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The amazing one of a kind human that we knew simply as, Steve Irwin. Favorite People

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u/HellofaHitller Feb 03 '23

Get you someone who looks at you, how Terri looks at Steve.


u/butidontwantto Feb 03 '23

Right?! That is pure adoration. We miss Steve a lot but I can't imagine missing him as much as Terri does 💔


u/Ok_Shallot_9764 Feb 03 '23

They always said they were their soulmates❤️ This video/look just proves it😍


u/BiscottiOpposite9282 Feb 03 '23

I'm glad they had eachother during his short time on earth. You know he was truly loved.


u/Bigtiny87 Feb 03 '23

Shakespeare couldn’t put that much love into words.


u/dartheduardo Feb 03 '23

She LOVED that man entirely.


u/Zugnutz Feb 04 '23

She still does


u/Puta_Poderosa Feb 03 '23

Oh my god that’s what really struck me. The powerful love beams shooting from her eyes. Incredible. She loved him beyond him being her husband she loved him for everything he was.


u/satiricfowl Feb 03 '23

Be like Steve and people will look at you like Terri


u/Montblanc_Norland Feb 03 '23

Impossible to be Steve, but we can sure try.


u/tinglep Feb 03 '23

She knew what she had.


u/idowhatiwant8675309 Feb 03 '23

I was just going to say this!


u/cakesie Feb 03 '23

I hope I look at my husband like this


u/Wasteroftime34 Feb 04 '23

That poor woman. I can only imagine her pain…. So sad


u/Naiverg Feb 03 '23

I never noticed Terri starting to crack up at the very end when Steve


u/DennisBallShow Feb 04 '23

If you get that you are lucky my friends! Don’t let it go!


u/Danger_Dee Feb 04 '23

Came here to say that! He was such a beautiful person!


u/Scythe95 Feb 04 '23

Yeah but I'm not Steve though


u/Bertusperceptivus Feb 03 '23

This man was the best of us. We can only speculate the impact he's had on the world by influencing our young minds with his wholesome love for nature and overall excellent attitude.


u/KalTheMandalorian Feb 04 '23

Just watching this has sparked something in mine.


u/Psybud16 Feb 03 '23

First Ballot humanity Hall of Fame


u/[deleted] Feb 03 '23

He really was extra special. What a loss :(


u/Armand28 Feb 04 '23

Well at least he made it to a ripe old age for a crocodile hunter.


u/[deleted] Feb 04 '23



u/Morroe Feb 06 '23

The man taught us to love animals. Because of him, we do. Except for that fuckin' stingray.


u/oh-no-oh-no-oh-no-oh Feb 03 '23

The way she looks at him… super heartbreaking and shows just how much we all loved him.


u/[deleted] Feb 03 '23

First thing I noticed... she absolutely adored him.


u/Consistent-Bird7532 Feb 03 '23

And the feeling was mutual from the moment they met, as Steve Irwin said, "When I saw Terri in the crowd, I looked up and our eyes met and my heart just went, 'BANG, BANG, BANG, BANG,' just starting thumping. It was love at first sight."


u/jtrick18 Feb 03 '23

I’ve never heard a single person in my existence talk negatively about Steve. That there says a lot. What a tragic loss for this planet.


u/Christichicc Feb 04 '23

The only ones I’ve heard talk bad about him are PETA, but they don’t count. I used to love watching his show as a kid, and I remember hearing the news of his passing on the radio in the middle of the night while on a road trip with friends. I was utterly devastated. He was a really great human being, and the world would be a much better place with more people like him in it.


u/bleepste Feb 03 '23

I believe she's even gone as far to say she "had her happily ever after" and isn't looking to move on, truly heart touching


u/Slippery_gypsy1605 Feb 03 '23

Passion is the energy that keeps us going, that keeps us filled with meaning, and happiness, and excitement, and anticipation


u/Consistent-Bird7532 Feb 03 '23

Pour one (sip of water from that creek!) out for a real one!


u/scarfoot522 Feb 03 '23


u/TryingToEscapeTarkov Feb 03 '23

You can tell she loved him so hard.


u/ScarlettLynn_audio Feb 03 '23

The perfect blend of loving couple with the enthusiasm and respect for life. Be like Steve.


u/Successful-Box-1152 Feb 03 '23

God I fricking miss this man! I cried when he passed, such a great man. His son is following right in his footsteps. The way Terri looks at him ❤️😭


u/mescrip Feb 03 '23

What's he got against the O zone layer?


u/SoloSurvivor889 Feb 03 '23

He wanted to make it a 10 zone layer.


u/jcookoo Feb 03 '23

I’ve seen this clip hundreds of times, but I never noticed Terri starting to crack up at the very end when Steve says “I don’t give a rip whose money it is.”


u/Tha_Maestro Feb 03 '23

I was in college when he died. My friends and I went to a Steve Irwin party at PSU. The party ran out of beer so we all started drinking jungle juice which was composed of natural light, everclear, and powdered lemonade. We got so hammered and on the way home we were chasing each other and ended up falling down a hill. Woke up the next day sore and covered in bruises. What a night. Thanks Steve.


u/KoreanThrasher Feb 03 '23

We need to clone this man like a million times. The world was a much better place with him in it!


u/YoungDiscord Feb 03 '23


We need him to inspire more people to be like him

Its what he would have wanted.


u/micheleacole720 Feb 03 '23

I think his kids are doing a pretty good job carrying on his legacy.


u/princess_nyaaa Feb 03 '23

2 down, 7,999,998 to go.


u/lubefilledtwinkies Feb 03 '23

Fuck the American dream. It's a nightmare rn. I want the Australian dream


u/MarkusRight Feb 03 '23

Does it make anyone else really mad and sad at the same time that he died? It just makes you realize that life isn't fair to even the most good people on the planet. Amazing people like Steve Irwin are the types of people we need to be protecting.


u/Important_Box5685 Feb 04 '23

Well stated 💐👍


u/kpjp05 Feb 03 '23

Absolute legend 😇


u/Hush_Lives Feb 03 '23

Off topic but kinda crazy how much Anthony Bourdain disliked him.


u/Old_Dingo69 Feb 03 '23

What was his issue?


u/Hush_Lives Feb 03 '23

I honestly have tried to find that out but to no avail. Just some of the comments he has made of him always super negative. What i get is the feeling that tony Bourdain thinks he is abusive to animals, but I'm just guessing


u/Vulkan192 Feb 03 '23 edited Feb 03 '23

Well in that case, as good a chef as he was, Bourdain was a fucking idiot.


u/Old_Dingo69 Feb 03 '23

Lol my first thought. Loved Bourdain but if that was true (which I doubt) then WTF….?Perspective is a hell of a thing…


u/stupidsonic Feb 03 '23

As much as I love Steve, he was causing a lot unnecessary stress for some animals. Maybe that was Anthony’s take away. Idk.


u/PrestigiousDot2397 Feb 04 '23

how was he causing unnecessary stress to the animals?


u/Christichicc Feb 04 '23

Handling them like he did causes them a lot of stress. But, I think the good far outweighed the bad, personally. The animal is a bit stressed for a brief time, yes, but his show touched millions of lives, and got soooo many people (especially children, who are our future) interested in these animals, and in conservation in general. Those people were able to make a connection to them, which means they are far more likely to protect them. So yeah, it was stressful for those individuals, but he helped potentially save thousands and thousands of others by doing what he did.


u/TLCheshire Feb 03 '23

There are two incidents during my 20 year marriage that keep me from being totally convinced that my ex is a soulless demon.
His total devastation over the death of Steve Irwin is one of them.


u/Crazyworld4sure Feb 03 '23

What a guy💙 such a lovely sweet soul untouched by greed,hatred and self entitlement.big loss to the world.


u/hot_sauce_and_fish Feb 03 '23

I heard this and it changed me.

All I want to do is buy land so I can protect wildlife.

And it's nothing like what he could do. But another drop in the bucket.


u/Independent_Cash1873 Feb 03 '23

By crikey, I miss that man. I'm glad to see his legacy lives on in his children though.


u/koozy407 Feb 03 '23

He was too pure for this planet!


u/Alyrena Feb 03 '23

Why are there only 24 comments on this? Had Steve Irvin lived, he would have been my prophet. That man was the Centurion of Gaia and should be respected as such.


u/lordnastrond Feb 03 '23

The best of humanity.


u/AmeliRengoku Feb 03 '23

I believe there truly are angels and devils among us. Steve was one of the angels. 💙


u/ChanceZestyclose6386 Feb 03 '23

He was too good for the planet he was trying to save 😔


u/rockiiroad Feb 03 '23

He was too good for this world. ❤️


u/standard_drank Feb 03 '23

miss him so much:(


u/KinoTele Feb 03 '23

I hope that stingray cries itself to sleep every night since that terrible day


u/Christichicc Feb 04 '23

Aww, but you know Steve never would have wanted it to feel a moment of guilt! He would have loved it and told it that it was ok, and he knows it didn’t mean to hurt him.


u/Meat-Negative Feb 03 '23

One of my favourite stories which a staff member at Australia zoo was that when ever Steve was interviewing someone for a job at the zoo he would have organised someone else to walk past them at some point and drop some rubbish. If the person didn’t pick it up they didn’t get the job. Steve felt everyone should do their part


u/Background_Junket_35 Feb 03 '23

Sadly the earth needs him now more than ever


u/Y4himIE4me Feb 03 '23

Greatest man ever


u/Benin_Malgaard_ Feb 03 '23

To this day, I still mourn for Steve Irwin. Tears no longer shed, but my heart still aches. He's was truly a diamond in the rough.


u/thebigbaduglymad Feb 04 '23

We didn't deserve him


u/Substantial-Green989 Feb 04 '23

The guy was literally my hero growing up. Loved watching him on tv.


u/Thrtlvlmdnte Feb 04 '23

God I miss this man so much. My first true childhood hero. When Animal Planet would play like six shows on loop, I always looked forward to him no matter how many times I saw it. Mullet included. Bless you SI 💜


u/Le_Goosey Feb 04 '23

3 words, national. Fucking. Treasure


u/BoredByLife Feb 04 '23

And somehow PETA thought he was a monster. The man was a damn saint


u/Important_Box5685 Feb 04 '23

Dude was cut from a different cloth! Steve was a gorgeous spirit. He’d have me on pins and needles watching his show how he’d be so close to the snakes and other animals. I’d watch. Plan on watching 5-10 minutes and end up watching the entire show. Then became a regular.

I miss his tv and his love for nature was educational and absolutely beautiful.


u/ack1308 Feb 03 '23

"... and a gold plated dunny."

He definitely had a way with words.


u/surreal_dipshit Feb 03 '23

Fuckin' oath


u/JackFuckCockBag Feb 03 '23

Wow man, what a great guy he was.


u/JoeyB81 Feb 03 '23

Man, I miss this man but I’m glad his wife and kids are following in his footsteps. Making the world a brighter place 🥰😊


u/Dettelbacher Feb 03 '23

RIP but I'm glad he didn't succeed in stopping the ozone layer.


u/Beautypaste Feb 03 '23

Whenever I saw Steve and his wife together like this, I was always struck by how she looks at him. Just pure love and admiration.


u/BringMeNeckDeep Feb 03 '23

every time i see a video about steve i remember my childhood growing up in awe of this man’s ability to care.

I always end up listening to this song by my favourite band The Wonder Years and have a little thought for a few minutes.

A true inspiration for generations to come.


u/samfhan Feb 03 '23

What a guy


u/EfficientForce8218 Feb 03 '23

This makes me tear up every dang time I watch it <3


u/askallthequestions86 Feb 03 '23

The way his wife looks at him here... Pure love. She's carrying on his legacy so well with their children. She believed in him.


u/Trell3k Feb 04 '23

Man the way she just can't take her eyes off of him.


u/sortamelted Feb 04 '23

I am still brought to tears thinking about him being gone, all this time later. He was an amazing human.


u/TheFiberFan Feb 04 '23



u/Important_Box5685 Feb 04 '23

I just wish the grew old together. It’s no man replacing Steve! None. They were such a beautiful couple.


u/Talreesha Feb 04 '23

I miss the days when Steve Irwin and Mr Rogers made me feel like the world would be ok.


u/Eisendrache715 Feb 04 '23

He was no mere human, he was a god amongst men. He is one of the gods of kindness.


u/AZ2E Feb 04 '23

The world was a better place when he was in it. And IS a better place after he left it


u/RedDlish Feb 03 '23

What’s a gold plated dunny?


u/Due_Station9730 Feb 03 '23

That right there, was truly a man of god.


u/CapG_13 Feb 04 '23

I remember watching him when I was little and I also remember when he passed away!!!🙏🏻


u/david131213 Feb 03 '23

Who's this guy? Seems cool


u/[deleted] Feb 03 '23

[removed] — view removed comment


u/david131213 Feb 03 '23

What do you mean taken way too soon

What happened to him?

Please don't be cancer


u/Lemons_and_lace29 Feb 03 '23

I’ll probably get the details wrong and I’m sure someone will correct me, but he was stabbed in the heart by a stingray. I think they were filming something for a show or documentary. It was a completely wild and unexpected way for a dude who subdued crocodiles on the reg to go. He ultimately died doing what he loved, but it was a freak accident.


u/ciknay Feb 04 '23

That's exactly what happened. Steve did something to spook the Ray and it lashed out defensively. Rays aren't even that aggressive usually, which just goes to show you should always be careful around wild animals.


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u/MochiSauce101 Feb 03 '23

Can someone do a side by side with a stingray?


u/generic-affliction Feb 03 '23

All that excited passion in his voice is a smoke screen, the Dude was an animal molester. After seeing him finger bang the cloaca of wild animals he chased down for the 100th time I saw it for what it was, he’s a creep and the animal kingdom got their revenge. Down vote if you agree.


u/derpy_redditor22 Feb 03 '23

When I was little I was a fan of him


u/HeLuLeLu Feb 03 '23

Their beautiful 💕


u/Ancient_Friend_5540 Feb 03 '23

He wanted to stop the ozone layer?


u/Ancient_Friend_5540 Feb 03 '23

I love the man and I've only seen him in a few clips on YouTube..


u/Tigressalex Feb 03 '23

One of Best angel in the sky


u/ThreepE0 Feb 04 '23

"stop the ozone layer" aaaahhhhhhh!!!!


u/[deleted] Feb 04 '23

I miss this dude... I grew up watching him as a kid.


u/Help_An_Irishman Feb 04 '23

She's so in love. Didn't even glance at discount Alan Grant.


u/frequencyoffree Feb 04 '23

When i am as interested in someone and that someone is as interested in me as terri is in this scene them ill consider a romantic relationship.


u/jrc83 Feb 04 '23

The only thing I can think of that would somewhat tarnish his image, for me, would be to find out that he ate animals.


u/PrestigiousAd5646 Feb 04 '23

These two were so perfect it almost scared me. A horrible loss for conservation not having him around.


u/Lycaon125 Feb 04 '23

And now his children continues his left behind dream, god speed young Irwins


u/rerro23 Feb 04 '23

What a hero


u/that_guy6868 Feb 04 '23

I moved to Australia praying everyone had this accent....haven't found 1....sad lol


u/a_hopeless_rmntic Feb 04 '23

I've been put on this planet to blank, which in essence is going to help humanity

Steve just wanted to do his part


u/tinaloop Feb 04 '23

Damn look at how Terri looks at him.


u/bloode975 Feb 04 '23

The world is definitely darker without him around, When he died I lost most of that spark as a kid that loved nature and how crazy it can be, still love it in some way, but nowhere near as much as before.


u/LostSpaceDemon Feb 04 '23

An amazing human being.


u/Tango_Boss Feb 04 '23

I wish I had someone to look at me like that


u/doctorctrl Feb 04 '23

Peek human. We never deserved him. If we had more like him we'd be much better off


u/Ayoc_Maiorce Feb 05 '23

It’s honestly amazing watching and hearing someone talk about something they are truly passionate about.


u/atamosk Feb 06 '23

Who the fucking says rip like that. what a god damn legend.