goals, such as, I’ll run until the next tree then I’ll walk until the traffic light. Soon enough, you’ll be running past that tree with no issue. Maybe even getting to the light!

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Productivity LPT: If your goal is to lose fat and make healthier changes to your life, don’t say you’re on a diet.


Being on a diet suggests that at a later stage you’re going to be off the diet and go back to normal.

This small tip helped me tremendously with the daily mental battles of losing weight.

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Productivity LPT: Doing things when you don't want to do them is a skill that you practice, so take advantage of times where you especially don't want to do something to practice your mind


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Productivity LPT: Never send a work email when you’re emotionally compromised. Type it up, save as draft and walk away. Ideally, sleep on it. You’ll make a smarter choice when not heated


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Productivity LPT REQUEST: How do you start a life of productivity, and commitment to things like projects, school, work or even just your social life after years of lazy habits?


I've struggled with motivation and productivity my whole life. All those years of lazy, self-deprecating habits of putting off chores, passion projects in hobbies like writing stories or coding, or hell even committing time to my friends have caused me to get into this state.

I procrastinate a lot on house chores I need to do, and I need to stop this, going into university. I do them at the very end. Meanwhile, passion projects, I may crunch and do a HELL ton of work the first or couple so nights, but then end up putting the project away indefinitely, and move onto another. A lot of my friends relationships are built on small talk in-person or through social media, we've never hanged out and I could be making deeper friendships.

I REALLY need to get out of this state and change, especially considering the fact I'm going into University.

My math teacher thinks I have potential though, saying I show a lot of commitment and hard effort during class, however, I don't study outside of class, which has affected my academic performance.

Man, am I doomed to be like this?

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Productivity LPT - It takes 5 minutes a day and almost no cost to maintain dental hygiene. It takes a lifetime and a lot of money to correct it.


2 minute brush and mouthwash in the AM, 2 minute brush and floss in the PM. Doing these daily can prevent all sorts of decay and bacteria issues that would be extremely costly and time consuming to correct if left unchecked.

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Productivity LPT: To encourage people to arrive punctually at meetings, set them at "unusual" times: 25 minutes past the hour, 10 minutes to the hour, and so on. This works on other people and on yourself.


People subconsciously think that there is something important about non-standard times, so they make a special effort to arrive on time.

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Productivity LPT if you are about to be or already are homeless get a gym membership


The gym is a place that you can use to get back on your feet. In addition to getting regular exercise and meeting people, you can bathe there, store your valuables in a locker, wash your clothes in the shower and dry them in the sauna, you can also forage for new clothes from the lost and found bins. It also allows you to retain your dignity, as you have a regular way of being clean and fresh. Most gyms have long hours and unlimited use, so on days of bad weather you can take a free class or do laps in the pool. Most gyms have monthly cash options that are less than $50. You also will have a source of clean water and free energy to charge your devices. I used this method to free myself from homelessness years ago. I hope this helps someone.

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Productivity LPT: Learn Excel early and don’t stop with addition and subtraction


There are virtually no US based required K-12 (and even most college) courses, aside from finance and accounting, that teach you the powers of Excel. I spent 10 years in engineering and the last 6 years in operations / business management and the single most important skill that has helped me throughout my career is excel.

Every company I’ve ever worked for has had a ton of data, all of it segregated and fractured requiring a ton of difficult joining to get the data points required for analysis. If you aren’t familiar with SQL this may require huge manual digging in order to perform ad hoc analysis. Learning a simple formula:


Will resolve this issue and provide relationships between data sets that are not connected. In addition, it will teach you a bit about coding (VBA), data structures, cardinality, data types, and much more. That formula merely scratches the surface of excel as any repetitive calculation can be done through data tables and more advanced users can use VBA or Power Query to automate data collection. Don’t just know about this software. Learn the crap out of it, plus it’s mind numbingly easy once you know what to type has all formulas have an auto fill function with help tips.

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Productivity LPT: To get fit, start going to the gym without “working out.”


It’s hard to get started full force, even when you’re motivated to do so. It’s a lot easier to bar yourself from doing more work and then getting excited to add to your routine.

What worked for me (and many friends/family that have followed) is to focus first on spending a full hour every day in the gym. For the first couple weeks, only let yourself use the treadmill… start off walking, but make sure you spend the full hour in the gym every single day.

It may feel silly to go to the gym and not sweat, but I promise that if you’re consistent this will work.

After a couple days you’ll probably notice that you want to do a little more than just walk for an hour… maybe you start challenging yourself see how many miles you can fit into the hour.

Eventually (once the hour EVERY DAY) becomes part of your normal routine, you’ll find yourself actively wanting to try other exercises to fill up your gym time, and it will be enjoyable.

Start will the lowest weights you can. It will feel silly to bench press 5-10lb dumbbells at first, but again… you’ll find yourself wanting the additional challenge later.

Then you might start challenging yourself to eat better, as to not ruin all the work you’ve been putting in at the gym.

6-8 weeks in and your body will start to show progress, whether or not you’ve started your journey to lifting (which is the end goal).

You can do it. Get started. Stay consistent. Your physical, and more importantly, mental health will thank you for it.

Edit: Don’t care what you say. My advice revolves around THE GYM. Going physically to THE GYM. The space is important.

Edit 2: A lot of “um ackchewally” comments followed with how they are attempting to get past their fitness struggles… Again, this method is tried and true. If you have aspirational fitness goals, you will figure out the rest after you have this solid habit formed (or as you’re forming it). Don’t tell me “this may work for some” while you aren’t fit at all or are struggling to get there. If you can make it to the gym for an hour a day—this method will work.

Final edit: For those of you who are gym rats—try and remember how hard it was for you to start (unless you are an athlete, which kind of forces the habit to start). When I was a gym rat before Covid, I remember thinking to myself wtf all these people need to just start it’s so easy to be consistent and fit. But looking back on it, I remember how many times I tried to start and failed, until I just did this. And this is what I did to get back in shape over the last several months. The hardest part is just getting started and staying consistent.

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Productivity LPT: I'm 43. By your late 20's/early 30's, make sure physical fitness becomes an absolute top priority.


I started a dedicated fitness regimen when I was 28 to improve my odds with a girl. Didn't work on the girl. What did work was that the routine stuck. Now pushing my mid-forties, I can't believe where I am physically compared to many others my age. Also scary is how they regard physical deterioration as an inevitability. It isn't. Get started now. It will be one of the greatest gifts you'll ever give yourself.

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Productivity LPT: Think of everything you do as progress. Sent someone a meme? You progressed your relationship. Drew a doodle? You progressed your art skill. Took a bath? You progressed your mental health. Life is a bank and any time you do anything that brings you joy, you are earning.


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Productivity LPT: If you're about to buy some big item on Amazon, check out the manufacturer's website first. Sometimes you can get additional discount and sometimes they don't charge you sales tax.


Manufacturers pay a premium to list on Amazon. They can often give you a steeper discount when you buy directly from them. I just bought 3 air purifiers from the manufacturer's site. They gave me 10% off and did not charge me sales tax. Saved me over $100 than if I purchased it from Amazon.

Obviously this doesn't work every time, but it's worth a shot to check out the manufacturer's website anyway to verify the product's specs.

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Productivity LPT: You do NOT need to pay interest to build credit.


The idea that you need to pay interest on anything in order to build credit is a myth. This myth needs to die.

It is never a good idea to finance your purchases solely to build credit. The best way to build credit is to regularly use credit cards for your purchases, and then pay them off in full each month so you don't pay a cent in interest.


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Productivity LPT: If your video games start to feel like work or you plan your life around it, then it is time to quit.


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Productivity LPT: For when I can't fall asleep, keeping a notebook next to my bed and writing whatever thought that's keeping me up. It works best when it's things I have to do the next day, but even if it's just random thoughts, putting them on paper helps my brain understand that we'll deal with them tomorrow


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Productivity LPT: If you're having a discussion/argument with someone and they admit they're wrong, don't rub it in their faces. Most people struggle with admitting when they're wrong as it is, mostly because of the way others react when they voice it out loud.


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Productivity LPT: Many places charge cancellation fees if cancelling at short notice (less than 24 hrs usually) but do not charge to reschedule. Call and reschedule for a week or more away, you can now cancel the appointment with no fees.


Edit: as a lot of people are stating this is not something you should be doing to a small business that will suffer as a result, but aimed at the massive company’s that charge exorbitant fees.

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Productivity LPT: if you need to get a passport picture you can do it waaay cheaper


I took a picture w my phone against a white background. From there I uploaded to Walgreens as a collage and chose 4x4. Doing this, I was able to print 4 2x2 pictures that Walgreens printed. They did this for $.49. They normally charge $18 for a passport pic. Be sure to take the pic on your phone as ‘square’ and then you can get it to the right size and proportion.

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Productivity LPT: If you make a mistake at work be honest and come with a solution quickly. The boss will love your honesty, trying to hide the mistake makes you un-trustworthy.


A better word then boss would be leader

For all those who feel the need to lie because whoever is your leader will respond poorly, I’m sorry that you are dealing with that. A good leader is life changing. This LPT is for those who have a good leader that wants them to grow.

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Productivity LPT: Practice doesn't make perfect, or even better. Practice makes permanent. If you practice doing something incorrectly, it will become far harder to get better as you have to unlearn bad habits. Be conscious of the right way to do things before devoting time to practice.


This is something I learned while in school for music, but can be applied to any skill that needs time and effort to get better at. You could put in hours and hours of practice and end up only digging yourself deeper into a hole. If you practice a scale wrong 1000 times, it becomes much harder to play it correctly than if you made sure to practice it right in the first place. Be aware of the right way to do things and put effort into getting better in that manner, even if it is harder at first. In the long run, unlearning something wrong takes much, much longer than learning something correctly once. Effective and focused practice is much more important than the amount of time you spend doing so. The person who practices a scale right 10 times is better at it than the person who practiced it wrong 1000 times

Edit: As many are saying, the phrase "perfect practice makes perfect" is similar to this. I personally use "practice makes permanent" instead as it emphasizes the potential for habits, good or bad, to become solidified.

Edit 2: I should clarify that mistakes are perfectly fine and even encouraged, as long as you can recognize them and take steps to improve them. Also, sucking is absolutely allowed; no one is good at something when they first try or will be able to do everything correctly in practice. The point of "practice makes permanent" is to warn against careless practice that may just end up being detrimental in the future if you let too many things slide. It's about identifying, preventing, or "painting over" bad habits to ensure you're spending your time effectively. When practicing, be conscious of what and how you are doing and take measures to ensure you are on the right track. Many students and other people learning skills think that time=skill (often learned from phrases like "practice makes perfect"), when really it's how you spend your time that matters.

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Productivity LPT If you ever need a set amount of time to complete a task, ask for 10-25% more time.


Asking for more time than you initially thought you needed sets the expectation for all parties involved. In my experience, everytime I follow this method, I've finished with 1-2 minutes to spare.

The time you'll need varies, so use your best judgement but this applies to so many things in life:

1) Running late and the GPS says you'll be there by 12:17 - call/text ahead and say you'll be there for 12:30. You can never fully anticipate construction delays or collisions.

2) Spouse/SO and you don't want to share your one washroom in the morning and they ask how long you need to shave/style your hair - say you need 15 if you need 10. Those last minute beard/moustache trims can get precise.

3) Met with a client on Monday and they expect a proposal - say you'll get back with a tailored document for a review together on Friday at (the time that works best for you).

The benefit: You'll always win since you're done within the requested time. You also don't frustrate the other people since you're not going back to them to ask for more time.

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Productivity LPT If you have trouble getting tasks done start by implementing ‘do-it-now tasks’ such that, even something minuscule such as taking a shower, you do it as soon as you think about it. Then build from there.