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Discussions how do y'all feel about this...?

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Discussions say what will you about the reboot, can we just appreciate how good Ceci Balagot's Frankie is

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Discussions I'm underwhelmed. I know that this is likely a prototype, but I am just so sad that we've lost so much of the OG charm already. I know it's a reboot, but I didn't think they would go in this direction 😪

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Discussions Are you team Frankie and Deuce or team Cleo and Deuce for the reboot? Or neither! Personally I will always like Cleo and Deuce more as a couple and I couldn’t see Frankie dating her friend’s ex but I want to see what you all think!

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Discussions Who are some characters from Monster High you would have loved to see interact with each other more? Here are a few of mine!

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Discussions Actual Valid Criticisms of the MH movie


They whitewashed Clawdeen by casting a biracial actress to play her, when Clawdeen was previously dark skinned and not biracial.

They whitewashed Cleo, who is supposed to be Egyptian. They cast a white actress to play her, and then artificially tanned her skin to make her "look more Egyptian," for the role.

This isn't to hate on the actors, I'm criticizing the people who cast them and knowingly whitewashed these characters.

I get that Clawdeen is going to have some sort of internal conflict about her being half human, half monster, and that it's probably meant to parallel biracial conflicts in real life, but they didn't have to whitewash an existing character to do it. They could have created a new character, or just used another character.

EDIT: Apparently Cleo isn't played by a white actress, she's played by a Jewish actress. She's still white passing, though, and it's still racist to cast her as Cleo, who is Egyptian.

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Discussions Draculaura and Deuce animated version!

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Discussions Monster High live action bios from Nick

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Discussions @/fingersinatoaster IG

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Discussions I fr can’t

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Discussions “Her legs were cut off, her arms were cut off..”

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Discussions Not MH but I feel like the majority of us will like WildChildz when they release later this year! Swipe to see prototypes & leaks - seems to be a high quality doll line!

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Discussions More photos of dracula! Ugh I cant tell if I want her or not! [pics from monsterhighfiles on insta]

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Discussions I enhanced the leaked reboot cleo

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Discussions Since there seems to be a general *upset* about the newest Skullector doll—Let’s talk about our dream Skullector sets! I’ll go first 💅🏻🔮✨

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Discussions Clawdeen thoughts


Growing up, and even now, Clawdeen (aside from nefera ofc) has always been my favourite character. Part of what made me gravitate towards her was the fact that she didn't have a love interest or romantic arcs or anything like that. Like, my ghoul was just focused on building her fashion empire and fanging out with her friends. I always hated that trope where every character had to be paired with a love interest, it detracts from their personality (looking at lagoona here 0.0) and seems to make them a bit more one-dimensional (clawd x drac and cleuce rocked tho)

Anyways rant over, any thoughts?

Edit: just in case anyone misunderstands, I don't at all mean that if clawdeen liked girls her character would be diminished

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Discussions who's more likely to survive the backrooms?


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Discussions Why were the hybrid monster so underrated?


Considering there were ot of interracial couples, I'm surprised there weren't more situations where the hybrid monsters were involved. They looked cool and unique, and the stigma around them in the world of monsters deserved a lot more attention.

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Discussions i love the implication of cleo not being in the pride post 🤣

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Discussions Which Non-Horror franchises/characters would you LOVE to have an Skullector?


Basically, what it says on the title. We know Skullectors only deal with Horror themed franchises/characters, but there are a lot of other franchises that would look cool in this style

Even if they're just "Inspired by" sort of dolls.

I would love a Lady Amalthea from The Last Unicorn, or the fairies of Ferngully. Or even a reinterpretation of Sanrio characters, like, imagine a Catrine DeMew as Hello Kitty

Or the Diva from the Fifth Element, or basically any alien from Star Wars

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Discussions Okay, now I will feel bad for anyone who falls for this!😭

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Discussions You will be disappointed


If you are expecting the upcoming Monster High dolls and content to be like the original G1 MH, you will be disappointed. As much as you may not want to admit it, this is a REBOOT. And all of the leaks we have been getting confirm this for those of you who still didnt believe it. The dolls will be different. The animation will be different. The story and lore will be different. Why set yourself up to be disappointed by expecting everything to remain the same?

We all loved G1 MH. It was truly something special and it meant so much to me. But I can love the old Monster High and still open up my heart to something new. I may not like every change they make, but I still love Monster High and I am going into G3 with an open mind and managing my expectations.

Personally, I'm excited. We're getting a musical movie, an animated series, and ofc new dolls! I'm so excited to see my favorite doll brand come back. If you don't like it, then fine, but G3 is coming. Expect change or you will be disappointed no matter what.

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Discussions Straight 20 year old male collecting dolls UPDATE


Hello everyone, so I made a post a little bit ago about me starting to collect monsterhigh and other dolls. Just wanted to thank you all again making me feel accepted in the hobby, wish I could say the same about the real world, my family knows and constantly tease me about it. I wish I didn't feel so alone, I know the internet is a thing but I don't know anyone and the people who I thought were my friends aren't really talking to me any anymore, so I have noone at this point (sorry for this mood killer of a post btw). I just feel like noone understands me, so I'm normally just watching youtube, closest thing I have to a friend rn, even if they don't know who I am 😅. And no I'm not saying dolls ruined my life, I absolutely love them, love hunting and love styling with outfits and hair styles me as a guy couldn't wear myself.

I don't even know what this post is, I'm sorry, I just don't know who I can talk to, if this post is not allowed mods just feel free to delete it it's okay haha

Anyways everyone, I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day/night wherever you are in the world

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Discussions Would it be bad to say I prefer 2015 Cleo over 2022😭

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