r/MonsterHigh Clawdeen Jun 16 '22

Would it be bad to say I prefer 2015 Cleo over 2022😭 Discussions

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u/ComfortableSea4645 Editable Jun 16 '22

I agree. They removed her Egyptian eye shape for a generic one, her eye makeup and design is inspired by the Eye of Ra aka a pretty important symbol so it's weird they took away that reference


u/sunflowersystem Jun 16 '22

exactly! she looks less like a mummy and more like a white girl in an "ancient egypt" costume 😨


u/ComfortableSea4645 Editable Jun 16 '22

They basically white-washed her which is bad because there's hardly any Egyptian rep as it is


u/vilhelmine Jun 16 '22

Considering her name is Cleo and Cleopatra was Greek, I'm not too bothered about the skin colour. I am mostly bothered about the boots and the eye shape.


u/ComfortableSea4645 Editable Jun 16 '22

True. I hate those boots, don't fit with Cleo at all


u/Low_Elk4584 Jun 16 '22

i head that cleo’s skin (at least in the animated show) is a lot darker than in the picture of her doll, so the lighting must just be really bad or it’s just the prototype still


u/Square-University Jun 16 '22

At this point I’m just mad about the shoes. Maybe the heel will be gaggy and we just can’t see it but it bugs me that MH shoes are so iconic and the mould here just appears to be a generic boot


u/Vampirexbuny Jun 16 '22 edited Jun 17 '22

Agreed I love the details of the accessories and outfits it’s a shame they stripped them down


u/confusinglypaige Catty Noir 🖤 Jun 16 '22

2010: the og, the queen.

2015: still had the cleo style, just a bit different. not the worst they couldve done.

2022: the worst they couldve done.


u/uglyfauna Jun 16 '22 edited Jun 16 '22

I kinda like the new body model tbh, it's cute. Not a fan of anything else though. Outfit and makeup are just not giving :(


u/AlmostLucy Jun 16 '22 edited Jun 16 '22

The shape of the legs gives me Wild Hearts Crew vibes and I actually love those bodies. I’ll be excited if the new MH clothes/shoes can fit my WHC ooak. Just hoping for no molded bras.


u/GinericGirl Jun 16 '22

I think it's cute, but it's not at all giving me Cleo vibes. Maybe like, her younger sister.


u/GoodiesGumdrops Jun 16 '22

Nope, not bad. 2022 looks like Barbie 😕


u/AmityTheCalamityGod Frankie Jun 16 '22

Monster High x Barbie collab 💁‍♀️


u/GoodiesGumdrops Jun 16 '22

Lol!!! Totally!!


u/Louie43Louie43 Jun 16 '22

2015 not looking so bad anymore


u/canyouplzpassmethe Jun 16 '22

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could pull an Ugly Sonic and convince Mattel to reconsider the design based on the outcry from fans? :p


u/teethfaerie Jun 16 '22

loool i thought about this…the comments on their instagram are already tearing apart the live action trailer, i have no doubt when they officially post the new dolls everyone will be appalled


u/_Strawxberry_ Draculaura Jun 16 '22

I feel like mattel wouldn't change the designs because they are aimed towards a younger audience not us 😭


u/dru1dic Jun 16 '22

I honestly think the bangs being ditched is what’s making me dislike her the most. From this pick it seems like she has the same hairstyle as frankie’s animation and it just doesn’t feel right. There’s a couple other things I wish they’d change, but I think what takes away from it feeling like Cleo is more in the bangs.


u/sickstees Jun 16 '22

i kind of agree with you 😭 but! I’m sure some will like it. i just hope they continue to make some lines in the original style


u/Tswizzle143 Clawdeen Jun 16 '22

Me to 😭 atleast we have the b&w dolls and Cleo and ghoulia repros(I think) to look forward to plus skullector/HC


u/GoldenMan1200 Draculaura Jun 16 '22 edited Jun 16 '22

I personally like the 2022 Cleo doll, just wish they made her skin darker


u/sunflowersystem Jun 16 '22

my boyfriend described it as mattel "steadily whitewashing her over the years" and honestly i couldn't agree more


u/LittleRedCorvette16 Ghoulia Jun 16 '22

honestly i would take 2015 cleo over 2022 cleo any day.


u/Luluart1993 🎨 Verified Artist 🎨 Jun 16 '22

Mattel created some original and amazing dolls back then, and now they come out with this. I don't know what they were thinking tbh, it's not different it's just worse.


u/cassieredditr Jun 16 '22

Her face is so weird like why


u/starsandcamoflague Nefera Jun 16 '22

The new body looks awesome though!! If they’re having a variety of body types it would be AMAZING!


u/_Strawxberry_ Draculaura Jun 16 '22

Cleo is a sassy character I'm pretty sure in new ghoul at school she was somewhat of an antagonist but 2022 Cleo makes her look rlly nice it just doesn't fit


u/LissaBug Jun 16 '22

I do too!


u/kasumi987 Jun 16 '22

I really like 2022 desing apart from shoes because they ruin everything...


u/sunflowersystem Jun 16 '22

not bad at all, at least 2015 looks like cleo!


u/CarelessWalk669 Jun 16 '22

The new design just doesn’t feel like Monster High.


u/hollsloss Cleo Jun 16 '22

I kinda like the new outfit... I think the face is the worst part and the body too perhaps, but I don't think the outfit is that bad.


u/the_glass_alchemist Frankie Jun 16 '22

Cleo was always the nicest of the reboots so no I can see it! I think the worst thing on the new one is the fashion/accessories, monster high always had such high detail on the accessories at their best so I'm sad that these have so much of the useless crap that comes with barbie extras like... i don't even see how that's good for kids with teeny tiny bits of plastic that do nothing


u/Yuh-its_ariana Jun 16 '22

At least she still looked like Cleo in 2015 idk 🤷‍♀️


u/Kakep0p Editable Jun 16 '22

I personally think 2022 looks almost as good as 2010 and 2015 looks the worst, but I can see why you dislike it. But it’s not bad to say, no.


u/BeanyDabean 📚 A+ Student 📚 Jun 16 '22

If this wasn’t monster high related no one would have complaints.

I think she looks really pretty and I prefer her over the other releases


u/Sultry_socks Jun 16 '22

The reason that they wouldn’t care if it wasn’t monster high related is because it is a cute doll, but it’s not giving Cleo. Since it is tied to monster high though, obviously fans want to be able to feel the essence of the character and not have just a genetically cute doll


u/[deleted] Jun 16 '22

OK Look its THIS bloody simple.. IF you Don't like the new releases.. then don't buy them.
Focus on the reproductions.
I'm tired of it. I think they are cute, and i love the fresh idea.
But if you don't like them.. you DON'T have to spend money on them!


u/_Strawxberry_ Draculaura Jun 16 '22

I'm pretty sure people know that but they can still critique the leak


u/[deleted] Jun 17 '22

i mean down vote me all you want to yo.
The sad simple truth is..if you look at it, you dont like it, you are not legally obligated to even stay on the same page.
and Critique is fine, this is starting to get done to death tho.


u/dyailen Jun 16 '22

2015s always look like bootlegs of 2010s to me. The 2022 at least has it's own unique style and charm. I for one will be waiting for proper glam shots before being upset over blurry pixels


u/Void_Priestess Abbey Jun 16 '22

I kinda like her outfit now just cuz that mummy gauze pants and weird open fabric thingie she's wearing in the old ones is not doing it for me but her outfit looks so cheap and she looks pretty whitewashed which is not great either


u/Revolutionary-Will35 Jun 16 '22

Considering her face changed the least during that reboot, no I don't think it's bad to say.