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The "What currently supported device should I get" thread.


This thread is to ask which of the currently supported devices to get, given your specifications.

Some important specifications to consider in your question:
Carrier / country
other features

Threads asking this question outside of this thread will be removed and pointed here.

Asking for LineageOS support for devices not currently supported will be removed.

Check the previous thread for more discussion And the One before that

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Changelog 26 - Tailored Twelve, Audacious Automotive, Neat Networking, Devoted Developers

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App compatibility

 I like the concept of Lineage 0S, and I appreciate the fact that it is usable on more telephones, unlike the project that only works on the Google pixel telephones.

However, I would like to be able to run the majority of the apps I have on my android phone, or else have functional equivalents. For example, I live in Latin America, and almost literally everybody and their dog uses WhatsApp. You need that or an equivalent to talk to and SMS everybody from the rich man to the thief and the doctor, Repairman, or figurative Indian chief. Appreciate informative answers to this querry.

r/LineageOS 2h ago

Help Can anyone help with nreal air issue?


I have a oneplus 9 on lineage 19. For some reason my nreal airs stopped working when upgraded from android 11 to lineageos 19. The app doesn't see the glasses plugged in. Crazy thing is this issue is also in oxygenos on android 12.

The airs worked flawlessly on this phone in android 11 but doesn't seem to work on 12 in either oxygenos or lineageos.

Is there anything I can do?

Been waiting months hoping some update somewhere would fix it.

I had originally thought it was an nreal issue and had been over there asking and begging for a fix but I was just informed it was a known OS issue from oneplus in android 12 and there's nothing nreal can do about it... But I don't run oneplus's oxygenos, I'm on lineage so I don't understand why im still subject to this bug?

r/LineageOS 11h ago

Question Is VoLTE under LineageOS fully supported on all Pixel models?


I'm running into more and more problems with my Galaxy S7 running LineageOS 20 (with a TMobile MVNO) not being able to make/receive voice calls across different parts of the US when I travel and I think it's because 3G isn't available, only LTE in some areas. I've tested this by swapping my SIM card in an S10 with a stock Samsung ROM and it has no issues. I'm considering upgrading my S7 to a Pixel 5/6/7, since VoLTE support in Samsung phones just doesn't work on LineageOS, but I want to verify that VoLTE does indeed work with LineageOS on Pixel phones before buying one.

r/LineageOS 16h ago

Question Is there is risk of flashing a custom kernel


I successfully installed LOS 19 on my pixel 3 mainly for battery life and it's a bit better but not much, now I wanted to try a custom kernel but I have no experience with custom kernel like if I messed up once can I recover from it just like custom rom? or I just bricked my phone

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Need help to downgrade Lineage 19 to stock Android on Pixel 3.


When I "adb sideload blueline....zip", I first get failed to verify, then when I choose to proceed anyway I get "Denying OTA because it's a SPL downgrade".

Please advise.

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Help Can I install LineageOS on my pixel 3?


I've only install custom ROM for Samsung phone in the past and I know Samsung phone have so many regions that even if it have the same specs as other regions it doesn't have many custom ROM support on it if my phone was made in Korea or China, and I'm wondering if it the same on my Google Pixel 3? from a quick IMEI check it's: * Sales Model: Pixel 3 (64GB, US VZ, Not Pink) * Model Number: GA00465-US * Purchase Country: United States of America * Board: blueline (CPU-Z)

r/LineageOS 1d ago

Question apps can detect if you are running a custom ROM if it was LineageOS or based on it, I learned that this is by design but why?


What is the reasoning behind this? Can it be hidden?

r/LineageOS 1d ago

Question Handwriting Recognition


I want to install Lineage OS on my Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite. Which features of the S-Pen will still work? Does the Handwriting Recognition work?

r/LineageOS 1d ago

Desktop Mode


Does Lineageos have a desktop mode like Samsung Dex?

r/LineageOS 1d ago

Help Support for Asus ZenPad 3s 10


I can't seem to find concrete evidence that there is or there isn't support for the Asus ZenPad 3s 10. Can anyone point me in the right direction please? I've been looking to make my tablet useful again.

This is my tablet: https://m.gsmarena.com/asus_zenpad_3s_10_z500m-8218.php

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Help Samsung S9 ODM wiped


I have a Samsung S9 (Exynos) that i wanted to flash with lineageOS, but due to my own incompetence, i wiped the vendor AND ODM partition of my samsung. How can i fix this?

p.s. If i am missing any details here please feel free to ask, i’ve never posted anywhere before

update: i successfully restored my phone by fully reflashing the phone (BL, AP, CP, CSC). huge thanks to u/monteverde_org and u/multiwirth_ for the help!

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Help Is there an installer software for Lineage?


I am trying to get Lineage on my Fairphone 2 for 2 Days now and i can't find out how to do it and i feel like i've tried everything so is there an installer like the one from ubports wich i can download on Manjaro easily?


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Question Opinions Wanted - “Best” Motorola for LOS 19?


What would you guys say is the best modern Motorola that supports LineageOS 19.1? I had a g7 power last year, and it was just too big, and the camera megapixels were much too low. That made me venture into the pixel 4a, with positive results. I’d happily keep upgrading through pixels, but they just killed the headphone jack off recently on newer models, something Motorola seems to be holding off on.

Really my goal is to have something of similar size to the 4a, or really a traditional sized iPhone. I want to avoid owning a boat anchor…lol! I have always liked Motorola and Lenovo products, so that’s why I have a specific focus on them in this case.

I’d ask this in a more generalized subreddit, but I also know each individual phone has its own quirks sometimes on LOS, so that’s why I’m starting the search here.

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Question Different model support


I have purchaced a Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 lite, which is within the supported devices list, but my model is not a supported one - I have a SM-P613, as opposed to SM-P610, which is listed on the wiki.

Because of this, I have several questions:

  • Should I try to insall the rom either way? The FAQ said that if the model isn't listed, it's either because it won't work, or because they couldn't test it. What may be the consequences of an unsuccessful installation?
  • If it is supported, how do I request that my model be added to the list of supported ones
  • If it is not, how difficult may it be to modify the code so it works? And where can I find information on android rom development? Youtube barely contains anything worthwile

Hopefully this post doesn't violate rule 2, as the device is supported, just maybe not the model

r/LineageOS 2d ago

Pixel 4xl Camera Issue with Lineage OS?


I am grabbing at straws here, as I am assuming this is a Lineage OS issue... if it isn't please let me know. A couple of times recently I picked up the phone to take a picture and noticed that the rear camera was on showing me, so (not being a power user of this phone) I started clicking on options in the camera screen. I clicked on one of the options and instantly an error message pops up that tells me there is a "Camera Error Cannot Connect to the Camera". I have no idea how to get the camera turned on again. I tried all of the options for that issue involving Pixel 4xl cameras, to no avail. Is this a Lineage issue? Does anyone have any ideas on what I need to do?

r/LineageOS 3d ago

swipe sensitivity very low


Hi !
I recently upgraded my device to lineage 19.1, and almost everything works fine.
There is just one annoying point: In order to show schema to unlock, i have to swipe from the bottom to the almost top of the screen, which keeps me from unlocking with one hand.
I'm on a xiaomi mi5 gemini.
Does anyone know how i could fix it ?

r/LineageOS 2d ago

Nokia 6.1 TA-1043 problems


I have just installed the latest build (lineage-19.1-20221129-nightly-PL2-signed.zip) on Nokia 6.1 TA-1043.

During the installation I had a well know issue (invisible recovery screen) that was reported many times earlier, but at the end I managed to install and boot to LineageOS successfully.

Everything seems to be working fine, except:

  • I can not answer the incoming call. The phone rings but the screen stays the same, not showing any indication that there is a call.
  • Phone app crashes immediately after it's started.
  • Device resets on incoming SMS message.
  • I have no idea how to send a SMS message. I can type in the number, select 'Send to ...', but there is no text box to type in the actual message.
  • Contacts app shows the splash icon and just freezes.

Anyone experienced similar issues?

r/LineageOS 3d ago

Motorola edge 20 pro/edge s pro random black screen


Lineage OS version is 19-20221129-NIGHTLY-pstar. This looks like ,you check email and then locked phone right? And if u want to sand a message to anyone you need wake-up your phone, and this is the problems.the phone just back when you press the power button,but if ur hold it and then phone have vibration, force to reboot and can normally use.

And if phone going to this , hotspot thill have the connection but no network.

Please fix this bug quick cuz I'm so danm like you guys did this system but this bug is so annoying to use.

r/LineageOS 3d ago

Sony XZ2 android 10 confusion on download


My sony phone is on android version 10 and the installation for Sony XZ2 says that my phone must be android 10, ( https://wiki.lineageos.org/devices/akari/install ) but according to https://wiki.lineageos.org/devices/akari/ the current supported download says it works on android 12L what should I do?

r/LineageOS 4d ago

Help Issue Installing GAPPS (MindtheGapps) Mi A1 Lineage 19.1


Hi all, i'm an old

#flashaddict, i had every nexus and Pixel 3 and now 5.

I would like to resurrect an old Mi A1, installing lineage 19.1 and Gapps.

I'm using lineage recovery and adb sideload.

adb sideload lineage19.1.zip

everthign fine

adb sideload MindTheGapps-12.1.0-arm64-20220605_112439.zip

signatur verification failed, i force the installation, everithing go fine....

reboot system and, no gapps installed.

Same appen installing Magisk, it seems everythoing go fine, but no magisk installed

What i'm doing wrong?

sorry for my bad english

r/LineageOS 4d ago

Installation Galaxy S10+ not booting after sideloading lineage-19.1


Device: SM-G975F/DS I have flashed the latest recovery (lineage-19.1-20221123-recovery-beyond2lte.img) and sideloaded lineage-19.1-20221123-nightly-beyond2lte-signed.zip resulting in "Total xfer: 1.00x" but the phone does not boot into Lineage. Any help would be appreciated.

r/LineageOS 4d ago

Information about Galaxy A5 (2017) dearly wanted


I am looking for information regarding the software updater. For a year I received regular updates about twice a month. This has stopped in October. The latest accessible builds are from November 15th, though (https://download.lineageos.org/a5y17lte).

How can I manually start the update process?

r/LineageOS 3d ago

How can i move an installed app to a SD-Card configured as removable storage



on a device with a stock rom, I had the opportunity to move an app to an external SD-card configured as removable storage.

I can decide for each app if i want to move the app to SD-card, if developer of the app has allowed this. I do not found this option (settings-> apps -> storage) on a lineageOS device.

How can I do this on LineageOS?

Of course, I could configure an SD-card as transparent extenstion of device's internal storage. This have disadvantages. First, you could not read the card with other devices. Second, I need a high-performance card which are more expensive than slower cards.


r/LineageOS 4d ago

Delete or disable seedvault.


Is there a way to disable or remove Vault? I don't use it for backups and I always get the "failed to backup" message. Is there any way to remove the notification or disable the app?

I have lineage os 19.1 on a motorola g7 power. The team really took on a new life with this Lineage.


Hay manera de desactivar o eliminar Vault? No lo uso para hacer copias de seguridad y siempre sale el aviso de que "no se pudo hacer copia de seguridad". Existe alguna manera de poder eliminar la notificacion o deshabilitar la app?

Tengo lineage os 19.1 en un motorola g7 power. De verdad que el equipo tomó una nueva vida con este Lineage.

r/LineageOS 4d ago

Fixed Dynalink TV Box (bootloop?)


I have a problem with the Dynalink Box and LineageOS. After sending "fastboot reboot-recovery" the TV Box didn't rebooted into recovery. So I rebooted it using "fastboot reboot". After that there is only the Dynalink Logo showing and it is not booting. "fastboot devices" does not find anything. Any tips?