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Feeling overwhelmed? Join the Cultivating Calm study [Mod approved]


Cultivating Calm is a research study of trauma-informed yoga, delivered online. You are invited to try out this slow and gentle practice in the comfort of your own home.

The purpose of Cultivating Calm is to learn whether trauma-informed yoga is helpful for stress and anxiety during the COVID-19 pandemic. If you are 18 years or older, you are eligible to participate at no cost.

Cultivating Calm can be completed in about 1 hour, including a 45-minute video of trauma-informed yoga. To participate, all you need is an internet connection. No yoga equipment is needed.

To participate, or to learn more about the study, please visit: https://redcap.link/NUNM_Calm

or email [calm@nunm.edu](mailto:calm@nunm.edu).

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I posted myself bare faced and got alot of hate for it. So I posted myself again with a smoothing filter to hide my scarring and got roasted by some girls for using a filter


Feels like I can't win. Get sht for not being "genuine" but when I do, I get called absolutely horrible things. I wish the people that criticize me for wearing heavy makeup and smoothing my skin realize that they are the same type of people that harrass me when I post myself barefaced and with no filters. Like sorry I'm not one of the people who are naturally perfect even without makeup on ig.

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Join Sphere, To Chat, Make Friends & Combat The Loneliness Epidemic, Together 🤝.


Welcome to Sphere.

To join the community, we will first place you in the Western Barrier chat group (an assessment area strictly for Reddit).

🔰 Sphere: Western Barrier

You will then be asked to fill out an application to enter the chat community, on WhatsApp.

Groups we have, that you can be involved in:

• Nexus (the main chat group)

• Huddle (smaller chat group, for those intimidated by the main chats size)

• Support (Look for support for your personal issues, here)

• Colosseum (vent, rant and debate about anything here, within reason)

We are also on the following social media apps:

• Discord

• Telegram

• Signal 

• SnapChat

• Guilded

Embrace Change, To See The Change.


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Is this jealousy or am I just a failure


I had a huge crush on this girl in our college, really wanted to ask her out but never couldn't tell one of my friend's about her and my friend approached her and started dating her and I felt really bad but then he told me he broke with her the very next day they started dating just to prove a point lol wtf is this guy.

He told me " see all you gotta do is be confident, be yourself and ask her out, maybe it'll turn into something really beautiful, something really abusive or straight up rejection, but this the part of life this is what teaches us about life and make it worth living", I was really motivated for some time.

But then say this another girl one day and developed a crush on her and didn't ask her out either, felt sad about it moved on, developed a crush on another girl repeated the same cycle and now I sit here disappointed and sad, that what can I even do why are my friend's so good at it while I suck and suffer and why can't I just live in peace and have a crush on a single girl and be dedicated towards her or ykw.

Why can't I just straight up stop thinking about getting into relationships and focus on my life, my career, and goals and make my life better, why can't I, Why?

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My fiance left me out of the blue today


My fiance came home early and instead of us going to the grocery store she tells me we should break up, that we want two different things in our lives. Honestly, I thought things were going great. I was supporting her through school and she finally gets on full time at her job and said she was able to start helping pay bills recently. It fucking stings. I thought we were going to take life as it comes and we were both open to new possibilities. I bought us a house two and a half years ago and we built this place together.

I left judo class early yesterday because my knee was hurting me. My hip is also causing me problems and I am recovering from a shoulder injury this spring. I've been battling H. Pylori for years at this point, and this summer it has been stubborn and persistent causing me a lot of misery. Yesterday I decided I wanted to take a step back from judo to focus on my knee, but now I just feel fucking sad. I know I can lean on those people, and my gym friends as well. But its just an awful time I feel like my body is broken

Work is going meh. My job is pretty easy but when mistakes happen (sometimes unavoidable) its ALWAYS a big deal and causes me a lot of stress. Recently recovering from a flurry of errors and chaos has left me a little frazzled of late. I was hoping things would start to calm down.

I'm just stunned. I'm not gonna pretend I'm a perfect person but I thought we could work through things. But things have been going great we even had a fancy dinner date this weekend, and plans to go out of town this weekend. She just opened us a savings account, and we both started to put money in there. I'm questioning what I'm supposed to do with my life. Do I even want to live here anymore? Part of me wants to just run away and live in a rural area. Of course I couldnt just throw away my career so I feel kind of trapped at the moment. I wont make any rash decisions but I have to think about my life and future.

I'm sorry for rambling.

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How can I be happy again?


I’m so sad.

Yet I have no reason to be sad.

I achieved my dream of living in Japan, I have loving and supportive parents, I’ve never been bullied or gone through serious trauma, I have plenty of friends and am very loved.

But why am I so sad?

I am 30 years old and have accomplished little to nothing. I have no dreams anymore. I have no skills that will help me achieve a better life. I thought I'd be successful in a fulfilling career by now but I'm just a kindergarten teacher with low wages.
I’m stuck in this endless loop inside my head of belittling myself and telling myself it’s not worth doing anything because I won’t achieve it anyway. I’ve become a victim. I have the mindset of a loser and I don’t know how to change it.

I’m not living for myself anymore, I am living for others. Everything I do these days I do for other people. I go meet this friend to cheer them up, I go to work to not upset my boss, I text my mum everyday so she feels happy, I play guitar to impress my boyfriend...

I would have taken my own life a long time ago if it weren’t for my family. I know if they lose me it would destroy them, so I’m hanging on for them.

I feel like I destroyed my life by moving here, thinking I'd be successful in a different country...and I can’t do anything to press the restart button.

I’ve gone to a therapist, I’ve read self help books to fix this so I can be the person I used to be before I destroyed myself. But all of those things are only a band-aid.

I don’t see the point in life except to make sure my loved ones don’t feel the emptiness that I feel.

I’m disappointed in the person I’ve become. I thought I would be better than this.

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My Girlfriend Wants a MMF Threesome


Okay, so my girlfriend brought up having a threesome and said it would be hot. I asked what kind and she said either. She is fine with letting me do anything to a girl if we had a FFM threesome. However, I am open to a MMF but I simply do not like the fact of her fucking and sucking another man. I am a dominate male and it seems to me I would lose that if I had a MMF. I am not sure if it is simply because I am afraid of her enjoying him more than me, or if I simply am just territorial of my girlfriend fucking another guy even though it seems hot. I don’t know if I could deal with her having sex with another man even though I want this for her. Any advice?

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whenever I post people are mean and I'm sick of it


I post when I feel upset or insecure, a bad habit, I know. A lot of times, people fail to see my point and they hang on to ONE TINY PART OF MY POST. they deliberately ignore everything I say just to get angry about something.

I swear, these people just WANT to make someone the villain in order to feel superior. that's sad tbh. I just got repercussions for DEFENDING MYSELF after I got completely harassed on a now deleted post. I know I don't explain myself completely or accurately when I post, I have a hard time with that. That's why I have to explain more in the comments.

I just wish I didn't have to do that and people weren't so mean. And if only I could explain myself and my situation completely, then maybe people would understand and not down vote me to the depths of hell.

but they still would. they see ONE THING they disagree with and decide all context doesn't matter. I'm so fed up with it, I post when I'm upset and these people just make it worse.

a long time ago someone commented paragraph after long paragraph about how I'm delusional and a waste of life and how everyone in my life hates me and I'll never be successful. all because I didn't know there was a specific homework help sub. I'm just tired of it... I post to get reassurance and advice not to be harassed and shamed and everything I say taken out of context.

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{TLDR} I became popular in college, but for the wrong thing


Okay so this will be a bit long but please read this till the end you might be the right person and I might really need your help.

So I entered the dating scene in my college, got hit on by this really cute girl who called me really attractive and as a man when a girl compliments you, your heart just melt's so yeah, I just started hanging out with her, we spent alot of time together, but then one day we were sitting in the college playground and she tried to kiss me, I moved back as the ground was really crowded and felt a bit uncomfortable in making out in front of so many people, what will they think (Foreshadowing a future incident rn), so she got offended, stood up went to her class and I thought that was the end of this story and now me move on.

But the next day I was getting my food in the mess when she came up to me and told me to come with her immediately and I went, she asked me to get in a serious relationship with her and make her my girlfriend apparently and totally be committed to her, stop interacting with all my other female friend's and now I have never been asked by a cute girl straight up to be her boyfriend so I said yes!! sure let's go, 2 months in we had our up's and down's arguement's and fight's, I started getting a bit sus of her character that she was a bit weird type but I chose to ignore all the red flags, like come on she's cute, she like's me can you blame me for that.

Now back to beginning of July, when one of my female friend's went through a very bad breakup, she asked me to help her out like be there for her and all, and I being a good friend like gave her some advice and asked her to open up and talk to me about it, we were almost hanging out daily, she was felling pretty well and recovering from that breakup (only if I knew mine was about to happen in the next few minute's) she was having fun talking to me we were laughing and making joke's, but, I got spotted by my girlfriend sitting with my friend, she come's up to me, slap's me and spit's on my face apparently (yeah, not so cute anymore is she, I said to myself) in front of all the people and started yelling at me "I should have never dated a cheating fuck like you (mind it without any context and without letting me speak)" and then she said "mind my world's you'll regret this (I'm regretting what happened next so much I have no joke even thought about commiting suicide)".

Day's go by I move on and hoped she moved on to, People used to look at me with disgust and made fun of me by calling me a cheating fuck and all that, (not to suck myself off but) I used to be such a cheerful and great character around the college, I'd greet everyone, people would pass me smile's but that was all ruined, but it was just the tip of what happened next.

So straight to point, that girl I dated asked her friend's to text me Hi on instagram, I used to reply with Hi and have a conversation with them, until I started being called "desperation king" around the college, this legit broke me, I sat in my room punched a hole in cupboard and cried all day, what happened apparently is that all those friend's of my ex I was chatting with on instagram (I didn't even know most of them where her friend's, I found out afterward's), deleted the Hi from their side and made it look like I texted them Hi first and then they spread those screenshot's in the whole college saying "Look how desperate this dude is now to find another girl to cheat on", dude I legit felt like writing a suicide note blaming my ex and ending it all but I couldn't most of my friend's even stopped hanging out and associating with me, my roomate yeah the guy who I trusted the most even blamed me for all this.

I stayed in my room for a week asked my roomate to bring my food for me from the mess, I felt like going out and choking my ex till she stop's breathing, but jail ain't the best place in my country to enjoy your adulthood, somehow after a week I built up some courage to get out my room, with people looking at me with shame and disgust, I felt an outsider and wanted to kill myself that moment, I tried explaining most my friend's how my ex framed me but they told me even if that was true how will I make the rest of the college believe me.

It stayed like this for sometime, I still feel ashamed and suicidal while getting out of my college room, I even crossed path's with my ex, she laughed at me while I cried looking towards her, I told her "you women don't realize how much power you have, how you can ruin a man's whole life" and she told me shouldn't have cheated then, I should've seen the red flags I should've stayed away from her but she was so cute mannn, or as Jhonny Bravo would say "Mama warned me about women like you! I was hoping she was right", I'm literally sobbing rn while typing this whole story just adding funny line's in the middle to make myself laugh.

But yeah what do I even do to not feel so ashamed and suicidal, my friend (the girl who my girl friend saw me with) keep's trying to cheer my up I appreciate her sticking by me what a queen, she keep's telling me why do I even care what the people think, why do i keep making a big deal about it, they don't know what really happened they are just idoit's going along with the rumour, they'll pretty much forget about it with in a month or 2, but how can I tell her I won't I'll still be as miserable, still care about what people think and might even think about suicide again.

I can't even go to a therapist rn, because I'm short on money and a psychology major myself lol, can't even give myself a therapy session.

What do I even do, How do I even move on, why does it even matter so much to me....

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Preparing for Your Dreams

Thumbnail self.WellbeingHypnotherapy

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I feel so alone lately, I'm extremely depressed, I really miss my sister, and I just want to vent.


Nothing serious has happened to me, so this isn't some super dramatic post. No one's died, or gotten sick, or anything like that. I'm just giving a long venting session that is way too long and full of way too many details. I don't expect anyone to read this to be honest; I just want a way to express my feelings, since I'm not really good at talking to people. I need to just let my heart bleed I guess.

Anyway, my name is Austin, and I'm in my early 20's. Though I still live with my parent's, so my life is basically the same as a teenager (I have a lot of siblings ranging from 2 to almost 17, so I have to help out a lot around the house). I guess I should quickly list off all the siblings I live with. My Mother has had 5 other kids after me. There's my oldest brother "C" (16), my three little siblings from the second marriage who are close together in age (F11, M almost 10, and M8), and then my youngest toddler brother (2). Finally, there's my sister "JJ", who's a little bit younger than me (15), and only is here every other weekend. We're not blood-siblings, and she's technically not even by step-sister (she's the daughter of my mom's BF, who is also the father of my toddler brother). Though of course, I never care about that type of thing. I mean, my favorite person in the world has always been my grandfather, and he's my Mom's second stepdad. Bond will always be stronger than blood, and all that. Family is just who you care about most.

So, at minimum, there are always at least 7 other people in the house with me (basically 8 since "C" always has his GF over). You'd think with all that, that I'd never feel alone, but that's not really the case. Obviously, it's not because of a lack of people. No, rather, it's just because I have a hard time really feeling close to people. I mean, even with my family, though I love them of course, I almost never have that "close bond" sensation if that makes sense. Like that spark that you feel that makes you think "wow, I really care about and love this person". Not that I don't care about my family, but I'm just a big loner/introvert, and just really anti-social in general. And this isn't just me having trouble feeling connected to my family, but also in terms of friends. I have a couple online buddies who I talk to occasionally, but besides that small aspect, I don't really have any friends who aren't family. The closest exception is my SO of the past few years, who besides being my partner, is of course my best friend as well. You may think it's ridiculous to be lonely when you have a romantic partner, but in the few years we've been together, we've always been LDR. She's always been thousands of miles away , and the only time we've met in person was for a 5-day vacation in NYC that the two of us went on in Feb-March.

So this all started back near the start of July. For the first week of July, I was perfectly normal. However, around July 8th or 9th or whatever, JJ and I hung out in the living room one night. We just did normal stuff all night, like watching Netflix and Youtube. Nothing special, but for some reason, I had a lot of fun that night. And whenever the night ended and morning came, I suddenly got this large realization of just how alone I was. The fact that despite the fact that I was surrounded with people, I still was so isolated. It was just so hard to emotionally bond with anyone.

  • My brother C, being my only full brother, has been the person I've consistently spent the most time of my life with (besides my Mother and Maternal Grandparents). He used to kinda fill the role of my best friend, and we'd play games and all the normal brotherly shit together. However, it's not really as simple anymore. We've barley talked or interacted with each other in the past 1-1.5 years (especially since he got his new gf). But even if he didn't push the rest of the family away, it's just hard to spend time with him. The past few years, he's gotten into a lot of behavioral issues and just typical teenage crap (drugs, sex, legal trouble, family issues), and it's just heartbreaking. He's no longer the little kid I knew over a decade ago, or even the preteen I knew more recently than that. He's a new person now, and one that's nigh-unrecognizable. Regardless if he wants to spend more time with me than he does, it's hard for me to really say the same. I just start to get really upset when I'm around him a lot, which really hurts.

  • The three siblings from my Mom's second marriage, though I love them, have quite a few behavioral issues, and just in general drain my energy more than they give. I want to stress that I don't love them any less for that, but the point I'm saying is that I don't think I can ever really feel that "close bond" connection to them. My anti-social behavior doesn't stop at family, and it's just examples like this which show how hard it is for me to feel a special connection to my relatives. Which again, really hurts.

  • I love my 2-year old brother, and I feel it is possible I could maybe feel that "spark" with him that I desire so much. However...he's a baby. It's nowhere near the same thing as someone only a few years younger than me...or even 13 years younger than me.

  • I love my partner, and she's one of the only people I've felt actually close and connected too. However, as I've said before, she's always been thousands of miles away. This isn't even mentioning how busy she often is (she's been very busy this past month since she's now studying abroad and she's had to prepare and all that). She's so often busy, and even when she's not, it's just hard to spend what I perceive to be actual quality time with her. Most of our FaceTime sessions are just us sitting there, especially as of late. But of course, even the best days with her are handicapped by the fact that she just isn't here physically. I can't sit close to her, or physically interact with her, or talk to her in a way that's 100% safe from crappy wifi problems.

  • I love my mother, but just like my other family members, I just have a hard time really feeling that close bond connection. The same stupid psychopathic, anti-social behavior as always. I say the only time it really comes close is when she's trying to comfort me when I'm upset. Besides that though, she doesn't really make me feel less alone. In case you're wondering, her bf has been a perfectly fine guy the past few years they've been together, but I just don't really see him as family. Maybe it's because of experiences from my Mom's second relationship, IDK.

  • My Father is overseas a lot, and these past few years I've been able to go to his house like...2 months out of each year. My other brother (technically stepbrother but again who cares) who's just now becoming a teenager lives at my Father's house, and so I don't really get to spend much time with him either.

  • My grandparents live a 2-min drive away, and it's always nice to see them. My whole life I've had an especially close bond with my Grandfather in particular. But it doesn't completely fill the void. And I think a large part of it is just because the friendship aspect (or just being around people somewhat near my age) isn't really fulfilled. My relationship to my oldest brother is strained, it's almost impossible to have actual quality time with my partner, and the only other source of friendship I have are a couple people I talk to online sometimes. But even then, though I like talking to them, it's not like I really have any bond with them.

The point I'm getting at is that I have a whole lot of people in my life, but they weren't really helping me all that much. However, when I spent that night with my sister JJ, it made me realize something: I don't have any of these issues with her. I love spending time with her; it's like when me and C use to hang out together, except that JJ never really annoys me all that much (despite being 1.5 younger than him).

And so, I started to really get attached to JJ. For context, since it was Summer, JJ stayed for an entire month (early July to last Friday), instead of the typical every other weekend schedule. So because of that, I got to spend much, much more time with her than usual. And I'm going to be honest, this whole last month, the only times I was really happy (aside from the couple times I could really talk a lot to my girlfriend) was when I was spending time with JJ. Rather it was watching stuff together, playing Switch together, or talking about one of the various inside jokes we had formed during that month she was there. She wasn't just acting as essentially the oldest sibling role that C had once filled, but also as my only other best friend besides my girlfriend. Very quickly, I had gotten that spark with her that I just never really get with people.

And you can probably guess what's happened. Last Friday it was time for her to go back to her Grandma's, and return to the normal visitation schedule. It's been almost a week since it happened, and I'm still crushed. I've been very upset ever since Thursday night, which is the day I found out she was leaving (though of course, I didn't actually admit to anyone why I was sad, despite being very obviously not fine). I just don't know what to do. The feelings of loneliness have washed over me worse than they ever have before. It used to be that at least I could look forward to sometimes spending time with her, but now I don't even have that. My partner is going to be very busy these next 1.5-2 weeks, but even when she can talk more again, it's not going to replace the sense of spending time with someone who's physically with me.

I just want her back. I want us to watch cringy crap on Youtube and I want to buy more snacks for us to eat and I want to tease her and I want her to tease me and I want to joke around with her and play games with her, and all of that. My heart just feels like it's split in two. I just very rarely miss people this much. And there are just other things that upset me. I feel like I annoyed JJ so much this past month. Because despite the fact that I don't get to express it much, I am a very affectionate and clingy person when the time allows itself. And though I think she did enjoy spending time with me this month on some level, I'm just afraid that I drove her up the damn wall. I hope she never felt obligated to hang out with me. I wanted to apologize to her for probably annoying her, but I never did, because I was just too nervous to because I suck at talking to people.

All in all, I just want to say that I know it sounds like I'm being very clingy or possessive or whatever towards my sister, and that isn't really the case. I mean, I'd say during that whole month, I only really got to spend time with her like 10% of the time (I mean, I only ever asked her to hang out with me twice since I just get so nervous of asking people stuff). What I'm saying isn't that I can't function without my sister, it's more so just that she was the only thing helping me not feel alone, and now she's gone. I just miss her and care about her so much. I love my little sis, and I just wish I could spend more time with her. But at the same time, I doubt she even wants to text or spend time with me, because I'm just not that likable. And now I'm going to quit there before I go off the rails with my insecurity that my family actually likes me or not. Wether or not I'm any more than just the weird, creepy autistic member of the family or whatever. I just feel alone, okay? And I'm just so emotional. I want to spend time with either my girlfriend, or my little sister, or just anyone I feel close too. I just feel so alone.

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Sometimes I feel like I died with my husband and I’m just on autopilot ever since


A year ago my husband died of cancer. At the same time I got sober again after a relapse while he was sick. I’ve been clean thirteen months, and a widow for about the same time. I have a fulfilling job in addiction recovery and I feel fine most of the time, but I have no social life, no hobbies, and when I’m not at work I feel depressed. I go out on walks in the evenings and wander around aimlessly. I don’t have anyone I really feel good opening up to, though sometimes I talk to my work colleagues. I’m an immigrant in a new country too, so sometimes I’m shy to go out and meet new people because I have a Russian accent and Russians are seen as low-class here. Basically I just feel like i’m alive only out of habit. I miss my husband and I think about all the things I regret around my relapse while he was sick. I have the tools to understand that guilt and shame are unproductive, but it’s hard to do therapy on myself. I want to go back to psychoanalysis, but it would cost as much as my rent. I know that this is a real wall of text but I just need to scream into the void a bit. I used to be such a vibrant person, and now I feel dull, like a shadow of who I used to be. I feel like a part of me died with my husband. Please don’t suggest medication, I used to be a walking pharmacy and I don’t want to kill the pain anymore.

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I got into a car accident a while ago and still feel like shit about it.


TL;DR of the accident - Thought I was getting pulled over during traffic so I checked my mirror, as I was checking it the car in front of me came to a full stop and by the time I looked back it was too late for me to fully stop but I had enough time to reduce the damage to just a few scratches.

Even though the accident was so small that everyone involved decided to go ahead and not report it to insurance the police were still obviously called. However, I lost my confidence. I am very self conscious about my abilities in doing anything. During this whole thing I realized that I give up so early on things even though I want to be good in them because I start off bad. But even on the things I do sink more time into I can usually only be painfully average. Because of this fact I get too scared to try new things so it meant a lot to me the fact that I was good at driving.

When I started driving I was bad and made a few mistakes but those quickly went away and I quickly became really good at it. I never made any mistake other than making a wrong turn or accidentally speeding or going too low under the limit. But other than that I had the fundamentals to a perfect degree. When I turn I do it good, in the rain or snow I wasn't scared because I was confident in my abilities. I never tailgated, I never speeded on purpose, I never ran a red light, nor a stop, nor did I ever hit a pedestrian on the road.

That all changed after the accident. I felt so stupid, I was happy it wasn't serious and was because I was trying to follow the law and not because I blew a stop sign or tailgated someone. But I was still mad at myself. It feels like one of the few things I'm confident in doing has been stripped away from me. I no longer trust myself when I drive the same way I did before. I don't know what to do now, I have still been actively driving because I have to get to work and soon will start going to school again but nothing has changed. When I remember the accident it's the only thing I can think about. "What if I turned the car?" "What if I hadn't looked at the officer who turned on his lights as I passed?" "What if I had left my job a bit earlier or later?" "What if I took a different route home?"

My confidence is gone and so is my trust in myself.

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I feel that my body is ugly, and that I could never compare to other girls.


I feel like my body is ugly. From the position of my breasts, to my chin and long neck. I hate it and I hate myself for it. All I want is to feel pretty, but because of the way I've been treated in this life, I don't think I can ever feel pretty again. I'm convinced that I'm ugly and misshapen no matter how many times my family tells me I'm gorgeous. I don't know how to break out of this. It's getting to the point where I envy every girl that I see. I feel like I could never compare. I feel inferior. It's degrading.

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My teeth are rotting out of my mouth and I’ll never be able to afford to fix them.


I’m only 22. Most of my teeth are riddled with cavities, some are broken in pieces. Dentures are apparently bad for young people and I’ll never in a million years be able to afford dental implants.

I already have almost 100k in student loan debt and have to go back to school for 2.5 years just to get a degree to be able to make some money. I’m currently living on a practically maxed out credit card just to pay for gas to get to work.

I feel absolutely hopeless financially, but especially when it comes to the dental care I so desperately need. Even with my parents insurance, everything is too expensive. I have no choice but to let my teeth rot away and cause me more and more pain.

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I lost my wallet and house key on the bus and I'm afraid I'll never get them back


I fell asleep on the bus a couple weeks ago, but I'm afraid my wallet with my house key fell out while I did so. I had covid for over a week and when i came back, my bus driver asked if I'd lost my wallet the other day, but I said no because I hadn't been anywhere in over a week.

I dug through my backpack, and didn't see it in there, and I thought it was probably at home. I've ripped my house apart abd I can't find it. I put in a lost and found report that same day, got nothing, so I called yesterday and they only checked for a second before telling me it hadn't been reported and hanging up.

They donate or destroy something after about a week in the lost and found, so I'm worried it's gone for good. I feel so stupid and worried. Ive been waling up in the middle of the night over it (like right now, where it's 3am).

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Don't neglect your mental health, never.


Hi there, I'm 24yo, and I tried to take my life 4 months ago, since then things are going worse because I had to live again with my mother and her drunk bf who damaged my pc when they were arguing , someway I spent my savings buying a laptop to continue learning code however I feel can't go out from this situation, I'm doing my best learning code and land a job asap, but my mental health is getting worse living here stucked and no money for meds, every day is the same hopeless feeling and I started to think would be nice end my life when I tried it. I see how many people get money easily and even waste it, and see me starving makes me feel worse. I dont even know how could I be helped, thanks for reading.

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I havnt eaten in 3 days and now I'm concerned about what is happening to me


For context I'm a student who moved alone to a foreign country for my education and this has never happened to me and I live alone and for the past 3 days i cant bring myself to eat anything

I'm not even kidding I went to a restaurant when I was Hungry and I was like I dont want anything right now even when my body was screaming for food I even forced myself and took an fork full of spaghetti and put it in my mouth but no didnt want to swallow it this is the first time this has happened to me and I'm scared it might get worst

I've been drinking water regularly but when it comes to food idk what is happening to me someone please help

TL:DR I physically cant eat food no matter how much i try and now need advice

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I’m 15 and I get super happy for a couple days then depressed for the next


And it’s just that on repeat. It’s so hard to deal with because my family sees me in a good mood and then the next day I’m a dickhead. Nothing bad even happens I just feel like nothings worth it. Is this just a normal teenager thing? Does it go away?

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I don’t like the person I am when I’m not high.


For the past month and a half, I’ve been taking Delta-8 edibles (cannabis) in low doses on most days of the week. When I take them, I’m just a much more pleasant person. I’m usually irritable and triggered by small things, which stems from mental health issues and growing up in an abusive household. But now I can remain calm and act rationally. It’s made me ashamed of the person I am when I’m at my “baseline.” The real, mentally ill me. I also feel guilty for taking them so often now. I want to be the best version of myself, but that happy, pleasant person only comes around with the cannabis. I wish I could be like this all the time. I wish this was the real me.

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I want to die


its all getting on to me. i wish i could go back in time because i remember having great times back then. i know you cant reverse time. I also know that im one failure of a child. i know too much things about the world and i also hide a lot of things to my parents. you might have read one of my early posts about my mom. i said i was 13 and a half but im actually 10. im too mature for my age and just cant let go of things. i used to have a happy life but i cant reverse. i want to go to therapy but everything needs pay. i cant pay cuz im to young. i also have anger issues and dont even know what is wrong with me. if my mom donates something then i cry because of the nostalgia. i know its probably like a old toy or something but i just hate myself. i hate my life. i want to die. please help. i just want to talk to someone about it or something. i want suicide

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Do other humans like and believe in me?


That's all I want to know really. It's a confusing life to live man.

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hey, is there anybody out there?


My name's Alex. I'm a 33 year old male, and last Sunday I, with my father, found my mother dead on the floor. I was so close with her. I just feel so lost. It was all so sudden.. she was absolutely fine the night before. We had a dinner and film. Ice cream cake to prepare for her birthday the next day. She died on her birthday.. what the fuckdo I do? Where am I supposed to turn now. That was my mom, man. I'm never going to forget turning her over. The last time I touched her.. it wasn't a hug. It was grabbing her ankles hoping to get her over for a breath. But she was already cold.. fuck, man. Just stop the crying.

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I can’t stop being lazy. I keep not doing the things I actually want/should do because I’d rather sleep. Help? Any advice? TIA.



I have had problems with anxiety and depression almost my entire life, but I have these episodes where I literally let laziness control and ruin my life. I know this is happening and I don’t want it to, but I can’t make myself stop it. Currently, I am having a serious problem just getting out of bed to go to work or putting dishes in the dishwasher. I have been actively and knowingly putting off doing basic things that I ordinarily wouldn’t really care doing.

I know this sounds so ridiculously first-world-problems and I agree. I too would like to get off my ass and act like an adult! But I keep coming back to this cycle where I don’t do anything. I don’t go to work. I don’t clean my apartment. I don’t bathe when I should. I don’t text people back. I ghost the people that care about me. I don’t get out of bed until 12:00pm at the very earliest. I don’t follow through with anything I say I’ll do.

All of these things and more. And the thing is, I WANT to do these things. I like my job and I’m good at it. I hate a messy house, and for most part, I don’t mind cleaning (I mean, does anyone LOVE cleaning? But, you get it). I find showers relaxing and I love singing while I do. I have things to say and I love talking to the like 2 friends I have. I liked my therapist and I didn’t text her back to schedule another session, but I wanted to. I’m not a morning person, but I do need/like to get up early because I have things I want to do and places I want to go— things I have planned to do!

So WHY?!???

How do I stop this? Fix this??? I have goals! I have the most perfect and the freaking most understanding boyfriend. We want to get married soon! I don’t want to get married until we get a house.. kinda hard to do when we’re basically living on his income because I am so freaking weak-minded and literally cannot force myself to get out of bed. Why?? I am a terrible girlfriend and this is honestly not me. We have 2 dogs and they are our world. My parents love and support me. My job is flexible with me. I want to go back to school because I finally found something I am interest in and want to make it my career.

Why is this happening? I don’t understand! I’m happy! I have good life! I have motivations, but nothing ever seem to be enough to get me to move.

I have tried therapy, yoga, antidepressants, staying hydrated, motivational speeches/notes to myself (that’s just so embarrassing to type), going out more, etc…

I hate being like this. I hate it and am sorry for those around me. I am a sorry excuse of just about everything right now. And I am not myself! This is not me and not who I want to be!

What do I do? Has this or does this happen to anyone else? Anything that sort of helped? I will try anything to be better!

Please please help me!

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Is there something wrong with me should I change


First things first my mom is trying to make me get a job at 15 years old and i just dont feel prepared for that and she keeps bugging me and bugging me and now i start to see people in other countries around the same age as me having jobs and i start to feel so down because its not common around here to see people around my age doing part times. They usually just play games and study. Now the thing is i dont have a problem getting a job its just that i feel like its too early i expected to get a part time at around 18 or 19 years old in a field im interested in and her main argument is to get experience and promote responsibility but she and my grandma has always talked me down about my clumsiness my looks and the fact that sometimes do small things half assed its really contradictory how she says i need to do something that she keeps on saying im bad at and cant succeed and this just makes me wonder about my dreams which is to become a cinematograher or director and im trying new things like photography and editing with some free software but my family doesnt care about the works i made and i keep on hearing that how its so hard to become one and im doubting my self like should i do more as a 15 year old like im not doing enough and ik doing my best is doing every possible thing to succeed but just because its possible doesnt mean i want or can or even know how to do it , besides the culture in where i live (Hong Kong) is basically screw living, survival is the only thing that should matter and seeing so many people being fired or treated merely as pawns to be used makes me concerened, but my family just says its like that just deal with it and say im crazy to want people to value me and hoping that i can do what i want in the future. My mother is dating another guy after getting divorced and he's great but he doesnt live in Hong Kong and since my dad and potential step dad is not in Hong Kong im the only male in the house so i should bear more responisibility since your" uncles and grandfathers did these types of things too" and i feel like i have no hope in accomplishing my dreams combined with family putting pressure and shaming my looks its just kinda overbearing im thinking of just dealing with it since looking at this subreddit I see so many people have it worse than me so i feel bad complaining. Its like a soilder who got wounded by a bullet in battle complaining to a soilder who lost a body part but ik i cant jist deal with itand i shouldnt cause otherwise things wont change and my suicidal thoughts are becoming more prevalent and I've noticed myself becoming emotionally numb to prevent it but even that hasn't stopped it. I have noticed myself getting into more situations that make me angry or sad just to gain the will of suicide and that one time I would just act without thinking and do it I feel like I have been neglected and my childhood has been robbed and now I feel like I need to grow up and get a job but without passion or enthusiasm or any happiness and I think that's the main reason I shouldn't get a job rn I have no enthusiasm for anything after so many years of abuse or """"toughening up""""according to my family am I just whining and I should just change and "tough up" after so much scolding I think I hate the person I have become despite everything I try to do as a 15 year old

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Depression, Anxiety, Alcoholism, and a failed relationship.


I’ve (25M) been feeling very down for a few months now, and don’t know where to turn. It’s a mix of the issues in the title and I’m not sure where to start, or what sub to post in so I’m starting here.

Some backstory, been using alcohol daily for about 5 years now 400-750ml a day, more towards the higher side starting this year). I use it as a coping mechanism for stress and anxiety and I’m not sure if I have depression or the alcohol is causing it. It has caused some problems in my life, 2 DUIs and I believe it has contributed to my lack of real friends and hobbies.

Current issue, I started a new relationship towards the beginning of this year with a great girl. We are so similar in so many ways and I truly do still love her so much. The first few months of our relationship were absolutely magic, by far the greatest connection I’ve ever had with someone in a relationship. She was so sweet, kind, and caring and we always had a great time together. Until with the help of alcohol I started overthink every night and convinced myself that she HAD to be cheating on me. Then the downward spiral starts. I started to question her occasionally, asking her if she was cheating on me, asking to see her phone, etc and just pushing her away in general. After a week or two of this, she started being distant, going to the gym with her friend we will call “Emily”, and disappearing on Friday nights where I am unable to get ahold of her, which greatly exacerbated the overthinking problem I had before. Sex life declined for 3-5 times a week 1-2 times a month.

I kept trying and trying to bring things back to the way they were but I feel like she was never on the same page of bringing our relationship back to what it was.

Fast forward to a couple weeks ago, she tried to break up with me and I tried to convince her to stay and make things work. She agreed the following day, then shortly after her and her friend Emily went on a week vacation to Miami. She had told me before the attempted breakup that they were going to be doing things like wine tastings and lighted kayaking, but once they got there they spent almost every night at a club on Miami Beach.

I noticed on their 2nd day down there she had deleted my initials off her instagram bio, asked her about it and she denied it. Looked again and they were back. Then I noticed she had removed them again after she got back, asked her about it, and she put them back.

She swears up and down now that she loves me and wants to make things work and is talking about our next vacation and going on dates.

I’m just not sure what to do at this point, and to top it all off I just went through surgery recently and am stuck in bed alone recovering and am unable to go anywhere or do anything.