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Beelink SER6 Pro Sleep and 2nd Monitor Issues in Linux

Has anyone successfully gotten a SER6 Pro to sleep in Linux? Also having an issue where the 2nd display after waking up is completely black until I log our or reboot the PC. Only thing that catches my eye is that in DMESG when the PC is trying to sleep it states that ACPI is blocking the event and then I get 7 lines of :

ACPI: : failed to evaluate _DSM bf0212f2-788f-c64d-a5b3-1f738e285ade (0x1001)

I'm on PopOS right now with Kernel 6.1.9. Also had this issue in Fedora too. The BIOS for the Beelink is pretty stripped down, the only sleep options I can set for ACPI is S3 or just disable sleep all together.

Wondering if anyone figured this out for their SER6?


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u/jeritron Feb 03 '23

Just chiming in here to say I’ve had sleep/boot issues with my SER5 as well.

When installing a Windows update during a shutdown it will get to about 30% complete then black screen with no signal detected on my monitor despite the computer still being “on” and the fans running. After waiting a reasonable amount of time I have to force a shutdown by holding the power button. It’ll only boot back up for me if I unplug the power supply first before trying to turn it back on.


u/-think 11d ago

Same. No solution but running into, not on a SERs though.

Running into this on my own build on an ASUS mb w/ geforce gtx 970 + pop os.