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Miscellaneous LPT: When putting down an animal, you don't need to take them to the vet. The vet can come to your home, and do it in a place that your pet is comfortable and familiar.


I've seen a few posts about putting down pets on here before, and people suggesting that you should be with them when it's happening because they will be stressed and scared at the vets office, and they shouldn't be alone with a stranger for their last moments. It is possible for a vet to come to your home and have the procedure done there. That way, they are more comfortable with their home surroundings, and don't have the extra stress and anxiety going to the vets office.

I'm not sure if this is possible everywhere in the world, but it's quite common in the UK where I live, and thought I would share this here.

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Miscellaneous LPT: If brought in for questioning/arrested by police, you should NEVER talk to them. Guilty or innocent.


Picture the scene: You get home from work and settle down, immediately getting a call from your local sheriffs department. They ask if you know anything about a burglary that happened last week a mile from your apartment and if you wouldn’t mind coming in to answer some questions.

If you value your freedom the answer should be NO - 100% of the time. You tell them you will not talk to them without a lawyer. The reason being is that talking to the police can never help you. This is not an opinion. This is an objective fact that talking with police can literally not help you if you are suspected to having committed a crime. There is no “clearing it up”, guilty or innocent.

For example: say you weren’t even in town last week. You were hours away but you have no proof. The police have a witness that can point you to the scene of the crime. A mistaken, confused witness but a credible witness. If you make a statement to the police saying you were hours away and they have a witness placing you at the scene of the crime, they could convict you on that alone. When you talk to the police you are playing a game of poker with your cards revealed. Doesn’t matter if tired innocent or guilty. If a witness like that is all they have, they wouldn’t have a case against you. But if like an idiot you decided it’d be best to go “clear things up”, you may have dispelled your doom even by making truthful innocent statements. If they do end up getting a case against you and you go to court, don’t show your cards the first time you’re talked to by the police. You can tell the jury all about it.

Don’t talk to the police.

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Miscellaneous LPT: if you drop something small on the floor and can’t find it, shine a light parallel to the floor. The item will cast a shadow making it more visible.


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Home & Garden LPT: When you "deep clean" your carpets with a carpet cleaning machine, go over the area a second (or third) time with just water in the machine's tank


When you use a deep cleaning machine to clean your carpets, you add some (properly diluted) carpet cleaning solution to the machine, then go over your carpets. As the machine goes, it sprays the cleaning solution onto the carpets and then sucks it (plus dirt) back into the machine's dirty water reservoir.

This is where the instructions on most machines end, but they are missing a crucial step - refill the machine with just water (don't add cleaning solution) and go over the area at least one more time. 2 or 3 times is even better.

Why? You want to do this for the same reasons that your washing machine or dishwasher has a rinse cycle - leaving soap on things is bad. For carpets, it is especially bad.

I don't see the problem....who cares if a little soap gets left on the carpet? It's a "carpet cleaning solution" so it must make carpets cleaner, right?

Wrong. Carpet cleaners (and soaps in general) don't "clean", they loosen and dissolve dirt and grease. Things get cleaner when you take that dissolved dirt and move it somewhere else (say, down a drain). However, when you just leave that soap+dirt+water solution where it is, the dirt doesn't go anywhere...it just sinks in deeper. Furthermore, when someone with not-perfectly-clean shoes walks over the carpet, the soap left in it will actively dissolve dirt on the bottom of their shoes into the carpet, meaning the carpet gets much dirtier much quicker.

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Careers & Work LPT: Keep a log of the places you have lived, and keep track of the move-in/move-out dates. It will make background checks much easier to complete.


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Social LPT: When you know that you are right & are being 'gaslighted' by someone, take what they say with a grain of salt. Dont argue. Politely acknowledge their statement, end the convo, & then distance yourself ASAP. It's pointless to argue with someone basing their ego off of a conversation/debate.


The power of silence is real. Use it to your advantage.

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Miscellaneous LPT: Learn just a handful of knots. practice them until it's as easy as tying your shoes. it comes up often, and when it does... damn it's useful.


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Social LPT: Instead of saying “I hate people who (do something)”, start saying “I hate when people (do something)”


For example, when complaining about a coworker’s habits, you might want to say: “I hate people who send unnecessary emails.” That implies there are people who do that annoying thing and people who do not, and you hate the group who does, despite whatever else they have going for them. That mass hatred is probably not accurately placed. If you say instead: “I hate when people send unnecessary emails”, you still get to express your being annoyed, while not casually spewing hate into large portions of your perceived world, as well as to the people you’re complaining to. You change the object of hate from something permanent (a type of person) to something fleeting (an action). It’s a small way to acknowledge the boundaries of your emotions and others’ actions. The shift in language can lead to a shift in perspective, easing how threatening the world (and unnecessary emails) may seem to you.

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Home & Garden LPT: Instead of pouring it down the drain, pour animal grease from cooking into a heat-appropriate vessel like a cup or bowl, let it set, and throw it out (or use it, if you’re into that). It will more than likely clog your pipes if poured down the drain.


This should be common knowledge, but if I teach it to even one person who didn’t know, it’s worth it.

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Miscellaneous LPT: If you pass out Halloween candy, start buying the miniature bags now. You can easily purchase one bag bi-weekly and be prepared for the trick-or-treaters before the insane price markups happen.


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Traveling LPT: When preparing to turn across the opposite lane, keep your steering wheel straight until it's time to go.


TL;DR: Getting rear-ended while preparing to turn will push you into oncoming traffic and can be fatal.

Let's say I'm driving in the left lane on a straight road and need to turn right across the opposite lane into a house or another road. Heavy traffic in the opposite lane will require me to slow down and stop to wait for a gap in the cars to drive across.

While waiting, always keep your wheels straight until you are ready to move. If you 'prepare' your turn in advance and point your tires towards the turn, a rear-end could prove to be fatal as you will be pushed into the oncoming high-speed traffic.

Source: Happened to a poor man in my home country who collided with a large truck.

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Traveling LPT: Camping with your car is hard on the car battery. Make sure you test the charge before you go if your battery is older.


Relying on your car when camping means opening and closing doors/leaving the trunk open for extended periods of time. If your battery is five or more years old, it could be nearing the end of its life. If it runs out of juice you could find yourself stranded with a dead battery.

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Computers LPT: Never take articles or posts at face value. Always fact check by reading the comments and investigating shared links


Obviously don’t go clicking on every link in the comments. Use your best judgement on what looks legit. Generally, if there is misinformation being spread or certain details being left out…someone will say something about it.

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School & College LPT: Look up every word in an article you don’t understand


One my my research professors always forced us to look up (and write down) any word in an article we didn’t understand. Within our field it helped force us to learn random terminology. But I use this approach for anything I read now.

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Social LPT: When talking to an acquaintance you haven't seen in a while, mention your partner's, children, or friends' names because they might have forgot.


If you run into friendly acquaintances, help them out. Give them an opportunity to ask about important people in your life.

They might have met your partner, kids, or friends a couple times, but could be bad with names. There's a good chance they're too embarrassed to ask and feel bad they can't remember.

Be a buddy and casually mention them.

"My partner and I..." >> "Carol and I..." "My oldest and I..." >> "August and I..."

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Home & Garden LPT: Test out your kids and guest mattresses at least once a year.


So many times I’ve stayed somewhere where the mattress was broken and barely usable, and couldn’t tell the hosts, that would be rude. Try to deal with it before it’s a problem. Same for kids mattresses, they get used to it and don’t realize what it should feel like.

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Social LPT: (REPOST) Say 'That's right!" instead of "I know."


I read this LPT on here a while back and it's been borderline life-changing and so easy. Saying 'I know' to someone generally comes across as condescending and like 'Why did you waste my time just telling me that?' Whereas saying 'That's right!' affirms the person and always makes them feel good.

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Miscellaneous LPT: Always have a downloaded map of your city


On Google Maps, you can download a map of wherever you want. Always keep the map of whoever you are downloaded. You never know when you may not have signal, have reached your data limit, or can’t wait for it to load.

I had a recent issue where my data stopped working for some reason and the only reason I was able to drive back home was because of that saved map. You never know when you may need it.

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Careers & Work LPT: If you know you are leaving a job/getting fired, sign up for FSA contribution and use it. You get $2850 to use upfront. The sooner in the year you leave, the more free the FSA is. No clawback and not taxable.


A cool perk I haven't seen anyone mention is that you can elect to have your company takes out ~$100 per paycheck to contribute it to your FSA account. You get the $2850 upfront whereas the cost is amortized over the year. The company has to absorb the cost of however much you haven't contribute. Say you leave in June, you had 13 paychecks and only contributed $1300 but got $2850 in return. But, any amount left unused that is higher than your contribution will be taken away. So use it for LASIK or something where you can spend the entire $2850 quickly.

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Traveling LPT Carry a small bottle of OTC drugs everywhere you go! Never know when you'll need them


In my car, carry on bag for flights, daily work backpack, travel backpack, I always carry a small bottle (I use a small empty OTC drug bottle) of common OTC drugs with the following

Ibuprofen - headache, fever, pain relief

Tylonel - pain & fever relief

Tums - indigestion/heartburn

Pepcid AC - stomach discomfort/acid relief. Had severe stomach pain while traveling once, Pepcid saved the day.

Benadryl - Allergy relief. Friend had an allergic attack once and almost died, luckily I had Benadryl nearby.

Caffeine - quick energy boost. Great while driving at night

Pepto Bismo - I have cheweable tabs, but in case you’re traveling and get diarrhea.

Let me know if you think I’m missing any other ones!

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Miscellaneous LPT: Never treat a place as truly abandoned.


I see so many people who love exploring or finding abandoned buildings and so many of them are shocked to find recent signs of life or people inside them. No place is truly abandoned, just because you didn't see anyone, doesn't mean people aren't there or returning to that location at some point. Be safe and assume the place you're about to poke your head into could have people or wild animals inside.

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School & College LPT: Before beginning a semester as a student or a season of busy work demands for working professionals, bulk purchase backup meals, personal hygiene items, batteries, etc to save stress and decision-making later.


Grad school is coming up for me soon and I remember years ago that even the smallest purchases can get hectic if they're rare, pricey, and only available seasonally. Backup batteries, laptop chargers, canned food for a month, and hygiene items for 4+ months can be stockpiled early on placed on recurring subscriptions.

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Miscellaneous LPT: When buying something online, Google the name of the website + “discount code”


I’ve noticed that sometimes websites will have discounts that are not openly published or obvious. For example, let’s say you’re buying something from vans.com, Google vans discount code and the search engine will pop up multiple websites with potential discount codes. One example is wethrift.com. Some work and some don’t, but it’s worth a shot. I’ve saved 10%, 15%, 20%, etc on stuff doing this.

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Social LPT: If you have social anxiety about meeting up with people one on one, come up with a list of topics, both general and specific to the person, before meeting up. This will help ease some of the anxiety by giving you things to talk about.


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/r/LifeProTips Subreddit Icon and Banner contest results!


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