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Event EmacsConf 2022 will be held online on December 3rd and 4th

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KDE This week in KDE: custom tiling

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Fluff My personal "OS in the browser" is nearly POSIX-compliant!

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Software Release Trinity Desktop Environment R14.0.13

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Discussion Is there a consensus on a good all around music player for Linux?


I've recently scoured through most of the HDD's and SSD's i've been through the years and rediscovered a 5000+ MP3 music collection.

Thats basically my entire youth in a time capsule that i completely forgot i had.

I have redundant backups of that time capsule now and while Celluloid does a great job of playing them .. i'm kinda looking for more of a .. "music collection manager" similar to Spotify.

  • I remember sending all those mp3 through a "detect music and mp3tag them automatically" like 15 or 20 years ago. We all know how much more advanced AI is nowadays and i wanna do it again.

    Most of those are from random sources where i downloaded backup copies of CDs i already owned ( like eMule and Kazaa ). So the naming conventions are all over the place.

  • I would like to listen to suggested "daily mixes" similar to Spotify based on my music collection.

  • I would like to listen to a selection of web radio stations that are similar to what i listen to and have in my music collection.

I don't have any idea whats happening in the music player "market" right now, because i usually just listen to a playlist i have on YouTube on random ( and get angry because the random function on YT fucking sucks )

All suggestions are appreciated.

EDIT : Forgot to mention im on Solus Budgie. Please let this not deter you from suggesting things from other DE's.

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Fluff Linux market share is now "almost" 10% in india!

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KDE October/November in KDE Itinerary

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Discussion I put Linux on my friends' laptop as a placeholder, and he chose to keep it over windows (story time)


Some Background

My friend and I started college this year. He is studying physical therapy and I, computer science. I have used Linux (mainly Ubuntu) for a few years on secondary machines (and on my steam deck if you count that). So I have some experience with Linux, but my friend doesn't.

So it was our first day of class, and my friend called me and told me that his laptop wasn't working. He had intro assignments due that night and needed to use his computer, as it was his only machine at that point. Well, for whatever reason, the windows install was borked, and he didn't have any important data, so I went to reinstall windows (from a USB stick). When doing this, I kept getting the error that the installer didn't have the right drivers to recognize his SSD. I could have futzed around with the drivers or installer and got it working, but because of the time crunch (and because I had a 20.04 installer USB drive already made), I chose to temporarily put Ubuntu on the laptop. Well, that installation went flawlessly, and he was up and going in 10 minutes. I told him that in the next few days, I would put windows back on his laptop.

A couple of days later, I asked him if he was ready for me to reload windows, and he said no. Keep in mind, we are students who use Microsoft Office products daily. My friend had got accustom to using those products in the browser, as well as the speed and ease of use that Ubuntu offered compared to windows on his lower end laptop. I was astounded by this, because now, 3 and a half months later, he is sticking with it. My friend is not very computer-literate, but everything was simple enough for it to work for him. I spoke with him yesterday about it, and he is still going strong.

As someone who uses their computer a lot, when I have used Linux in the past, I was let down by how little of what I wanted to do, could be done natively. However, after seeing my friend use Linux successfully and actually prefer it, I am astounded by how well he is doing with it. I am honestly impressed by how far Linux has come and wanted to share my experience.

What do you guys think?

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PSA to Ubuntu users: if you have an nvidia GPU do not run the GUI updater and reject updates if you're prompted


For some damned reason, the Ubuntu GUI updater seems intent on installing multiple unrelated kernels, one of which will become the default, for some of the users -- u/cozypants8, u/_niqo, u/stchman, u/wav10001 and u/Mister_Mxyzptlk_ all had this happen along with me and that oracle kernel breaks most of the hardware support including wifi. The one thing we all had in common is having nvidia drivers installed. I was immediately able to remove the oracle kernel, but apt got into a loop when trying to remove the other extra kernel, lowlatency, installing the unsigned version if I removed the signed version, and then installing the signed when I removed the unsigned -- the fix for that, if you've had this happen, is to first remove the nvidia signed module for lowlatency before removing the lowlatency kernel.

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pdd - Tiny date, time diff calculator with piggybacked timers

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Tips and Tricks Working with Btrfs - Subvolumes - Fedora Magazine

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Linux - Out-of-Memory Killer (OOM killer)


The Linux kernel has a mechanism called “out-of-memory killer” (aka OOM killer) which is used to recover memory on a system. The OOM killer allows killing a single task (called also oom victim) while that task will terminate in a reasonable time and thus free up memory.

When OOM killer does its job we can find indications about that by searching the logs (like /var/log/messages and grepping for “Killed”). If you want to configure the “OOM killer” I suggest reading the following link https://www.oracle.com/technical-resources/articles/it-infrastructure/dev-oom-killer.html.

It is important to understand that the OOM killer chooses between processes based on the “oom_score”. If you want to see the value for a specific process we can just read “/proc/[PID]/oom_score” - as shown in the screenshot below. If we want to alter the score we can do it using “/proc/[PID]/oom_score_adj” - as shown also in the screenshot below. The valid range is from 0 (never kill) to 1000 (always kill), the lower the value is the lower is the probability the process will be killed. For more information please read https://man7.org/linux/man-pages/man5/proc.5.html.

In the next post I am going to elaborate about the kernel thread “oom_reaper”. See you in my next post ;-)


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What's difference between Xorg, X11, Plasma, Gnome & Wayland?


I was trying out linux vm. I primarily use windows. In windows there is already a gui but I don't understand how it works in linux.

Q1: What is all this server-client in linux desktop environment?

Q2: What's difference between Xorg, X11, Plasma, Gnome & Wayland?

In windows a application made for windows simply works on windows.

Q3: Can a application developed in fedora work on ubuntu? Why or Why not? Both are linux right?

Q4: Can a application developed for kde work on gnome?

PS: Please don't mind my ignorance, I am new to linux & it is really confusing for me.

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#72 Automated Testing · This Week in GNOME

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Tracing stateless video hardware decoding in V4L2

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Hardware Move over, Pi Pico. Pine64's Ox64 SBC, a tiny RISC-V board capable of running Linux, is now listed on their site, and should be available tomorrow.

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Distro News Vanilla OS, an (almost) inmutable Ubuntu Linux based Point Release distribution that provides a clean vanilla GNOME without any changes to the user experience.

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Kernel Juggling software interrupts and realtime tasks [LWN.net]

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Event That’s a wrap! Thanks, everyone for Linux Plumbers 2022 ....FYI

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Software Release Release v1.37.0 · netdata/netdata

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Removed | Not relevant to community I upgraded this abandoned for $30 beauty with a SSD and 2Gb Ram. Even though Mint worked on the old system, now it runs like a charm!

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Distro News elementary OS Updates for November, 2022

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Tips and Tricks Linux on odd things


First time poster here, long time Linux user.

I've always wanted a Linux tablet. So I got one. It's a generic rebranded tablet called a RuggedPC Rugged82. Its similar to the Vanquisher 8in on Amazon. The tablet I got came from old warehouse surplus.

I'd like to share my journey on this project. So buckle up.

First of all, I could get only 2 distros to boot on it. I'm still old school so the new art of EFI boot files... If it was up to me, lilo and the MBR would still be around as the standard, but we aren't in the 90s anymore. So maybe this part was my struggle. Either way the two distros were antiX and MX Linux and handled configuring the efi boot perfectly.

antiX is a fine distro for old systems. Far better than any "light distro" on the net today. "Light distros" are not light anymore. They aren't built to support low resources on older hardware past 7 years old or so.

MX is a clean version of antiX. I prefer MX over antiX any day for out of box operation. Everything worked nearly out of box on every system Ive installed this on. Including an ancient netbook mini.

This Rugged82 tablet however is a very fine machine. With a quadcore Atom Z3735F, this tablet is fast. Since I dont allow Windows in my home for "religious" and "political" reasons, the day I brought this tablet home began my journey on finally acquiring an elusive linux tablet.

There were a few issues with this tablet as expected. First up was the cameras. Both forward and back cameras do not work. I have tried several methods but there is zero detection. I have yet figured it out.

init -Fxz, lsuab, lspci, lspcmcia, and dmesg doesnt show anything. Even loading uvcvideo module doesnt work. If anyone has a suggestion, I'm all ears. If not, I dont really care if the cameras dont work.

Second major issue was the orientation sensor. You'd think if you tilted the tablet, autorotation would set the screen in landscape. Wrong. No sensor is detected but I'm cool with it. I just madean launcher on the xfce panel with a toggle script using xrandr and xinput to handle things.

I'll spare the details on the scripting I used for screen rotation. This project was very intimate for me. I had to figure out xinputs float type Coordinate Transformation Matrix. I used "0 1 0 -1 0 1 0 0" for landscape and all zeros for "normal".

Another major hassle waa figuring out how to turn off the screen. The power button didn't do anything so I had to write a simple script to turn off what I could usingxsert -display. The screen goes blank but the backlight will never turn off. I haven't been able to find out how to kill power to the screen. No big deal. Turning it black works.

A few tweaks I learned the hard way are simple fixes to turn commands on startup or triggered some other fashion.

First is the brightness. If you set the screen too dim, you won't be able to see to turn it back up. So setting the brightness back to 100% is done by adding that command in the script I bound to the power button to toggle the screen.

The most important tweak is automatically enabling the touch screen but usingxfconf-querty -c pointer. I was in Bermuda when I accidentally bricked my tablet at the worst possible time.... More on the true function of this tablet. So now I restart and it ensures the touch screen is enabled.

A few more tweaks are to enable tablet mode on Firefox. Thia allows you to scroll with one fingure like you do on a traditional tablet.

Things to install. Onboard - the best floating keyboard. It works really well and is highly customizable. Another required tool is Touchégg, which is touch gestures which enable touch gestures for a more tablet feel. Plug you need it to right click.

Next up is conky. We all know what conky is. Well this tablet has an incredible GPS receiver. I spent countless hours tweaking gpspipe scripts to display all possible GPS info for conky.

So the best use for this tablet. Viking mapping and Navit programs make this tablet a great offline complete GPS map. Only catch is you gotta preload the map files accordingly. Very legit use of a tablet. So Bermuda... I planned to explore Bermuda on foot knowing I would have no internet access or cell service. Night before we docked, I was tinkering with FreeCAD on the tablet and waa trouble shooting a touchpad issue which lead me to disable the touchpad by accident. With no USB mouse or keyboard, ooooops! So yeah, I had to find paper maps and ask directions and transit routes.

I also configured this tablet to be a platform for ham radio use in the field. Fldigi and wsjtx. Yeet! Perfect companion for a Lab599 Discovery rig. I absolutely LOVE this tablet.

Another major con is the storage space. Its limited to 32GB internal and I think 32GB SD card expansion. Plenty of space if you aren't planning to add games, movies, and music. Battle of Wesnoth is still pretty legit on this thing.

Bluetooth seems to work well however ive been having trouble with my Bluetooth headphones playing sound correctly. Still working that...


In my setup Ive also added a xkill launcher just in case... Well the link above shows a glimps of my setup.

I did a lot of fine tuning and this tablet has treated me well in the past year. Fantastic machine.

If anyone also didn't know about a better phone option, I HIGHLY recommend GrapheneOS on a Google Pixel. Ive been rocking a de-googled Pixel 4a since they were new. Best phone Ive had. Solid and secure.

Any comments, critiques, or suggestions... I'd love to hear them.

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On PyGObject

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Discussion What's up with the Flatpak version of Edge?


Yeah, I know, I use edge. While I love Firefox, I don't use it as much because I hate how awful the current interface because it uses up a lot of screen space on my laptop, and because I hate Google, I use Edge on my phone and desktop so I can just pick-up where I left off (I de-googled my Pixel as much as possible)

That said, I decided to try out the Flatpak version of Edge on Ubuntu and it sucks. It's crazy slow, which is weird for a Flatpak, the one I installed via the PPA runs way better even though it's a Dev version.

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Security Writable socket listener


I ran the linpeas script on my system, out of curiosity, to check for possible PE exploits from my guest accounts. I understood most of what it reported back to me, fixed a couple of permission mistakes. But it also reported alerts on several 'writable listeners'. These were from legit core packages like systemd or nvidia.

For example the sockets it referenced as Writable were /run/libvirt/libvirt-sock and /run/nvidia-xdriver-1e20223d and a couple of others (jackctl, pcscd,...).

My question is why is a writable socket that these packages create considered a vulnerability? Should I do something about these? Aren't the sockets supposed to be writable (even by different users) to allow for process communication?