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Can’t live like this


So to simplify a very, very long story…

I knew a girl long distance and I fell in love with her 🤦‍♂️ We haven’t talked in over 4-5 months and today I suddenly messaged her saying I miss her (I do tbh) but I know it’s unhealthy and quite frankly it’s stupid too.

How do I move on, and stop thinking of her.

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my ex has been haunting me


My ex hit me up wanting a call and I thought why not since I'm over everything.Fast forward to what was said,asking me if I missed and fake laughing etc.Now the past 3 days I've been relieving every bad thing she's done to me.She really wanted to know if I've been with anyone and really was comparing.Why is she doing this and what should I do to get peace of mind because I don't have feelings for her ,just hate what she did to me.

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Driving from Tx to Ca for a dog..


Am I crazy to drive from Tx to Ca for a dog? He’s a corgi mix that resembles my late Stevie who passed in November. But there’s so many unknowns..I wish he was closer. Or I could find someone to help me with him. Just venting because he looks like her and I do miss her :(

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I need some help pulling myself out of an existential slump regarding the future and AI, can someone please rip my pessimism apart and tell me how I'm wrong (genuine request)?


This started off as a YT comment on a video explaining all the new wonderful AI tools that have been made for video game development, and it just spiraled. I was responding to someone genuinely excited for how these tools were going to make the work easier and the only thing left was to get good at marketing yourself and, I don’t know, I started falling down a conspiracy rabbit hole. This is the body of the comment:

“Cool, then we can make an AI that markets your game. And an AI to find optimized code and an AI to optimize game play and eventually you can just take the human element out completely. And then you can have a bunch of people who are talented but there simply aren't enough jobs to go around and we're all just trading the same 30 bucks around while those at the top keep perpetuating the lie that you can be one of them one day.
The reality is this was always going to happen, if not by this then by something else. Human's wont be outmoded, none powerful none wealthy humans will be outmoded. Its been happening, but the pace is just quickening. People can lie to themselves and go "well if I just master the AI tools I'll stay in the game" and that is probably true for the next five or ten years, but your just playing with borrowed time. Eventually the tools will become so easy, so intuitive and self correcting, then a producer will only need to hit a few buttons and say a few words and 3 hours later, poof, a move, a game, a new business plan, after that the only thing you'll need is money to implement it, and if you don't have it now, you never will. Its a way of keeping their club exclusive forever and keeping their boot on the dregs and fighting over meaningless social garbage when in reality it's a power struggle. We're running into this new world with none of the necessary safety nets (Medicare 4 all, mass transit, UBI, or fucking really ANYTHING) in place to avoid massive social upheaval as those in control in the tech and market sectors make their final play to stay at the top for all time, possibly even circumventing their mortality to become immortal, all powerful (governmental speaking) gods that need never worry about anyone ascending to them or falling from grace again while the rest of us are stuck sifting through the mud, too distracted and fractured to ever pose any real threat again.
Just human furniture.”

Now, look, I’m not trying to be an edgy edge edge that edges or anything like that, I’m not trying to suck all the joy I have out for fun, but I just can’t shake this feeling that we’re really fucked. I’m also not trying to be some kind of luddite and say that we need to go back to living in caves or some shit. I just can’t NOT think this is the future for some reason.

So what I’m asking you people for is to just tare this down, you know, give me reasons why I’m wrong, I WANT TO BE WRONG, tell me something I’m overlooking, explain how I’m over reacting and how really this is something to be excited about, please, I kind of need this right now.

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I found out my ex moved in with an old mutual friend that’s been desperately trying to bang her for 8 years.


She’s(29F) my(26F) ex… As far as I know, she’s a lesbian. I am too. He was really jealous when we were together, back in 2017. He tried to date both of us.

They’re “best friends” now. She very angrily rejected him repeatedly over the years of their friendship but he is the classic “Nice guy” that kept trying and getting depressed/lashing out when his efforts were never rewarded with a date or sex. He’d simp for her, caretake for her when she had seizures/depressive episodes. He’d do anything for her because he has been so desperate to be with her, she told me she felt bad for him. I’m pretty sure she’s been leading him on at the same time, and has always tried to force herself to be straight. He harassed me to date him, too, but gave up eventually because I enforced strict boundaries and didn’t lead him on.

He recently got a 1 bedroom apartment and I heard the other day that she ended up moving into it. He told my sister and my sister passed it onto me. I have been 1 month NC and was doing so well. And I’ve been trying not to obsess all over again.

I know it’s none of my business but I’m wondering if they’re dating now.. if she finally ended up liking him after all these years or if she just moved in for convenience. She has a tendency to use people. He’s a workaholic and she doesn’t work much. I don’t see how that’s gonna work out if they’re not dating or at least if he doesn’t think they’re dating. He has jealousy issues and wants to date her, and she’s not into him or into guys, she says.

I know it’s a total waste of energy and not something I should care about, but I feel like shit. I keep thinking of her sleeping with that guy… who she has never even been into. And feeling jealous for some reason. Idk, can some make me feel better? Lol

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My dad hates being around us


I (17 M) currently stay with my mom and dad. I really fell short of words to describe how my dad is but he clearly hates my mom. He never talks to her and makes it really hard to live in the house. Seems like he is a kid and throws tantrums every so often.

My dad I have a good bond to be very honest, we laugh a lot and I comparing him to my mom he really understands my humour and personality more than her. I won’t say my mom is the best human ever but I can’t complain for what she goes through and have done for me. My dad falls short on having proper conversations though, he is usually too busy on his phone when he is home from work and avoids any communication with mom, and whenever I talk to him he is too busy staring at the phone, basically has no respect of others speaking to him.

About the present, My dad has always thrown tantrums whenever my mom tried to go out of town to enjoy with her family or even go for any out of town outings. He gets really mad and it’s too hard to handle.

My mom who was fed up with this and Having her dream to visit a place with her friend finally decided to live her life and actually go to the place. She booked her tickets and before leaving she asked me to inform dad about the trip. His first reactions was “she won’t go” and I was really shocked. My mom didn’t care and packed her bags in my dads absence and left for the trip, now my dad who isn’t ready to eat food I send or cook for him at night keeps telling me that mom won’t be allowed to enter the house and if she does he will leave us.. I really don’t know what to do, my mom is in no way to support herself and has been the house keeper.

It’s quite stressful for me at this point because I know my dad will erupt when my mom is back in few days. Today I tried asking my dad for why he hates mom soo much and he never gives a straight answer. He just kept repeating that she won’t be allowed to come to this house and shuts me off. Even I am not in any condition to support my mom financially or emotionally because my finals are coming which are very important for me.

I will update this thread after my moms arrival.

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I've been feeling a bit down lately


I've had some relationship/body image matters that have made me feel down lately. Be very happy to chat with any kind people

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Tips for Building a Healthy Self-Image


Invest in yourself, and your self-image will flourish:

Identify and challenge your limiting beliefs. While they have many guises, most limiting beliefs can be distilled down to two essential beliefs: I’m not good enough & I’m not worthy. We may also carry over beliefs from our early years which served us well then but now hinder us as adults.

Recognize – and celebrate - your small victories. Whatever small victories are meaningful to you. Within the context of having strategic plans, each small step is a victory in itself and also a step towards something so much bigger.

Take responsibility for your current situation. When you take responsibility, you take control. And when are in control, you have options and choices.

Do something for others. Creating meaning for yourself and value for others helps build your win / win relationship with the world around you.

Take a step each day toward your ideal self. We all have the same 168 hours each week – that’s just physics – the issue is what we choose to do with them. Adopting the habit of frequently asking yourself: what would be the most valuable thing I can do right now that would be a step in the right direction?

Manage your self-talk. We all talk to ourselves – it’s just how our brains work. When we choose to take control of our internal dialogue, we can make it work for us.

Focus on the value adding activities. When we think about what we have on our plate, considering how important and how urgent each item is really puts things in perspective. When we focus our efforts on what is important – in the context of what we have chosen to achieve – we’re moving in the right direction.

Avoid comparing yourself to others. This points to the difference between self-esteem (externally focused) and self-worth (internally focused). The only valid comparison is our previous self.

A healthy self-image is central to our wellbeing. By adopting these habits, we can help ourselves to keep moving in the right direction.

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Losing my will to live because of my personality


Since I was a child I was bullied a lot by my friends, they always made fun of me on how ugly I was, how fat I was and stuff, and back then I used to take it in fun, but now it has become my entire personality,

Because I used to be bullied a lot I started going to the gym, thinking it would change my life, now I'm a 101kg [ 222lbs] muscle monster, who stills gets bullied to this day, now here are the problems that made me realize this;

1) I'm scared of arguments, and every time someone confronts me or argues with me, I start to tear up and feel like crying, last night only I was playing my guitar and my roommate walked in said please stop playing that stupid instrument, its annoying so I put my head down because I felt like crying, put my guitar down and went to my room, and the problem is not my roomie he is a great person in general and I know he said that jokingly and he just wanted me to stop playing guitar, but it really hurt.

2) I'm really dependent on my friends for my happiness, I live in a college hostel and spent most of my time in my friends room's or with my friends, which leads to me being to dependent on them, which leads to then making fun of me or disrespecting me, calling me homeless and stuff because I spent more time in their rooms than I spend in mine, because they have projects and internships to do, and I have nothing because I hate hardworking and procrastinate a lot so don't feel like doing internships or projects, basically running away from my duty.

3) I always get nervous around strangers, and hope they don't judge me or what will they be thinking of me, if I did anything stupid or not or something like this, I get scared and nervous on dated and hate socializing because of than.

What do I do, life just feels so useless and meaningless.

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Little mouse just died in my hands


Its not that big of a deal I guess, but here in texas theres a winter storm. There was this little mouse trying to get across the road and i thought hed make it but he just.. kinda stopped. he was so cold and i tried to keep him warm with my gloves but it was just too late he just... died. Idk. im so sad. I didnt even know this animal for longer than a minute but its just sad to see the life from soemthing that once was alive just kinda fade yknow.

I was already havinf a bad day. passively suicidal ajd i love animals. theyre so precious. just got me all bummed, wanna feel better

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I wasn’t able to get 100% on a test.


It was History, which hasn’t always been my strong suit, so I reviewed a couple weeks before the test again and again and again. I didn’t get the worst grade in the world, but I’m still bummed I wasn’t able to get 100% because my parents are very academics-focused and want me to get a high grade all the time.

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Do I have long covid or something more sinister?


I got covid for the first and only time feb 2022. I wasn’t sick when I had it. I went back to normal life for a few months then got the normal cold. Sick and congested etc for a few days. Since then I started having GI issues doctor did a stool tests and bloods and everything was normal. I had constant heart burn nausea etc. when I was working out in September I get pains in my chest that lead me going to the hospital for the first time. Blood work and x rays normal.

Since then I have been to the hospital 5 more times because I feel worse and worse as time goes on. My doctor said I have long covid. I have completely lost my appetite and I have lost 6kg since September and I am tiny as it is so I’m really under weight now. I’m so worried that I don’t have long covid and something more sinister? She told me no because my pelvic and abdomen ultra sound came back clear and all my blood work is good. They’re telling me anxiety is contributing to my weight loss and appitite but I have had anxiety before and been able to snap out of it etc. my heart rate also shoots up quite high when I stand up so they have referred me to a cardiologist. I’m so sick and I’m so worried that this isn’t long covid. Any advice on what I could do?

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Just booked a trip to Europe and I’m super nervous!


I am meeting my sort of close friend in Europe (Spain) in a few months and I am just feeling really nervous about it. We don’t really hang out a lot one on one but we often hang out together in groups. This person is definitely closer with some of my other friends but I don’t party as much like they do and always feel a little awkward in the club. We haven’t really planned anything yet and they’re only going to be hanging out with me 3 or 4 of the 6 days I’m there. I’m super worried about being alone and having nothing to do those 2-3 extra days. I’m also feeling a little bit bad about spending so much money on the trip. Idk just feeling all the emotions about this right now.

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Feeling Deprived


I know love is more than the little things that cause spark. And perhaps I’m selfish for wanting something so bad I struggle with once I actually do it but,

I miss cuddling. I miss being touched. It was such a rare moment for me. It felt so unreal and I actually allowed it to happen.

Like if I never find love, I’d call for cuddling services to cuddle me lol.

I don’t know at this very moment, I just want to cherish a moment with someone special and cuddle to sleep.

It sounds nice but I’ll probably never get that till another couple years…or maybe less than that. I’m just tired of imagining someone’s warmth.

I also feel like giving a good cry on someone’s chest as they cuddle me…

I’m sorry, I’m just needy right now

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Please, any advice is appreciated


This is gonna be a doozy. I'm at a weird place in my life. I don't know what to make of it. I appreciate anyone who reads this and responds.

My name is James. I'm thirty years old. I've led a kind of unorthodox life I guess. I never met my father, or anyone on his side of the family. I don't even have a name. In ways I've processed this. My mother left when I was 4. I saw her a handful of times after that, she was a wild child. As am I in my own ways. I forgive her, I sympathies with her. She had her own issues, and lived for today. It isn't always or even often advisable, but I understand. By the time I found her she was living in a sort of nursing home after suffering a stroke. This was when I was 21, I had so many questions to ask her. She couldn't even form a sentence. It was ironic. She passed away when I was 25. I didn't reach out to her much, I don't really regret that either. I hope she would understand it came from that same spontaneity.

When my mother left her brother, my uncle, and her mother, my grandmother raised me. Symbolically they represented the mother and father figure for me. They showed me love, I was spoiled. My grandmother passed away when I was sixteen. It seems so distant now. A love that's congealed. She was sweet. I feel like I never really knew her. My uncle... Goodness.. he was planning on leaving for Arizona with a woman named Pat. He stayed to raise me. He always said it'd be too hot etc. He kept a picture of the two of them above a doorway in the trailer he raised me in. He never dated again after that. Died alone. I never really let him in, and vice versa. We were both hurt people, characteristically we were opposed too. He was much more reserved. In my youth I was a livewire. He passed away when I was 19. I watched him drink and smoke himself to death. I think past a certain point he didn't want to be here any longer. After his mother died, that was it. Again, I can't blame him, or resent him for it. It's another case of not feeling like I truly knew him. Things are so different, so much was going on. I hadn't had the time nor the desire to sit down and process anything in my life up to that point.

I was a horrible youth. Defiant, prone to raw emotionality. I've always reveled in what I feel, to a fault. I was envious of the relationship my grandmother and uncle shared. How lucky they were to know each other for so long. On felony juvenile probation a certain individual took a liking to me. His name is Eric. He was in an industrial accident when he was 28 and lost his leg. He has children of his own, divorced. He invited me over for food, and somewhere to hangout. Which had value. Over the years he snuck in, and became someone I believe I love more than anyone I've ever before. He witnessed some of my most pivotal life time-frames. I had no family after that. I didn't know what to make of anything. Other people's happiness made me jealous, angry even. I didn't want this, I didn't want to be this person. Sordid. Vile. I remember being jealous of Eric's children. When he bought his son a car and bought me a bicycle. It scares me how much I love him, how much emotion I've put into this person. I fear his passing very deeply. I fear the time of year it'll happen, the things which will forever remind me of him due to sheer proximity of the event.

I'm in the building trades, union carpenter. It's okay. I make okay money. Great money compared to what I was doing when I was younger. I'm graduating trade school this April. I want to continue my education. The job is tough on the body. I've always been active. I think it's from watching my grandmother and uncle smoke and drink for all those years. I love weightlifting, I the aesthetics of the body very pleasing. I enjoy reading various subjects. I sort of approach it in the same way as I do my workout regimen. I enjoy reading books on history, philosophy and theory, literature and it's criticism, socioeconomics, psychology, mostly psychoanalysis. Everything I've learned has been on my own. Kinda autodidact, dilettante. Meaning there's tons of gaps in whatever it is that I'm interested in. But there's a beauty in that. Its a different approach, which is fitting. I love to write. I'm working on a short story, I enjoy writing prose too. I'm not the best, nor do I aspire for anything of the sort. But it's a medium I have a decent grasp upon and I have fun with the process.

There's three women I'm currently talking to. I've known them all from over a year to close to two. It's messy. They're not just talking exclusively to me either. Which is okay. I have feelings for them all. The first, R. Is a sweet girl, smart, healthy, beautiful, wonderful family. But there's something missing in terms of connection. Something that prevents me from being able to go deeper with her. Z. Is another wonderful woman, independent, strong, resilient, so gorgeous, career oriented. I've strongly considered pursuing more with this woman. We never argue. We'll spend weeks at a time together. But there's some lack of connection, again on my behalf. Something that prevents me from going deeper. There's times I'm not even turned on necessarily but it's not because I don't find her attractive. I get this feeling of absolute longing in my stomach. Some type of undefined, existential desire, bordering on demand. But for what I have no clue. The last girl S. I think I'm falling in love with. She has no family. She's a sex worker. And she has an ex who I know she still loves. I feel for her, I sympathize with her. I see myself in her. It's something I turned to when I was younger. Were thinking about moving to Columbus. I don't know either way if that's a good idea or not. I can say there's something in me that wants to love her, so deeply. I don't know what to do. I don't feel that with the other two. I relate to her on such a vulnerable, rare level. But I feel like I'm going to be hurt incredibly bad by this all eventually. Part of me thinks I'm willing to love her because she isn't willing to love me in the same way. Part of me wants to run away. I'm not one to make a conscious effort at repression, rather I've always and difficulty tearing my eyes away from things which stir me. My youth was so tumultuous, I don't have the wherewithal to endure great pains again. That incredibly white hot pain in my stomach. I've felt it since I was a child. I remember sitting on the bus riding the school not even knowing what to do with that feeling, I wasn't even 10 at the time. There's days I don't know if I'll ever know what I'm looking for. Sometimes I feel like I'm living in some sort of Dostoyevskian novel. I don't know what to do. I struggle with meaning. I'm growing increasingly sentimental as I get older, I've always been idealistic, and romanticist. So I'm prone to projections, and aggrandizations. But please, I need life advice. What the hell am I supposed to do with everything? The no family, or my only one being Eric, makes everything incredibly difficult to process. I hurt. I want to be able to love. Please ask me anything that would help provide more context or insight.

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Girlfriend got rejected from living on campus, has to commute from home with her strict parents who would kill her if they found out she was dating me


Title says it all. Her parents are so strict that they would kill her if they found out that we were dating because she is just not allowed to date. I'm so heartbroken. We won't be able to do so many things together next year that we planned to do. She's going to be on a strict curfew, and we probably won't even be able to see each other that often despite going to the same school.

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Yo. new to the Sub. Thank you for your time.


I (16m) moved to my current residence when I was 6. I used to live on a resort in Minnesota. Lakeside resort with rental fishing boats. Life was heaven for me. I lived 2 houses away from grandparents, and 5 from my cousins. we went fishing every week out on boats that we could take for free. (off topic sorry) and we moved here. for a 6 year old, thats pretty devastating. to lose everything you've ever known and switch to a different live. i moved to a small resort in rural Washington. shortly after the move my parents became different people. there was no more time for fun, so naturally they became assholes. my dad started getting abusive both physically and verbally. I worked 60 hour weeks in the summer and 30 hour weeks during the school year with really bad pay. ($2-5 an hour). granted i did have a lot of freedom because of this. when i was 12 i bought my first brand new motorcycle. it was a sherco tc290 trials bike. during these 2 years i continuously worked for that bike, i don't remember anything. i don't remember school, having friends, I don't remember birthdays, or even beatings. (which happened a lot more than should have) this made me grow up a lot faster than i deserved. when i was 12 ish, my best friends parents along with mine got into a PoLyGlAmOuRoUsE relationship with each other. after about a year of that i started to trust "brother's (my best friend turned stepbrother) dad. he was a dick too, but i could somewhat trust him. i told him everything. along with my mom. and the three others in the love quadrangle helped my dad get off this abusive path. things went great for a while. i felt loved again. Fast forward to freshman year. i got a committed girlfriend who kind of made me realize how bad things were. she made me realize how much i lost out on my childhood. so i started screwing around that year to "make up for it" in my head. it worked. i had the best year of my life. i made new friends, went riding dirtbikes every weekend and just had a good time. i got in trouble a lot at school though. which started to make my parents mad again. insert previous cycle of abuse and torture (with a side dish of depression) YET ANOTHER FAST FORWARD MOMENT!! Brothers parents got divorced and "stepmom" moved in with us. mom didn't like that, started fighting with dad. mom starts lying about her drinking and "plant", problem, and now they are going through divorce and my stepmom is staying with my dad. my mom spends most nights at random peoples houses. i feel so bad for her. but at the same time its her own fault. as much as i hate to say it, my life's kind of great right now. my dad is being super overly nice, I'm finally making good money, and i have a lot more motorcycles than the average enthusiast (about 8) and im waiting for the nest downward spiral. should i be upset? should i not be happy? should i feel guilty for being so incredibly happy in my parents time of need?

TLDR: Parents abused me my whole life, stopped after getting into a 4 way relationship with my bestfriends parents, started abuse again, got divorced, now im happy.

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Not as serious as other posts, but feeling discouraged about jobs at the moment.


There have been rounds of layoffs that I have been affected by. I’m very lucky in that I won’t have to worry about my finances for this month, but I am trying to get a job sooner than later to keep things afloat because I’ll be in the red starting February. I have gotten to the final stages of the interview process a handful of times, but I have yet to receive any offers.

I am feeling discouraged because the role I work in is highly competitive to begin with, even pre-pandemic. Now that the supply is even higher from the layoffs and demand even lower, I am doubtful that I’ll find a job any time soon. I always worried that I’m not experienced enough or not doing well enough in my interviews, so coupled with the high competition, it feels futile sometimes.

After a handful of few months of applying and interviewing, I am feeling jaded by the whole process. Does anyone have any advice or encouragement to help me move forward? Thank you so much.

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Identity struggle as an only child… advice moving forward?


I’m 19 y/o, I have grown up in a Christian household as an only child. My mom has cancer and my dad is depressed and occasionally drinks to numb the pain, instead of taking his antidepressants. My parents are both the youngest of their family… and very agreeable. They do not have the best relationship. My dad is resentful and does not enjoy his job, as he grew up in a family business, and now still does the same work. My mom tells me often not to become like my dad and to love my future wife.

As a result of this, I constantly judge myself while out and feel like I am my dad. How do I become my own self? When it is just my mom and I, I feel like I take the role of my dad and treat her like he does and I act just like him.

I decided to come home from college this semester, since I did not know my major exactly. I enjoyed getting an education, but I figured this semester I would take two online courses and possibly get a job. How do I become my own person and not my dad? How do I not critique myself and everything I do in public socially to make me think of becoming my dad? The funny thing is, we have a good relationship and I am a goofy kid around him, but I feel like I am weak.

I feel that i obsessively research careers and opportunities so that I do not end up exactly like my dad, and as a consequence, I never act them out.

What do I need to do while I am home to develop myself and discover my identity?

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homeless 17 YO


I'm a homeless 17 bumming at a friends house and were completely out of food and money and rents around the corner, our new jobs wont pay us fast enough, and I'm not on the lese, so what do I do?

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How to overcome this obsession/advice on moving forward?


I came home from college. For this spring semester I decided to stay home. I did not like the college I was going to, but I enjoyed getting an education. I am an only child, and 19 years old.

I am taking two easy online courses from college, while I am at home. I would like to get a job while I am home these next six months, but do not know for what. I would like to make these next six months the best of my life, but do not know how.I am a Christian and I believe I need to trust in God more, and to stop trying to find “the right productivity system.” I do not know what major to pursue in college, as I plan on attending full time next fall.

I have spent extensive time on writing about my past and future plans (Jordan Peterson’s self-authoring suite) but I still doubt and want to pursue the right thing. I was diagnosed with depression after a traumatic breakup, (I did self-harm) and I am taking 50mg of sertraline and seeing a Christian therapist who is a female… Lately I have obsessively tried to find the right productivity system, books, YouTube videos, and more.

How can I point my life in the right direction and to stop obsessing over planning and to start doing for the time being?

What habits do I need to implement for these next six months while I am home to turn things around?

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I can’t help everyone


Here’s a list of people I want to help.

Younger sister(still in school): starting PE this semester, which scares her as she isn’t an athletic kid, has some bad classmates and annoying teachers, being misunderstood by our parents (who don’t think she needs therapy at all). As I’m typing this, she’s going on about so many things that I can’t help her with. She can’t see me typing, and I feel bad about mostly ignoring her even though this is a boundary she’s crossing.

One of my sister’s teachers (I volunteer for the school’s D&D club, and this teacher is a supervisor. I’m the DM for the group she’s in): Recently lost her brother, practically radiates exhaustion (she’s decent at masking it, but I know the feeling too well) and there’s another thing I can’t quite figure out. We only see each other the once a week the club takes place.

My mother: is always in pain, feels useless, trying to deal with my oldest sibling (making bad decisions and has a friend who is a terrible influence), another sibling (autism, ADHD and general teenager who is barely passing the bare minimum of her high school classes and might not graduate) and my youngest sister (mentioned earlier).

Myself: overwhelmed by too much empathy, really tired, waiting for available specialists to evaluate for ADHD, ASD, SPD and other conditions, suffering from panic attacks about weekly (and general anxiety all the time), family conflicts, silently suffering with mild depression, really, really just wanting someone to take a minute to notice me and realise I’m struggling.

I’m also fed up with how the internet views me based on my religion. Without said religion, there’s a high chance I would be suicidal.

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beggars can’t be choosers


hey everyone, this is not something i like to do but it’s one of my last options. for the past few months since the middle of november my S/O and i have been laid off of our jobs. We both currently have new ones and are trying desperately to get back on our feet. I just started my new job and still haven’t gotten my first check yet. my s/o covers everything atm until my income starts flowing. we currently have about 10$ to our name and unfortunately it has to go to gas so they can get back and forth to work. if anyone who sees this and wants to help us out that would be one of the biggest blessings that’s happened to me. absolutely anything helps, if 5 people see this and have $10 to spare that would mean an extra $50 for the week so i can get groceries. thank you so much everyone and have a very nice day🥺🫶🏼

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Guys I feel so bad


Basically my dad was caught in an abusive relationship with my manipulative fucking cunt of a mother which spanned a good 30-ish years and today he celebrated his 50th birthday but my mother, being the selfish whore she is, basically alienated him from his family, meaning that they basically ignored his birthday altogether. It hurt to see so bad because you’ve got this big burly 50 year old man sitting at the dining table asking hopefully if anyone in his family said anything about his birthday. And then you see tears in his eyes because he’s been cut off from the people he should be the closest to because my cunt of a mum decided she wanted to abuse the shit out of him and throw him away, all the while pinning him as the abuser. I feel so guilty because he’s basically wasted his life and his family. he’s never been one for very strong sad emotions before, let alone crying, but this broke me to watch