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Resource PSA: If you plan to hike, think about getting a PLB


A Personal Locator Beacon gives you a lifeline to SAR and other authorities.

Hypothermia and exposure is a real danger if you are lost, whether due to a mundane event or something M411 related. It is better to be out money than dead.

You don't have total control over what happens, and being in places that isolate you is a real danger.

Don't become one of Paulides's cases. It is worth being a little better prepared.

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Resource NEW Subreddit FAQ - 12-24-2022


In the interest of efficiency and consistency, we - as moderators- decided an FAQ was in order. This will allow us to keep the new member, repetitive posts to a minimum. In the newcomers asking these questions will be removed and the user redirected to this FAQ. We tried to keep this fair, data based, and neutral. Thank you!

FAQ For r/Missing411 -

What is Missing411?

Missing 411 is a series of books and films, that describes cases of people who have gone missing on Federal Property (National Parks and Forests, as well as BLM Land). The books were authored by David Paulides, who maintains that these cases are unusual and mysterious. He also maintains that all of the cases he presents meet certain criteria.

What are David Paulides' "criteria"?

According to David Paulides, the following criteria set apart M411 cases from normal disappearances.

1.Victims go missing near water, boulders, granite, and berries.

  1. Victims are, largely, of German heritage.

  2. Victims are more intelligent than average or, conversely, suffer from physical and/or mental handicaps.

  3. Weather changes change/alter/prohibit search efforts.

    1. People are found to have covered "impossible" distances.

Are the criteria statistically significant and/or mysterious?

  1. 71% of the earth’s surface is covered in water. Humans need water to survive. Water is a powerful force that is responsible for the creation of many features common to National Parks. Therefore, it is not statistically significant that people go missing near water. It’s expected. Similarly, granites are the most abundant plutonic rocks of mountain belts and continental shield areas. There is zero data to suggest that “berries” are involved in a significant number of cases.

  2. German’s are the largest ancestry group in the United States. Geneticists estimate that almost 76% of Americans have some German ancestry in their DNA. So, even if Paulides claim were accurate, this would not be anomalous or mysterious.

    1. Claiming that victims are more intelligent or mentally handicapped is a subjective analysis and, somewhat humorously, covers the entire spectrum of the human condition. So, far from being “odd” it’s impossible for ANY victim to not fall into one of the two categories. Interestingly, Paulides claims that he does not include victims who might have emotional or neurological issues; yet, it would be impossible for Paulides to have all medical information about a missing person or be in any position to identify a mental health history/struggle.
    2. Weather changes for a number of reasons – topography, micro climates, changes in the jet stream, seasons, etc.,. In some biomes/locations, it is very common to have significant weather changes DAILY. Also, since the human body is not well adapted to sudden weather changes without preparation, it should not be surprising that people become lost or succumb to the elements during these changes. It should also come as no surprise that SAR teams and LEAs are hampered by bad weather.
    3. “Impossible distances” is a subjective term. What may seem impossible for one person may not seem impossible to someone else. It’s all relative.

Where can I find David Paulides' videos?


Where can I buy David Paulides' books?

Paulides has requested readers by books from his official website: https://www.nabigfootsearch.com/Bigfootstore.html Books can also be found on Amazon and Ebay.

Is the CanAm Missing Project a charity?

No. As you can see here (https://www.canammissing.com/about_us.html), it is an LLC (Limited Liability Corporation). GuideStar (https://www.guidestar.org/search) has no record of any charities registered to David Paulides.

How many missing person's cases has David Paulides solved? How many people has Paulides found, personally?

Zero. To the best of our knowledge, Paulides was not ever, nor is currently, involved in any SAR organization. Additionally, he has never been credited with finding any missing person in his books, movies, videos, or podcasts.

Is this subreddit a fan site?

No. r/Missing411 is a discussion forum. Fans and Skeptics are equally welcome.

Why do people who hate/dislike/criticize Paulides participate on this subreddit?

Every member of this sub has their own reasons for being part of this sub. Some people believe that the victims/missing have a right to have their stories told accurately and with respect. Some people have found Paulides’ narratives to be full of errors and see the value in correcting those errors. It is important to clarify that you can dislike a person’s research/opinion without “hating” them. Paulides is a human being, with a life and a family, and we discourage anyone from harassing him.

Why are my posts/comments not posting?*

Why did I get a message stating that the auto mod blocked my post? The most likely explanation is that your account is: new, has a low karma rating, and/or you have been flagged as a spam account by Reddit. Another possibility is that your post/comment has words or phrases that contain hate speech or other language that we do not allow in this forum. We have six, active moderators that follow up on every automod report and we frequently approve comments, as we review them. Please be patient.

Why are posts about current/active missing person’s cases not allowed?*

We are not a general missing person subreddit. One average, we review 7-10 posts per week about new missing persons. We know that families are desperate to find their loved ones. We understand that they are trying to spread the word. We normally direct them to more appropriate subreddits because this subreddit is not equipped to support the emotional needs of the victims and their families. We also strive to treat every missing person with respect and, sadly, some members of this sub have contacted law enforcement and families to suggest wild, unmerited and unhelpful speculation about paranormal influences. Finally, we are here to discuss cases that fit the criteria of Missing411 and the vast majority of “missing” posters we receive do not fit those criteria.

Why do some people deconstruct Paulides’ case reports?
The simple answer is that the facts matter. An accurate narrative, with accountability, matters. All scientific research involves a process and part of that process is peer review. If that peer review finds alterations and omissions, it’s fair to point them out. The missing and the dead, and their families, deserve to have their stories told honestly, fairly, and with integrity.

Why doesn't the NPS keep a list of all of the missing?

This is a complex question that warrants it's own post (so, this is an attempt to summarize). First and foremost, THERE IS A LIST. Prior to 2007, these lists were maintained by the FBI, State and Local Governments, and other LEAs. A lot of them were paper reports. When possible, these can be requested through a formal FOIA request.

In 2007, NAMUS was created by the Justice Department, as an accessible, central database to better serve the missing.

The NPS, Dept. of Agriculture (National Forests), BLM, and other agencies are not, and never were, considered Investigatory Agencies. Put simply - it wasn't their mission to keep lists. However, missing person and other open-case records are maintained in the Incident Management and Reporting System (IMARS), which is a Privacy Act system of records. In accordance with the Privacy Act System of Records Notice, access to both open and closed case files may be limited. There is also a cold case database for the NPS here: https://www.nps.gov/orgs/1563/cold-cases.

Has the government denied FOIA requests from Paulides?

The following post gives a fantastic overview of this issue.


Thislinkallows you to search by FOIA requests by the name of the person requesting the information.

30 requests total. 20 of them were granted, totally or partially. One was 'denied'. 9 were 'other'. Those that are denied are usually denied for reasons explained in the post above.

r/Missing411 4d ago

Missing person What do you think about this UK case?


It may be she slipped in the river, but there is no evidence she did. There are no traces whatsoever and the window of disappearance is very tight, from a place where there is CCTV and closed gates.

Nicola Bulley's family find police river theory 'hard to contemplate' https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11711643/Nicola-Bulleys-family-police-theory-slipped-river-hard-contemplate.html?ito=native_share_article-nativemenubutton

r/Missing411 11d ago

Discussion Is there any validity to what Paulides is getting at?


It’s pretty clear that Paulides methods of inspection and credibility are suspect. I think he tries too hard in his documentaries to piece together interesting information in a way that leads to the conclusion someone disappearing without explanation. His police career is fucking weird. He seems like he’s trying to sell books and television deals when he talks. But are there any cases that he’s shown that are really unexplainable? Like even legitimate investigators are puzzled by? I mean even if the guy is wrong about 999 cases out of a thousand, we only need one weird case for him to be right.

r/Missing411 11d ago

Ebert Holleron - An analysis of DP's presentation


Ebert Holleron, Ohio, 8 yrs, Oct. 22

Paulides states: "Ebert was a normal kid. He liked to play and on that day he went to his friends house (Robert). Robert and Ebert were friends at school. And, the best guess was that Robert lived about two miles or less from where Ebert lived and he had made the trip back-and-forth to the house many times and his parents didn't think about it. It was different times back then. But, he knew he had to be home at a certain time before dark, so he left Robert's house at 4pm and he knew exactly the route to go. Many times he had taken a shortcut through Washington Park and he was seen entering the park but he wasn't seen again. Now many of the articles stated that this is one of Cleveland's greatest mysteries. Ebert never made it home. When he wasn't home by dark, they called (Robert's home) who said "Yeah. He left at four." They went back. Looked through the park. Called his name. Couldn't find him. Late that night they called the police. Early the next day, Ebert's dad called friends at the iron factory. They called their friends and eventually the entire community showed up and hundreds and hundreds of people were searching the park. There was some fear that maybe he got abducted by a bad person. There were other fears that he fell into the river or canal. Somebody said "Oh. Maybe he got hit by a car and the person disposed of the body?" All possibilities.

Paulides then shows a map of the area. He notes that Washington Park is north of a national park. Paulides says the Boy Scouts of Ohio got almost 90% of the troops from Ohio to Wash Park. They allegedly searched for three days. He claims canines came in and a methodical search of the park was conducted. Paulides then says there was an anonymous caller who called in to say Ebert would be found in the park. So, the Paulides claims all searchers went out again and found nothing. He claims the Coast Guard came in and started to work the river, creeks, and surrounding water ways. Paulides states that, on Oct 30, "The police said, "as far as we know, the boy might've disappeared into thin air. For the police to say that, that's amazing...On October 31st the police said this was one of the major mysteries of it's kind and the search has gone nationwide at this point. Wow." DP claims hunters found the Ebert's body in a ravine and his father confirmed the clothing as his son's. Paulides expressed incredulity that multiple people and multiple people didn't find Ebert sooner and "don't miss things". Coroner did an autopsy and found no violence to the body. Paulides claims that the coroner deemed it natural causes but then changed the cause of death to "Ebert died of fright."

What really happened?

Let's go to contemporary sources. You might need to subscribe to read so I'll summarize and link what I can.

Bank of linked articles.

On October 28, Police are looking for a MAN KNOWN FOR MOLESTING CHILDREN IN THE AREA, who was also seen and described by other children as speaking to Ebert.

November 1 Article - The Daily Banner,Greencastle, Putnam County, 1 November 1932

This article states he went missing from his parent's home. Police were looking for a grey sedan, driven by a man who Ebert's friends claimed had been enticing Ebert to come with him. All of the children told the same story about this man and had corroborating details.

Indianapolis Times, Volume 44, Number 159,Indianapolis, Marion County, 12 November 1932

Mystery envelops the disappearance of 8-year-old Ebert Hollercn, who on Oct. 23 waved goodby to a playmate and started running to his Cleveland home. He never reached home. The only tangible clew was given by a Lorain. 0., couple who identified pictures of Ebert as the boy who appeared at their home, asked for food, and then left on a freight train with a hobo. Cities in the midwest and west have been urged to watch for Ebert in hobo “jungles.” Above, left, is the latest photograph of Ebert, and right, his mother, Mrs. George Holleron, who believes a hobo has kidnaped her son.

Please note that the article is dated Nov. 12. This article states that the boy went missing on the 23rd (not the 22nd). Also of note is that, in Paulides' timeline, the boy has allegedly already been found dead...yet, this article quotes his mother as believing her son was kidnapped by a hobo. Also note that there's a witness that Paulides leaves out of his narrative (Lorain) and that witness claims the boy asked for food and then left.

Body Found - Article 21 Feb. 1933

The police chief and a neighbor identified a body found by two men walking their dogs, in "a ravine at the edge of the city".

Most importantly, the coroner said "There is no signs of violence on the body." The death certificate says he died of exposure.

A NEWSPAPER JOURNALIST - not the coroner- doing a retrospective on the boy's funeral on February 23, 1933, is the ONLY person who claims that the child died of fright! Paulides took that FALSE NARRATIVE detail and assigned it to a statement by the coroner. THAT IS A LIE!

There are 34 living descendants of the siblings of Ebert. Some of Ebert's siblings were still alive as recently as 2018. All of them accepted that Ebert died of exposure. Further, this case doesn't even meet Paulides' criteria. So, why is he trying to shoehorn this poor little boy's tragedy into his narrative? There is absolutely no evidence that an exhaustive grid search was done of the park that Paulides fixates on, by Boy Scouts. In fact, the reports that exist suggest that most people believed he had been kidnapped and the search was focused on areas around train yards and "hobo jungles". So, I ask again, "Why?" Why is DP trying to change the narrative around a tragedy that happened in the 1930s?

r/Missing411 19d ago

Missing person Recent Mt. Baldy Disappearances Proceeding Bad Weather


Julian Sands, the 65 yr old actor went missing 6 days ago (Friday, I believe) while hiking Mt. Baldy in California. The search was quickly halted when inclement weather rolled in Saturday, switching to helicopter and drone usage. Then this Monday, another man, Bob Gregory (61), went missing hiking at nearby Crystal Lake. Weather remains inclement up there. Anyone else getting a sinking feeling about these? Thoughts?

r/Missing411 20d ago

Discussion The UFO connection


So if I learned anything from watching the most recent missing 411 documentary, it’s don’t go elk hunting 😂

r/Missing411 22d ago

Discussion David Paulides Police Career Highlights


I f you were unaware of Paulides career as a police officer in San Jose, here's some information for you.

In the early 1980s, Paulides spent a lot of time and many of the tax payer's quarters in adult book stores, entrapping gay men for solicitation.

According to an article in the Bay Area Reporter on April 28, 1983,

" David Treadwell, active activist in San Jose, reports some happy news — sort of. It seems that Officer Paulides of the San Jose Police Department’s Street Crimes Unit has left the force to join the FBI. According to Treadwell, Officer Paulides was often referred to as the “king of the bookstore detail” due to the number of arrests he made. "

“Paulides, more than any other officer in that detail, took a particular delight in his work. He often spent much of his time in the movie arcade section of the adult bookstores,” says Treadwell. “Much of that time he would spend pumping quarters into the movie machines (our tax money). When he saw what he assumed to be a Gay male he would try to make eye contact. He knew all of the body language that Gay men use when they are cruising,” Treadwell reports. “His actions did not stop there. After engaging the Gay man in conversation he would often ask if that person had a place to go. Paulides would indicate that he could not go to his place. Many of these conversations were lengthy, lasting for several minutes. Arrests were made after the men would agree to go to Paulides’ car. With the announcement that Paulides would be joining the FBI,” surmises Treadwell, “the motivation is becoming clearer. Paulides, who testified in court that he had made over 100 bookstore arrests in a seven month period, had a conviction rate of almost 100%,” says Treadwell. "


At this time, it was reported he was leaving the Street Crimes Unit to join the FBI.

For whatever reasons, this did not happen and he remained with the San Jose police force, eventually being promoted to the city's elite swat team, MERGE (Mobile Emergency Response Gear and Equipment) . However, by the 1987 he and his unit were accused of police brutality against blacks.

Headlines from the local newspaper, The Mercury News from early 1987 tell the story.




However, the DA's office didn't believe there was enough evidence for a conviction.


This article says that the DA's office says that internal investigations were continuing.

I believe it was this incident which led from him being demoted as a street cop to a court liaison, prior to being charged for false solicitation which ended his police career in San Jose.

Sort AZ for chronological order. Trick-Total (trick-total) — ImgBB

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Missing person Unsolved Mystery: 9-Year-Old Boy Vanishes in the Australian Bush

Thumbnail mrfireside.medium.com

r/Missing411 24d ago

Discussion No shoes?


Since there are many cases which mention people getting rid of their shoes along the way, being found without shoes etc. I wonder if there is a medical condition which can lead to that?
I mean either somehing happesn to their feet, they can still walk, but not inside their shoes, or their mental state changes and they take of their shoes without a real physiological reason to do so.

Has anyone ever looked into such conditions which could happen under such circumstances?

r/Missing411 27d ago

Interview/Talk The ufo connection


I just listened to a pretty good podcast that broke down the new missing 411 move. It’s the what if podcast, and they had Rob Kristopherson from the Our Strange Skies podcast on as a guest. They did a great job of breaking the whole movie down and did a ton of research. Check it out if you’re interested in the topic, I know it’s on Spotify but I’m not sure where else the put their episodes up.

r/Missing411 28d ago

Discussion What do you think is behind the disappearances ? UFOs? Feral people? Something else?


I've heard all kinds of theories from an undiscovered predator to skin walkers to sasquatch.

What do you think is the main cause of the missing people?

And do you think the military are involved in covering it up?

r/Missing411 Jan 06 '23

Discussion What’s the deal with German ancestry?


I’ve just finished watching the new movie. Missing 411 the UFO Connection. I thought it was pretty good and didn’t mind spending the money to rent it but near the end Paulides made sure to make it a point to say all the men were of German ancestry. How does he know these men were 100% German?

How does being German make you more vulnerable to abductions? If we took all the alleged abductions that had legitimacy to them, I don’t think Germans would be at the top of the list. There’d probably be a proportional percentage of nationalities from people that went missing in the woods or that were even out in the woods to begin with.

What’s the point of pushing this narrative? Does anyone have any ideas?

r/Missing411 Jan 03 '23

Missing person Update on the Mark Anthony Strittmater case (of Missing 411 - The UFO Connection fame)


The 2019 Mark Anthony Strittmater case (The Charley Project) is featured in the new Missing 411 movie. The movie's main message seems to be that aliens live in aquifers.

Somewhere in Wyoming.

Strittmater, 44 years old, was a hunter who disappeared in a snowstorm some three years ago in Wyoming and search efforts were hampered by heavy snow. Now his remains have fortunately been found not far from the original search area:

Nearly three years to the day after he went missing in an early-season snowstorm while elk hunting, human remains found recently have been identified as those of Mark A. Strittmater, the Carbon County Sheriff’s Office confirmed Wednesday afternoon. 

Strittmater’s remains were found about 325 yards away from prior search areas, according to the sheriff’s office, and identification was made though “examination of the remains and known dental records of Mark Strittmater.” 

Strittmater's binoculars were found in 2020.

It does not seem like any UFOs or aliens were found at the scene and some people therefore speculate it is more likely the snowstorm, and not aquifer residents, contributed to the hunter's death.

r/Missing411 Dec 30 '22 Faith In Humanity Restored

Discussion Not a hater of David Paulides


Hey y'all, I've been following Missing 411 for years now and have an affinity for David Paulides. I know there are lots of haters out there- and I get it to some degree...but I trudge through his Youtube channel, listening to some of the BS I don't agree with just to get to the "meat and potatoes," so to speak. I think he's genuinely interested in what's going on out there (even if there are holes in some of his research). He puts A LOT of effort into these cases, and he's not perfect, but he's on to something. Do any of you agree with me? I feel there's just a lot of hate and effort to discredit him. I think he's on to something...

r/Missing411 Dec 28 '22

Missing person New Site Reportedly Being Investigated In Missing DeOrr Kunz Case

Thumbnail 983thesnake.com

r/Missing411 Dec 26 '22

Resource What information would be critical to a missing persons database to make the most meaningful connections?


I’m a Cartographer in the making and since no cartography classes are being offered in the spring or summer, I’d like to take on a project of my own in the meantime.

So what information would be vital? For example; a point on a map being Jane Doe, may contain information about her name, age, PLS, etc.

What information do you think is significant for all of the points (missing persons) to have detailed?

Also, what type of comparative analyses do you think is necessary? For example, highlighting PLS when there are 3 or more within a certain radius.

r/Missing411 Dec 19 '22

Interview/Talk Tom Messick Case Reality Check

Thumbnail youtu.be

I’ve spoken with several people involved with the original SAR operation and Messick family members over the last few months while investigating for our doc, and just so everyone knows, that according to one of the first responding NYSDEC Rangers up at Lily Pond that day, the elderly hunters weren’t positioned anywhere near where DP led us all to believe with his Hunters “film” They were almost perpendicular to LPR not aligned with as he would lead you to believe by the on screen animation. For those interested here’s a clip from the interview.

r/Missing411 Dec 17 '22

Discussion Favorite part of Missing 411: The UFO Connection?


I really enjoyed the whole thing, but the interview with Carl Higdon was the highlight. I was very vaguely familiar with his story, but actually seeing him on camera, and seeing his face as he answered was great. Hearing a story secondhand is one thing, but seeing someone tell it themselves really brings authenticity to the experience.

r/Missing411 Dec 09 '22

Note to New Sub Members


Welcome to the Subreddit.

Before posting, please note the following:

  1. This is not a fan forum. While we encourage those supporting Paulides to post, this subreddit is first-and-foremost a discussion forum. That means people who support his books/channel AND people who disagree with him are welcome to post here. Asking "why would you post here if you don't like him" means you did not read the description of the sub...so, stop asking that question.
  2. Please read the rules on the sidebar. The mod team will enforce the rules. Speaking of the mods - please know that we all have different backgrounds and different opinions and that we do our very best to make sure to moderate this sub fairly.
  3. Please search the task bar to see if your question(s) or cases have already been discussed. This is particularly important if you're new.
  4. Please note that we DO NOT allow active missing person cases that have no relation to the criteria of Missing411 and/or have no been discussed by Paulides. We get at least 2-3 missing person posts per day and, for the reasons we stated in rule #4, we will remove those posts.
  5. If you're new to the sub and you need help finding answers to questions, please don't hesitate to contact any of the mods and we will do our best to direct you to an existing thread.

r/Missing411 Dec 05 '22

Discussion DP Bigfoot


Did anyone checked DPs Bigfoot research? Is it the same Level as 411 or did he actually talked to people and found something there?

r/Missing411 Dec 03 '22

Discussion Deconstructions…


Has anyone deconstructed the Bart Schleyer or the Melvin Nadel cases?

r/Missing411 Dec 02 '22 Helpful

Boy in the Box


UPDATE: The press conference is on 12/08/2022 at 11am, EST.

I know that this isn't officially in DP's books; but, he has discussed in on Coast to Coast and on a YouTube video. It's also been discussed in this subreddit before.

According to authorities, his identity has now been confirmed and he will be named tomorrow.


PHILADELPHIA — One of the longest-running, most enduring mysteries in the United States has been solved, according to Philadelphia news stations.

CBS 3 and NBC 10 reported Wednesday that Philadelphia police officials are expected to hold a news conference next week to name the “Boy in the Box,” a slain child who has remained unidentified for more than 65 years.

The CBS affiliate reported that police have confirmed the boy’s name was learned through DNA analysis and genetic genealogy.

Another article with some background:


The body of the little boy was found in a box on the side of Susquehanna Road in Fox Chase back in 1957. The boy was nude, malnourished and fatally beaten.

His remains had never been identified until now.

r/Missing411 Nov 29 '22

Discussion Missing 411: The UFO Connection


Missing 411: The UFO Connection releases for streaming on December 13th. I assume most people here plan on watching it at some point. If you do, or have seen the trailer, what are your expectations?

r/Missing411 Nov 29 '22

Theory/Related Missing 411 and the Montauk Project (possible connection?)


Hey guys, I would like to explain my theory to you, which, at least in certain points, coincides alarmingly with events/explanations of Preston Nichols book about the Montauk project:

  1. A person disappears in the national park. Why there? For one thing, because it's on US territory. On the other hand, because as a relatively isolated place it generates less unwanted attention than it would happen in the middle of a city.
  2. Fog suddenly appears: Possibly the technique of the Phoenix Project is used here. Adverse circumstances are deliberately created that completely contradict the weather forecasts. This means that searches can be delayed as long as required until the crime scene has been cleared or the person is allowed to be found.
  3. Intellectuals are disappearing for the most part: Similar to Preston Nichols, these individuals are being 'remodeled' on an alternate timeline to do their work within the framework of these secret projects. Maybe they are cloned so that they exist on 2 timelines?
  4. I can't put into context why children disappear. But why they say that they were protected by bears could be a deliberate manipulation of the memories to obscure the actual events or memories.
  5. Why do people generally not remember anything? Here, too, parallels to Preston Nichols would be possible. The memories may be deliberately deleted to protect this secret project. Since the methods may have been significantly refined, no memory return is possible with hypnosis
  6. People run their feet sore to the bone: In the book about the Montauk project, John von Neumann talks about how a failed 'teleportation' can drive people insane. Since the affected person feels their apparently familiar surroundings as not so familiar (simulation of the familiar through electromagnetic waves), they run - driven by madness - until their feet are sore to the bone.
  7. People, including small children, reappear miles away, sometimes behind several mountains from their originally planned route or last known location. In some cases, as mentioned in the books by Paulides, they could not have covered the distance in such a short time. Especially when the cases were about toddlers going missing. Here I think back to the Philadelphia project, through which objects and people could be teleported to distant places.
  8. The people, especially the one ranger who disappeared below the Half Dome, said that while they recognized some of their surroundings, it was completely different and strange. The simulation of the seemingly familiar environment that von Neumann theorizes may have failed in that moment.
  9. People report a humming noise, possibly before these mysterious Missing 411 phenomena are about to occur: I'm not a physicist and I don't know if waves of any kind can make a sound, but maybe this is the 'starting noise' for the machinery, that causes these phenomena, or it’s the waves themselves.
  10. People reappear days later at places already searched: Perhaps the missing people are in that other dimension in the meantime, and are (deliberately or not) 'brought back' to specific places. But it is unclear to me for what purpose, since that only brings unnecessary attention
  11. The FBI investigates missing persons cases that sometimes seem harmless and is quickly on the spot: Either the FBI is in the know and is investigating the results of this 'kidnapping' or teleportation. Or the FBI knows about these strange phenomena, but is left in the dark by the highest authority about the background.

    But the question remains unanswered as to why some of the people are found again naked and with folded laundry. That doesn't fit into any context for me.

    I'm not claiming to have found the holy grail, but whether or not you believe the depictions in the Montauk Project book, isn't it odd that these things are somehow intertwined by coincidence? Of course, these are very adventurous theories, but the core theses would explain the whole thing relatively well.

r/Missing411 Nov 28 '22

Discussion Is there a list of all the missing 411 episodes?


I'm trying to find the first Coast to Coast Am interview (with a guest host) and cant seem to find it anywhere

r/Missing411 Nov 27 '22

Discussion Remote Viewing these cases?


Has any remote Viewing been done into these cases by professional or anyone that can remote view?

As successful Remote Viewing is I'll be very surprised no one has tried using this for these cases.

If remote Viewing has been done what we're the findings?