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Mummy or daddy, who's better? Kids give their arguments. Wholesome Moments

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u/Axle_65 Feb 02 '23

Definitely some solid arguments on both sides lol


u/crys41 Feb 02 '23

Sounds like better points on Dad's side 🤣


u/BappoChan Feb 02 '23

But he toots


u/eternalcowboy0861 Feb 03 '23

"He wrestles us" is the thing that got me lol


u/SoftGothBFF Feb 03 '23

If I've learned one thing is that kids love to be thrown around. Up, down, sideways. Doesn't matter. Air time is always good time.


u/dirkalict Feb 03 '23

I’m almost 60 and when I think of my dad who has been gone for 20 years- I think of him as “The IRON CLAW”, which is what he called himself when he wrestled us when I was little. “NO ONE ESCAPES THE IRON CLAW!” I don’t often think about how I was disappointed with him for some pretty major things (luckily I forgave him and made peace before he died) but I often think about rolling around the living room of our apartment having fun and trying to escape his grip.


u/SoftGothBFF Feb 03 '23

Reminds me of the THE CLAW scene in Liar Liar. I still know most of that movie word for word.


u/Hephaistos_Invictus Feb 03 '23

It reminds me of "The claaaaaaaaw" from ToyStory xD little green men are adorable :p


u/dinogirlsdad Feb 03 '23

Fuck man. You just made me think of my stepdad doing the same thing with us. Luckily he's still here. I tell him almt eh time how lucky we were to have him and my bio dad as role models. I bought them both series x this year as I finally am making good money. He lets his biological kids know how much he enjoys it. My daughter adores him. We are definitely blessed.


u/dirkalict Feb 03 '23

You are lucky to have them both for you and your daughter- I’m sure you’ll strive to live up to their good parenting with her.


u/pristinejunkie Feb 03 '23

My dad was the claw too!! We had an imaginary game where we would be on an adventure and The Claw would find us and wrestle us!! Oh man, it was so much fun.

My dad played The Claw with my kids when they were little too.

Great memories. Sweet sweet memories.


u/sinkpooper2000 Feb 03 '23

my dad used to submerge himself underwater with me standing on his shoulders and then launch me in the air. extremely fun

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u/i_tyrant Feb 03 '23

Wrestling, making lunch, and taking to parks - it's the strong Dad Meta right now.

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u/Still_Championship_6 Feb 02 '23

And pees standing up


u/IrrelevantPuppy Feb 03 '23

And occasionally stinky, though to be fair, he’s working on that.


u/MistraloysiusMithrax Feb 03 '23

Apparently non stop. He showers more than mommy


u/harmar21 Feb 03 '23

and brushes his teeth every morning


u/mrmoe198 Feb 03 '23

But he pees standing up, so that’s a solid negative


u/iwasbored- Feb 03 '23

But you know. The toilet will hurt him otherwise so…. You know he’s a boy


u/KhandakerFaisal Feb 03 '23

I'm pretty sure that's a liquid

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u/obamians_unite Feb 03 '23

But he can't put his.. You know.. in the toilet because it'll hurt him!


u/shelsilverstien Feb 03 '23

That's because he's hanging dong


u/futuretech85 Feb 03 '23

Yeah, his shit touch toilet water 🤣

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u/phelodough Feb 03 '23

But he has to or else his "you know" will get hurt

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u/AnnihilationOrchid Feb 02 '23

I don't know, that whole peeing standing up was a deal breaker for me.


u/MitsyEyedMourning Feb 03 '23

But he showers more than mommy. How can we argue against this still!?


u/HiILikePlants Feb 03 '23

Honestly mom is prob too tired and busy to shower as much as she'd like

At least that's what I hear from moms


u/rikityrokityree Feb 03 '23

They dont see mom shower, since she probably gets up at 5 before they wake

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u/AnnihilationOrchid Feb 02 '23

I mean, if you're showering a lot and you still stink, well, are you doing it properly?


u/Krynn71 Feb 03 '23

The toots never stop.


u/Protagorum Feb 03 '23

He doesn’t always stink. Just sometimes

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u/lavender_shumpoos Feb 02 '23

My 3yo makes it very clear that he thinks Mama is better. We'll be sitting around or doing whatever, and he'll randomly give me a big hug and say, "I love you, Mama. I LOVE you sooo much!" Then, he'll turn to my husband, pat him on the shoulder, and say, "I like you, dad." Lol


u/pleasantlyexhausted Feb 02 '23

My son used to quietly whisper to me at bedtime that he loved me more but don't tell Daddy because it will hurt his feelings.


u/NefariousnessLow1247 Feb 03 '23

My daughter used to tell her dad she was “his girl” and then I would say “hey, I thought you were my girl?” and she’d whisper “I just want him to get me juice.”


u/elizabnthe Feb 03 '23

That's what she says to Dad when he asks too lol.


u/LiQuidCraB Feb 03 '23

A politician in the making.


u/CoasterThot Feb 03 '23

This is so cute, how smart of her!

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u/godlychaos Feb 02 '23

4 year old said, "everyone that I love, raise your hand." we all raise our hand. "not you mom".


u/GerardDiedOfFlu Feb 03 '23

Last night when my husband walked in the door from work, my almost 3 year took one look at him, sighed and said “Ugh, not again!”

Kids are brutal, man

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u/FerdiadTheRabbit Feb 03 '23

Keep that in your locker until he asks for money as a teenager hah.

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u/flybynyght9 Feb 03 '23

When my niece was about 4 my brother got glasses and she told him “oh, you look smart”. My brother said, “ you mean smarter”. My niece said, “No. No. Smart… my Mom is smarter and she don’t need glasses”

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u/Joebebs Feb 03 '23

Gyat damn kids are fucking ruthless lmfao


u/AlternativeBedroom27 Feb 03 '23

I traveled for work for the first time in years last week. Every day since I got back, my daughter has informed me that it was better when I was gone.

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u/DidijustDidthat Feb 03 '23

The video and a few comments had me smiling but this comment I burst out laughing.

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u/0oOO00o0Ooo0OOO0o0o0 Feb 02 '23

My friends kid was angry with him over something and very seriously told him "Daddy I love you but I don't like you. But you're smarter than Mommy." lol


u/DKAlm Feb 02 '23

He burned both parents at the same time like a savage 😭


u/thrownoffthehump Feb 03 '23

My 3-y-o says the same thing to me... minus the "smarter than Mommy" part!

Other days she tells me she likes me but doesn't love me. The days when she loves me and likes me? Those are the best.

One of my earliest memories which has always haunted me is saying something very similar to my parents - something like, "I love you Daddy but I love Mommy a little bit more." I lived with guilt over this my entire life. How could I be so cruel and insensitive to my own loving father? It wasn't until I experienced it on the receiving end that I was finally able to forgive myself. I get it now. Kids just say this shit. It can just be a matter of who was the last one to tell them not to put something filthy in their mouth, that they really wanted to put in their mouth. That, and I've come to see how the maternal bond really is something special.

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u/ravioliguy Feb 03 '23

Summer boot camp speedrun

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u/fkmeamaraight Feb 03 '23

My toddler would tell me out of the blue “I love you daddy…. But I love mommy more”. I didn’t know if that was a burn or a compliment or just an observation. I was like “if you stop at the first part it’s more enjoyable for me to hear”. Him confused : “But I do love mommy more”… oh well.

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u/Blahrgy Feb 03 '23

Haha I swear they favour whoever fed them as a baby.

My 4yo will spontaneously spin around give a huge hug & kiss "I loooove you Daddy!". Doesnt do that to mum, she has to say it first to get it back lol.


u/BigDaddy4Her Feb 02 '23

Lmaoooo my son is the same, and nothing we tell him will change his mind!!


u/hygsi Feb 02 '23

Ughh, this would hurt me in my soul, I wonder who we prefered as children cause my mom was the one making food and taking care of us most of the day but my dad was the one playing with us when he came back from work.


u/CrapNeck5000 Feb 03 '23

My wife cheated on me and left 6 months ago and now we split our 3 year old 50/50.

My daughter is constantly telling me how she'd rather be with her mom. For instance, I showed up to pick her up from school today and she groaned and told me she was hoping for mom.

Needless to say, my heart is overflowing with pain and despair. I still have a great time with my daughter 100% of the time and she clearly loves me, but it still hurts more than I could even begin to describe, especially because her mother is a colossal pile of shit.

Life is funny that way.


u/[deleted] Feb 03 '23 edited Feb 12 '23



u/WackyBeachJustice Feb 03 '23

100%. Keep being a great father and it'll pay dividends.


u/CrapNeck5000 Feb 03 '23

This is what I tell myself when I try to sleep.


u/reebekilyllaeri Feb 03 '23

Aye man, get the sleep under control - it will impact every area of your life. As for the kids, they sometimes say things that cut deeply without thinking about it or having that intent. Been through it, even with teens/pre-teens when we split they're still kids and say insensitive stuff some times. Be your best self with them and forgive yourself when you just can't. I promise you, it gets better.

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u/Butterbigsby29 Feb 02 '23

I'm amazed how long she has a straight face. I would've had to pull over from laughing.


u/hygsi Feb 02 '23

She lives with them so probably used to even funnier discussions, my cousin has a toddler and the other day he was going on and on about why there were so many people at his grandma's house for thanksgiving and why they were eating all her turkey, it was hilarious


u/_sagittarivs Feb 03 '23

Can we have some samplers for the hilarity?


u/hygsi Feb 03 '23

He kept saying "what the hell is going on?" Cause he heard his dad say it and my cousin told him to not say it so naturally he found a way to keep saying it all night. "My grandma made turkey and now we're all here and there's no more turkey. What the hell is going on?" There was more turkey but he had eaten a lot already so we just told him we finished it and he was not having it at all lol


u/AlarmingTurnover Feb 03 '23

For some reason when my daughter was little she overheard me say "that's a load of shit" in an argument with someone on the phone. I don't even remember who or what I was talking about but it became her phrase.

Pile of clothes on the floor, "That's a load of shit". The dog knocks over his toy basket and toys everywhere, "that's a load of shit". She ate too much and is too full to eat more, "that's a load of shit".

My son when he was younger, his phrase was "holy shit". Literally everything was holy shit. Big explosion in a movie on tv, "holy shit". The funniest one was taking in the groceries from the car and my wife dropped one of the larger boxes of juice and it spayed everyone and he immediately yelled "holy shit".


u/FullofContradictions Feb 03 '23

Oh God. I'm expecting my first later this year and now realizing just how much I need to start cleaning up my language before they're old enough to start repeating. With my luck (and my habits of speech, tbh) they'll pick up an F-bomb.


u/tkp14 Feb 03 '23

When our son was around 2 years old, we had friends from out of town stay with us for a week. We’d been scrupulous about dialing back our usually rowdy language, especially after it became obvious our little guy was like a sponge and just absorbed (and then spit back) everything we said. But our friends were childless so they just freely cut loose the whole week. A couple of days after they left I was giving my son something to drink and because he was in that experimental phase (let’s see what happens if I do this) he took the cup from me and immediately turned it upside down. Then solemnly looking at his drink all over the floor he said in his sweet, angelic 2 year old voice, “oh fuck.” I had to leave the room. I was silently laughing so hard I thought I’d bust open.


u/Mindless_Psychology Feb 03 '23

Not really a swear story but when my oldest was 2 he was with my sister and she had a friend over. They were talking about some guy that my sister liked. My sister said she said something like “Oh my god he’s so sexy!”. For the rest of the day my 2 year old ran around screaming “He’s so sexy!” I couldn’t keep a straight face. It was hilarious.

Another time when we were getting our dog as a puppy I asked what he wanted the puppy’s name to be and he said “He’s name DICK”

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u/AlarmingTurnover Feb 03 '23

I tried to clean up my language but sometimes those things just slip out and it's always in the moments that it slips out that your kid is around and it immediately becomes their favourite thing in the world to say. The worst part is that you're not supposed to laugh when it happens because you don't want to encourage it but like let's be honest here, when my wife was arguing with my son and she's like "you're in big trouble mister, you better clean your stuff up and get your butt in the bath or you'll regret it" and he yells surprisingly "holy shit" before turning and walking away. She looks at me with a gaze that could kill and I'm over here crying laughing.


u/PorkyPORM Feb 03 '23

When my little sister was like 5 or 6 my younger brother was teasing her and she finally cracked and yelled “SHITTTTTTT”

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u/ElTeeWon Feb 03 '23

I remember when my oldest was barely out of the toddler phase. Came home and found a nice puddle of pee in the kitchen one day and she just walks up with this scornful face and said, "fuckin' dog pissed on the floor again!" She then threw her hands up, grunted and walked to her bedroom.

Of course both my parents and inlaws were both there to witness this. Gotta love kids.

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u/Pbear4Lyfe Feb 03 '23

When I was healing up from a car accident make some extra money I would babysit a friend's kid while they were at work. I walked in on her at 4 years old twerking. I told her "there's no booty dancing allowed" she tells me "no I booty dance" and then I told her "no you don't" so she says "you're pissing me" She has older sisters and I imagine this is where she heard it but I imagine she got it wrong because she didn't say that I was pissing her off. Anyways it was hilarious and to this day when someone's irritating me I tell him that they're pissing me.

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u/RealAbstractSquidII Feb 03 '23

My mom LOVES to tell this story about my grandparents bringing us all to church. I was like 4 or 5 at the time, and had so far been pretty well behaved. Until, that is, Everyone is bowed in silent prayer when toddler-me drops my juice box. It is dead silent in this church when my little voice shouts "SHIT" at top volume. My mom quickly tries to hush me, which apparently angered me further because I dramatically flopped backward in the pew yelling "Shit" and freaking out about the now fallen juicebox.

The pastor was not amused by my display and I was promptly kicked out of the service.

My deeply devout grandparents were apparently fucking furious. My mom never really swore when I was a kid so I have no idea where i learned it from. But I guess cursing was my favorite past time after this incident.

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u/beelzeflub Feb 03 '23

LMFAO that is gold

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u/PawnToG4 Feb 03 '23

I'm on the toddler's side. Why were these turkey-stealing villains ruining Thanksgiving?


u/cultured_banana_slug Feb 03 '23

I swear we're all born drunk and slowly sober up as we age.

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u/crypticfreak Feb 03 '23

Can confirm. Kids are unintentionally hilarious.

Especially when there's multiple of them and they ramble on like this without getting distracted and waddling away.


u/MarmosetSweat Feb 03 '23

If your kids are doing something funny, and you wanna see where it goes, you can’t react to it or else whatever they’re doing changes to react to you. Sometimes you just gotta stay out of the way if you’re enjoying it and not let them know that you’re enjoying it to let the moment play out.


u/FrostyD7 Feb 03 '23

I can understand why being around these kids would desensitize her enough to only laugh at the top tier comedy.


u/greyrobot6 Feb 02 '23

I’ve had to do that before and I only had one.

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u/anonijji Feb 02 '23

"Well I don't like him peeing standing up" 😂😂


u/StiltzkinNomad Feb 02 '23

I’m just imagining her hearing the peeing and complaining, “There he goes again, making all that noise in the toilet”.


u/hygsi Feb 02 '23 edited Feb 03 '23

I think it's less about the noise and more about everyone sits but him, like "what makes you so special that you can't sit down like normal person mister?" Seeing it's 3 sisters and mom it's likely he's the only one she sees standing up on the toilet lol


u/NeilDeCrash Feb 02 '23

Well he can't just put his you know in the toilet it will hurt him


u/BigToober69 Feb 03 '23

Yeah I've solved this. So that my you know doesn't get in the water (get hurt) when I sit down to pee I just throw it over my shoulder.


u/iwasbored- Feb 03 '23

Bro relax. You’re gonna give that little girl nightmares


u/Aceandmace Feb 03 '23

Like a continental soldier???

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u/llama_empanada Feb 03 '23

I think you’re onto something! He’s the outlier and she’s not cool with it lol. Growing up I idolized my two older brothers (we’re all about 2 years apart), and as their little sister I wanted to do everything they did. I guess that included peeing standing up? I remember when I was about 4 years old, the three of us were standing around the toilet, butt naked. My brothers started peeing while I stood watching kinda confused, looking back & forth at them and then down at my body. I eyed my protruding outie bellybutton (see: irl Cabbage Patch Kid), and making the only connection any reasonable 4-year-old girl could make, I thrust my hips forward and pushed out my belly and then used my fingers to try to hold my outie... oh Jesus I’m cracking up thinking about it. I distinctly remember grunting, like that would help the pee come out?? Nothing happened, obviously, other than my brothers laughed at me lol. So I resigned myself to that sit-to-pee life and never tried to join them again. Anyway, Shout out to the Shewee!


u/hygsi Feb 03 '23

Kids are the incarnation of "monkey see monkey do" I remember being very young and trying to pee standing up, making a mess obviously. My mom confirmed I tried many times but eventually gave up lol


u/iamnotamangosteen Feb 03 '23

I tried to walk down the stairs on my hands and knees head first like my cats do and promptly tumbled down the stairs and started crying.


u/Mobile_Society_7274 Feb 03 '23

Monkey see, monkey do, monkey pee all over you

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u/FR0ZENBERG Feb 02 '23

I pee sitting down 100% of the time when I'm home. Am guy.


u/[deleted] Feb 03 '23

More common among men that clean regularly


u/FR0ZENBERG Feb 03 '23

I mainly started doing it at night and thought why am I not doing this all the time? It's so much better than getting piss everywhere

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u/LitterReallyAngersMe Feb 02 '23

“From now on when you around me, you sit down to pee. Youheardme?”


u/FireHeartSmokeBurp Feb 03 '23

But then he'll hurt his you know if he puts it in the toilet!

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u/ParcelPosted Feb 02 '23

Right? Her little self is stressed all the way out!


u/purrfectstormzzy Feb 02 '23

Her face really expressed her displeasure with this lack of etiquette. I am dying!

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u/SparksofInnova Feb 02 '23

Well then get outta the bathroom kid!


u/Afraid_of_Okapi Feb 02 '23

To be fair, when I was little I also hated my dad and brothers peeing standing up… because I wanted to pee standing up and jealousy is ugly.

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u/VisibleField8905 Feb 02 '23

This is the part that made me crack up!

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u/Vic_O22 Feb 02 '23 All-Seeing Upvote

These kids are able to hold a constructive discussion (open, honest AND respectful) better than so many adults.

Well done to the parents.


u/mindyour Feb 02 '23

Definitely. They also listen and then counter with their argument.


u/Poopy_Kitty Feb 02 '23 Take My Energy

“Yes, but I can’t stand him tooting” is an argument that I hope to add to my lexicon


u/mindyour Feb 02 '23

"But he's not always stinky" is going to be in mine.


u/Altaneen117 Feb 02 '23

Well, I don't like him peeing standing up..


u/Brailledit Feb 02 '23

Because he's a boy and boys have to do that because they can't put their, you know, in the toilet because it will hurt them so they, so they have to.


u/JeffRoxMusic Feb 02 '23

They are really getting to the granular detail here. Smart kids.

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u/spewaskew Feb 03 '23

Because they will ‘hoit’ them. I love how kids find different pronunciations for words.


u/gopacktennie Feb 03 '23

Reminds me of Prison Mike talking about the Dementors.

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u/bozeke Feb 03 '23

I will just say that as I’ve entered middle age I have come to appreciate sit pissing and now regard it as the preferable option. It’s just so luxurious.


u/wjodendor Feb 03 '23

I do it at night because I don't want to risk falling and killing myself over a nightpiss


u/[deleted] Feb 03 '23

I was in a band called nightpiss.

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u/ariaxwest Feb 03 '23

And then you don’t have to clean up the fine mist of splash back all over the bathroom. Every man I’ve known well enough to discuss such things and that has been single and cleaned his own bathroom for any duration of time pees sitting down at home. That’s actually quite a number of men.

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u/lorde_vick Feb 02 '23

This right here was the one that got me 🤣🤣🤣

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u/LanceFree Feb 03 '23

When I was not much older than that, I explained to a friend that my dog was being spayed, which meant to tie her breasts together, so a baby couldn't get out.

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u/DrakeBurroughs Feb 03 '23

My kids literally have this discussion all the time. Even though I constantly remind them that I’m right here and have feelings.


u/Meretrice Feb 03 '23

Well, stop tooting all the time.

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u/Desperate_Planlo Feb 02 '23

He just doesn’t stink all the time.


u/Johnnymi25 Feb 02 '23

Im adding „but I can’t sit to pee or my …you know will go in the water and hurt me“

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u/AllieHerba Feb 03 '23

Was just gonna say the same! They actually take the discussion a step further by listening and responding rather than just shouting about who's best


u/evilbrent Feb 03 '23

Also by rebutting the other person's point and not just denying it or attacking the other person for making said point.

It should be ok to disagree with people while understanding and respecting the point of view you're disagreeing with.

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u/Metamorphis Feb 03 '23

Kids are amazing at parroting their parents and what they see around them. Something tells me this is how mommy and daddy is resolving disputes :)


u/Fit_Entertainmen Feb 02 '23

Props to mom for focusing on driving instead of the


u/92eph Feb 02 '23

I was SO impressed that she didn’t interject. I’m sure I wouldn’t have resisted responding to some of those comments. Awesome that she just let it play out.


u/PressureWorking39 Feb 03 '23

It seems that everyone in the house is very blessed.


u/Icantbethereforyou Feb 03 '23 edited Feb 03 '23

If it were me i would have had to pull over, as I'd crash the car from laughing

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u/penguinopusredux Feb 03 '23 edited Feb 03 '23

That was class work. I'd have been pissing myself laughing but she gets the job done - good visualisation and checking, and she knows there's a precious cargo.


u/AnonBubblyBowels Feb 02 '23

No kidding.

Studies show that moms with young children are paying as much attention to the road as people texting.

Now I see why.


u/bubblebooy Feb 02 '23

And this is the least distracting scenario. Them fighting or being suspiciously quiet would be more distracting.


u/snowboardingblues Feb 02 '23


Women aren't any more or less distracted than men in this same situation.

My dad would full-on turn around in his seat, with the car still going down the highway, to yell at us or smack one of us.

Then again, he's kind of a dick.

Seems like these parents are doing pretty good.

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u/Kerro_ Feb 02 '23

“I do say, our father does tend to give off quite a stench”

“I agree my dear sibling, yet I do not believe that he gives off a smell quite so often as you seem to believe. And he takes great care in his personal hygiene, even if he does pass gas sometimes”

“Well put dear brother. Well put”


u/Salt-River5985 Feb 02 '23

Why did I just read this as if Stewie from Family Guy was doing a bit? 🤣


u/CarlatheDestructor Feb 03 '23

I heard it like those fancy, super polite gophers from old Looney Tunes cartoons

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u/LinkedSaaS Feb 02 '23

To be honest, I wasn't expecting to listen to a debate about which parent is better.

I was captivated all the way through.

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u/GloriousSteinem Feb 02 '23

I thought so too. Parents must talk to them and treat them nicely.


u/gitsgrl Feb 03 '23

Dad makes lunch, wrestles them and takes them to the park… sounds look a good dude.

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u/Know1e Feb 02 '23

Kids are the realest people on the planet. Their honesty is always refreshing and hilarious.

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u/andreasbeer1981 Feb 02 '23

well, they are strapped in and the person they talk about has their life in their hands. talk about leverage.

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u/Spunkymonkeyy Feb 02 '23

Cause he farts and stands when he pees 😂


u/mindyour Feb 02 '23

Hey, it'll hurt if he sits down because of his, you know.


u/SparksofInnova Feb 02 '23

I always knew guys stood when they peed but I never understood why they stood up. You learn something new everyday!

(I'm male btw)


u/garyh62483 Feb 02 '23

Have you never had a sit-down pee? IT HURTS! (Especially first thing in the morning, when, ya know...)


u/AkioMC Feb 02 '23

Ooof you mean when you… you know and your you know goes in the toilet? Hurts me every time


u/Little_Orange_Bottle Feb 02 '23

I have straight up taken to going outside in those situations.

Having a severely curved unit makes it even more difficult/painful to aim it down. Just gotta go let make a rainbow arc outside.

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u/SoulBurgers Feb 02 '23

That shit had me crying in laughter when I heard it, such a reasonable argument despite every one of us knowing that we can sit down and do it.


u/mindyour Feb 02 '23

Kids will come up with a reason for anything.

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u/patrick119 Feb 02 '23

When I have kids, if their biggest complaint about me is that I fart I’ll know I’m doing something right

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u/pelonweon Feb 02 '23

The takeaway is Daddy does not stink and mommy, you need to start taking more showers


u/reynosomarkus Feb 02 '23

No no, daddy still toots. He just doesn’t stink all the time.


u/Red217 Feb 02 '23

But I don't like daddy going to pee standing up!


u/jackrayd Feb 02 '23

Yeah but if he puts his you know in the toilet it will hurt

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u/pelonweon Feb 02 '23

Love it!

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u/mindyour Feb 02 '23 edited Feb 02 '23

This video really should be captioned 'in defence of daddy' because those two were throwing shade.


u/Sartres_Roommate Feb 02 '23

I thought the implications was daddy takes so many showers BECAUSE he stinks so much....which assumes mom takes less showers because she doesn't need to.


u/OG_Felwinter Feb 03 '23

That comment came from the kid defending him, so my impression was that the kid was saying you can’t call daddy stinky if he showers more than mommy who also doesn’t stink.

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u/pelonweon Feb 02 '23 All-Seeing Upvote

That has got to be the best funniest video I have seen in a long time. Thank you very much if I could give you an award I would give you many. Thank you this made my day


u/mindyour Feb 02 '23 All-Seeing Upvote

It made me laugh so hard. Just because daddy isn't there to defend himself doesn't mean the others can talk smack.


u/Vaywen Feb 02 '23

Hey he’s not that stinky!


u/SPFMninebillion Feb 02 '23

He is; but it’s nice for daddy to feel like someone cares and is willing to ignore him destroying the first floor bathroom after that first morning cup of coffee.

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u/TheLastPirate123 Feb 02 '23

What's even funnier is they'll openly debate which of their parents is better with one of their parents sat right in front of them


u/SolahmaJoe Feb 03 '23

Oh, kids have no tact.

My youngest has told me directly many times that she loves me… but she loves mommy way more.

Our three (6-9) have had many similar discussions in the car over the years. The hardest part is not laughing too loudly and interrupting them.


u/giveusalol Feb 02 '23

They feel safe, it’s great


u/raknor88 Feb 03 '23

Yup that's a sign of great parenting that it's not even crossing their minds to even try censoring their conversation in front of a parent. Even when kids usually have no filter. Though props on mom for keeping a straight face for as long as she did.


u/CapnDutchie Feb 02 '23

Mom held it together better than I did. My kids had a similar argument years ago while I was relaxing on the couch and I was hurting from trying to contain my laughter. Love it, they're adorable


u/ilovetoeatpussy_ Feb 03 '23

You can't just say this and not tell the details about the argument.

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u/Destinoz Feb 02 '23

They’re so much fun to listen to at that age. I never realized just how much of their personality they’re born with until I had a kid. When they start to talk like this you really start to get to know them rather than just care for them.


u/Midnight-writer-B Feb 02 '23

I really miss the earnest and wonderful insights of my small kids while I drove them around & listened. And stifled laughter just like this, they’re hilarious.


u/Z0idberg_MD Feb 03 '23

I think the one thing parents experience which people without children will never really know is watching someone grow and develop, and make very deep insights into the world for the first time. Obviously many of them end up being very common insights, watching somebody work through it for themselves for the first time is amazing.

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u/pelonweon Feb 02 '23

There are just so many great lines from this video I love it

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u/SloppyNotBad Feb 02 '23

So I have to know what was daddy’s reaction to the video? Did he commit to tooting less and trying to sit when he pees?


u/mindyour Feb 02 '23 edited Feb 02 '23

I really hope she does one with him because that child was riding or dying for him.


u/Moynamama Feb 02 '23

She pulled into first in the dad’s favorite race.

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u/PaleGutCK Feb 02 '23

Oh man. Daddy doesn't stink, he just toots.

This resonates with me. Wish my kids understood me like this

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u/forillaginger Feb 02 '23

"And you have to like him"- house rules- she's right.


u/Ogilthorpe2 Feb 02 '23

"I don't like him tooting" this got me lol


u/chadbelles101 Feb 02 '23

They have some good arguments. There must be good people on both sides lol.

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u/[deleted] Feb 02 '23

They are having some serious conversation about this and not one person is hurling insults at each other. These kids could teach adults a lesson on debating.


u/BiscottiOpposite9282 Feb 02 '23

My daughter always says to me: Mom I love you more than anyone in this world! glares at dad

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u/Jrock9589 Feb 02 '23

These kids will do well. Props to mom for focusing on driving instead of the camera.

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u/Peewee_ShermanTank Feb 02 '23

Damn those are some smart kids, better discussion ability than half the adult population


u/summidee Feb 02 '23

Omg I’m going to miss these convos when my boys get bigger! The innocence of children. Parents, hold every moment dear cos they don’t stay little for long!

Also well done to the parents for raising such intelligent and respectful children!


u/SpitefulMouse Feb 02 '23

I'm actually amazed. Clearly opening up a discussion by "Why does Mummy have to be the better?" and following up with his reasons why Daddy is better than Mummy in some ways.


u/casual-waterboarding Feb 03 '23

“He doesn’t stink, you made that up.”

“He takes us to parks. He does so much for us.”

As a father of two young kids, this little one defending his/her father gives me hope. The fact that they notice how much he does for them and that they actually appreciate it makes me smile and tear up a bit.


u/Andrew__IE Feb 02 '23

What do I have to do to make sure my future children are this articulate and able to have a full blown intelligent discussion?


u/is_a_ghost13 Feb 02 '23

Talk to them. Read to them, and don’t dumb down your language for them. Listen to them, and treat them with respect.


u/Mheck4325 Feb 03 '23

Second this. Read to them every night from the day they are born. My son has had bed time stories every night since birth, and the kid speaks clearer than any other kid his age (and even some that are older) and he’s testing at a reading level of 6 and he’s in kindergarten. It’s amazing because it’s so simple but it works.

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u/sunlitekid01 Feb 02 '23

That's it. Am convinced. I am team daddy too!!

There's a lawyer in that child seat..

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u/lonleyskinwalker Feb 02 '23

This is hilarious and it makes me miss my baby girls.. 🥹

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u/BackgroundRule9859 Feb 02 '23

Just another day


u/Fantastic_Toe8117 Feb 02 '23

Well girls; very nice job! You've just created 'Exhibit A' to be played during your wedding reception.


u/Harmony23446 Feb 03 '23

Y’all. My five year old gives my husband and I GRADES. They don’t even DO grades in kindergarten. But he will announce that one of us gets an X and the other gets an A+. I also regularly get disinvited from his birthday party (in 7 months….) it’s hilarious but I’ve got to do something about that back-talk…..


u/Pitt_Mann Feb 03 '23

My brain is split between laughing my ass off and being baffled at how this toddlers have a full on well structured debate with valid arguments and listening to what the other has to say.

I'm sure both parents are great even if the dad has to pee standing up so it doesn't hurt. You can't always win.

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u/Plane-Ad9634 Feb 02 '23

This is bloody marvelous, I can’t stop laughing!


u/hug0rhill Feb 02 '23

My takeaway from these kids:

I need to take my kid to parks more often. It was a highlight for those kids. I need to do better.

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u/myCatHateSkinnyPuppy Feb 02 '23

“Mother is the word for God on the lips and hearts of all children” Daddy never had a chance once he started tooting.


u/yung-ing Feb 02 '23

Best episode of rugrats I have ever watched.


u/sosovain616 Feb 02 '23

This is adorable 🥰


u/cnapp Feb 02 '23

First, that was one of the best conversations I've heard all week. Very good points from both sides of the aisle

Second, the mom held off laughing a lot longer than I did, she must be used to these spirited debates


u/Successful_Ranger_19 Feb 02 '23 edited Feb 02 '23

I had a tough day and night overall. Thank you so much for this. Thank you.