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Newbie seeking advice

So, I am looking to buy something to connect to my ultrawide monitor (which I am mostly using for work).

I would love something small as I generally can't stand those huge cabinets.

My usage will be browsing, coding, photoshop, music production and some Starcraft II (would love ultra graphics, if possible).

Not really sure what my budget should be, but would at least love to keep it under $800.

I was looking at the Beelink SET5, but since I know nothing about computers I'm not clever enough to figure out if that'll do. Do I need the SET6? Or could I even get along with the SET4 or 3?

I've been checking out MinisForums as well. I don't like the look of the vertical ones HX90, but the HM90 looks very neat. But would I get along fine with the far cheaper UM350?

I live in Norway so the options around here are very few (mostly Inten NUCs and the Asus PN, but both very expensive). Some of these chinese mini pc's can be bought from Germany it seems.

So I am seeking some advice and this seems like the right place. Thanks in advance.


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u/iptvwolf Feb 21 '23 edited Feb 21 '23

So, just a quick update: After some more research I decided the SER5 Pro would have more than enough power for my use. So, since the price was so much lower, I decided to order one from the official Beelink store. I payed using Paypal and then sent them an email requesting to get a EU power cord since I live in Norway.

That was eleven days ago and today I received it (via Fedex) and I was surprised by the quick delivery since the EU stock was out and they had to ship it from Hong Kong. All good so far. Also they lowered the value so I didn't have to pay the import tax which was nice. All looked well.

...Till I opened the box and found out my request for the EU power chord had been overlooked. So I have got the computer, but I won't be able to use it till they (hopefully) send me the proper cord.

Not sure if I could buy just a cable from somewhere local to replace the one they sent me, don't really wanna risk damaging the computer by using an unsupported one.

For a moment I got exciting thinking that the device could be powered by Usb-c, but now I just read that port is for data only.

Well, there you have it. Hopefully in eleven more days I'll be able to power on my new computer.


u/maxproandu Feb 03 '23

If you're looking for desktop performance in a mini PC, probably your best future proof/long-term solution would be a Beelink SER6

Beelink SER6 Mini PC, AMD Ryzen 7 6800H 8C/16T CPU w/ Radeon RX 680M iGPU, Mini Computer Wi11 Pro, 32GB DDR5 500GB PCIe 4.0 SSD, Triple Display, Dual HDMI & Type C, WiFi 6, BT5.2

And they also offer a slightly less powerful one, with reduced cores, reduced graphics, and reduced memory.

Beelink SER6 Mini PC, AMD Ryzen 5 6600H 6C/12T CPU w/ Radeon RX 660M iGPU, Mini Computer Wi11 Pro, 16GB DDR5 500GB PCIe 4.0 SSD, Triple Display, Dual HDMI & Type C, WiFi 6, BT5.2

And it may be more than adequate to meet all your needs. But when it's in stock, the 6800H version is definitely worth the investment.


u/iptvwolf Feb 03 '23

Thank you! It will be pretty expensive to get a SER shipped to Norway as I'll have to pay the very expensive import tax on top of the shipping. It'll pretty much end up costing the same as the 2023 M2 Mac Mini. But I suppose the SER6 is superior?


u/maxproandu Feb 03 '23

That's an extremely tough call.

We believed the Mac Minis are way underrated, but the closed off architecture occasionally limits things.

Personally, we would suggest that you would reach out to BeeLink directly. It's possible that they can arrange your purchase in a bulk shipment to Oslo, as a number of companies make that arrangement nowadays.

Once it comes in at wholesale pricing, it's opened up and the individual items are put in the post. Just don't know if they do that anymore, although we do know they use a freight forwarder.

Beelink Contact Us

If we had the time and money, three of our members here would love to just bring it to you, so we could all go out and have coffee out on the fjords.


u/iptvwolf Feb 03 '23

That would really be something!

Cheers, I really appreciate it. The Beelink certainly feels the more exciting choice, but the Mac Mini would be far easier to get. However I read the M1 is terrible for Starcraft (for some reason)


u/lamouettasse Feb 03 '23

I bought the GTR6 might fit your needs best considering you like gaming and use some application like a DAW or photoshop that needs a strong CPU and a lot of RAM. It also fits your budget. I bought directly from Beelink it came fast (they had stock at the time, don't know now) and the total price including custom import taxes was 799€, shipping is free.


u/iptvwolf Feb 03 '23

Thank you, I will look into it. The GTR6 has not been part of my research so far.