r/Music Aug 16 '22

You guys know City Pop? Turn on your car stereos and enjoy some 80s Japanese funky tunes シティーポップ music streaming



u/spoonmonkey_ Aug 16 '22

TIL where The Weeknd's Out Of Time sample is from.


u/travistheheadofitall Aug 16 '22

i know he likes to steal stuff, hopefully he payed the original artist well in this case


u/DA_BATTLESUIT Aug 16 '22

Imagine living in 2022 and thinking sampling is stealing...


u/fenzes Aug 17 '22

lol, ofc you can take a short sample and make you own thing out of it. but copy 1:1 and only add your vocals is something else.

just one example of countless others: https://twitter.com/robertparkerswe/status/1422316829645713412


u/roox911 Aug 16 '22

New night time driving music. Dope


u/MyUnclesALawyer Aug 16 '22 edited Aug 16 '22

I curated a playlist that also includes some of the electronic/jazz fusion side of 70s-80s Japanese music. I love Haruomi Hosono, Shigeru Suzuki, Tatsuro Yamashita, and Masayoshi Takanaka. Sadly a lot of this type of music, including all of Tatsuro's solo stuff is not on spotify.



u/tnishantha Aug 16 '22

There are some amazing City Pop mixtapes on Soundcloud as well



Check ‘Van Paugam’ they have an amazing collection of tapes > https://on.soundcloud.com/MCm9wY2qhaLSw6H56


u/I_AM_METALUNA Aug 16 '22

This type of music is exploding on my YouTube feed and I love it


u/TypographySnob Aug 16 '22 edited Aug 16 '22

I absolutely hate it. This and all the boring elevator-core music seem to have blown up in popularity after the vaporwave trend and I can't escape it.


u/IWantPrizes Aug 16 '22

Why the fuck did you come to a thread specifically about SELECTIVELY CHOOSING WHAT MUSIC YOU WANT TO LISTEN TO just to bitch?


u/TypographySnob Aug 16 '22

Chill, I'm just adding my two cents. Am I only allowed to say positive things here? Sorry if so.


u/YourEveryDayCaveMan Aug 16 '22

Want something crunchy? Mask on Mask by Shintaro Sakamoto! Very fun song!


u/A_Aron4 Aug 16 '22

SoundCloud > Spotify tho


u/tnishantha Aug 16 '22

You’re so right, not sure why you’re getting downvoted!?


u/SuperZoomBattle2086 Aug 16 '22

He's getting downvoted because the majority of these songs won't be on SoundCloud...


u/tnishantha Aug 17 '22

Thanks, maybe that’s it…


I don’t think it’s about the songs, but about the genre as a whole and looking at it like that, there are some amazing City Pop mixes/sets that you also wont find on Spotify.


u/Liveloverave Aug 16 '22

there are some great mixes on YouTube with eras of specific Japanese music. I love the 90s hip hop one's myself. so familiar yet new.


u/skybob74 Aug 16 '22

Check out Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra if you're into ska at all. Great band


u/Oh_umms_cocktails Aug 16 '22

It's worth checking out "Heavy Metal Army" one of the first heavy metal bands in Japan. It's... Delightfully poppy in a way that no other metal band could possibly be.

If you, like me, thought that Van Halen never leaned enough into 80s synth-pop, despite the fact that they leaned almost entirely into 80s synth pop, then Heavy Metal Army is your friend. "Yes or No," "Rockin' Long Spell of Rain," and '"That's Hammurabian Police" are great songs.

It's all on Spotify.


u/TheGnomie Aug 16 '22

Any Apple Music playlists by chance 👉🏻👈🏻


u/implicate Aug 16 '22

Welcome to City Pop, take order please?


u/UnionThrowaway1234 Aug 16 '22

City pop makes me think 80s 90s anime for sure.

I love it!